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In today’s blog, I welcome special guest Emily Mason. She’s a physical therapist, yoga teacher, and health coach and has a hybrid practice in Tucson. In this blog, you’ll hear all about her courage to follow her heart, where she could have kept doing the same thing that she was doing, but she knew she wanted something different, and this is really how she created her own unique hybrid practice. And you’ll also hear about how she moved from California to Tucson and got fully booked of consistent 15 patient and client weeks after two months of just moving to Tucson. 

So, read all about Emily’s story so you have the inspiration and the courage to follow your heart and do business your way, too. Because if she can make it successful, and she is talented and skilled, and I know you are too, you can do it as well! 

Question To Emily: Emily, can you tell us a little bit about what you do and who you help?

Emily: Yeah! I mainly help women, especially women in their childbearing years, to get at the root cause of their pelvic health issues. So I treat things like pelvic pain conditions, like pain with sexual activity, tailbone pain, low back hip and abdominal pain, thigh, and pubic bone pain, all sorts of pain conditions in and around the pelvis. 

I also work more on the holistic side with hormonal imbalances, as well as inflammatory and immune system issues that affect pelvic health, like painful and irregular periods, PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, and chronic pelvic infections. 

I work with conditions affecting bowel and bladder health, including incontinence and interstitial cystitis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation. And then I also work with pregnancy and postpartum issues, including pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, scar tissue restriction, and core muscle weakness. So, a bunch of things surrounding pelvic health. 

Alison: Yeah! I love that. Lots of stuff. 

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Question To Emily: So how did you get into this niche specifically? Because you can tell you’re passionate about it because you do so much with all these women. So, how did you get into this yourself?

Emily: I struggled with my own chronic low back pain starting when I was 14 years old. I actually started menstruating around that time and didn’t realize the connection between what was going on hormonally in my body and my back pain at that time. 

Over the years, I did a lot of physical therapy and found yoga at some point, which helped my symptoms, but I didn’t really see a dramatic difference in my symptoms until I found pelvic for physical therapy. And that was in PT school. We had a lecture on it. And once I did an internship in it and learned all of the things surrounding pelvic health that no one had ever taught me and applied those things to myself, I started to see huge differences.

And then, I took it a little further later down the road, working with a health coach who really specialized in nutrition and cycle-informed coaching. And when I started implementing those things, it just was amazing what it did for my body. And so I kind of pushed myself to want to do more of this holistic physical therapy with yoga and health coaching to really look at the full woman and help her out because it helped my journey so much.

Alison: Yeah! I love that. And I think this is so common for a lot of wellness practitioners, myself included, where our story helps our own businesses evolve. That’s how I personally started my yoga physical therapy massage clinic – from my own injuries. And that combo really helped to heal me. And I teach my clients this too, because sometimes in women’s health or health coaching, they can feel like really saturated fields, like there’s a lot of practitioners doing this similar work, but you can really differentiate yourself by highlighting your own experience as well.

And what I just loved about what you said as well is that you do bring health coaching into this pelvic health and women’s health specialty and niche. 

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Question To Emily: So tell us a little bit about having a hybrid practice where you have brick-and-mortar clients, and then you have online clients. So, tell us a little bit about how that evolved. 

Emily: Yeah. So, again, kind of going back to my own personal journey, I went through a pregnancy loss before I moved to California and started a new job at a pelvic floor specialty clinic, and we saw mainly prenatal and postpartum women struggling with pelvic health issues. And it’s a really challenging field to be around energetically. There’s just a lot of deep, hard, emotional conversations you have. And it’s just very heavy work energetically. And I think I was dealing with my own challenges going through grief, and doing that full-time many days a week was starting to become quite challenging.

And so there wasn’t a lot of flexibility there for me to kind of make it work for my own health and wellness. So, I decided to take some time off and kind of think about how to explore starting my own business. The virtual space seemed appealing to me at the time just because it seemed a little more flexible. There wasn’t quite as much of that in-person energetic work. And I thought that that would be a good way for me to learn more about that holistic side and draw in more of the nutrition and education component, stress reduction, sleep hygiene, all these tools that I’d learned but hadn’t been able to really dive deep with people. And so that’s kind of how it started in the health coaching virtual world. 

