Choosing Less Pain: pain management

It might not have occurred to you that you can choose to have less pain. In response to that thought you probably are thinking “well that’s silly I can’t choose less pain because I have this disc bulge, or shoulder impingement or XYZ…” This is true, there is a physical source of the pain, or structure that is injured. However, the tricky part is that the injury and pain response are not always in correlation. For example, take MRIs. Some images show individuals with large disc bulges and minimal pain, and in the opposite scenario, small disc bulges and large amounts of pain. 

What is the difference in these scenarios? Often, it’s the individual’s perception of injury in their body based upon past experiences, as well as what they have learned through life. Usually this is unconscious since we don’t choose to live in pain. Or, do we unconsciously? 

There are a few sources of this discrepancy. We will discuss one today.

Let’s take a controversial scenario. When I was recovering from my surgery, I actually had a hard time recovering because I was scared to go back to being business owner and mom. I was afraid I wouldn’t have the energy, and I would somehow end up sick again. I was choosing to delay my healing unconsciously. That is until my team of health practitioners gently suggested this might be an issue. After this awareness I had to choose between the discomfort of staying in a low energy and delayed healing state, or the discomfort of embracing courage and returning to living fully. I chose the second. After a period of a few weeks navigating my mind and healing body, I made it out on the other side. Now I have way more energy, and my body is fully healed so working as mom and business owner is busy yes, but I can handle it. Plus I learned so many lessons and tools along the way I am able to move out of set backs (which occur and are normal). For you, notice if you have any secondary gains to being injured, or staying in your less than optimal wellness state. This can be tough to examine, and can bring up lots of stories. Once revealed however, then you can work through and ask for support to help through this process.

In another example, imagine a very busy mom of three young children. She has no idea why her migraines keep returning. It’s not until she realizes through discussions in our sessions, when she has a migraine she can rest and have alone time since her husband will lovingly take care of her children. Finally, she asked for more support from her husband to watch the children when she is feeling good, so she can have that downtime without the migraines. She also carved out the time and finances to see me on a consistent basis to help with alignment, and other various facets of wellness. She made the decision to invest in herself which paid back in ways where she could then invest more into her family. Not an easy journey or family conversations, but lead to her feeling much better.

Check in next week when we unravel another source of why pain may linger, and how you can choose to have less…. What are your thoughts? Reply to this email and let me know!

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