Exploring My 2023 Journey: Health, Wealth, and Wisdom

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Hey there, wellness entrepreneur! Welcome back. Today, I’m diving deep into behind the scenes of what’s happening in my business, my personal life with an evaluation and assessment of my 2023

Now, this is a little bit more vulnerable of a blog. I have the tendency to just jump right into the value and the information, but I think you would appreciate a little bit more behind the scenes and a little bit more into my personal life, which I’ll try to share more in future episodes, just so you can get examples of what’s possible for you while growing your business, shorten your learning curve from insights and knowledge I’ve gained since I’m further along in business, as well as learn more information from all the investments I’ve made over the past this past 2023.

The Dream to Reality Workshop

But before I get started, I just want to make sure if you haven’t already booked your consultation call with me, I am releasing one of the bonuses, The Dream To Reality Workshop. It’s a three-hour workshop where you will assess your 2023 with me so you can get feedback on what worked, what didn’t, so you only do what worked in 2024, and you learn from those mistakes. 

Plus, you’ll craft a realistic dream that you can actually hit 2024 and the concrete steps that are needed to make that dream a reality. That is going to happen on January 11. And it’s only for my paying clients. So if you want to make sure that you get into that workshop, plus receive my additional bonus of a 90-minute 100K strategy session with me, this will be your very first session with me to start the six-month one-to-one Awaken Business Coaching time with me to hit 100K.

We’ll start with this 100K strategy session, we’ll nail down your ethical high-ticket wellness offer, the marketing plan that needs to be put in place so you’re more visible, the selling plan so you can actually convert more people into that ethical high-ticket offer, your dream revenue, and what the concrete steps are needed to hit it and so much more to start off our journey together.  We’ll be mapping out your 100K strategy. So if you want to work one-on-one with me for six months so that you can get fully booked and hit 100K, then make sure you get in my books before January 11. 

In fact, I would make sure you’re in the books for the first week of January, so you can have a consultation call, we can schedule that first 90-minute 100K strategy call, so you’re ready to go for January 11 for that dream to reality workshop, because that is the deadline. Once that workshop happens, then these bonuses will expire, and you can’t really schedule a consultation call. I mean, I guess you could the morning of January 11, if a spot was available, you would just have to commit and pay and then show right up to that Dream To Reality Workshop, which could be possible.

But why not give yourself a luxurious amount of time to meet with me, figure out your budget, start the payments, get into the portal, start the work, do the 90-minute 100K strategy session and you’ll come to that Dream To Reality Workshop so much more prepared. But do it your way, just know that January 11 is the deadline.

My Assessment Of 2023 In My Business: Everything That Worked Out

Okay, let’s get into my assessment of 2023. To start off, in my business, I am celebrating my best year yet. I’ve been closing out the year close to multiple six figures. And this has been done trying to figure out how to word this in probably one of the most personal challenging years as well. 

I took a lot of time off from my brother’s passing and other things which I’ll get into in my assessment. But I just want you to know that you can still hit your financially best year during hard times.

And for me, it’s not so much about that financial number, which is nice because I can reinvest back into my business. But it’s all that I’ve learned to get there. And most importantly, it’s the results that I’ve seen my clients create during this process of me evolving my business and growing my business. I also see my clients get better and faster results as well.

Plus, I was able to take off the most time ever in my business. I’ve taken probably close to six to eight weeks off. I know that’s a big jump, two additional weeks. Let’s just say I took seven weeks off this year. Plus, I worked a schedule that I really loved during the week when my daughter was in school. I worked mostly eight to four. And then Fridays, I took a half day, nine to one. And I worked with clients Tuesday through Friday. So I really loved my schedule. I felt like I had ample time with my family. I loved having the weekends off with my family. I loved the flexibility that I had in my business to care for myself during the time of my brother’s loss. And through all of that, just seeing that financial growth is so rewarding.

And the really cool thing is that I also made the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. I made over six figures in less than eight months. So it’s just showing myself that the frameworks I’m learning, all that I’m investing in, both for coaching as well as practitioner skills, is really paying off. And I’ve seen my clients also have that same result where they’re making more money in less time. So I love experiencing my own growth, but then also witnessing it from my client’s end as well. 

