14. Second Layer of Healing

In this episode we move through the second Kosha layer of Yoga, The Pranamayakosha-The Energy Body. In this episode you will learn: -What exactly this

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13. The Art of Saying No

Do you know you need more time? Feel drained and desiring more energy? Well, listen to this interview with photographer Rebecca Kuritz of Evolved Imagery

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Thinking Time

Do you carve out “thinking” time? Recently through trainings, mentors and coaches I’ve been hearing about the importance of thinking time. In Yoga the importance of

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9. The Compound Effect

Last episode we started the conversation on the Yogic Kosha model of healing. In the episode we will dive deeper on how to integrate the

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Compound Effects

In the clinic quite frequently when a new patient or student walks in the door they bring with them a lot of overwhelm and confusion.

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