How to Expand Your Reach and Help More People

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Today, we’re going to talk about How You Can More Simply And Easily Help More People, especially in the online space where you have the ability to connect and meet and build relationships with people anywhere in the world.

Life Update!

But first I want to introduce the new McLean family member and her name is Spark and she is the sweetest little rescue puppy. She must weigh maybe two pounds right now. She is so small and so sweet and just likes to be held and is just so content to sit there in your lap or in your little arm space.

Kaylee and I were out running errands this weekend and we were running into CVS and right outside of the CVS was a pop-up adoption rescue center. They were holding an event where you could go meet the puppies and Kaylee and I have seen them in town before and we stopped by the pens and usually pet and look at all the cute dogs. They sometimes have puppies and older adults, and if you want to know the business, it’s tragictomagic.org. I believe it is and we were there.

We just happened to go this Saturday and as we were walking in we noticed that they had a lot of puppies for some reason and a woman approached Kaylee and I because we were just looking at them all because they are just so adorable and she came up to Kaylee and I and she said, to Kaylee actually, and said, “Would you like to hold the puppy?” And she sat down because little Spark is so tiny.

The woman wanted Kaylee to sit down just in case, and I tell you, Spark just sat there on Kaylee’s lap content and Kaylee was content herself. I think we were there for almost an hour. I could not get Kaylee to leave and Spark just looked so happy and we were in our own little bubble and in the end, Spark ended up coming home with us spontaneously and she has been such a joy. 

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So now we have five rescues. We actually have Wiley, he was our first rescue and he is almost I think 12 years old now. It’s hard to know for sure. We got him when he was four months old. He is a terrier mix. We have Coda. She is a lab melanois mix and she is nine to 10 years old and she is a smart, kind lab to the max but very very smart. Bringing in that melanois and Wiley and Coda are just the funniest pair together. They love walking together. They are so fun!

And then we brought in Raja and Sasha. They are a sibling cat rescue. We got them when they were kittens just a couple years ago so they are just over a couple years old and Kaylee did a great job and does a great job caring for them but especially she did a great job when they were kittens. She was so patient with them and making sure that their needs were met and just always caring for them how she talks to them on a daily basis just warms my heart.

So when she begged me to take Spark, she named her Spark, the adoption center’s name was Speckles I believe, begged me to take her Spark home and you could see that Spark desperately needed and wanted a family, her coat was all kind of natty. You could see he loved being with humans and sitting with humans and just being warm and cuddled and I knew Kaylee would take such care of her and Shawn and I and Kaylee, we do a great job as a family.

So that is our newest addition and I’m telling you this just so you get to know me a little bit more as promised, the what’s happening in my day today but also to give you inspiration because had I been working in a mill physical therapy clinic where I have to show up at eight and don’t leave till after six with my hour lunch break or if I was racing around town teaching yoga class to yoga class at the various studios across San Diego, driving here and there, I wouldn’t have been able to say yes to Spark, I wouldn’t have been able to say yes to my daughter.

A couple summers ago when we adopted the kittens, I wouldn’t have been able to say yes to Spark this weekend because I wouldn’t have had as much control over my time and my finances but I was able to make this spontaneous decision because I knew, okay yeah, we can make it work, I know I can afford the vet bills and we can care for Spark and give her what she needs and I know that I’m going to be home when Kaylee’s at school to pick up the slap and make sure that Spark is getting the attention and the love that she deserves on a daily basis as a three month old little pup and I am so grateful for my business for helping me to be able to live this lifestyle and to have a business that fits into the lifestyle I deserve so we can give back to our community and in these ways and help support adoption centers and our local community and businesses like Tragic To Magic.

So that’s what is possible for you too and I just want to remind you that that your wellness business can be your source of passion and inspiration and help you to really live the life that you desire.

How You Can Help More People In The Easiest And In The Simplest Way

But to get that business, what you need are more clients. So let’s talk about how you can help more people in the easiest, in the simplest way, by saying yes to those that reach out to you.

So what do I mean? It means that I hear this all the time, you’re posting on social media or maybe you have a blog where some blogs go viral or you’re on Facebook and people are reaching out to you, they say, “Oh, so and so, I’ve been seeing your posts, I’ve been seeing your articles,” and maybe you get an e-mail or a DM and people are wanting to work with you.

