How To Make Decisions As A Wellness Entrepreneur

Hello there, wellness entrepreneur. Welcome back. Today we’re talking about how to make decisions as a wellness entrepreneur. 

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All right, let’s get to today’s blog!

Decision Making: Decision-Making Matrix and the Decision-Making Meditation for the Entrepreneur

In today’s blog, make sure you read the entire thing,\ because I will be giving you two tactics you can apply the second you get off this podcast.

One is a decision-making matrix, and then the other is a decision-making meditation, which can be very short. Both of them can help you to learn how to make decisions quicker. Because the faster you make decisions, the faster you start getting more successes and the learnings, AKA failures.

What Happens When You Are Not Making Decisions and The Importance of Making Decisions As An Entrepreneur

When you’re not making decisions, you’re actually slowing yourself down. The other part of the decision-making is becoming aware of where you do have decisions in your wellness business and also where you have decisions over your schedule, time, and energy. 

A lot of the time, we think that our schedule just happens to us or our exhaustion is happening to us. All of it might feel or (inaudible) whether clients are saying yes or no. A lot of it feels outside of our control. But the more that you create awareness over what you’re saying yes to, what you’re saying no to, bringing all that work that’s in your unconscious mind to the conscious mind, gives you your control back. It’s very empowering.

Owning The Decisions You Make as an Entrepreneur

So today is a bit of slowing down through your day today to inquire and get curious about what decision did you just make. For example, you might feel like, “Oh, here I am subbing for this yoga class which takes 3 hours of my time, and I’m subbing for a group of people that aren’t necessarily my best demographic or my niche, for my one-to-one offer or for my group program. How did I end up here?” 

And then you realize, Oh, okay, it’s because you (inaudible) because you feel guilty about saying no”. Or you might love your reasons for saying yes. This teacher that asked you to sub in the first place might have helped you in the past, so now you want to pay it forward or pay it back and help him refer out at the time. 

But the point is to own your decision and know that if you’re there in the class, you just spent time in traffic to get there or with a long drive, or maybe the class isn’t as full as you would like. You’re starting to beat yourself up for being there in the first place and recognizing, “Oh, yeah, I made the decision. I like my reasons. Let’s just go forward.”

Or maybe it’s being like you just made this decision out of a feeling that you wanted to avoid, like guilt or people pleasing or perfectionism or any of those types of matters. Once you become aware of that, then you can be coached on that in the future.

The Advantage Of Having A Coach in Making Decisions   

Another benefit why having a coach is so important is to help bring some of this unconscious decision-making to the front of your brain so you can have awareness around it faster and make smarter decisions and quicker decisions going forward.

Where Wellness Entrepreneurs Get Hung Up

The other place where I see a lot of wellness entrepreneurs getting hung up is not making a decision at all. Freezing. And that really slows your business down. 

For example, maybe you are frozen in deciding what price your program should be, whether that’s the package, online, in-person, or the length of time of your program and you’re going into Facebook and you’re crowdsourcing and asking people, “Okay, if you did a program like this, would you prefer six weeks, eight weeks, twelve weeks?” and then you’re getting all these conflicting answers and you’re not sure what to decide.

Or maybe you do want to hire a business coach, for example, but you have all these business coaches to choose from and you’re not sure who would be best to help you. So you don’t make a decision at all, or maybe you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, so you don’t make a decision at all and then you end up stuck.

So this blog is all about empowering you to become aware of what you’re feeling, where your decisions are driven from, where are they coming from? What wolf are you feeding? Is it fear? Or is it the direction that you want to go, that abundance, that confidence? You really want to take the time to explore all these. And if you start exploring it now, slowing yourself down, then your patterns,your day-to-day patterns of decision-making will emerge. 

And when that happens, then the process becomes quicker because then you’ll be more and more aware of why you choose to make decisions. You will realize things like, “Oh, I’m making it out of people,” “Oh, I’m making it out of perfectionism,” “Oh, I’m making it out of fear of missing out,” or, “I’m making it out of fear, or I’m frozen because of fear.”

So the quicker you get on to yourself about your patterns without judgment, the faster this process gets. Then it fits in more seamlessly throughout your day.

