How to experience precious moments, instead of letting them just pass by…

Last week my daughter hiked to the summit of her first mountain. The fact that my husband and I were able to be a part of the experience made it even sweeter. Here is a picture of the three of us at the top of a mountain in Joshua Tree (with my daughter’s favorite stuffy Marshall).

In the past as an ambitious entrepreneur, I found it hard to take time from my business. I would freak out and be torn at the thought of taking several days off for a vacation. And, when I did I would struggle with really relaxing and enjoying time with my family. My mind would always be running in the background. Spinning on projects I was excited about, problems I wanted to solve etc…

One thing my health journey has taught me is how precious and fleeting these moments with family are. If I didn’t take time to appreciate them NOW, they would pass and I would miss them. Never able to get it back. I talk more about my awakening to this reality and how I decided to make BIG SCARY changes in Day 5 of the Stress Relief Online Retreat (Get it here). https://igniteurwellness.com/free-stress-kit/

In the past I thought I had to choose. If I focused on family I was taking time away from my business and vice versa. With mindset work I have been doing I realize this story is not true, and it’s definitely not serving me, my business, clients, patients and family.

So last week there was no podcast because I was relaxing and enjoying time with family. However, you can catch up on old episodes AND make sure to sign up for the STRESS RELIEF & THERAPEUTIC YOGA FOR THE NECK, UPPER BACK, & SHOULDERS ONLINE WORKSHOP


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