Healing the Root Chakra & Marketing as an Entrepreneur



You’ve heard this phrase in a yoga class in reference to your physical body and even emotions. The grounding through your feet, the harnessing of strength in your lower limbs and core, to rise up. To expand. To take up space.

With confidence.

The ability to expand and show up with confidence, comes from a place of feeling safe and supported in the present moment where you stand.

In a yoga class it all happens so fast, a pause in Tadasana to feel the mat under your feet. A deep exhale and activation of your core. Then an inhale as you lift and raise your arms. So fast your conscious mind skips over the awareness of feeling safe and sufficient.

Part of working with the Root Chakra is slowing down, grounding and developing a deep trust with yourself and the universe.

You will know you could benefit from Root Chakra work by how you show up in your life and business.

For example in your marketing, if unconsciously you don’t feel safe (AKA fear of being judged, for example) a number of things can happen:

  • you market with a lot of doubt that it will work
  • you dread marketing because of fear of being judged
  • you rush the process or even worse hire it out because you’ve been told it’s something you “have” to do
  • blame not marketing on not wanting to be “spammy”

The result of all this is you don’t rise. Your people, that desperately need your help, don’t know you and your services even exist. That equates to less clients and less revenue.

I know you are capable of rising. Of taking up space and showing the world how you can help them.

When we work together through the Assess & Align 5 step process, you will become aware of any root chakras blocks, and how to heal them.

You are safe.
You are strong.
You have a huge capacity to support others.

It’s time to let them know. 

See you on the mat. 


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Alison McLean

"I help the Entrepreneur reduce stress and live a more fulfilled and balanced life."