Help Your Clients Heal Holistically

Hi there, wellness entrepreneur, yoga teacher and yoga therapist! Welcome back! Today, we’re going to be talking about gaing confidence in your practitioner skills. And as a reminder, here’s why you want to continue to refine and work on and improve your practitioner skills, it’s not necessarily to get clients directly. Improving your practitioners’ skills is about delivering on your promise – the promise you make in your marketing and your selling. This blog is about planning your classes and sessions to help your clients to heal holistically.

When you have strong practitioner skills, then you’ll actually begin to love selling because you’ll know that you’re able to fully deliver on your promise. You’re able to get your clients the results in the fastest, simplest way possible. And then when they hit their original reason as to why they signed up to work with you, that first promise, then you set a new promise or new goals. So that is the reason why you grow your practitioner skills – you become a better practitioner to help your people more efficiently and effectively.

Wellness Business growth

There is a saying in the physical therapy world that you get so good at becoming a physical therapist that you work yourselves out of a job. Meaning, the better you get at diagnosing the original problem, know exactly what techniques, modalities are required to fix the problem, educate the patient on this, and then help them to follow through with exercises or techniques at home, then the faster they will heal and move on with your life. This means they won’t be in your office for months and years to come. Still solving that same problem.

A Better Perspective: Helping Clients Evolve As A Human Being

Now I have a brand new perspective on this and I realized that’s what really set me apart when I had my cash based physical therapy practice, and I still utilize it today with my current patients. It’s not about working myself out of a job, because that just doesn’t even feel good as a wellness entrepreneur, it’s very conflicting emotions and thoughts in my body. It’s about getting my people the results they want.

Yes, I want them to heal holistically so they can live their lives as fully, as quickly as possible. It is about that. But it’s also realizing that part of the process of helping them to heal fully and then have that healing remain more permanently is helping them to evolve as a human being. That takes time and there’s many layers of this.

So for example, if someone comes to me with back pain or sciatica, it is helping them to move out of that acute phase or that inflamed chronic phase where their sciatic nerve is always getting irritated, for example, and then they can’t go to their favorite yoga classes. It’s helping them to move from that phase so they can live their life, their fullest, they can pick up their children without worry or without ending up on the couch later. It’s moving from that place through.

We are going to work through the different Kosha layers of healing here in a moment, and working through the physical layer, to calm down the inflammation, for example, to get stronger, to get more flexible, but also, understand what’s going on underneath that help them to get to this place in the first place.

Now, some of it is just there, it’s just how we came into this world. For example, I have Lynch syndrome. It’s a genetic mutation, it’s how I was born. It’s different than epigenetics, which is the study of lifestyle and how that influences cancer risk. There is a difference between a genetic mutation and how someone

is born in their cancer risk and epigenetics. One, you have control over epigenetics. A genetic mutation? You do not.

So someone, for example, with sciatica, their pelvis or their lumbar spine, their low back might be designed in a certain way just how anatomically they are built. Maybe they were built with a structural scoliosis, for example, that puts pressure on the discs in a certain way that puts them at more of a risk than someone without this scoliosis in their spine. So they have a higher incidence, a higher likelihood of feeling and getting impacted with sciatica more than the average person. So that is outside of their control. What is in their control is how they live their life, thoughts about their body, beliefs about their body, beliefs about healing, and the ability to handle all of this, which leads to how they feel in life.

We are going to break it down layer by layer by layer because through these crucial layers, when you look at it from this perspective, where you’re working with someone on all these multiple facets, all these different layers of healing and wellness, then it’s so much more than just getting them through and healing their sciatic pain so they can show up in the yoga class as quickly as possible. It becomes more than just that.

Planning a class and/or session

That is just the first goal, right? Healing their sciatica so they can show up to their favorite yoga class is just layer one. In my mind, it’s just the beginning. So in this perspective, I feel that I’m helping the client, the student, the patient, more effectively so they have a more fulfilled life. They have a life filled with hope. And when life does not show up how they expect, they have the resilience and capacity to work through it.

In this way I am securing my job, meaning I will always be there for them and we’ll work through many layers of things and set many goals together. So it’s a job that’s always ongoing, versus working myself out of a job. So it’s a win-win. It’s a win-win for the client, the patient, because they’re healing and then being more preventative and just living a well fulfilled life, if I can coin that term, versus just healing the physical body. So they show up to life, feeling more fulfilled, accomplishing and living their dreams, versus just healing their back issue and it becomes a sustainable business model.