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You have a license and with your license you can only work with people in your state so you find yourself having to refer a lot of these people out or you’re not even sure how to manage these e-mails or I see a couple things happen here. What I see, I see people referring out which is great. We want to support our other practitioners and of course stay in our scope of practice but at the same time, if you’re really needing clients and this person really resonated with you in particular and really wants to work with you, it’s you should be able to work with them in your business within the scope of your license, within the scope of your practice as well so let’s explore that.

So I see people referring out, I also see people scrambling to make an on-demand online program and that doesn’t work out either because scrambling never truly creates the quality program that you really want to create and plus if you’re scrambling for the occasional e-mail here or there and you’re not going through the launch process or building the program in a sustainable way, meaning that you had planned for the frameworks to build the program, to market the program, to sell the program, to get people into the world so your time and energy is worth all that effort of making and delivering that program you want to do it in a very planned out way, not rushing just to fill the demand of random emails and direct messages on occasion.

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You want to make it more reliable and efficient and another reason why I see people racing towards that online program is because they feel like they won’t have the time for more one-to-ones or if they really put out there to the public that, “Oh hey I have this online offer,” that they won’t have time to handle the demand.

How You Can Help More People Even Outside Your State

So let’s go over that right now: how can you work with more people even outside your state? Let me tell you how it all started with me.

So back when I had a busy brick and mortar physical therapy yoga and wellness clinic as a physical therapist, I was located in the state of California. I was leading yoga teacher trainings, a lot of them in our state of San Diego and in California, but I also led workshops and trainings outside of the state and, we’ve even led my business partner and I at the time, led international yoga teacher training so I was getting requests from people all over the world, either for help and mentorship in terms of learning practitioner skills, growing their business as well as help with their body, and I really wanted to help some of the people with their body because they were essentially bought into me, they were bought into my knowledge.

They were either referred to me or they had attended my one of my trainings and it was the particular information that I offered in the training that’s they couldn’t find another practitioner that had the same set of skills of what I was teaching in the training to help them with their body specifically.

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And so I tried to refer them out. I would be like, “Okay well, I’m part of a physical therapy network. I can look for a clinic or practitioner in your area,” and people will get really frustrated they’re like, “No, I’ve tried with so many practitioners in my area, I’ve done this, I’ve done that, I attended your training, I want to work with you. What you taught is what I need and I need your expertise and your help.”

And so it became my mission to figure out, “Okay. How do I stay within the scope of my physical therapy license where I can only work in the state of California but help people anywhere in the world?” And I know you sometimes get frustrated with this as well because yoga teachers for example can work with anyone anywhere in the world. They can’t do manual work, they’re not certified in manual work, but they can host an online class and work with online students anywhere in the world.

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Same with some personal training certifications and licenses. There are many certifications and license where the regulation is not as strict as physical therapy and yes, we have a doctorate degree or I have a doctorate degree so I do have a certain amount of responsibility that I really need to make sure that I’m honoring but at the same time, with that extra knowledge, shouldn’t I be able to help more people?

So I got really curious with this so after much research, after attending Masterminds, after going to events with big online gurus and speaking to lawyers, I learned how to create a separate wellness offer for wellness clients outside of my state then I put the necessary business structures in place to support it and this was one-to-one and then I eventually did build an on-demand, the Low Back Blueprint, for people to go through at their own pace and they could have VIP sessions with me if they want.

And that is what I teach all of my clients in the 100k Awaken Business Coaching Program clients, are set up with their high-ticket wellness offer so they can accept clients anywhere in the world no matter if they are licensed in their state.

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If you head back just a couple episodes ago to Protecting Your Wellness Business With Lawyer Corey Sterling, he even mentions the legal processes to set up in your business so that you can show up as the wellness practitioner online for example and then be the licensed practitioner in your state and if you want to work with him more to set up that because I’m not a lawyer, you take the next necessary steps to do that, but I help provide the business status strategy and the framework so you have a simple business where you’re not racing around just to throw up an online program or having a fear that, “Okay, if I do announce, oh I accept and work with people anywhere in the world,” that you’re not going to have so much demand or that you’ll have no life outside of your business.

