Energy: pain management

It seems as if everyone is super busy these days, and at the same time it seems as if everyone is wanting/needing more energy. Eventually something has to give. 

For a lot of my patients and clients (myself included) it’s taking a step back and observing the day to day. Do you value your worthiness dependent on how busy you are? This can be draining your energy. Not to mention, being so busy doesn’t give you time to reflect, integrate and learn.

Over the last year one change I’ve made, and now I’m helping others to do as well, is really honor my time with family, time by myself or with friends. Those moments where I can let go, laugh and smile. Then saying no to commitments that are just busy time activities. It’s hard sometimes to decide if a commitment is worth your time and energy. Sometimes I get it wrong, and have to try again in the future. 

My clients who are practicing this though, mention they feel freer, lighter, with tension released. This automatically helps to reduce pain and soreness. How will you value yourself today? I’m aiming to work smarter not harder. How about you? 

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