The Five Kosha Layers

So let’s work through the actual five Kosha layers and you can see different examples of each layer in different scenarios even if you’re not an orthopedic physical therapist and maybe you work more with mental health or even dating or stress or the nervous system. This can work in many different niches, many different facets and groups of people beyond just orthopedic issues.

So let’s explore all of this and more so you can work with your people, whole person’s healing and wellness.

Think About Your Perspective And Approach When Working With Your Clients Holistically

First, let’s pause right now. What perspective do you approach working with your clients from? Meaning are you focusing on that first layer problem, just healing their back issue, for example, so they can pick their kids up out of the crib and go about their day-to-day, they’re able to live their day-to-day without worry that their back is going to flare and then they’re going to end up on the couch for days. Are you approaching your practice from this first layer? If you do currently, this is not an opportunity to criticize or judge or beat yourself up. This is to create awareness to know that this is wonderful.

If you’re helping people from this perspective right now, you’re helping people, that’s amazing. Now you can help people even more. So just notice where are you now and know that wherever you are, there’s always room for growth. And we’re going to explore this right now.

So, for example, I used to work from that layer one, I used to be the practitioner where I would try to cram so much information into that first and second session. For example, my session one, the “evaluation,” I eventually had to turn into 90 minutes because I was trying to diagnose the root problem, explain and educate to the patient and the client what exactly is going on in their body, why they feel the way they feel, and what we need to do to heal that. So all that actually takes probably 30 to 45 minutes.

Then I need to help them get a quick win either through an exercise or manual technique. So they get buy-in and trust to work with me or implement their exercises and techniques at home. And then I also need to give them those techniques and exercises for home.

I used to give a whole long list, so that was a lot of information in session one. And some of the patients who I worked with got exactly what they needed. At that time, I was filling in gaps because I was often the ninth, the tenth practitioner or healer they saw because they’d been to so many people and they were trying to finally solve their problem for good, get rid of their sciatica for good, for example, but I know a good portion of those people were also just starting on their journey. I was the first or maybe only second practitioner that they saw. And that is way too much information right out the gate. It can cause someone to feel overwhelmed and then not implement any of it because they just don’t know where to start. It’s just too much. It’s not effective. And I was doing it from the mind space, the thoughts of they don’t want to invest and spend the time and the money to work with me for several months. It’s just not a good sell.

That is a thought that doesn’t serve my people because I’m not able to spread the information, the techniques out over several sessions. So we are working – which we’re going to get to with the fourth layer of kosha – to change patterns, beliefs in the third layer kosha, thoughts, feelings, day-to-day. So it doesn’t serve them because it’s not more lasting impact and it doesn’t serve me because I am rushing around, turning and burning all these first and second sessions and having to always get more and more new clients coming in my door. It’s a lot of energy output.

So now I know and have the thoughts that patients and clients want to achieve their results. They want to achieve lasting impact, they want to evolve as human beings. So of course they’re willing to invest more money, more time with me to get those results. So, for the majority of the people I work with, the minimum is six months. Many people I work with are for years. I would say 80% of the people I work with work with me for years and we’re not solving the same problem year after year after year. We solve one problem and then we work on a next. And these can be micro problems where it might just be, for example, what they’re doing in their day-to-day, like a specific golf technique. They might get their body to be able to move in a certain way that affects their swing positively. So then they work and dial in on a different layer, like a different golf technique. And then helping their body to get stronger and more mobile to learn that new golf technique.

It can also be yoga. We evolve in so many different ways in our physical and emotional and mental practice of yoga. There are just so many ways people can evolve working on different areas of their life or my wellness entrepreneurs. Sometimes we work on their schedule, and then we start working on their marketing, and then they get so good at marketing, all these people are coming in and they realize, “Oh, okay, let’s explore selling now.”

So there are so many different layers that six months often is just the beginning. I do have some people who will work with me for six months and they get what they need and they move on. And that’s totally fine. Once in a great while, I will work with someone for three months and it’s a special circumstance usually for that person. And we both decide and we go over and explore all the pros and the cons of working together for three months. When we like all the reasons and understand the risk of working together for only three months, I will accept certain case scenarios in that instances.

But most of my people’s six months is just the start. Isn’t that crazy? I went from doing mostly one-off sessions or one to two sessions to now six months is just the beginning. This is possible for you too.