So I help with both of those as well as the structure of that high-ticket ethical wellness offer so you know what to charge it, how long it is, what you’re going to teach in it, and how to work with your existing one-to-one people so that you don’t feel like you have so many different offers all over the place. One for online people, one for in-person and then you’re trying to keep track of all your different skills and frameworks and all that sort of stuff. I help to streamline and keep this process.

I really don’t think there’s another business coaching program out there for the wellness entrepreneur that helps them this way or can strategically think about your business from this way without being pigeonholed into one license that you might have and the benefit of this is so you can fulfill your purpose of helping more people the way you have envisioned and never feel that you really have to turn someone who wants to work with you specifically away again and your business doesn’t need to be complex. You just need to make sure you have the certain legalities set up.

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What Happens When You Are Helping More People

And when you find yourself saying yes to more people, then a couple things happen: You become a more experienced practitioner now working with people from all over the world, you have to develop different skills because sometimes there’s language barriers.

Sometimes I worked with people in areas of the world where internet wasn’t good and sessions got cut off and we had to be creative on how I could instill and give them information even if they didn’t have a reliable internet. So you have to be creative.

You work with people of all different backgrounds so you have to learn how to meet them where they’re at and get them the results that they desire you become such a good practitioner working with all this diversity and variety and of course the more people you work with then the higher your revenue will go.

So then hitting those 10k revenue months doesn’t seem so out of reach and here’s the best part, and this is what you can think of right now: you can be super creative with it if you have a large following and a large audience online already, you might be ready for that on-demand program and you just need someone to help strategize with you so you can set that up but your brick and mortar keeps going.

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That’s what I help my client Justine with. You can go listen to her podcast a few episodes back but she has a very successful women’s health physical therapy practice in Colorado and she also specializes in a very certain type of high-pressure fitness training and she was really feeling the nudge to be more creative and to help more people no matter where they were and she was very well located because she really is a specialist in what she does in terms of fitness and as well as energetics because she’s a reiki practitioner as well and she wanted to just be more creative and help more people in one session, in one setting, and so we brainstormed on what that looks like for her and she thought, “Oh okay well my online offer will be Fit To Be,” and she holds Fit To Be Online Fitness Classes for the mama, the mama to be, the postpartum mama, or the active adult wanting to keep their body healthy and strong and mobile.

And so this is different than what I did in my brick and mortar. I worked with people all over the world in several different countries, more one-to-one, but for Justine, she really wanted the group setting. So we set that up and now we set up her framework so she could launch it with ease she already had the audience so we worked on everything from the e-mails that she needed to write and what a launch would look like of this program and she set her goal for a founding members launch of 10 people and she blew past that and got 14 people into that very first Fit To Be class and here’s the clinic never skipped a beat. She still has a wait list of a couple months long and new leads keep coming in.

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But here’s the thing, if you want to just jump ship and say, “Oh the online world’s better, I can work with more people,” but you take your eye off the ball of where your current revenue is coming in from then, that can shake up your revenue and so I highly caution you from just abandoning what’s working and going for the grasses greener philosophy. You really want to strategize and plan how this might work with you in your business so you’re efficient, you’re keeping the eye on the ball of continuing to have the current revenue come in as well as plan and strategize on how you can really care and support for those people not local to you.

In another example, I have a couple brick and mortar physical therapy practitioners who with clients from anywhere in the world on more of a retreat like setting. They both are specialists in their niche so they work with very specific types of populations and because of that, they really built a reputation and a name for what they do and so they have clients flying in from all over the world and they offer intensives whether that’s one week or two weeks and you know you can even dream big here.

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If you can partner with a hotel and get special block rate settings, maybe partner with a yoga studio if you really want to give them the full-out luxury wellness experience, partnering with local brick and mortar services in your area which is just going to strengthen your name and your expertise and authority in your area and strengthen potential referral collaborations and partnerships.

And if there’s just so many benefits to that building a retreat program when you don’t even have to own a spa yourself, another option is to hold a retreat like setting where someone maybe comes in for a week, you have an Airbnb partner with you, have massage therapists you partner with, you have yoga studios you partner with, and they come to daily sessions with you maybe a couple hours long or twice daily whatever you think that that person might need to get all the necessary information for themselves and record it and they can take it all back home and they go back home 10 days or two weeks later, a completely changed and different person with your level and expertise for specifically what you offer and that is so key.

