How To Get Clients From Social Media

Hello there! Welcome back! Today, we’re going to be talking about how to get clients from social media. It’s a question I get all the time, and not from a creepy, icky, slimy, stalky ways making people wonder if you’re legit, or some kind of scam kind of way. This is going to be from an aligned way.

First of all, I want to say, you can build your wellness business completely off social media. You can do it completely through meeting people in person, networking events, all kinds of ways to build your business off social media, off Instagram, off Facebook, TikTok, all that kind of stuff – that would be a separate blog. For now, this blog is for you if you want to build a business utilizing social media, or you’re just kind of curious and want to learn more. So, either way, regardless, we’re going to be talking about specific ways on how to get clients from social media.

If you feel like you’re posting all the time with no engagement, little likes, no one reaching out, no DMS, except for the scammers, then this episode is for you. I want to remind you that the purpose of social media is to connect and engage and stay on the platform, whatever platform it is that you are using.

You might be using that against yourself – getting mad at the algorithm, shying away from social media, completely hating social media, abandoning it, when and in fact, you just have to realize, it is what it is. Certain social media platforms are a “for profit business” and yet, it can be a wonderful place to market and meet people and grow a business completely for free, organically, without using paid ads or any type of advertisement. It can just be by utilizing what’s open to you, what’s available to you.

Shifting Your Mindset Around Your Desired Social Media Platform

Again, if you feel that it’s something that you want to do, if you feel that you’re spending a lot of time working on your mindset and to be in the place to show up consistently, then maybe, social media isn’t the best way for you to grow a business. And that’s okay! Just decide one way or the other.

But, if you’re going to decide to use it, then catch your mind when it wants to go into frustration or even hate or loathing or getting mad at social media, because the algorithm isn’t working for you, it’s not helpful, and it’s not a good use of your time and your energy. So just redirect your brain to your learning how to get better at social media. The algorithm doesn’t matter, you get clients anyways. There are all kinds of other thoughts you can choose than focusing on how the algorithm isn’t working for you and it’s out to get you. It’s just forcing you to pay money because they want you to use paid advertisement, but you don’t have to.

Focusing On What You Can Control

Okay. Paid advertisement can be great when you have the revenue to use that. And again, that can be a whole other blog, but you don’t need to use it right off the start, especially if you’re just starting to grow your business.

So instead, focus on what is in your control. If you can’t control the algorithm or when it changes, focus on what you can control – like your messaging, your energy, the picture that you put out, there’s all kinds of other things whether you engage with people or not that are within your control to influence your ability to get clients. Because whether your post shows up into a hundred people’s feeds or 10 people’s feeds, if you spoke to that one person, then you’ll get someone who will reach out to you and sign-up for a consult.

You could show up in thousands of people’s feeds, but if your energy isn’t in the right place, if your messaging is off or something is not resonating with that audience, it won’t matter because they won’t take you up on your offer. Maybe, you’d even make an offer and that’s part of the reason.

Figures Won’t Dictate Your Potential Of Getting Consultations and Health Coaching Clients

So stick with me here. We’re going to go over some specific ways to get clients from social media. Before you get there, I want to remind you that your likes or number of people that comment on your post, do not dictate the potential that’s available for you in terms of getting consults and in terms of getting people to reach out, inquire about your work.

So don’t assume just because no one’s liked a post or engaged with your most recent posts that your best clients didn’t love it. I’ll say that again. Don’t assume because no one or very few people engaged or liked with your most recent posts that your best clients, those potential clients, that will be your best client, that they didn’t love it.

I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve gotten a consult in my books where someone’s told me that they’ve been watching my social media for years, just lurking there in the background and silently observing. And they end up being my best clients right now. In fact, your ideal client could be saving up to work with you. So you just don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes.

If you give up before the behind the scenes become reality, before they present yourself, then you’ll never know. You just have to keep going because you have a human brain. Your thoughts will err on the side of negativity during this process and that’s okay! Your brain will offer you thoughts like, “This isn’t working, maybe I should change my niche. Maybe they found out that I don’t know what I’m talking about.” When in reality, all you need to do is catch those thoughts, redirect them and keep to thoughts that you believe instead, like, “I’m still learning my message, my ideal client is watching and saving to work with me right now, my ideal client loves this post. This will help at least one person.” And then, keep going with conviction and belief in what you offer while keeping in mind, the perspective of your ideal client. It’s learning how to describe how you help people in the way they need to hear.