If you want to learn more about how to move from selling session by session to a program make sure to read this blog: https://igniteurwellness.com/signature-wellness-program/

And if you are in the beginning phase of your business and that’s just not happening, don’t force it. Just be patient. Remember, it comes in time. This can be an evolution for you as an entrepreneur as well. So be patient, keep going. And how I got here to really understand all that’s involved was through healing, through evolution, through wellness in my mind from my perspective is through the Kosha layers of healing.

So we are going to break that down right now. Remember, I’m going to give more specific examples to yoga, physical therapy, entrepreneurship or even massage therapy and myofascial release. But that’s because that’s my expertise. You can apply this work to many different layers of healing, wellness and client goals.

The First Kosha Layer of Healing: Annamaya Kosha Or The Physical Sheath

This is often what we’re most familiar with. So it can be core strength, skin, muscles, bones, strength, flexibility, how the food that someone eats affects the physical tissues, movement, analysis, traction and so much more having to do with the physical body. I’ll explore also in just in terms of another style of working with someone or another niche.It can be relationships, actual physical time, a couple may spend together, number of dates, how often they communicate or not. So you can apply it to many different niches and groups of people.

Traditionally in western medicine, the work stops here. In so many physical therapy clinics, that’s what you get. You go in and you work on the physical body and then you’re released once that physical body “heals.” In my mind, again, this is just the beginning for sure. We do want to see measurable changes and results in the physical body or in specific lab work or of specific objective measurements as it’s called.

You will want to see and get benefits here. How often the root source of why this problem presents in someone’s life does not start in this physical layer often, most of the time it starts in third and fourth layer, which we’ll get to in a moment.

So to help someone evolve as a human being, to help them achieve whole person healing and wellness, you need to address and work with the third and fourth layer. And it takes time to get here and address those layers effectively and permanently. So you must look deeper.

The Second Kosha Layer of Healing: Pranamaya

Let’s go to the Kosha layer two, the Pranamaya layer. This is also known as the vital energy breath or life force sheath. It’s the life force that allows our skin and muscles and bones to function and to be. So for example, it is the biological process that rules the breath or the biological process that rules effective digestion or the biological process that allows for optimized hormones to function in the background.

There are different layers or names, such as chi and prana.

Think about it this way. If your digestion is off for some way, so in your physical layer, there might be colon cancer, then that affects the next layer, layer two, your Pranamaya Kosha, where the biological process isn’t happening as efficiently as it could. So absorption isn’t happening. So then you feel your prana, your chi is lower. You feel tired, exhausted. You don’t have the energy that you know that you could have or that you used to have.

So western medicine works on the physical layer, taking the colon cancer out in some incidences, there’s scenarios where the whole colon is removed. Now if you were to just work on that physical layer, someone could be left with the feeling that they’re not complete, that they will never achieve that same layer of whole person healing because now they’re lacking a certain vital organ and that’s just not true. There is a way to work with digestion, the whole biological process of digestion, plus exploring deeper layers of working with kosha layers three and four. So they work together.

You can explore more of this for your self in this blog: https://igniteurwellness.com/stress-management/

So the person comes to a very effective and efficient place where they feel they have great products, they have great chi and energy and feel whole and well. And I’ve actually met people at Lynch syndrome events and at various places along my own cancer journey where there are people who are living proof of this, that they don’t have their colon, they might even be living on an ostomy bag permanently and they are vibrant. So this does not mean perfection. It means enabling your life force to thrive no matter what’s going on in your physical body. Think about that for a moment. Think about your ideal client.

Think about the desires that they have, what they come to you to work on, their struggles and how you solve them. What does efficient flow of energy and life force and biological processes, behind the scenes, mean to your group of people? And write that down now. Write down your solutions and your processes to help them have that vital energetic life force.

In yoga, this is more obvious, it’s called Pranayama practice. So we work with the breath, our life force pretty directly. So for example, when I was healing from my surgeries, I couldn’t do the physical yoga practice. I couldn’t work on my strength or flexibility. I just physically couldn’t do it. And actually I was under a doctor’s orders to not move in certain ways for the first four weeks, but I was able to practice Pranayama. So I was working on healing and shifting that life force energy even though I wasn’t physically moving, I was working on diet and nutrition. So I was working on helping my digestive processes, the biological processes going on behind the scenes so I could restore my vital life force and energy even if I wasn’t physically practicing yoga.

