Discounts and Promotions for Your Wellness Business During the Holidays

Hey there, wellness entrepreneur! Welcome back!

We’re coming up on the end of the holiday season, the time when you see a ton of specials, discounts, Black Friday deals, holiday deals, gift certificates, prices slashed, all kinds of things offered. And maybe you tried some yourself. If you did, you got out there and you made some offers for these holidays, congratulations! That’s step number one – just getting out there and trying it.

Today, we’re going to specifically talk about whether you should do specials like this. Should you discount your services, and why? 

There are definitely some benefits to having specials, like my client, Joe. We created his Black Friday special together. We crafted some e-mails and a marketing plan for that Black Friday, and he converted some of those audience members that were on his list and social media into now paying clients. He expanded and brought in some people who were new to his world as well.

Reasons Why You Might Offer Specials and Bonuses and What Will You Get From It

So there are many reasons why you might offer a special and bonus. When you have a special or bonus, you will market more. Well, hopefully, you’re going to market more to ensure that you get more eyes on that offer. And because it typically has a deadline, you can have a higher likelihood of converting those who have been watching and following you on the fence.

Now, because there’s an incentive and an end date, they have a higher likelihood of taking action. Also, if you are marketing more and putting this special and bonus everywhere, you have the capacity to grow your e-mail list, grow your audience as well. And you can also have fun with it. 

I might be doing this myself for the Christmas holiday end of the new year. So if you’re not on my e-mail list, make sure you go get signed up. I just released the 100K blueprint. It’s a free guide on how to have 100K years. Get it here right now and download it – (LINK). And that will automatically get you on my e-mail list so you don’t miss any specials that I do over this end of the year and holiday season.

But it could be an opportunity where if you have a creative side, something that you wanted to toy with or that your audience really has been asking for, but you don’t have a specific offer on that, you do something for a limited time.

 Why You Might Not Want To Offer Discounts and What You Can Do Instead

But let’s go into why you might not want to discount because that’s huge, and what you might want to do instead in combination with your ethical high-ticket offer, so you’re not having to create a whole different offer for Black Friday. It’s in conjunction with or it’s complementary or what I tell my clients, it’s a value add to your already existing offer, that ethical high-ticket offer, which I help my clients create.

And that’s exactly what I did for my client Joe. We did a value-add to his existing ethical high-ticket offer. Now, it was a slight variation of his high-ticket offer, but it was a value-add for the Black Friday specials. If you’ve been following me, I did sign a couple of new clients off my Black Friday specials. It was through value-adds to my existing offer. I didn’t do any discounts and I don’t advise my clients to do a discount as well, because then what happens is your audience gets used to you discounting your prices.

If you’re discounting your prices for Black Friday, Christmas, Memorial Day, Labor Day, all these special events, then they wait. They wait till Mother’s Day when you’re going to do a discount again. And what happens is your “normal price” becomes your discounted price. And it’s really devaluing your services. And it’s not highlighting the results that they will receive when they work with you. 

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Creating Value Adds Instead of Discounts

So, for example, what I did for my client Joe, my client Amy, and a few of my other clients is we created value-adds. So we really clarified what the result is when a client works with them, the result that, the tangible result that they will receive following maybe a session versus also a whole entire program. 

Because some of my clients, we create the ethical high-ticket offer. Their confidence level isn’t quite where it needs to be to sell three months or more. So sometimes they do sell one-off sessions, but it’s really clarifying, okay, what’s the tangible result they’re going to receive for one offer versus the whole package? And what kind of incentive with a deadline can we place in front of the audience that will compel them to want to take action now? And the bonus or the special will actually help them to achieve that tangible result, maybe quicker, easier, more seamless.

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How I Did It In My Own Business

So let me explain from my end. My normal offer is the one-to-one six-month business coaching container. And when the doors are open, the six-month Awaken Business Coaching Container where you will get fully booked, then hit your first six-figure year, and then scaling beyond. So tangible results, six-month container, either one-to-one or a group within these containers. We craft your marketing plan. 

You get clear on your messaging and your audience. You also improve your selling conversions on consultation calls. You understand your metrics and your numbers. And we go through mindset strategies to help remove obstacles, hurdles, blocks that maybe are sabotaging or slowing down your success. 

We also craft a client renewal plan, so you get more renewals. People stay with you longer. You have a higher retention. So your whole marketing plan isn’t just reliant on and your whole revenue doesn’t just rely upon always bringing new people into your world. So it’s very multilayered.

So instead of discounting this program, I thought to myself, “Okay, how can I help? My Awaken Mastermind is not open at this time? So how can I help my one-to-one clients achieve faster results, a.k.a. sign more clients more independently, get clear on their messaging, get clear on their overall repeatable process to sign clients?”

