33. Tips to Overcome Challenges

Listen to this interview with entrepreneur Devin Ryerson, founder of Pure Prescriptions and New Greens. You will hear his story about graduating from Chiropractic school

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29. Cycle Syncing

If you are female and ever felt that your mood, energy and motivation changes with your monthly cycle this episode is for you. If you

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28. Finding Clarity

Are you seeking clarity in your life? Meet Maurice the creator of LIA, a Life Inventory Assessment tool. In this chat he will give you

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27. Fifth Layer of Healing

Carrying on from the previous episode on finding your center with Shauna, we move to the fifth layer of healing. In this episode you learn: 

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26. Finding Your Center

Life happens. Getting thrown off balance is common. How do we regain or center again? Listen to this interview with Yoga Teacher and Therapist Shauna MacKay

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