It’s different. So maybe for your people, you help with efficient endocrine system to optimize their hormones or you work with the regulation of the nervous system, their capacity for their nervous system, their mind to handle more so it takes more stress before they’re triggered into a stress response or they’re able to come out of a stress response faster. Those are the biological processes that you help your people with. What is it for you? Maybe your brain right now is like,”No, no, no, we don’t work with that. I work with more of the physical body.” Pause, think about it, what goes on behind the scenes for your people? And write that down. Explore.

Is it possible that there’s more going on than you realize that you can start to address, maybe even take future trainings in as a practitioner to work with people addressing these deeper issues?

The Third Kosha Layer of Healing: Manomaya

And that brings us to our next layer, the third layer, the Manomaya Kosha, which is the sheath of thought. It’s deeply and intimately connected with the next layer, but right now we’ll talk about it in isolation.

So this is the behind the scene, daily thoughts, mental chatter. And you might think that you don’t have control over this in the beginning. Your clients, your patients, they might think that they don’t have control over their thinking and your clients and you might not realize how much it directly impacts the results or the human evolution that your client wants to achieve or how you can help them to achieve their results and goals. But it does, it’s huge. In fact, it’s everything. And as a practitioner it starts with you. So the more you become aware of your own thinking and why, maybe it’s about your own body and health, maybe it’s about your business and your capacity and abilities as an entrepreneur for example, the more you become aware of what you’re thinking and how it causes you to feel a certain way and then show up in the world a certain way, the more you become aware of this.

And then you begin to catch yourself when you’re actually thinking those thoughts and you’re able to insert a pause and decide in the moment if that thought serves you or not. Or you can choose something different. So for me, sometimes because I’m a human being, so I shouldn’t say sometimes, but frequently, I’ll catch myself thinking thoughts that don’t serve me. And then I might say something like, “Nope, delete, cancel, cancel. I choose to believe this instead.” When I’m focused on a certain area of catching and becoming aware of these thoughts, then I catch them quicker and I swap them out to new thoughts quicker and faster. So then these thoughts actually become new beliefs, which is the next layer which we’ll get to in a moment.

Let’s talk about some examples first of this third layer of healing. For example, when I worked with patients, some of the patients who came to me with sciatica, because they’ve been to multiple doctors, they’ve been to multiple practitioners, they had thoughts about their body that it never would heal. And then they correlated that with evidence of their physical body. For example, they had a structural scoliosis or they had an anomaly in their spine or they had a past injury or fracture or surgery on their spine that wouldn’t allow them to feel “fully.” Essentially, they thought and had thoughts that something was wrong with them. These thoughts will never serve you and you have the option to choose to think them or not. These thoughts will delay an impact, full healing, and you might think, “Well that’s the truth. I do have something, ‘wrong with me,’ or I do have this anomaly or I do have scoliosis.”

That might be true. I have a genetic mutation called lynch syndrome, puts me at higher risk for cancer. It’s a fact. Yeah, I can have thoughts about lynch syndrome. For example, I was just at a lynch syndrome event in Boston the other week and I showed up on video. In fact, some of you may see it in the future if they choose to use that edited portion of the video where I said, “I am grateful for my lynch syndrome diagnosis. My lynch and syndrome diagnosis allows me to be empowered.” And the reason why I have those feelings of gratitude of empowerment is because of my thoughts about my diagnosis. So you can choose to think about your diagnosis in a certain way.

For example, I had someone who showed up to my scoliosis workshops years ago and I knew right off the bat that they were not a fit to work with me because they were so attached to their diagnosis. They told me that they had severe scoliosis, severe degeneration, and they could not possibly heal because of the severity of their diagnosis, because of the severity of their scoliosis. That at the time, at the workshop, I gently tried to encourage them that it’s possible to heal. They just have to shift their way of thinking and it pissed them off. In fact, reading this blog might piss you off. It might be very triggering and that’s okay. And they got really mad at me. They wrote a very lengthy e-mail to me and they wrote a

very lengthy e-mail to the yoga studio saying how unprofessional I was because I did not respect the diagnosis of western medicine. It’s not the truth. I do respect diagnosis of western medicine. I love western medicine. I’m just telling you that you have an option to think differently about your diagnosis. And why is this important? Because it will impact how you show up in the world.