And then, I moved to Tucson, Arizona, and decided I wanted to start working more on the PT side of things again. And I was doing that a little bit in California through I was contracted through another company, and I decided, I just want to do this through my own business, too. I don’t know why it seems so scary to do that. But, you know, I said I really miss that in-person work with people, and I just want to blend those two things together. 

And so that’s where you came in and really helped me to do that and not be so scared of it. And now that I’m here, it’s amazing. 

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Alison: Oh, yeah. And congratulations to you! 

So essentially, you moved to Tucson and then started an office in Tucson, and you’re seeing online health coaching clients? 

Emily: Exactly.

Alison: That’s so amazing. I love this story because, first of all, I hope you recognize this for yourself: how courageous it is to be in a clinic or a job anywhere and recognize within yourself like, “Hey, something’s not right here. Like, this could look perfect on paper and amazing for another individual, but it’s not working for me.” And not only did you recognize that, but you did something about that. You prioritized, and you saw outside of the box to create this business for yourself. So I think that is so amazing and so inspirational for a lot of people to hear. So congratulations to you!

Emily: Thank you. Yeah! It was it was tricky because I was so passionate about the field, and I was like, I don’t want to leave it, and I really want to help people in this realm still. And so, it took a little bit of sitting with it and brainstorming, but I’m glad I stuck with it.

Alison: Yeah! A hundred percent. So how long now have you been in Tucson?

Emily: Just a little over two months now. Two months.

Alison: And what’s your schedule on average like? How many patients/clients are you working with a week? 

Emily: Right now, it’s like around 15 clients a week. 

Alison: Amazing. So you read that: two months, 15 clients a week. Clients/patients. Hybrid.  So it can be done. It doesn’t have to take an extremely long time. So amazing. 

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Question To Emily: What do you think created that success for yourself?

Emily: Well, I mean, honestly, like having a coach, having you to kind of keep me accountable. And I think sometimes I would get just overwhelmed with all that there was to be done and kind of lost track of the big picture and where I needed to focus in on that week. And so having somebody to keep me accountable and to keep me on track was really, really helpful. 

Somebody to put things in perspective where, you know, at times, I felt like, “Oh, I’m not doing enough,” or, “Maybe this isn’t how it should be going.” And then realizing, “No, this is part of the process, and this is just what you experience when you’re starting a business.”

And so it’s a long journey is what I’m learning. And you’re constantly learning and growing and looking back at where I was, and I’m looking back or looking to where I am now. It’s just like really cool to see all the progress and to look at my schedule and see a full schedule for the next couple of weeks. It takes a lot of stress off me.

Alison: I have a big smile now. Because for me, it’s like, seeing this, that’s why I’m doing it. But also, like, look at these 15 people that you’re helping weekly. Like, had you not stood up and said, “Hey, this employee position is not working. I want to try my own thing, and I want to move. That feels right.” And these people in Tucson would not be getting your help had you not stood up for you, too. So by putting yourself first, not only are you filling your cup abundantly, but you’re helping others, too. And that’s just amazing.

Emily: Totally. It feels really good.

Alison: Awesome. 

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Question To Emily: Tell me a little bit about how you touched on a few emotions that I think are very common for the entrepreneur like being overwhelmed and fearful. So personally, how do you work with those, or what have you learned that’s been helpful to work with those because they are normal. They do come up day to day.

Emily: Yeah. Well, I have a pretty strong yoga practice that I’ve been involved with for like 15 years, maybe longer even. And that’s been a tool that I’ve used for a long time. And one of the reasons I sought you out is because you’re a yoga teacher, and you kind of look more at that balance side of things. 

So, you know, making sure that I have a consistent practice with that. And then, even throughout my day where I’m really busy and don’t have time to stop and do a full yoga practice, like using little techniques like breathwork or tapping, as we’ve done from tapping together, I find that to be really grounding and helpful for me to just get back into the group and focus on what’s in front of me versus getting caught up in all of the busy day.

Alison: Yeah, totally! A hundred percent. I love that. So I think what you said is key that it doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be a full hour-long practice. It could be a few minutes, a few breaths, or a simple mindset technique to get you back in the flow. 

