Compound Effects

In the clinic quite frequently when a new patient or student walks in the door they bring with them a lot of overwhelm and confusion. My job is not only to help unravel the root source of their discomfort, but to also help them create a clear step by step path to healing and wellness. 

It’s these steps and consistent effort that create the compound effect of positive consequences that bring about the results they desire. 

Often I find the mistake with healing or trying to achieve any goal for that matter is we get distracted or quite right before we achieve success. I say we, because I’m guilty of this as well. 

The path of healing is not comfortable. It involves concentration, effort, change, moving into the unknown and more. You know that saying- To achieve different results, you have to take different actions. Or, the other saying, the same thinking that got you into this problem, will not get you out. 

To hear all this is one thing. To actually lean into it, and take action is quite another. It feels yucky at first. But, you have to keep going. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, celebrating the small wins and successes. Such as drinking water everyday throughout the day, completing your 15 minute yoga routine 5 days this week. Writing in your journal 6 days this week. It’s these small steps that lead to bigger wins. This is the compund effect. For more watch the u-tube video where I use the real life example of someone with low back pain and how this process unfolds, and/or listen to the podcast with Barbara Shirts, DPT and RYT where we dive deeper on this topic and more. 

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