So let’s take this specific scoliosis example. This person was very resistant to “my coaching.” So they were resistant to everything that we did in the workshop. They would tell me or my assistants at the time that how that extra exercise would not be appropriate. How a certain yoga posture they could not possibly do even though there was many, many modifications. And if I were able to work with them one-to-one, I am hundred percent without a doubt in my mind, would be able to find modifications for yoga poses that would impact their scoliosis positively, that would reduce the severity of their scoliosis.

They were so resistant to that work. They rejected all the modifications, they rejected all the yoga asana and what I was saying in the workshop, in fact, so much so that they wrote e-mails about how they did not like the workshop and they did not like my teachings. That was the result of their thinking. They walked away thinking that they got no benefit at all from that workshop. It was not because my workshop was bad and I know that because all the other 20 plus students in the workshop got benefits and told me how much they loved the workshop. And their diagnoses were similar to that person’s. I had someone with 40 degree curves of scoliosis in that workshop and they got benefit from the workshop.

The only reason why that one person did not get benefit from my workshop was because of their thinking about my workshop and about their diagnosis.

You see, I’m very passionate about this and I might get some e-mails from this diagnosis or from this blog and that’s okay. I want to shake things up. And I’m not saying that we shouldn’t diagnose, we should continue to diagnose because it is empowering. The more information that you have, the more ability you’re able to make choices. However, you need to be aware of what you’re thinking about your diagnosis as a practitioner. You can help your clients more when you are aware of their thinking about their problem. And then you help them to become aware about the thinking of their problem. And this is not commonly talked about, this was not talked about in physical therapy school at all. How someone’s thinking about their sciatica could impact their healing or whether the problem would come back or not. Not talked about at all yet.

I’m teaching it in the Radiant Being Yoga Teacher and Wellness Mentorship Teacher Training. So if you want to learn more, make sure you get on the wait list for that. But right now, it starts with you just getting curious and asking simple questions, not to your patients and clients, not from a place of judgment or criticism.

We are not better than our patients because we have human brains and have thoughts that don’t serve us as well. We are not perfect as practitioners as well. This is from a place of compassion and love and empathy for your people. Getting curious, Okay?

This is what I tried to do with the person with scoliosis in my workshop who got very triggered and mad at me. I was curious like what are you thinking about your body? What do you think about your diagnosis? Which she told me and I gently encouraged her that there’s other ways to think about it. And that’s what she got really mad about because she thought I was arguing in saying that her scoliosis was not true, when in fact it was. That’s not what I was saying. I was saying there’s another way to think about your scoliosis, where you could grow to love it. You could grow to be empowered by it. You could develop feelings of courage and working through it. And even curiosity, maybe it is possible for me to work with this severe diagnosis and maybe not even think of it as severe. She told me that the generation was just going to get worse and worse and worse as age maybe, or maybe it’s possible for things to slow down and even reverse the effects of aging.

That’s what I see with my people using the yoga wall and yoga for your people. What are the difficult conversations that you can have an approach and have in your sessions that allows them to get curious about how they are thinking?

The Fourth Kosha Layer of Healing: Vijnanamaya

And that is the true work that opens the doors to work with layer four, which is called the Vision Kosha. And that is the Kosha of unconscious patterns, beliefs, emotions. It’s the more deeply ingrained thoughts. This is often the root source of a lot of issues.

If we can get to this deeper layer through compassion, love, empathy with our people, this is where we can influence greater impact and change for whole person healing and preventative wellness.

So again, I’ll use the example of the Lynch syndrome conference because I just returned back from that. I met so many people with this. Someone could call a genetic mutation and have a whole bunch of negative thoughts and feelings around it. But the people I met at the conference were resilient, they were courageous, they were strong, they had a belief that they can handle anything. They had a great trust within themselves. They endured and healed through a lot of traumatic surgeries. Stage four diagnoses with multiple comorbidities and diagnoses really complex cases. And they were there at the conference thriving how they got there.

Years later, some people were six years status posts in remission of a stage four diagnosis with multiple comorbidities. They were there because of their beliefs. They were there in that conference room, thriving with osteo, I can’t even say the word right now, but colon bags from stage three diagnosis, thriving, living life to the fullest because of their beliefs, because of their thoughts. Knowing that they could still live life the fullest despite their diagnosis or not even despite their diagnosis with the diagnosis of Lynch syndrome. They knew that Lynch syndrome was not a death sentence. Lynch syndrome is not a ball and chain to just carry around that they’d have to sloth through life and struggle. That was not their thought. Processes and beliefs that is available to anyone, no matter the diagnosis, no matter what’s happening in their physical body. And to me, that’s true wellness, that is full person healing, the resilience, the capacity, the belief to handle anything with trust in themselves.

