I help entrepreneurs reduce stress and live a balanced and fulfilled life.

Cultivate your version of success while caring for your health.

You can run a successful business, have time to relax with family and care for yourself. It does not have to be an either-or choice.

That’s why I created the Ignite Ur Wellness Process.

Finally release worry and overwhelm for good.

Develop the tools and tactics for improved energy and vibrant health, with successful time management. Most importantly gain clarity of your life vision with the confidence to make it a reality with effective tactics.

The Ignite Ur Wellness Three Pillar Framework

Your program is individualized to your needs and goals based on these three health pillars.  


Gain confidence and unwavering belief in your vision. Let go of the self doubt and “mean girl thoughts” that slow you down and drain your energy. Live your life with abundance and fierce love, while having the capacity to handle uncomfortable emotions, situations and hard stuff with courage and grace. Know exactly what to do for your business, and how to go after your dreams with confidence.

Health & Stress Resilience

Life happens. Develop the capacity to handle whatever curve ball is thrown your way whether it be a scary health diagnosis, or overwhelming anxiety that just won’t quit. Learn tools that fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle that you look forward to as well as, replenish and restore you. All to cultivate more bandwidth physically, mentally and emotionally to conquer those crazy days. Because life happens.

Cultivating A
Balanced Life

Create the ideal schedule that allows for fulfillment and balance in your life through techniques for time management, boundary setting, delegation and more. Incorporate all of these tactics into an easy and manageable lifestyle that seamlessly flows.

The fastest way to cultivate more fulfillment and balance in your life without the overwhelm, stress and worry is through scheduling a strategy call. On this call we will go over what’s not working in your life currently, why everything you’ve tried in the past didn’t work and what to do for the future.

Why Do You Need This Call?

In the Strategy Call we will go over the step-by-step formula to transform from being stressed out and overwhelmed to balanced and fulfilled. You need to get back on track so you feel productive and profitable in your business, present and relaxed at home, and vibrant and energetic in your body.

If you feel exhausted and close to burn out this call is for you. Especially if you:

There is a solution.

I need this!

Why Entrepreneurs Love Ignite Ur Wellness

Why Entrepreneurs Love Ignite Ur Wellness

More About Alison McLean:

Stress Reduction Coach

I love to help individuals that feel like they’ve tried everything, and are confused and overwhelmed on their next step. The goal of Ignite Ur Wellness Online is to inspire hope for the future. And, even if you are fearful of stepping on the yoga mat or into the gym again you can still make progress now! Ignite Ur Wellness Online provides many workshops, classes and programs to keep yogi’s, yoga teachers and active adults practicing and playing for life by boosting energy, relieving stress and reducing nagging aches and pains through yoga, health coaching and nutrition.

Next Live Workshop

5 Strategies Your Must Take For Your Body, Brain [and Bank Account]

Join me in this Workshop Monday June 7th at 1:30-3:30 PM PST for Entrepreneurs for the investment of $35.

Here Is Why You Need This Workshop

  1. How to win in business without fighting with your partner, compromising your sanity and health, or going to bed at night consistently wishing tomorrow would be better
  2. Life changing strategies for busy business owners guaranteed to help you build a more a successful business while worrying less and getting more done in less time. 
  3. How become decisive to get things done quickly and effectively
  4. Simple strategies to live the life you dreamed and business you can be proud of, easy, enjoyable and profitable (and has other business owners wishing they knew your secret).
  5. Why you need to prioritize your health and work with your nervous system for business success, and how to do it.
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The Wellness Survival Kit for the Stressed Out Entrepreneur Includes:

Grab this short free training so you can reduce the hustle and finally make it home for dinner (or to workout)

Ways To Get Support And Ignite Ur Wellness:

On Demand Programs

1:1 VIP Intensives

Body, Brain [and Bank Account] Mastermind

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