Five Ways To Manage Changes In Schedule To Feel Your Best

With kids on summer break, vacations lined up and longer days our daily rhythm can be thrown out of whack.

Not to worry, sometimes change is good. Here are some tips to help guide you through changes in schedule: 

  • Plan your meals ahead of time, especially when traveling! This will help your body stayed fueled, reduce inflammation and prevent dips or crashes in blood sugar levels….
  • Remember the breath is free and is a powerful stress reducer. When traffic causes huge delays, flights are canceled and/or kids have public meltdowns stress can take its toll in the body. Before you know it at the end of the day you will feel your shoulders by your ears, or unable to turn your head fully. When you feel yourself start to move into fight or flight response start to take longer inhales and exhales, and then lengthen the exhale to double the time of the inhale. For example, inhale for a count of 3 and exhale for a count of 6. The best part is not only is this free, but can be done anywhere! In the car, at the airport, in the grocery store when saying no when your child asks for extra Oreos to go along with their smoores. 
  • Stick to your PT and/or yoga routine as much as possible. Straps are travel friendly. When I am out of town I always be sure to carry my straps and yoga mat. I might not have access to a yoga wall or even a class, but I will be sure to fit in my 10-15 minute routine in as many days as I can. This will help to keep my body on track and prevent pain while sitting during long airplane flights or car rides. 
  • Embrace change. Sometimes a change to schedule is like a reset button. It’s a chance to evaluate your normal day to day routine. What works and what doesn’t. I often find patients often learn a lot about their bodies during travel and shifts. Make sure to slow down and observe how your body is feeling day to day. 
  • Set yourself up for sleep success. With longer summer days bedtime routines can be thrown off. Try to stick to your normal bed time routine as close as possible. If it shifts back some then give yourself some slack in the morning so you ensure that you are getting enough restful hours. More on this one next week! 

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Alison McLean

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