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Overview of My Clients’ Wins in 2023

This year, I’ve seen my clients have their biggest growth years hitting 100K, multiple clients getting fully booked, and having more consistent higher revenue months. I have some clients, for example, one hit an 8K revenue month while working her part-time job. I had another client who had a goal of hitting 8K months and hit a 10K month while working less hours. I’ve had clients get more consistent consultations, clients develop wait lists, clients who have a three-month wait list and booking out, clients who have launched their first online program, clients who have had the most savings in their bank account that they’ve ever had before, clients who have had generated more profit in their business than ever before, and clients who have profit in their bank accounts of $50,000 or $20,000.

I have clients who have kept their revenue the same, but they’ve really cleaned up their schedule working less hours and being able to spend more time with family, feeling more present with family, having a protocol to turn off their entrepreneur brain and sleep better at night. 

I have clients who are signing their first few clients and then getting more consistent at signing clients again and again and again. I have clients who have gone from one-off sessions to now selling ethical high-ticket wellness packages that allow them to hit higher revenue months. I have clients who are now spending more time doing the things that they love, like more time on the yoga mat. I have a client who was able to get back into the CrossFit gym a lot more, get out of paddle boring, doing the things that they love.

And that is the whole reason why I do what I do and all the edits that I’ve been making in the portal, which you’ll hear how I got to that portion in just a moment, are designed to help clients achieve more goals like those in an easier and faster amount of time. What’s helped me, what worked to be able to hit my own goals and help my clients achieve their goals is just showing up consistently.

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What I Am Most Proud of In 2023

Now again, some days I was surprised you will hear what didn’t work, for example, six months after my brother passed, I got hit through a very, very strong waves of grief where it really slowed me down some days in my business and the amount of work that, actually, my daughter also was homesick for almost three weeks total out of school, and I had to really help her learn more math and master reading at home with me and spending lots of time with her to get her to doctor’s appointments and figure out what was going on and help her to heal.

And through all that and my own health challenge, which I’ll get into more in the what didn’t work, I was still able to show up consistently in my business and I knew what to prioritize day to day to focus on so I could be focused showing up to bring in more clients. And that’s actually what allowed me to hit this highest revenue year goal working way less time and managing all these things that kept popping up in my life.

So I’m really proud of that. I’m really proud of the consistency that I showed up. I feel pride in the body of work that I created in terms of content I was putting out in the world. I did less free webinars this year, but I created a lot more value through content such as blogs. I had a lot of fun creating Instagram reels and that really worked.  A lot of you reached out to me telling me how much they liked my Instagram reels this year, how they were funny, engaging and informational. I plan to continue to show up more authentically this way, developing more content this way.

And we’ll see what will happen with webinars. I’m taking that quarter by quarter. I will be doing a free webinar in January, so in the beginning of 2024. So if you’re not on my e-mail list, make sure you get on my e-mail list. You can just opt in for the 100K blueprint, which will be your blueprint to hit 100K. Then you’ll be on my list, and you’ll be aware of when I am doing that webinar, which will be the framework to hit 100K. So that will complement that opt-in.

I’m also really proud of the two workbooks I created and the edits I’ve been making in my portal. I feel like the frameworks I’ve created in my portal are very authentic to me. Only I can teach some of this information and I’m not seeing it being taught out there in the world. 

If you’re teaching yoga classes and public health and fitness classes out in the world, how do you maximize that time so you are not just getting a low paycheck, like $35 a class, but instead reframing that and looking at that situation? This is personally my own thought in that situation when I taught a lot of public yoga classes, was I’m getting paid to market and every time I show up, most of the time I would either get a new lead or a new client. That happened week after week and that is how I grew my brick-and-mortar business. I teach that very framework. I entered a new lesson and module in my portal with the exact framework of how I created that process. I don’t see that being taught anywhere else.

I led a lot of yoga teacher trainings around the world and they were sold out and booked out. I’m going to be leading a framework on how to launch a yoga teacher training and sell it out. I’m also developing more lessons on how to sign more clients off social media since I’ve had great success with that as well. I’m really proud of the body of work and content that I’m creating that is not offered to wellness practitioners at this time. I feel that many wellness practitioners really need it because the potential of all the people who really need help with their wellness, health and wellness is huge. It’s a blossoming and growing field and you are the person to help them.I want my wellness entrepreneurs to help more people and get more profitable themselves. 

