Content Creation Hacks for Wellness Entrepreneurs

Hey there wellness entrepreneur. Welcome back!

So, I get a lot of comments about how I create so much content. And today, we’re going to go over some content creation hacks, because here’s the truth: as a wellness entrepreneur, you have to put value out into the world. Value, AKA, content. And some of this value can look like going to a networking event and really listening to someone and helping to highlight what their true problem is and solutions to the problem.

It can also look like creating an in-person workshop that is typically very valuable, especially if you’re doing one for one hour or two hours, because a lot of content can be valuable content.

Today specifically though, we’re talking about How To Create Content Through The Online World, Mostly Through Social Media, Focusing On Instagram, in particular, but some of these tips can also be applied to Facebook.

So, this is a very specific content creation hack strategy for Instagram. If Instagram isn’t your jam, not to worry, because I will also go through content creation hacks in future episodes, about workshops. I give a free bonus to my Awaken members on how to create and fill workshops, I have a free mini workshop on this, it’s very meta. 

So we’ll get into those other ways if creating content isn’t your vibe on Instagram. But just know that content creation is needed. It is one of the key differences between being an employee, where you just get to show up and do your craft and help people, versus being an entrepreneur, where as an entrepreneur, you do wear many hats, where yes, you’re going to serve your practitioners and help their health improve and get stronger and more flexible in their body, and all the things but also, as an entrepreneur, you have to make your business, your work known. And that means marketing, or AKA, in this instance, creating content on a platform like Instagram.

So, let’s go over a few hacks. And the reason why this is important is because I see a lot of you out there. I’m on Instagram myself. Go follow me if you haven’t already. It’s igniteurwellnessbiz. I see a lot of some great content out there. And we’ll also go over some mistakes.

But for example, I see a lot of you yoga teachers or physical therapists posting valuable content with a lot of how-to’s, or free yoga flows. But this does not equate to signing clients always. It is one strategy of your Instagram content, the methodology we’ll call it, is to create how-to’s or maybe throw in some free flows or exercises that can help with a specific issue. But it doesn’t guarantee that clients will want to take that next step.

So let’s throw in some other content strategies here today that will help compel your audience to continue to want to keep coming back to your profile, keep liking and engaging with you, and for those that are ready to want to work with you more off the platform.

Now, here’s my caveat. I was never a marketer, meaning I didn’t go to college or get a degree in marketing. So, if you’re like, “I’m not a marketer. I just love helping people. I love what I do with how to help people. I love yoga, I love house. I love wellness. I love anatomy. I love the body. I don’t like marketing.” And this is for you because I’ve been there. I didn’t go to school or any type of certification or credentials in marketing. This is all learned through my own personal experience, and just taking courses and trial and error.

So, if you hop on my Instagram page, you’ll see that I’m always tweaking it, changing, trying new things. Hop in my stories, you’ll see how I tweak and trial things there. It’s an evolution, it’s a process, and I’m definitely not perfect. And just know that you can do this without any marketing background.

And here’s the thing: don’t wait for it to be perfect, because mine is not perfect now, for sure. And I’ve signed plenty of clients off Instagram. So just know that you can sign clients as you’re tweaking, trialing, practicing, trying out things, failing, getting it wrong, and trying again. It’s part of the process. So just get out there, pick one of these hacks, try it today, and see what happens. Keep going for it!

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Hack #1: Make Sure You Are Easy To Find And Make Sure That You Are Clear With Who You Are And What You Do To Help Them

Number one, is you want to make sure that you are easy to find. And when someone does land on your Instagram page they should know that you’re open for business. 

A common mistake I see from wonderful yoga teachers, physical therapists, healthcare providers, massage therapists, that are entrepreneurs, they’re out on their own, they’re doing their own thing, but yet, you land on their profile, and it’s kind of confusing.

I see one of two things happening: A, they share so much of their personal life it’s hard to get a grasp of how they help people because the only thing mentioned in the profile is that they’re a yoga teacher. Okay? Does this mean that you only teach in studios? Do you offer private sessions, maybe you offer your own zoom online classes? You have to be specific here. And we’re going to get into that in a moment. So I see confusion as to what you actually do, and if your doors are open for business, and there might be some reasons behind that. So stick with me for that as well.

