Get the most Out Of Your Public Yoga Classes

Driving all around town from class to class is not the only way to grow your wellness business.

It’s just one way.

There are benefits to teaching classes. I taught in the public for over a decade.

There are also cons. Some of them are why I no longer teach weekly classes.

If you are going to teach classes online or in person it’s best to understand your reasoning.

Not going into it blindly thinking that’s the way it should be done because it’s what everyone else is doing.

Take it from me. There was a time I was teaching more than 10 classes a week, while treating patients and teaching workshops and trainings on the weekends.

I did it because that’s what my mentors did. That’s what I saw other people doing. In the beginning I was nervous as heck. Then I eventually grew to love teaching. 

But it was way too much.

Now I teach when I want, what I want.

It’s possible for you too if you just evaluate how teaching fits into the big picture of your business.

Because teaching is ONE facet of your business, NOT your whole business (even if you love it and do it primarily).

Listen to this week’s podcast to hear more of my story and how to make the most of the classes you are teaching. Especially if you love them!

See you on the mat.


Alison McLean

"I help the Entrepreneur reduce stress and live a more fulfilled and balanced life."