Learning How To Describe How You Help People In The Way They Need To Hear

And so, for some of you who is learning a whole new language, I remember when I had to learn how to write social media or e-mails from this perspective, versus from the research medical jargon, blah, blah, blah perspective. I had to completely figure out how to talk with people, how to word things that my clients want to hear and write about instead of what my brain was trained in, in physical therapy school.

When you show up to social media from the client’s perspective, hosting then becomes serving and helping instead of a forced self-promotion. I get a lot of comments like, “How do I get over the fear of self-promotion?” “How do I get over the low thing of self-promotion?” “How do I get over imposter syndrome?” This is how from shifting the focus from you to them and with the energy that you believe a hundred percent, that the work you can, the work you do, will help them.

Your audience will shift, feel those shifts and those differences as well. They will want more of your help. They will start seeking out and saving your posts. They will start consuming your content more consistently. This is the work of messaging and the energy behind all your posts and they are all part of your embodied brand. Your brand then becomes a feeling and experience that you create for your clients, that they will want more of your brand will become an essence. You will feel this deep in your bones.

So then when you show up to social media, it all comes together. The branding, the feeling, the experience, the copy, the messaging – it’ll all become part of this experience that your client will seek more and more of even before they start paying you. How cool is that?

Because I know some of you tell me, “Oh, I have a fear about raising my prices even though I’m fully booked,” or, “Even though my schedule is impacted, I’m having difficulty managing my schedule because I don’t want to price out. I don’t want to become too exclusive for people to work with you now.” Number one, there are strategies behind this. Where if you are increasing, let’s say your one-to-one pricing that you can bring in other programs at a certain point, when your business can sustain that when you have volume to sustain and fulfill that.

So there are different price points from your audience to purchase products or programs to work with you from. But if you’re at the point of having one-to-one programs and you want to increase your price, but you’re not ready to bring on an on-demand or group program, for example, then you can still serve your audience by offering free content.

I have so much free content through the podcast, through blog posts, through my free Facebook group. And now I have a new opt-in. You can actually go get it off the website. It’s a five-day free training on how to get new clients. And in fact, by the end of that training, that five day training, you could sign one client even during that, which can mean hundreds, if not thousands of dollars right into your pocket book. And you’ve not paid me 1 cent. So there’s still ways to show up and serve your audience, even if you want to raise the prices of your one-to-one. So that’s a whole other topic, but there you have it.

Once I started understanding and implementing this experience that my potential clients would go on and began engaging with more people offline and in-person, then a bigger percentage started turning into paying clients. A bigger percentage started signing up for consult calls and then starting signing up for consult calls, already a yes.

Teaching My Client This Process And How It Helped Her

I taught one of my clients this very process in the first month of working one-to-one with me at that time. Her business was pretty much brand new. She had a sprinkling of clients here or there, but most of the time she was stay-at-home mom. And she was really desiring to get back into a consistency of having a business and helping more people.

We realized that Instagram was a great place for her to show up and post. And in fact, just a few weeks after starting to post on Instagram consistently, someone in her audience did reach out to her and she signed her very first client with no paid advertisement. And it didn’t take long at all. This new client reached out to her after reading one of her posts.

I teach this process just recently in a workshop, if you missed it, it’s “How To Craft Your Magnetic Brand And Aligned Marketing Plan” and this workshop was in-person and it was online, so you can still catch the replay. Following this workshop, you will learn how to create that experience for your client, where they feel your energy, you release your fears, the imposter syndrome showing up on social media. You will also consider a potential new way to write a post in which you hadn’t considered before. And this new way can be the key to signing a client immediately.

It’s two hours, and it’s $25. And what you get for investing two hours of your time and $25 is the potential to sign clients immediately following that workshop which again can mean thousands, if not hundreds of dollars into your bank account. For the first hour we’ll go over on how to craft that magnetic brand and the second hour is all about creating your aligned marketing plan. Simple, doable, and a process you can repeat over and over again. Okay?

Other Factors On Social Media That Are In Your Control

The Method Of How You Post

For example, you can choose a story. You can choose a reel, you can choose written, you can choose video so you can select any of those on a given day. Just know your reasons and like them as to why you would choose one or the other.

Copy And The Messaging

Another area that is in your control is the copy, the messaging of what you write or say. You also have the ability to engage with people from a place of invitation. Instead of showing up to social media, being like, “I really need a client, please sign up to work with me,” “Why is no one liking my post? I’m sending out all this good information you should like it,” “You should show up and sign up for a consult call.” People feel that type of energy.