So I first created a new lesson in the portal as one of the first things they can do. It’s a step-by-step process on how to create the skill of signing clients on demand. So, I created the Signing Clients On Demand Blitz. It’s a 30-day challenge where each day they’re given a task to develop the skill of getting out there and signing the client. So some of them are specific action lines, which they will do to market. And some of them are mindset to help develop the belief and confidence to sell their packages, move from selling one-off sessions to that complete higher ticket offer, and more. So I created that and I put that in the portal for my existing clients.

Then I thought to myself, “Okay, if it’s a new client coming into my world, how can I help them sign clients sooner rather than later so they will get that client on-demand skill training right off the bat?” Then I offered an additional 90-minute onboarding call so I can ensure that they have what they need to sign more clients, so that means that they’re clear on their offer, they feel confident about their pricing. They know the tangible result that that offer will bring. They know the audience that they will be marketing it to. They know where to find that audience, so they know where they’re marketing and that they have a selling process. So when people come into their world, they then know how to convert them into paying clients. So I created the additional 90-minute call to go over that. 

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And all of that, typically a client doesn’t have issues with every single one of those facets. So we just dial in and dive deeper into the area that maybe they’re really struggling with. And from my eyes, I can pinpoint the route. What one is really the linchpin that will help the others create more ease, each of these being a puzzle piece to the main puzzle coming together and locking that they’re able to sign more clients.

Then, the next bonus I created was for my paying clients only. Now, typically, I do two free end-of-the-year events. The first finishing the year strong workshop. So it’s usually done in November. So, you have the last 60 days of the year to get clear on what you need to do to sign more clients and finish the year, having it be your best year yet and feeling satisfied and fulfilled on the year. And then the second one, a vision-setting event to create your vision and then your plan for the following year.

But because my brother passed away earlier this year, I wasn’t quite feeling up to it, I didn’t feel that I had enough capacity to adequately serve my paying clients and market and deliver really high-quality events for my audience. So I decided to be compassionate with myself and not add extra pressure and a whole lot of things to do just ensure that the clients that I am serving right now gets high-quality service so they can sign more clients. And I thought, “Okay, if I’m not feeling like my capacity can be to do these normal free events and market them and make sure that they’re good quality, let’s simplify and streamline and I’ll focus on my existing clients, and ensure that they get the results through a bonus that I can offer for Black Friday, which would benefit my existing clients.”

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And then it also could be an incentive for those people who have been in my audience who have been maybe thinking about working with me and needed something a little spicy with a deadline to bring them over the edge. And so I created the Dream to Reality workshop, which is going to be after the New Year. And it’s going to be a three-hour workshop where we go over reviewing 2023 in this intimate group. So each person makes sure that I get my eyes on their business specifically, so they make sure that they get their key insights of 2023 so they know exactly what to do more of in 2024, to sign more clients and then, mistakes, maybe learnings they had, so they don’t repeat the same mistakes in 2024, which obviously would slow down their growth. 

And then we’re going to create the vision of what it is that they do want in 2024. Get my eyes on them and make sure that that is a realistic goal, is attainable, so they’re not setting themselves up for failure and defeat and disappointment.  And then we’re going to go over the concrete steps to ensure that a realistic goal is possible for them. 

I’m just very excited about this workshop because I’ve never offered it to my paying community before. It is a way that I feel I can over-deliver to my current clients and serve them to the highest and still respect what I need right now to continue to grieve the loss of my brother.

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What You Can Do With Previous Discounts and Specials You Had In The Past

So, if you reflect on the discounts, specials, bonuses, or Black Friday specials you made during this holiday season, first, evaluate and assess what worked with them. 

Ask these questions:

  • What did you like? What did your audience like? Go over the areas of success, then review. 
  • Maybe what didn’t go so great? 
  • What would you like to refine on? 
  • What didn’t work? 
  • Maybe if no one took you up on the offer, why do you think that is? 
  • Why did no one take you up on your specials or your discounts?

Or, if you sold a lot of discounted packages, did that work in your schedule? Did that work for your revenue? Or if you gave bonus-like additional sessions like I did and like my client, Joe and Amy did, does that work in your schedule? And if not, then how can you improve that for future bonuses and specials?

Then, ask yourself, what would you like to do differently going forward? What are some specials or bonuses or incentivizing offers that you can make that are a value-add that would actually bring more value to your existing offer from your client’s perspective? Something that it’s not just another deliverable or busy work. It’s a bonus or a special that is designed specifically for them so they can achieve results in a simpler, faster, easier, more doable way. That is one approach for you anytime you want to do a holiday offer or a special. 

Another approach is to have fun and get a little creative with it like my client Julie did. She had a birthday coming up, and she made a special limited-time offer for only 10 clients of a one-off session with a very specific, tangible result. And so it was her birthday offer for 10 people at a special price. It wasn’t a discount, but it was a special price with a very tangible result. So it was a little different than her main offer, and she just had a lot of fun with it, and she sold it out.

So for me, another idea that I’m toying with and by the time this blog is released, get on my e-mail list to have a small mini offer. Now, when I say this, some people create an entirely new offer like a group program or a six or eight-week course or six or eight-week on-demand program. That is not what I’m saying. I’m saying, a very small mini offer that is a precursor to your main offer.