So, for example, I embody both the techniques I’m going to teach you throughout my day-to-day and the matrix takes a little bit longer because I really want to take the time to sit down and write it out. I highly encourage you to get it out of your head and see it on paper. It helps the whole process to be more objective. 

You begin to separate and untangle all the emotions and nervous system triggers that might be hung up in that work. But the meditation, once you go through it, sometimes a longer meditation, and you embody the feelings that you desire to feel, or when you get in touch with future youth, stay tuned for that, then the process becomes quicker.

Where if I do have a decision I can ground into myself, I can inquire about what I may be am afraid of feeling, or what are my worst fears, what’s the direction that I want to go, what do I want to feel, then I can embody those more desired states, that desired resources quick and it can take only just a minute or two of your time.

So again, it doesn’t have to be a lengthy process.

Big Awareness for You as a Wellness Entrepreneur

Then here is a big awareness. Number one, especially if you find yourself freezing when it comes to making decisions, where you’re not making decisions, you’re just allowing them to look at the background of your mind, which is an energy leap, by the way, that can really stack a lot of your time and your energy. And plus then you’re moving forward in your business, it’s due to fear. It’s fear of failing. And if you can just take a moment, especially if you’re similar to me, where you kind of gravitate towards feeding both fear or anxiety or stress, then it’s important to explore that.

And again, this is where working with a coach like me is very beneficial because you can do that in  a safe potato where you can explore the failure and you can work through it. What is the worst case? What would happen then? And then plan and solve for that worst-case scenario so you don’t get stuck and frozen there. Instead, you have solutions. And typically, when you have solutions for this failure, then it takes the intensity of that fear and failure, and it drops it down several notches where the fear may still be there, but confidence, for example, may rise to the surface.

And you begin to feel that more because you’re like, “Oh, okay, if I do fail, I know I’m going to do this or I’m going to do that, or I know I can handle it. I have my own back. So I can step up to the plate and make this decision and just see what happens.” Go forward, maybe mess it up, and then try again. Doesn’t seem like such a life or death of your business scenario. It also takes the urgency of trying to get something exactly done right after that.

So if you’re a perfectionist, if you make decisions off perfectionism, for example, then it’s realizing, “Okay, that’s just my nature of mine to try to get something exactly perfect. And I might freeze and not try and make a decision and start something new only because I want it to be perfect right off the bat.” If you can recognize that for yourself, then you can start to plan for that. Ask yourself in what ways can you take small steps to try this where you might fail. 

The Decision-Making Matrix

Okay, here is the decision-making matrix. My clients love this. Again, I encourage you to get this out of your head. Actually, write it down on paper.  

What you want to do is create a column for yourself or a four-square grid, and think of a decision that you want to make. Any big or small, this can be used for any of those. Just know if it’s bigger, there’s probably more to empty your brain about. Weigh out the pros and cons for it. So it’s a little bit more elaborate than just the pros and cons. You’ll see it here.

For smaller decisions, obviously, you can do a smaller box. So one of the boxes is the benefits of saying yes. The box next to it is the benefits of saying no. Then you want to write out what’s the cost of saying no, then the cost of saying yes. 

So they seem like similar questions, but if you look at it, they’re subtly different and how your brain interprets them. The cost of saying no versus the benefit of saying yes, they will be answered differently. The answers that will come from your brain will be different. 

Then when you review them on paper, the direction that you want to go will seem so much clearer. You’ll have more clarity because of the answers your own brain brought to the surface and they’ll be highlighted in different ways, which will resonate for you, or you’ll be able to see, “Oh, okay, here’s where my fears are. I think before I make the decision, I should get coached on this because it’s influencing my decision.”

Making a Decision of Crowdsourcing versus Getting Answers Within You

I don’t want to make a decision off of fears or off the fear that something will happen. And it’s really just stoker aid by breath. There’s no evidence that it’s real, so that can be very eye-opening. When you’re binding your own brain, as my coach says, versus crowdsourcing, you’re going to start to create your internal process and you’re going to trust yourself more, you’re going to trust your intuition more, you’ll have your own back feel stronger because the answer is coming from within you. Naturally, it’ll be more in alignment.