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Or, I see you’ve gone so far into the branding world, that there’s no personal connection, meaning your face is not on your profile at all, you have a logo in that profile bubble, and all the posts are either Canva graphics or quotes, or just a picture of a yoga room, highlighting your classes for the week, or very generic posts highlighting a physical therapy clinic, meaning anyone can do it. There’s no way that someone can connect with you and your philosophies and your processes and what makes you different. Let your audience connect with you as a human. That’s what people are really searching for.

You have to remember, especially if you’re under six figures, even into the multiple six figures, or you’re potentially your first million, is that you’re not a big brand like Coca-Cola, so your brand isn’t going to be recognized. And that’s what you don’t have, the same marketing budget as Coca-Cola even. 

And so one way to really stand out in a saturated marketplace on Instagram, where there are a ton of wellness coaches, yoga teachers, massage therapists, physical therapists, even in your area, to have them connect with you and your philosophies and that becomes your brand. You become your brand – your expertise, and your experience.

So you need to get your face out there on your profile. And I know for some of you, that might be very scary. So stick with me and a couple of steps, I’ve got a process to help with that. So number one is making sure that when someone lands on your Instagram page, it is very clear who you are and what you do to help them.

 The “I Help” Statement

So sometimes this is known as the “I help” statement, explaining who you help, how you help them and what results they will get when working with you

So for example, you can hop on my bio, you see a picture of my face so you can connect with me, you see that my brand does have a certain vibe, but it tends to be very colorful. It’s also very clear: I say I help wellness entrepreneurs grow a profitable wellness business through using mindset and strategy. So, who is the wellness entrepreneur? How through mindset and strategy the outcome is that they’re going to have a profitable business? So you can kind of use that formula to tweak your “I help” statement.

The mistake here is I see people don’t post anything like that in their profile because they’re trying to perfect that “I help” statement. So if you don’t really know who specifically you help yet, just put something up there. I’ve changed my “I help” statements so many times sometimes I don’t even have an “I help” statement, or I don’t even say the words “I help.” 

You can play around with that. You just think of someone coming into your world, some stranger landing on your profile, you want them to be able to vary, and you want to work with them. Your whole client, your whole goal is to help more people sign more clients. You want to have them get the vibe that, “Oh, her door, energetically, her doors are open to her business. Oh, I see she helps with this. I resonate with that, I need help with this particular thing.”

You’ll scroll down into the post, which is kind of like your storefront area or billboards highlighting ways that you do help people, AKA, the actual content and value. If they resonate and vibe and understand all that, they’re more likely to hit follow.

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So go look at your profile right now. Is it clear about who you helped? Maybe you can say something like: I’m a yoga teacher. I specialize in vinyasa flow to help ambitious adults or professionals get stronger and more flexible. It can be something super simple like that. It’s a teaser. It doesn’t have to be very niched in or specific. You’re just generating a little bit of curiosity, with specificity on what you do and who you help. Make sure to show your face.

So your name, you can also highlight what you do. And if you’re local and do things in-person, put your town, for example. I’m online, so I don’t have my town. But I could write out some: A clean business coach for wellness entrepreneurs in Encinitas, California

So, if you have a physical therapy brick-and-mortar, you definitely want to put your town in that searchable area right next to your name. If you’re a yoga teacher who teaches a lot of classes around your town, again, you want to put that in your name, and highlight what you do. Yoga teacher, physical therapist, massage therapist, if you have many skills, just pick one, probably the most common modality that you use or highlight in your processes of how you help people.

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Hack #2:  Making Sure That All Your Content And Posts Are Centered Around Those Themes

Now, hack number two is making sure that all your content and posts are centered around those themes. 

Now, in the Awaken Portal, I teach a process where your unique process highlights your expertise, again, your experience comes to the surface through a pillar format. So you always know what to talk about when you show up because you want there to be consistency with your posts, whether they be in stories, or through your feed.