So, for example, one of these mini offers that I’m toying with launching over the end of the year and holiday season is an Instagram audit because many of my clients, when they first start working with me, do want to sign clients off Instagram, and one quick way to do that sooner rather than later is to get their Instagram profile optimized, get familiar with posts and stories and making sure that the message is on par with converting their existing audience to paying clients as well as growing their followers. 

So I am thinking of making a mini offer of doing an Instagram audit. And that is a precursor to my one-to-one or Awaken Business Coaching Program, where we build upon that, because just having an optimized Instagram profile is not going to guarantee that clients are coming.

Or if you’re getting consultations from now that you have this optimized Instagram profile, it doesn’t guarantee that you’re able to convert them or sell. And again, in the Awaken Business Coaching Program, we’re going to dial in on the marketing so you can get more followers and then as well as the selling so you can convert those people that do sign up for consultations into paying clients or for your paying clients, again, developing client renewal.

So that optimized Instagram audit is one portion, but it’s a nice little bonus lower ticket offer that I don’t do at all or ever where someone who’s been in my audience for some time, but maybe for various reasons is thinking about working with me, but haven’t done it yet. They can kind of pay me and experience it for a lower investment of time and money before they go into the bigger program.

Now, not everyone takes me up on that Instagram-optimized audit. I’m not expecting a hundred percent of those people to convert because some of those people just might only want the Instagram audit. That’s fine. So if I’m doing this, I need to make sure that whatever price I’m charging is well worth my time for giving them that audit. And I feel complete about that. And then those who do want to take that next step of working with me more know that I have the one-to-one business coaching program

So like with Julie, when she made that special offer for her birthday, again, it was a portion of what she delivers for most of her clients that go through her year-long program because one session or one Instagram audit is not going to replace a six-month program. It’s just not possible. 

That being said, you can still get a mini tangible result from offering something fun and creative, a limited-time, fun offer. And it’s not that much additional work for you. You don’t have to learn how to market and offer a whole entire other program. You don’t have to create a whole additional sales page and all the things. It’s just a fun, creative, limited-time mini offer.

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So those are some ways to approach specials and bonuses versus always feeling like you need to discount to create that urgency or scarcity or a limited-time offer for like Black Friday. And that’s also the benefit of having this ethical high-ticket offer that becomes your cornerstone, your foundation of knowing what you’re always marketing. You’re constrained, and you’re focused to that.

So when you’re marketing one thing year after year again and again, you’re going to get better at it because you’re going to learn more about what your audience needs to hear to take that next step to work with you. You’re going to get better at communicating that with them. Your messaging is going to get better.

The same with when you have that one offer, you’ll feel much more confident because you’ve sold it a bunch. Your consultations will be better. Your clients will renew more because now that you’ve been only doing one offer, you’ll get better at delivering results. 

Because like I said, I’m always thinking of my clients, and I’ve been delivering this one offer now for over a couple of years, I think going on three years now. And so each time I deliver it to each client, I’m always adding things in there. I’m switching up lessons in the module. I’m coaching better so I can get my clients results faster and easier. And the only way I’ve done that is because I’ve been constrained to this one offer and one result. 

Now, that being said, the bigger picture when you’re scaling into the multiple six figures, you don’t always have to stay at one offer. You can. I have peers who have hit a million in a year with just one offer. But you can also add an additional offer. But your business needs to be sustainable to handle that offer. 

Like my client, Justine, who has a very successful brick-and-mortar physical therapy clinic. We had to get her brick-and-mortar clinic self-sustaining first, and good momentum and streamlined and efficient before we brought in her second offer of her online fitness classes. And then when she did do that, it was ready to go, and she sold out her founding member launch of getting 14 people when her goal was 10. So it was only because she had that first offer really dialed in.

So when you are thinking about, again, your discounts and programs, it comes back to what is that main offer? What is your cornerstone? What is your foundation? Make sure you have that first. You feel confident in the tangible result that you’ll be delivering the price. You feel confident, all the benefits and the features. So then you can add a value, add a limited-time bonus that will ensure and help your clients receive that tangible result faster.  

So there you have it. I hope you have a very happy, happy holidays. Again, thank you for all the support through the years. I wish you a very abundant 2024, and I can’t wait to work with you more in 2024. Lots of exciting things coming up as I’ve been dialing in on my one offer, and I hopefully am getting better and better. I feel like my messaging, my content, my deliverables, and my program have been getting better and better and better. So you can sign clients easier and easier because I know that you have such a passion and you have so many skills to help people with their health and wellness. And let’s get you busy helping more people because that will in return help your bank account as well.

And if you want my help crafting your offer, that ethical high-ticket offer, and your marketing plan and getting clear on your message, then you know the next step. Go book your free consult, and we’ll talk about a plan that’s right for you. 

Okay. I’ll see you in 2024. Bye for now! 

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