So I’m happy about all the frameworks I’ve created, all the work I’ve done, and what I’ve learned in terms of my own messaging. I feel like things are really coming together for me in both the public-facing work that I’m doing in terms of my own content as well as the back-end work that my clients are getting into and as well as systems in my own business where I am utilizing VAs more. I’m developing SOPs, Standard Operating Procedures. I have more help through my contractors. So I’m developing my own systems and processes to help support me in my own business as well. And I’m proud of all of that. Proud of myself for taking big, scary financial investments and “risks.” 

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Things I Invested In 2023 And How They Are Helping Me And My Clients

I invested in a trauma, one-to-one trauma coach, nervous system, EFT practitioner, late last year and through most of the year this year. And it was expensive, but it was so worth it. I’m so glad I did that. I got so many results and became aware of the thoughts I was thinking, how my nervous system was triggered, and most importantly, shifting from that energy to feeling more confidence and belief in myself and knowing that I’ll always have my own back regardless of what happens in my personal life or what happens in my business. And so I show up way more confidently.

And when I am in uncomfortable emotions, I have a better protocol and processes to support myself through those hard times now. And I’ve incorporated a lot of that work into the portal for my own clients, too. 

I also invested in a one-to-one business coach at the end of last year and through most of this year. And I really liked that work to help develop frameworks in my own business. And I’ve actually now just revamped those as well and added an additional layer and simplified them and reduced it from six pillars down to four modules to make it simpler and easier, more doable for you to implement so you can get results faster. 

I also invested in a Mastermind at DL Chiron’s Six Figure Liberation Mastermind, which I just love. I’ve gotten so much feedback on my own consultation process, my own messaging process. Just getting coached by DL has created more awareness in my own business and I just feel so creative. Ideas are popping up for me left and right in ways to simplify my frameworks and bring more of my knowledge.

And this is what I feel will be very helpful for you as the wellness entrepreneur this year because as you know, I have many, many certifications. In fact, another thing I’m proud of and that worked this year is that I finished a Reiki certification, a 13-month-long mentorship. I also completed a Life Coach Change Worker certification. So, I’m continuing to always develop my practitioner skills and learn. And for some time, it was getting confusing in my messaging or my messaging wasn’t exactly clear on how I was helping people and what I was really doing behind the scenes. And I think that happens for a lot of you as well.

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And I see it in your social media where you have this depth of knowledge and so many certifications, and you’ve helped so many people, but that doesn’t come across in your social media messages where your social media messages are more general, or it doesn’t highlight how you’re different, or it doesn’t highlight your expertise. And I’m really honing in on that this year. And that DL’s Mastermind has helped me tremendously with that. Really honing in on why I’m different because working with me is different than a lot of other business coaching programs out there. And bringing that type of work into my messaging public facing for social media. So if you aren’t already following me on Instagram, go give me a follow @IgniteYourWellnessBiz to see some of this work in action.

So those investments were scary. In fact, one of the things that didn’t work is I did have to utilize my credit card, my business credit card a little bit more than what I like to. Having a little bit more credit card balance than a higher balance than what I’d liked and lower savings than what I’d liked to invest in this type of work. But the bottom line is I was still very profitable this year, and I’m able to pay. I’ve built up a credit card balance that I did not like and reduced my savings balance to what I did not like. And two or three times over this year, I’ve paid off that credit card, rebuilt up my savings, and then reinvested again.

However, you will read about what I’m going to do differently for next year in terms of a financial expense plan and a savings plan so that I just don’t dip into scarcity because what happens is even though I can do it, build up my credit card balance and dwindle my savings, I’d rather just have more savings so then I can invest in when I want to invest it because a lot of times, I will come across the exact program that I really need like DL’s Six-Figure Liberation when I really hadn’t planned on spending that money but I knew it was the program for me and I am so happy that I did make that investment because it’s already paid off and many, many times. 

And plus now, 2024, I’m going to have so much more momentum. Things are going to happen so much faster for me. So one of the things I will be working on is a better expense plan and savings plan, which you’ll read more of but I am really proud of, and those investments definitely work to help me achieve this year in 2023 and help me navigate through all the personal stuff that came up which you’ll hear more in the what didn’t work section.

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My Health In 2023

What also worked was my health has never been better this year. Some of you know that I have a genetic mutation called Lynch Syndrome which puts me at higher risk for cancer and in the very end I’m coming up on my six-year remission. I was diagnosed in 2019, I believe it was. I just know I’m six years, I think six years this year, no, I think of five years. I had the big milestone of crossing the five-year mark of being cancer-free which is huge because I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in 2017 and in that five-year time, there I have had a lot of cancer screens and tests. In fact even just last year, the end of last year, I did have pre-cancerous, it was on the verge of becoming cancer.