So people, again, are reminded of what you do and who you help them. That doesn’t mean you can’t share your personal life. But if you are going to post pictures of your dog, for example, or food that you ate, you want to tie it back into that theme. How does it relate to the work that you help people with?

So the nice thing about this is you don’t have to feel pressured to show every minute of your day. You can highlight those minutes of your day or week that correlate to the ways that you help people. 

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The mistake I also see is people showing random pictures of family events, which is nice and is great for the Facebook personal feed, but on Instagram, you need to tie it back, especially if you’re an entrepreneur in business, which you are, because otherwise why would you be reading this blog? But you want to tie it back to how this fits into how you help people.

So, for example, I show sneak peeks of my personal life in my stories and in my feed, but I tie it back to the wellness entrepreneur growing a wellness, a profitable business with time to enjoy life in the process. So I’m actually showing stories and pictures and reels of me enjoying life as I grow my business.

So a few weeks ago, I was actively in a launch to fill the Awaken Mastermind, and you could see sneak peeks of my life while I was launching, which is a common fear a lot of wellness entrepreneurs have that they will launch a program and it’ll take over their lives so they won’t be able to do things like I did. Like I went to acupuncture, I went to my yoga classes, I went to elevate, I met up with friends, my husband and I had a date night I took my daughter on Friday, she got to school early, and I took her to the beach. 

So you can see all of that where I’m actively living my life while I’m launching my Mastermind, and that hopefully will trigger you to wonder, “Okay, how did she do that?: Now in my feed, I get into more details of some value posts of how I actually grew my business while enjoying my life.

So it’s all connected. So if you want to show pictures of your family, and your children, do so, but maybe show it like, okay, mom, you’re trying to get stronger and have fun with your new baby, but you’re not feeling like you have enough time to go to as many classes as you want. Or maybe you’re worried you’re going to make your back pain worse, right? So maybe when you’re sharing pictures of your baby or your children, you’re tying it back to your story, your challenges, or areas that you overcame and your own personal health journey that relates to how you help people as well.

So you connect it all back together. So there’s consistency, that creates safety in your feet. It also creates trust. Trust and safety, they go hand in hand. 

So make it clear that you’re in business. And when you’re posting, be consistent with your philosophies and processes of how you work with people. And yes, you can include personal pictures and highlights of your day or week, but connect it back to your work. So there are themes and consistencies throughout your feed.

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Speaking of feed, this is where how-to posts and reels come to play. Those are great if you’re highlighting exercises, to build your core or piriformis stretches, for example, or Vinyasa flows or the benefits of restorative practice. Again, you want to be specific. By highlighting your own story, you can also highlight a Client Testimonial, you can bring in a specific process of how doing restorative with you is different than maybe other restorative teachers because you’re honing in on moms, for example. So you want to be specific in this content.

And you also want to change up the types of content. So sometimes do those informational reels, but also maybe share those success stories of your clients, share a quote with how to actually achieve it, where your own personal philosophy on that quote, you can collaborate with other peers and colleagues, you can highlight a free resource that you have, you can change it up between static posts, carousels, reels, those Twitter like keep it interesting for your people get out of the rut of just posting your every Monday the same picture with your weekly classes or a post showing you in a yoga pose saying Vinyasa flow at 5 pm, or you showing a client lifting weights, saying get into my physical therapy clinic to get stronger and feel better. That’s all generic, anyone can do that.

And in this market, if you’re going to have an online marketing strategy, again, you don’t have to, but I do recommend that because it is such a great way to build your visibility, and you can do it in small pockets of time, people need to connect with you. You need to show your face. You really need to differentiate yourself and create trust and safety through other ways of sharing your processes and philosophies, such as sharing client wins, your own testimonial story, for example. 

And when you do this, you’ll never run out of content. There are so many content ideas. And you might say, “Okay, well, this takes a lot of time.” It does take time. But I spend less than an hour a day creating my stories and my newsfeed posts. And on the weekends, I’ll pop into stories, and on some weekends, I don’t. It just depends on how my energy is doing and how I’m feeling. You get to decide. I don’t post anything in my feed on the weekend. So, if you’re doing this three to five days a week, you can build on Instagram.