Instead of trying to fit something that you read off Facebook or social media, trying to fit yourself as a circle into that square peg or a dress where it wasn’t exactly tailored to you, where you can put it on, and it looks okay, and it feels okay, but you’re just not getting that bodied sensation that you’re going to have the confidence when you walk out of the room, killing it in that dress.

So the end result can be really different when making a decision versus off crowdsourcing versus inquiring and getting curious about all the answers that you already have within you. A lot of the wellness entrepreneurs that I work with are so skilled, they’re so talented and they’re seekers, meaning they’re always seeking out new information, new knowledge, attending new trainings, and have certification after certification.

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Why You Need To Trust Yourself in Making Decisions as an Entrepreneur

I guarantee, based upon that, you have so much insight and so much wisdom within yourself. It’s trusting yourself. How could that be true? Binding for yourself. What is the benefit of asking yourself, first of all, to make your business so much cheaper? Because you’re not always hiring experts and consultants to help you make decisions. You know that you can do the work in your business, first of all, and where you might hire a coach to help fast-track this process. The coaches I work with don’t necessarily give me answers. They teach me how to fish so I can do it for myself. 

And then I create reproducible processes and systems in my own businesses that are in alignment because no one works quite the same way as that. What I do or how I like to flow within my day and that’s how I coach. My own clients also allow their own natural systems or processes to emerge that are aligned with their strengths. 

So what is it for you?

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The Decision-Making Meditation

The second technique I promise to teach you is as short or long, as long, as short, or as you would like. Meditation. This is inquiring with the future you. 

Now I’m in a coaching certification and learning that there are many ways to guide someone through this process. But for the sake of this blog, you can just imagine the future you.

So imagine this decision that you have to make and also bring into the picture successful you and it could be successful you at six months, it could be successful you at one year, two years, three years, five years, whatever makes the most appropriate sense for that decision that you have to make. And the key here is successful you. So it’s real. A, there is a possibility of success. B, it’s starting. Embody that success and see yourself in that successful place.

Close your eyes for a moment. Bring up the future successful you. You can also bring up that question that maybe you’re deliberating on now. See future successful you. You bring up the scenario and the situation regarding the decision that you need to make. 

How would she feel around that? How would she decide? How would she show up? What actions would she take? What would she think regarding the decision? What would she think if she failed? How would she support herself during this process? 

Embody all these questions, ask yourself these questions, feel what this person feels, and notice how she would show up and what action she would take. And when you’re feeling the feelings of what she would feel and embodying that success, you can ask yourself what is the next smallest step that you should take?

And maybe just by asking yourself that question, the answer to your decision will emerge. And if it doesn’t, then you’ll have the next smallest step that will take you to the next smallest step. 

And eventually, you’re going to have to decide or you’ll be making mini-decisions along the way that will lead to a bigger decision. So this is another way to go about it. If you like more of a somatic meditation experience, you could even do this while you’re walking. Me, I’ve gone to embodying the successful me a lot of the time on my walks. I put on more of a meditation type music, music I might play for my slow flow or gentle yoga classes in the past. And I walk and I feel the sun’s rays and I embody this successful me.

And I think about all the actions would take with that feeling. I feel whatever positive emotion that I want to feel, whether it be confidence or certainty or privilege. And I feel that into every single one of my cells. And I notice how I would show up, maybe even how I would dress, how I would tend to my day-to-day tasks. These questions help you to embody that person.

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So then as you make the decision, you’re making it from a very outward resource state. Instead of making a decision based on fear, which might lead you down the rabbit hole. Or sometimes that’s how we slow ourselves down is by making a lot of decisions based on fear and it kind of runs us in circles instead of taking us to where we really want to go in.

Sometimes for decisions, they do require courage, especially if the stakes are high or you do have people-pleasing or perfectionism-type qualities. But I promise you, the more that you do this again and again and again, the more you trust yourself and the more you realize, “I just failed. It’s okay. I’m alive. I’m still here. I’m making it through. I learned so much, and I’m going to go for it again.” 

Truthfully, that is the path of the entrepreneur that you can embody so that your business will grow. So if you need help making decisions quicker and faster, and you want guidance on that, your next best step is to sign up for a consult call this week, and we’ll go over where you’re getting stuck and your next best step from there. Okay?

 That’s all for this week. I’ll see you next week. Bye for now!


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