My oncologist and Lynch syndrome specialist told me I was very very lucky, and here’s what worked because I have consistently gone to the colonoscopies that they always recommend me to go to whenever they tell me to go. I just get it in the calendar, and I schedule it even though it’s a pain in the ass. I will be honest, it’s a pain in the ass. It’s like two days because half a day I need to start that prep, and you don’t eat the day before so I’m like exhausted as crap, and I don’t schedule, I reschedule client calls because I’m not going to show up to a call dragging and then the next day you know they use general anesthesia with me because, well not general, a form of anesthesia not just the sedatives because I usually have more than one test and because now I’ve had so many colonoscopies, I have some scar tissue in there and I just I’ve been waking up during colonoscopies so anyways, I have to do anesthesia so which allows me to feel more awake following a colonoscopy versus having those sedative drugs.

Long story short, I still take the whole day off from any type of work, so it is very time-consuming but what worked was having the colonoscopy at the end of 2022 done because they did catch a polyp that had grown over 13 millimeters in one year and if you know anything about polyps, this is on the larger side and was cancerous but the good thing is they got it out and I went back six months later. So earlier this year. And did another colonoscopy and they rechecked that area and did some biopsies, and there was no future growth so it’s not considered cancerous. It was pre-cancerous, they got it all, I’ve been in good shape, and it was a health scare that didn’t work in terms of my health this year, but what worked and why I’m putting it in this section was because I was able to carve out the time to consistently show up to those tests, pay for those tests and we caught cancer before it was cancer full-blown.

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I’ve also had time to get my other screens done. What didn’t work for me which you’ll hear more of is that I’ve been having some stronger menopausal symptoms this year because of my preventative hysterectomy because of Lynch syndrome so I’ve been having to manage those, but overall my health has never felt better. I’ve never felt more energetic. I’m sleeping a lot better through the night, just having more energy throughout the day and less worries about cancer.

When I crossed that five-year milestone, that means that the chance of that rectal cancer that I did have that spread metastasizing they’re always looking for it or having a regrowth of that during that five-year time, now that I’ve crossed the five-year mark is really really slim. In fact, my oncologist says that now I’m actually at more risk of new cancer developing because of Lynch syndrome which is why I’m always going to all these cancer screens, but I’m really not concerned about it especially since as long as I continue going to my screens, they’ll catch anything early and I know I have a team in place if anything were to turn into full-blown cancer that I have the team to manage and work with it since it’s not for us, typically, for my familiar line for my age, it tends to be the colorectal cancers or the female reproductive cancers which I don’t have anything anymore.

They’re not usually fast-growing aggressive cancers like which can happen with brain tumors, so I feel pretty fortunate about that and supported in my health plan, so my health has never been better, and I’m continuing to focus on that, and I have less and less doctor’s appointments to go to now that I’ve crossed that five-year mark and it’s mainly just keeping up with these yearly screens that I have and then diving deeper if they see anything.

I also had a urology red flag come up, so I had to do some specific urology screens earlier this year but they have been negative, and I’m wrapping that up process with the oncologist who specializes in urology, actually later today. So yeah! Things are humming along with my health even though I have the cancer word but I’m not allowing it to impact my day-to-day worries, let’s say. And I feel very supported and overall my health is just amazing.

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Other Things That Worked Out For Me In 2023

As I also mentioned, what worked was my brother passed away earlier this year in May, and I was able to support myself. I’m so glad I had these one-to-one coaches that I had hired prior to his passing because they helped me work through his passing in both just mindset and processing grief and strategy of how to keep my business going in terms of this hard time and taking time off. I went to the east coast I went to from California to West Palm Beach three times this year. That’s a lot of travel, plus, right before my brother passed, we did a family spring break trip to the Palm Springs area which was a lot of fun.

So what worked is I took a lot of time off this year, and I still had my best financial year yet and witnessed a lot of client wins which I love. 

On the personal side, we did this year is we added a second bath to our house. This has been a long time coming. We live in Southern California in Encinitas which is the northern part of San Diego and we love this town, it’s a little beach town and we live in a house that is small. It’s about 1,100 square feet, but it’s west of the five so we can walk to the beach. We often do, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll often see me taking stories from our favorite beach that we walk to at beacons and so we’re very, very lucky and fortunate in our smaller-sized home, we really wanted to add a second bath. 