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Question To Emily: So tell me, how did you learn? Because I think coming back to this courageous decision to follow what felt right for you in both your move, creating a hybrid brick and mortar online business, and really following your path, how did you learn to really prioritize what it is that your intuition spoke to you? I guess you could put it that way, even if you hadn’t seen it being created or done that particular way before and not get sucked into, well, like, I got to stay here in this job and do this thing, and that’s what’s supposed to be done, you know? 

Emily: Yeah, I think I went through a cycle-informed coaching, like health coaching program last year and really learned about female cycles and our hormonal rhythms and kind of like our intuition, what’s going on in our body and how important that is in navigating the world and not just how we eat and how we exercise, but also how we socialize and how we work and all of those things. 

And so I think that really helped me to realize, like, there’s a different way of living that maybe is a little more out there compared to what most people in the world are doing with just kind of the grind, right? They’re just working away and not stopping and breathing and taking care of themselves.

And I realized just from, again, my own experience in burning myself out a couple different times in my career that I’ve seen a pattern, and I was like, “This is just not sustainable. This is something that I need to change, and I need to figure out a way to change this.” And so, I just knew there was a way to do it. And I knew that it was going to take a little trial and error and help from coaches, people like you who have been through this too and have kind of helped me to navigate it and create something that works for me. 

And I’m still in the process of that, right? I’m slowly shifting every day in terms of how do I make this even a little more sustainable and still be able to help more people. 

Alison: Yeah, I love that. 

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Question To Emily: So because you bring in this work of tuning into your own cycle and the cyclical nature of being human and especially female, so how do you embody those practices yourself like day to day?

Emily: Yeah, so I mean, I really mentioned the yoga practice, but I really value that movement piece and that body awareness, connecting with what’s going on in my body, mind, and soul. So, I try to prioritize as much of that work throughout the week as I can. 

Getting out into nature, just getting a different perspective, and you know, whether that’s alone or with a friend, sometimes you need one energy versus the other, depending on where you’re at in your cycle. And so, you know, connecting with those close friends that build you up, really nourishing my body with food, which is something I never did. I used to eat so terribly, I would grab fast food or get like a quick PJ’s meal and probably didn’t eat nearly enough throughout the day when I was busy, had a lot of caffeine.

And so these days, it’s just a lot more intentional in terms of making sure I set aside time to meal plan, making sure I take a break and eat my meal slowly, just a little thing that I try to implement and then planning. 

I had a week a while back where I just totally forgot to schedule some of my things like that, like exercise and meal prep. And so, making sure I’m like looking ahead and really planning out the weeks in front of me so that I can sustain myself.

Alison: Yeah, that’s so important. I’ve been there too, where I’ve gotten to schedule my lunch or I’m doing something at the end of my day where my walk usually is. And I have to drop my daughter off at school so I can’t walk in the morning. And I’m like, “Well, shoot, when am I going to walk or go to yoga?” I’m like, “Well, I guess I learned like I need to put it in the calendar first.”

Emily: Yeah, there’s something about seeing an empty space in your calendar and feeling like you have to fill it with something. And so, it’s like if you fill it with rest and relaxation sometimes, like the schedule doesn’t feel so overwhelming. But if you don’t do that, then it gets filled with other things. And then you’re like, “I didn’t have time to do this thing.”

Alison: Yeah, it’s like a vacuum. It will get filled with something else if you don’t put it in for yourself first. 

Emily: Totally.

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Question To Emily: Something I’m curious about, too, because there’s talk as a female entrepreneur who’s going through a cycle, and even for me, being in menopause because there’s still that cyclical nature is that you can time certain things with where you are in your reproductive cycle. So, for example, I remember when I used to ovulate, I’d be really like outgoing, and that would be a great time to schedule a workshop where, you know, during my cycle, definitely more hermetic, so like to keep the schedule lighter on those days. Do you do that yourself? 

Emily: I do. Yeah! I have the different phases of my cycle kind of planned out in my Google calendar so that I know when I’m planning things. 

Say I’m going to be menstruating, and someone’s like, “Do you want to come to this party this day?” And I see that’s day one of my cycle. I’m going to decline. You know? I’m going to say, “You know, sorry, I’m not going to be able to make that because I’m going to feel not social, not myself.” I do want to be going to those sorts of events when I’m in my follicular phase or ovulation phase when I’ve got a little more energy hormonally.