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If you specialize for example like in one of my clients in hypermobility, and not just the hypermobile individual, but the whole what happens systemically in the body for the hypermobile person or Elos Danlos for example, so I teach my clients the 100k branding where you’re working on the e squares really, everything what you specialize in, what is your expertise, what is your experience. Many of these clients have their own personal transformations and stories that allow them to really stand out in their niches and make a name from themselves even if there’s other people doing similar type of work but so much so that people all over the world request to work with them and so then they paused and we work together and say, “Okay how can we creatively serve these people and how will this benefit your business as well and fulfill their soul?” Because that’s what they specialize in, that’s the type of client they really want to serve and help, so they really feel lit up about this.

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So for you today, right now, take a pause, ask yourself, what is your expertise? Where do you really excel? What is your own personal transformation story? What is your experience? How do they come together? Can you think of a defining moment or defining story where your personal experience, your personal story helped highlight and put you on the path of your expertise where you gained certifications and knowledge and license in? Think about who you get requests from online, who sends you DMs, who sends you e-mails, where are they coming from, are they from a blog that’s gone viral? Are they coming from viral social media posts? Where are they coming from?

Now think about that ideal client that you want to work with, maybe some of them are right there in your inbox. How do you see yourself working with them? Let’s say you had all the legality set up, it was simple, it was easy to do, you have your business set up in a way where you know exactly how to record and record the transactions and support the in-person people to your brick and mortar, you know how to record and support your wellness clients anywhere in the world. All of that was taken care of. How would you ideally like to serve these people?

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Maybe it is an on-demand container where someone purchases a course for example and they go through at the one-to-one offer, maybe it is a group class program of a sorts, maybe it is a membership of a sorts, maybe it is an in-person retreat style setting where people are flying to you and you have collaborations with other wellness businesses in your area. You can dream big! Maybe it’s a hybrid, maybe it’s a little bit in person, they come for intensives and then they’re part of monthly or bi-monthly group calls. Think big here! You don’t have to be in the box of a membership or in-person. You can pull whatever facets are really going to support this person the best think of what they really need and where you really excel.

If you excel in manual therapy, then for sure you might want to have an in-person component where they do come for three days, five days, ten days, two weeks, and you are giving that manual care and then they’re sent off into a membership where they learn how to support it more from a lifestyle viewpoint for example, it’s endless! You have permission to dream here.

Write it down. Take 20 minutes of your day. It’ll be so worth it and don’t feel pressured that you have to go out and do it right now, that people are just going to get scooped up because they heard this podcast and or maybe saw my reel and that people are just going to do it and beat you to the punch. Think abundantly! Allow the idea to percolate! Do research on it now.

There’s a balance here where you don’t want to just store it in the closet of your brain and have it sit there forever out of fear but you don’t want to rush and hustle towards it either because of scarcity so it’s really strategizing like my successful clients did so they are launching this program at the right time and so it doesn’t shake up that current revenue stream and they don’t feel taxed out, they don’t feel like they have to add a whole bunch of hours to their day just to launch this thing, and that takes away from their own wellness practices.

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And then reach out to a lawyer. Someone you can trust. I’ve got a couple resources if you need that make sure it’s clear you have contracts for your wellness clients and your in-person patients if that’s what you do. Allow the ideas to percolate and then when the time is right you can week by week build the program and then launch it.

It’s as simple as that! Of course if you want my help during this process so it goes a little bit faster with a little bit more ease because I’ve been there and I’ve helped many people do this very exact things, then just reach out to me and book your consult call and with this process you can truly have a business that fills you up and fits in within your ideal lifestyle where you do have people reaching out to work with you with ease because you are known for what you do and so then yes you can too have more freedom in your life to say yes to tiny little things that just make your hearts, I shouldn’t call her a thing, tiny little furry babies that make your heart sing like Spark here, who just has fallen asleep on my lap and that just makes my heart so so happy!

All right! I hope you have a great week! I’ll see you next week. Bye for now.

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