My daughter is getting older, and since my husband and I both work from home, often I’ll run up in between calls to run into the bathroom and then run back down the driveway back to the she-shed to get on the next call, and I’ll be running up to the house, and he’ll be in there in the bathroom, and I end up having to wait in line, and I don’t want to ever be late for my client calls so I’m always kind of muttering under my breath and we actually had been planning to add a second bathroom to our house prior to the pandemic.

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Several years ago we started interviewing contractors, and during that interview process, the pandemic hit, and things were closing down, contractors stopped taking on projects at the time so we put a pin in it, and when we decided to revisit that process they called it the pandemic prices. Our budget which we had refined refinanced our house and pulled out money for this project, our budget didn’t fit so we had to because of the elevated prices, we had to save some more money, and so we were finally able to this year. Things came together for us where we were able to save more and find the right kind of contractor that could do the work.

I was really nervous about it since I work from home. I didn’t know what that would be like. We have four animals, we have two rescue dogs and two rescue kittens and I just didn’t want them to freak out. I didn’t want the kittens to run away and not come back. I had a lot of worries and anxieties around this whole project which I think delayed the project a lot so I’m really glad that we finally got the courage to do it. 

We found a contractor who was really amazing. I highly recommend Don Carpentry. If you’re here in the San Diego area, his team was very efficient and communicated a lot, and I added some change orders such as adding the existing master bedroom because the way that our house is set up because of the existing lines of our property, we can’t expand on our the square footage of our house at all because to the sides, because of this side I forget the word, what it’s called, but we can’t expand to the back or to the side so we had to build the bathroom in the existing master bedroom and when we were making up the plans for this bathroom, I realized that I had been desiring to do this for a long time to get rid of the carpet in the master bedroom. Four animals and a carpet, I don’t think I need to say more. I just wanted it gone!

We’ve been in this house for eight years. That’s a lot of stuff going on. Let’s just get rid of, pull it, and so that was an add-on, and once we realized we were pulling the carpet, I looked around to the walls and realized that that master bedroom really needed a new painting as well so we added some things where it was more than just a bathroom addition. It was also a renovation of our master bedroom, and we essentially had to move out of the master bedroom on one weekend then I had to get to the work of learning how to be an interior designer quite briefly which I had a lot of thoughts about like I just negatively let’s just say I didn’t think I’d be able to pick out the right tiles or for both the bathroom and the paint colors. 

I just I was really concerned that it wouldn’t turn out well. I don’t know why I had a lot of thoughts about this, I guess I’ve overcome that limiting belief about myself following this renovation because I’m happy to report that the bedroom and the bathroom have turned out gorgeous and they were done in less than three months.

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It was really a streamlined simple project. I feel so much more capable this year in terms of when I was talking about the trauma work that I did. I really do feel more confident and believe more in myself. I just noticed that any time my limiting thoughts would get in the way and freeze on me for making a decision on what tiles to purchase or what paint colors etc etc etc, I would do that work of getting myself back into belief and just kept making decisions and going forward and it turned out beautiful. I just love it! 

I just love walking into my bedroom every night before going to sleep! I look around I still have to do some things, paint some things, artwork on the walls and such, and I have some ideas. I’m just phasing it in, but I have a beautiful dream catcher in there now. I love the color of the paint that actually my daughter helped pick out for the walls. I love how that came together. She loves that color too, it’s called white blush, and I love the flooring that we picked out. We love the bathroom. We got a fancy toilet which will help for colonoscopy preps tremendously, so I really love how all that came together now I have a new self-concept and new belief in terms of my interior designing capabilities, and I can’t wait to just kind of go through my house room by room and update it. 

That’s what we’re doing next to the whole house. Really needs a new painting, so that is now currently what we’re saving for, as well as a car, so lots of exciting things coming up in the next couple of years. There is no rush on that, though. I will always probably invest in my business first over those things unless it’s urgently needing to be done.

A couple more wins this year is that as I mentioned before, I’m really getting more clarity on my programs and my messaging, and they’re really working hand in hand in both in terms of the messaging that I’m using for my social media and then the frameworks I’m creating for my clients in the background through the portal I love how that’s coming together. I also had a mastermind launch this year, and I have some great students in there that I really love working with, and that’s also created a more of a group dynamic for my one-to-ones.