So show up from your post with a fun energy or an inviting energy from focusing on the messaging from your client’s perspective. Release the expectation that just because you post a social media, that does not guarantee that you will get clients. But if you keep on showing up, delivering value, serving and making offers which will get to you in a moment, then that does increase your likelihood that people will feel compelled to work with you.

And again, this is the difference between pulling versus pushing type marketing. So if you haven’t read that blog yet, head there now or after you finish this and read through that because these two blogs really complement each other.

Remember, even though social media wants you to advertise, it is still a great place where you can get clients for free in working with your schedule within the lifestyle that you want to live. It’s a great way to build a business while juggling motherhood, or like for me, navigating from a health diagnosis, because you can do it on your time at home or anywhere.

Specific Ideas On How To Get More Clients For Social Media

1. Videos

We’ll talk about videos, how to videos, which you see all the time on social media, especially those of you who are physical therapists, yoga teachers, fitness instructors. You post some great how-to videos, like for example, strengthening your glutes or learning how to do down dog for the first time. The problem with these videos is that they’re the only thing you do. You’re always doing how-to videos, and then you grow an audience that gets used to all this free context, but no context in how to apply it and no calls to actions. So they don’t realize what they’re missing out on by not hiring you to work in a container with you specifically, or if they do, they don’t know the next best step on how to get there.

So if you’re going to do how-to content, make sure that you’re delivering calls to action and place it into contents contexts for them where they’re realizing that this is the only the tip of the iceberg to work with you. They’ll understand how to implement this material to make a longer lasting impact and what else they need to know to get that lasting impact.

This is where I see a lot of really big accounts. I’ve seen accounts with 10,000 to 50,000 followers, delivering amazing content on social media, with huge followings, but they are getting paid very little, if anything, and then they get burned out and start to resent social media or give up completely. If you feel this way, reach out to me because your audience loves you. They want you to keep going and you deserve to get paid for it as well.

So there’s something missing there in your formula that we need to work on. And it may come down to mixing up those how-to videos with other types of content. You can learn more about what type of social media content to create here: https://igniteurwellness.com/content-creation/

2. Frequency Of Posting

Another tip is about the frequency of posts. So you do want to be consistent in whatever way that shows up for you. Once a week, every day, of course, if you’re showing up multi tellable times a week, then you’re arguing multiple opportunities to reach and connect with more people. But it doesn’t have to mean every day. Like most weekends I take off from posting on social media.

However, I may pop in there on days that I don’t post and just connect and like other people’s posts. Truthfully, what matters more than posting every day versus let’s say three times a week, is your messaging, your energy, your copy that embodied brand and aligned marketing plan. Because even if you were to show up every day, multiple times a day again, or you were to trend on a reel, if that message doesn’t resonate with your audience, then no one is going to be compelled to take the next step, to reach out and work with you.

Or if you didn’t have a call to action at the end, again, people aren’t going to be likely to take that next step. Versus, you can show up three times a week, let’s say, but have a message that really resonates with your audience and a specific call to action. You’ll be more likely to get a consult from that work versus frantically trying to post every day. So more is not necessarily better, the messaging and your energy and a call to action is.

Thoughts On Adding A Call To Action

1. It'll Sound Spammy And Slimy. Will It?

Let’s look at this from your ideal client’s perspective. You remember I said, there are people watching. Your best clients are loving your posts. You just don’t know.

Let’s say that one of them reads this post and you didn’t include a call-to-action. They may feel incomplete. They might be left wondering, “Well, I wonder if she’s busy, maybe she doesn’t want to hear from me. I’ll just wait till she tells me that her program’s open and then I’ll reach out to her because I don’t want to bother her because I think she’s busy.”

Versus, you having a very clear, specific call-to-action. Just something simple like, “If you want to learn more, reach out to me or head to the link in my profile to get signed up for your free consultation.” Specific, easy, simple. Anyone can do it, and your client isn’t left guessing. That best client who has been watching and listening to you will say, “Oh, thank goodness her program’s open. I’m going to go sign-up. I’m going to go reach out to her.”