So, yeah, I do that for everything. I build in massages and rest and restorative yoga around my menstrual phase right before. And then I build in more like cardio or hikes or doing new things, going to, like this weekend, I’m going to a festival downtown, like a food fest in Tucson, and I’m about to be in my ovulation phase. So it’s going to be a blast to be around all these people, right? That’s also a good time to do networking. So I have a couple of coffee dates this coming week with new people in town who I’m networking with. 

And so there’s just so much you can do surrounding your cycle that, again, no one ever can do this stuff. The ones who start learning it and implementing it can make a huge difference in your life. 

Question To Emily: So what would you tell the female entrepreneur that’s reading this blog right now where a couple of light bulbs went off in their head and being like, “Oh, I might have been forcing a webinar during a time where I really don’t want to be out talking to a lot of people. I really want to just keep my schedule lighter that week because I’m in my cycle.” What would you recommend for them to start this process?

Emily: Yeah, you know, again, I think most of us aren’t tracking our cycles. We’re looking like, we know when we’re bleeding, but not all of us, like if we’ve had a hysterectomy and something where we don’t have that sign, we might not have any idea where we’re at in our bodies and what’s happening hormonally. 

So, I usually recommend people start by just tracking their basal body temperature, getting something like a temp drop can make it really easy to see what’s happening and how you’re fluctuating throughout the month. You have to learn how to read those, obviously. So somebody like a cycle-informed coach like me, or you can find a lot of that stuff online in terms of how to read your chart.

But that can at least give you an idea of where you’re at and then how to optimize each of those phases again for work, eating, exercising, or socializing. There are all these different pieces of our life where we can kind of work around our cycle and plan those things out. 

Alison: Yeah, I love that. So an entrepreneur could reach out to you and get some help with this?

Emily: Definitely. Yeah! And I love that because I’ve been through it myself, so I can relate.

Alison: Perfect! 

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Question To Emily: So how could they reach you or find you? Since we’re talking about it, why don’t you tell them your website or contact information?

Emily: Yeah! So my website is empelvicwellness.com, and my Instagram is another good place to follow me.  That’s @emilymasonpelvicwellness. I throw a lot of the pelvic health stuff on there, but also lots of cycle thinking information and things like that. Those are the two best places to follow me.

Alison: Yeah, I love that. 

Question To Emily: So coming back to the fear for those people who maybe have a scary decision or did make the decision and now that they’ve taken the leap of faith and now they’re in it, like when you first moved, and you’re like, “Oh my goodness, all right, I got to get some patients through the door.” Like, what would you recommend to help them through that process? 

Emily: You know, honestly, I think just trust the process and know that if you’re going through the steps and going through the process, it’s going to get better. Take advantage of that extra time that you have in the beginning to really take care of yourself and then also connect with other people and network. 

That was such a fun time for me. The first couple of months here, just getting out into the community and connecting with people, and starting to plan some fun projects. Like I’m doing a workshop this month and attending a birth and baby festival next month. And so it was, you know, a really fun time to just enjoy the extra time without clients and patients as that was building to do all these fun, special projects. 

And now I’m like at the stage where I’m like, “Oh my gosh, it doesn’t feel like I have time,” which is a good spot to be in, but, you know, again, you don’t get there if you’re going through the process and you have somebody on your team, like the coach that’s helping you like Alison, like, you will get there. It just takes a little bit of time.

Alison: Yeah, a hundred percent. Well said. So thank you so much for all your wisdom and advice today. 

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Question To Emily: Are there any parting wisdoms, parting pieces of wisdom that you would like to share with everyone? 

Emily: Just that it is possible to create the business of your dreams. It just takes a little work time and, honestly, help from the right people. So get all the help that you can get and create that business of your dreams because I’m doing it, and it feels amazing.

Alison: Yeah, I love that!

Emily: Yeah. And just keep going, get the help, and keep going.

Alison: Totally. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for being our guest. Head over to Emily’s website and give her a follow on Instagram. She has some really amazing content and advice. And of course, if you need her help, figuring out any issues with your cycle or if Emily’s story related to you and you’re like, “Oh, oh goodness. I never even realized that I could get help for that,” then definitely reach out to her. She is a very skilled practitioner. 

Emily: Thanks, Alison. Thanks for having me.

Alison: You’re very welcome!

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