Now I have an Awaken Private Community and I love jumping in there and doing some Facebook lives and a lot of bonus calls. This year, we’ve had some Facebook ads messenger in there, my own one-to-one business coach and trauma coach are both leading calls, as well as a copywriter Erica, who I utilize at times to refine my copy, just edit it more than creating copy for me but she went in there and led a great call with a lot of copywriting tips so my clients can help with their own messaging as well plus as I love the community I created in terms of my own clients being able to drop their own content into the group and get feedback from their peers. So I’m really proud of that.

So overall, in terms of my business, I’m really proud of all that I’ve created. I mean, even just saying that is a growth edge for me feeling more pride in the work that I’ve created in, realizing how I can get done. I get a lot done in short amounts of time because I did take a lot of time off this year and as you can see, I got a lot done okay.

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What Didn’t Work For Me And My Business in 2023 And The Learnings and Lessons I Got

So what didn’t work and we’ll get into some lessons that I’ve learned. 

I did have some coaching mishaps where it took a bit for me to find the right program for my messaging. I knew what I learned from that was trusting myself. I had people reaching out saying I should invest in this or I should continue on in this type of program and reinvest in that and I just knew that I really needed help with my messaging. I connect personally with my audience and engage with my audience a ton, and I do sign a lot of clients off of social media through these relationships that I built both online and in person, but I really knew I needed to get better in my messaging and it took a while for me to find a program that would really help with that, but I did.

So the win is that I finally did, and the learning was that I was able to trust myself, I was able to know my business the best, analyze my business the best, and know exactly what investments to make for myself even though I might have been getting feedback.

Another thing that didn’t work was that I originally had the plan to launch my Awaken Mastermind a little further down the road, but I received coaching from multiple people and I didn’t follow my gut where initially, I wanted to wait to launch the Awaken Mastermind but I received coaching that I was ready to launch it from multiple people and I wanted to create more of a group dynamic in both for my one-to-ones and I really was looking forward to launching the mastermind so I did it. I didn’t have as many enrollments as I would like and it came down to what I knew because my messaging wasn’t ready, and I really hadn’t dialed in on an expert way of launching quite yet because a lot of that too was I was still working on managing my schedule and my confidence.

So those are learnings I’m taking away for next year to help when I do launch the Mastermind again. 

And what also didn’t work was I didn’t realize how much the passing of my brother and the grief would impact me six months, or maybe it was four or five months. It was a few several months after he passed I was actually feeling better, and then we went to Florida, and we did a lot of you know, I saw my family, and we did a lot of things to celebrate and honor my brother, and when I came back the grief was strong, and that really took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting that, and maybe that’s normal but I had to take a lot of time outside my business and a lot of days where I had a lot of things that I wanted to do in terms of preparing for another launch and working on my messaging and things and what I needed, what I had to do instead was just process my brother’s grief so I could show up focused and present towards the client calls that I did have.

And I’m proud to say that that did work. I have now feeling so much better in terms of my brother’s grief, and you know I am writing this prior to the holiday season. Hence, I know that the holiday season might stir up more of that because all my family members are coming into town, including his wife and daughter. So my learning is that I’m going to give the week after. I’m going to make sure I have ample time in my schedule to support myself and process through those emotions in whatever way that I need.

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What did work was I showed up to an event that was for grief for survivors of suicide, and I really really loved it, and I would like to get into that community more. I would like to do more of my own work of being someone who has survived through a loved one who has passed from suicide. I would also like to help get into more prevention and awareness around suicide and help and support that community more, and I would also like to learn and create more awareness around the prescription drug Adderall. I think Adderall does benefit a lot of people. A lot of people have some great results for Adderall.

However, I think there isn’t a lot of information and knowledge, especially those people who have been prescribed Adderall and have been on it for decades, and I don’t think there’s a lot of knowledge out there in terms of what happens when the tolerance increases so the dosage has to continue to increase year after year after year. What red flags to be aware of if there are any mental underlying conditions that Adderall might exacerbate? How Adderall actually changes the brain chemistry and personality changes and a whole lot more.