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So when you think of it this way, really it’s endless the amount of content that you can post and the ways that you can post. It can be a very creative process. It’s a great way to connect with people. It really doesn’t have to take a lot of time. What’s really holding people back often, and this is what I highlighted earlier, is that people don’t show up. Maybe they only post their logo and never a picture of their face, or they keep things generic because there are things happening with your nervous system or uncomfortable feelings come up like fear, doubt, or impostor syndrome, like, who am I to say this? Is this exactly right?

And I just want to say that this is normal. It’s vulnerable to show up on Instagram, on social media because you put yourself out on a ledge at times, especially if you’re passionate about a process or philosophy in your business that maybe differs from the normal or popular views can really trigger your nervous system into a freeze response. 

Meaning, you don’t post anything, or you never show your face and keep with the generic content, or don’t post at all. It can cause you to flee, meaning you post and ghost, you don’t engage with anyone, and you don’t like to look at your profile and analyze it. And it can even cause an anger response, meaning you’re kind of combative with people in the comments. Or maybe you speak more to your haters than your ideal client, for example.

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What I Usually Do Before I Post On Instagram

So when you’re posting on social media, you want to have a process to support yourself. I’ll tell you my process, and again, in the Awaken Portal, this is one area that I work with my clients both on the calls and through videos, I have many different tactics. But I’ll give you an example of what I do.

I often, when I’m going to create a post, I pause first, I check in with my energy if I’m coming from a place of hustling and rushing and just trying to get something out there instead of coming from a place of service, and value and certainty and confidence. So I check in with my energy first. 

And if I’m in hustle or fear or confusion or doubt, there are many ways that I work with this. Sometimes I just breathe. I can shift my thoughts and redirect them if needed. If my nervous system is really stuck and my mind is really spinning, then sometimes I will tap it through using Emotional Freedom Technique. This I often do with my clients to help process those uncomfortable motions. 

Maybe it’s just acknowledging those uncomfortable motions. And I journal through why do I feel fear? Or why am I feeling impostor syndrome? These are all normal. 

Or maybe I’m highlighting one of my philosophies or trying a different story technique that I’ve never done before, it’s normal to feel a little bit of hesitation or doubt or fear. Or maybe I want to make sure that I’m passionate about filling one of my programs, but at the same time, I don’t want to appear as being bammy or slimy. And that’s leaking in, causing some hesitations.

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You want to be aware of what you’re feeling and why and then give yourself time to process that through. Now, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time, maybe just five minutes or so before a post. And sometimes I check in with my energy, and I’m good to go. 

So I don’t even have to do any of that at all. In fact, the more I post and believe in myself and get confident in my work, the less and less I have to do, to move through these uncomfortable emotions. And sometimes they’re just going to be there because I’m showing up doing new things. 

And you know, truthfully, being an entrepreneur is scary at a time because we’re afraid of getting it wrong. We’re afraid of failing. But if you’re always avoiding that failure or getting it wrong, or having someone judge and criticize you, your business won’t grow because you’ll stay stuck, you’ll stay frozen, you’ll never lean into that growth edge.

So you want to have a process to really support yourself in being able to have the capacity to feel these uncomfortable emotions and still show up and take action and try new things and analyze, check on your work without judging and being critical of yourself, just from a place of observing the data so you can refine and make changes for the future.


Okay, so to summarize for today, you want to make sure that when people land on your profile, they know what you do and who you help. It’s clear. They energetically feel that your doors are open for business, they connect with you because your face is visible, and your posts and your feed deliver a lot of value. They’re consistent with that “I help statement” of who you help, how you help them, and the results that people get when working with you through a variety of different ways. 

Maybe it’s reels, static posts, carousels, Twitter quotes, all the things testimonials, and before you post, you want to check in with your own energy and acknowledge what’s coming up. Notice what you feel, write it out, become aware of why, shift the energy if needed, so you can show up to serve confidently to help more people. 

And, most importantly, for your business, sign more clients because they definitely go hand in hand. The more clients you sign, the more people you will help. So get out there. And if you want my feedback, then just tag me or show up in my DMs. Let’s talk it through. Let’s see what’s going on in your profile. I’m happy to help!

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