The only time it does feel icky slimy is when you feel icky and slimy when you’re graspy, when you put that force expectation that just because you’re on social media, just because you’re posting on social media, that they should work with you. That’s what leads to the icky and sliminess. Or if you are, for example, thinking, “I feel icky and slimy if I were to direct message people who have not liked any of my posts or aren’t following me anyway and I made a very kind of spammy offer in their world.” I get some creepy offers truthfully from some mediums online telling me that my guys reached out to them to make sure that I hear a specific spiritual message that gives me the hibijibis. I didn’t show up in their world. I didn’t like anything of theirs. I don’t want to know anything from them outside my aura because I never connected with them.

So when you have a call-to-action or you do send a direct message, do it from a place of survey, do it from a place of helping your ideal and best client get the results that they want in their life faster and easier. That’s all it is.

2. The Algorithm Won't Like It. That's The Truth

The algorithm does not like call-to-action. The algorithm does not like certain words like workshop, register, sign-up link. The cost is all that kind of stuff that is leading towards some kind of sale. Why is that? Because they want you to use paid advertising for that kind of stuff because it’s a for profit business.

When you just know that nothing’s gone wrong with you, the algorithm does not personally not like you. It’s just the cost of business of doing things on social media. So wait, can you do instead post the call-to- action and just understand that the algorithm is not going to like that post, but that does not mean that that person out there that’s been following you for a long time won’t read it and then take that next step? Following your call-to-action to sign-up for whatever you’re offering or book a consult call.

So just think of that one person and how you’re helping. You can also go, “What I do personally is if I’m going to post something with a direct call-to-action or I’ll mention link or any of those kind of flagged words, I’ll just go engage on the platform for a good 20 minutes after I post.” Sometimes that helps to boost and helps the post get more visibility. But sometimes it doesn’t, but that’s what I do an effort to work with what is in my control. Or, you can just post and know that it might not get as much views just because of that call-to-action, but it might still get great visibility if people like the value that you’re offering prior to that call-to-action. They might love the post anyways and like it, and it might get a ton of engagement. You just never know.

So release your attachment and release the expectations on a post and do it from the place of serving your community. Get out there, establish a protocol that works for you. For me, I don’t post and ghost. I don’t spam people who’ve never engaged with me in some way. I have a flow and I have a protocol that works for me. The only way to establish your protocol is to get out and try new things. And yes, you might fail publicly. I’ve had some flop of posts and messaging and reels, but that’s alright. I learn from them and I laugh at myself. What doesn’t work is a generic picture with a generic phrase, like happy labor day where you can’t tell your physical therapy clinic from another and hope to get clients off. That really doesn’t typically work. Sorry if I just burst your bubble, but you do need to put time and effort into it. If you want to use social media as an organic way to build your client base, I tell you that time, energy, and effort will pay off for the future.

Keep The Message And Copy Client-Focused With A Perspective Of Your Own Inspiring Story

Next question I usually get regarding social media posting, “Well, what’s the ratio?” There is no magic ratio for anything on social media. Again, it comes down to your audience, the messaging, your vibe, all these things.

Here are some ideas for you so you can get out there today. Speak to one problem your client has. Tell them how your program is the solution to that one problem. Offer a specific call-to-action on their next best step. Post it, then go out there, engage with some people for a few minutes afterwards. See how that lands with your audience, evaluate what worked, what didn’t work. What would you do differently for the future?

And then try again the next day or maybe the day after that rinse and repeat and keep going. If someone doesn’t engage, if people don’t like, if people don’t reach out with you that first time, it doesn’t mean that you did anything wrong or that you even failed. You just have to keep going.

A lot of the time, social media is also planting seeds for the future. It’s a way to nurture your people and begin the relationship with them. But the only way to develop the relationship is to show up consistently from a place of serving instead of the expectation that they should work with you because here’s the truth: not everyone from social media will want to work with you.

So put in the energy, put in the time, and it will pay off and you’ll be less likely to hire a marketing assistant too quickly when you don’t even know the message, so then they’re posting that generic happy labor day post, where you don’t stand out and differentiate yourself in the marketplace.


So there you have it. Read this blog a few times because there’s a whole bunch of nuggets planted in this blog, especially in terms of mindset. So notice when you’re doing your post, what comes up, what emotions, what specifically does your brain have to offer you in regard to that imposter syndrome? Write it all out because that is the work that if you do work with a coach, that’ll get you your plateaus, your stuck points, and help you to dial in more specifically with your copy because you can be so close to really resonating with your audience.

There is a saying out there in the coaching world, that you’re one sentence, you’re one thought, you’re one post away from signing that next client and all you have to do is keep going.

All right, I’ll see you next week. Bye for now!

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