So I want to get more into helping with prevention awareness and education for Adderall users because I do think there is benefit and it is a prescription drug that has helped many people, but there are a lot of downsides, and it can be highly highly addictive and have some permanent lasting effects in terms of mental health and changes actual chemical changes of the brain that’s just not talked about. So, this year I would like to carve out some more time for that type of work. 

What didn’t work earlier this year, I went through kind of some menopausal changes, as I hinted upon, and hormonal imbalances that were really affecting my sleep and I was experiencing aging in a way that I’ve never had before, and how I was viewing my body so I had to do some mindset work on embracing aging and accepting aging and loving my body for where it is and not beating myself for the wrinkles that were showing up on my face and a few extra pounds that I did put on which I was able to take off but I had to put in some work in terms of working with this medically induced menopause even though the surgery was three years ago and the work will continue for me next year. I will be finding better ways to monitor all my hormone levels and getting the right supplements that I need or prescriptions that I need to support that.

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In fact I even started a very low-dose hormonal patch for estrogen, and that has helped tremendously and my mindset work around using that. Because originally, my oncologist preferred that I not use that, but now it’s okay, and the health team is on board. So doing some more work around that next year for myself.

Another area that didn’t work that I highlighted was that I did have used my credit cards more than I’d like this year. What to do differently is that I will be developing a more specific financial expense plan so I can essentially just have more savings in the bank as my taxes. I’m, you know, my taxes, what I’m paying to the government this year will be the most ever, and I want to make sure I have ample savings for that, for programs and coaches that come across my radar that meet an area, a gap in knowledge that I have and if there are open and closed doors, I want to be able to get into a program that I know my business needs without putting myself into a mental money scarcity mindset. So, I need to have a better expense plan and savings plan for that.

Another thing that I realized that didn’t work this year is that I have this tendency in my business, I’m a pretty much a very big go-getter, and I know deep down that sometimes I shouldn’t be implementing strategies in my business, like I know that the time will come for me to implement a strategy in my business but I’ll start to implement it too early, sometimes six months or a year too early. I’ll give you some examples. The first was the Awaken Mastermind. I knew I wanted to do that. I think I implemented it too early, and I could have better results if I waited and worked on my messaging a bit more.

Another area is I’ve been running Facebook ads and I could have waited another six months or a year. I would say that is something that has worked because I’ve actually gotten clients from them. However, I think I could have been more effective in my ads had I waited, but I’m glad I did start it, and I really like my Facebook ads manager and coach. It has helped with my opt-ins a ton, and it complements the work that I’m doing in the mastermind in terms of messaging. So I am glad I’ve done that. However, looking back, I maybe could have waited a little bit longer.

What I’ll be doing differently for next year is continuing to work on my messaging specifically working on my message in terms of more selling where I’m actually highlighting my program and better detail highlighting my frameworks, highlighting how I’m different, talking about ideas and perspectives in terms of business for the wellness entrepreneur in very specific ways, for the wellness entrepreneur. That’s just not being done.

And then I’m going to continue to follow that work into the back end of continuing to edit and streamline the 100k Awaken Portal for my clients so they can continue to get bigger and faster results with more ease, and I will be preparing for the next mastermind launch when the time is right. I have some criteria that I’ll know I want to get my one-to-one booked out with a waitlist and work towards a one-to-one five-figure offer. 

So, if you are on the fence, definitely book your consultation with me sooner rather than later because I will be working towards that and bringing in the mastermind for those who can’t afford a five-figure one-to-one offer or want to work together in a community.

I also will be utilizing my VA more and developing SOPs and more structures and systems in my business and then teaching my clients these structures and systems so they can hit 100k with more ease and then scale beyond as well as mentioned, I will be doing webinars this year again. I don’t think I’m going to be doing as much as I’ve done in the past, however, when I do them, I have a more specific framework I’m going to be using in terms of the transformation given on the webinar, and working on my selling tactics for my one-to-one or the Awaken Mastermind Program, whatever program I am doing and then utilizing and teaching those frameworks and concepts again in the portal for my students.


So there you have it. A longer blog today, a little bit more into my personal life, in my personal world. I’ll work on doing a better job again. 

Another thing what I’ll be doing differently is sharing more of the behind-the-scenes and of my personal life in future blogs in short bits so we can still get a lot of business strategy and value in. 

But if you’ve been loving the blogs, I would really love if you could leave a comment. They really do make my day, so I’m wishing you a whole lot of abundance into 2024, and let’s do it! Let’s make it the best year yet!

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