When you get to that point, then you can handle anything. And that is where someone truly evolves as a human being. Because these thoughts, these now beliefs, unconscious patterns, they shift. So how someone shows up in their life, the actions they take or don’t take in their life and how they feel, they are all driven by these unconscious new patterns now, instead of the old patterns, the old thoughts being the driver of the car and influencing everything.

The Fifth Kosha Layer of Healing: Anandamaya.

This is everything which leads to the work of layer five, Anandamaya-Kossa, which is Ananda. Bliss. So this is the ability to experience Sentosha as we call it in the yoga world or contentment or peace, fulfillment. No matter what’s happening in your physical body, no matter what’s happening in your life, finding fulfillment without the perfection, knowing the true essence of you and all your “flaws,” because none of us are perfect and loving that person, that is the Anandamaya Kosha, the spiritual awakening of you.

And here’s the thing, in the modern world, we don’t have to meditate isolated in the Himalaya and caves to experience this Nirvana, this bliss, this awakening enlightenment. We can do it here on earth, in our day-to-day world by just feeling peace, feeling a sense of contentment no matter what you’re going through. And I’m not saying to spiritual bypass the difficult days because life will still be 50 50.

So, for example, I’ll talk to you as the entrepreneur right now. I’m in a mastermind where there’s multiple six figure earners, there’s million-dollar earners, and the struggle still exists. Sometimes we think that, “Oh, if I start making a hundred thousand a year with good profit or 200,000 or a million, then our life will be better. All my struggles won’t exist.” It’s not true. You’ll still have struggles. Yes, maybe you’ll have more freedom of choices or freedom of time, or you become an evolved person to get to that point, that is true, but you still experience the 50 50 of life. So I can say, “Oh, if I didn’t have my lynch syndrome diagnosis, my life would be better.” Or, “If I didn’t have this structural scoliosis, my life would be better.” It’s not true. You would just have struggles in different ways.

So the end layer, the bliss, living this work right now in our modern world is becoming aware of our thoughts, becoming aware of the patterning, our beliefs, those that serve us and those that don’t while having the capacity, the resilience to handle the difficult days. And when we do have that, we’re able to move through struggles or uncomfortable emotions, hard times quicker. We’re able to move through them with more grace, more ease. That is the true difference. And that is the work of someone who’s always struggling and thinking that their life will get better when their sciatica is fully healed versus someone accepting where they are and learning how to thrive and feel fulfilled even when things aren’t perfect.


So how can you apply this work to yourself? Because when you apply this work to yourself, then you are able to teach others. You will show up as a more evolved practitioner, a more efficient practitioner to help your clients, your students, your patients to bring the work into their own lives. So remember, it starts with you. Cultivate your own whole person healing and wellness for yourself. And you can start to experiment now with your patient, students, and clients as well.

Don’t wait till things get perfect. Allow it all to be messy for yourself. And start experimenting about how you can bring this work to the work of the people that you help right now as well. And maybe it just starts with getting curious, getting curious about their deeper layer patterns, getting curious about their unconscious behaviors and what’s really driving those, and starting the hard conversations knowing that you might be uncomfortable in some sessions in the beginning, and that’s okay.

Giving space and your compassion for yourself to not get it right the first few times to practice and to get better about having these hard conversations with your people. I promise you, it will pay off because your people will start to evolve. They’ll start to solve those physical first layer Kosha layer problems first, and then you’ll start helping your people to get results faster and quicker. And they’ll still want to work with you more. You’ll just start setting new goals to help them to become more and more evolved. But it starts here.

So, your work this week is to get curious, to start to observe what are you working on with people in sessions. What’s going on in your own life as a person in terms of healing and wellness? Start there, get curious, and then start to implement the work of all five of these layers.

And it’s not step one, steps two, steps three, no. You can work on multiple layers at a time, or you can even start with helping them to feel fulfillment, the end layer bliss first, or maybe you will start with thoughts first. It depends person to person, case by case. Let me know how it goes.

All right, I’ll see you next week. Bye for now!

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