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Summer Sleep Success

Last week we talked about how to manage shifts in schedule for reduced pain and tension. This week we will highlight how to set yourself

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Yoga Wall

Curious about the Yoga Wall? Have heard about, but have no idea what it is? Well this is the last video in the sciatic series.

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My Sciatica Story

About 7 years ago I was driving my manual jeep home on the 5 and was stuck in horrendous traffic for close to two hours.

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Vata Derangement

I spoke about this in class this morning based up what I’ve witnessed this week. The nail that drove it into the coffin was a

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Let Life Flow

Some of you know I have a rare genetic mutation that puts me at high risk for cancer. So just like some of you come

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Knee Pain: Causes and Cures

Knee pain affects almost every single person at some point in their lives. From sprains, to cartilage issues, all the way through to posture-related injuries

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