How to Grow Your Wellness Business

Today we’re gonna talk about how your healing will help you to grow as a successful wellness practitioner. In whatever version of success means to you, maybe it means getting more clients and having more consistent revenue. Or maybe your classes are filled, yet you are not receiving the revenue you desire. 

Or maybe you desire more free time. Time to care for yourself and spend with family.  

Take a moment right now. What is your version of success?

We are in quarter 2, for the year 2022. It’s a great time to reevaluate those intentions that you set for this year. That way when 2022 ends, and we’re on the horizon for 2023 you know exactly what would a successful year look like and mean to you.

When you’re ringing in the new year for 2023. You know exactly where you succeeded and where you still have room to grow. 

Here are some journaling questions for you: 

  • What would success look like?
  • What would it feel like? 
  • What are thoughts that you would think about yourself? 
  • Thoughts that you would think about your business? 
  • How would you feel when communicating your business to others, your friends, your family, your partner?

Take a moment and write all this down. 

For each wellness practitioner that I work with success looks a little bit different. And what we work on in their business looks a little bit different. As we go through this episode, what you need to heal to create that success will be different person to person as well. But the only way you begin to unravel what really needs to heal is to take a moment and take a step back. 

I’ll explain a couple of common phrases that I hear from wellness practitioners when I first start working with them. The first is “I have so much knowledge. I know I can help people, but now one is reaching out. And I don’t know why”. 

Another phrase that I hear is “I’m getting in my own way”. “I’m slowing myself down.”When I ask in what way and they’re not sure. So how this manifests in their business is for these people, they’re exhausted, they’re frustrated, they’re on the brink of burnout. Because they’re putting in a ton of time, but don’t have the results to show for it. Meaning they’re not getting the revenue that they desire, or they’re really lacking time. They’re working late into the evenings or working most weekends. They don’t have as much family time as they would like. The don’t have as much downtime to just reset their nervous systems, decompress and relax. 

Because of that their partners are noticing their exhaustion, and are giving unneeded business advice in an attempt to help.

In this case, where you do feel like you’re getting in your own way, or you can’t quite put your finger on what’s really slowing you down, the most helpful thing you can do is take a step back. 

When you have the thought that you’re getting in your own way, but you don’t have the specific answer, that thought really just slows you down, because it’s very general. And you start to take action on the belief that you are slowing yourself down and that you are getting in your own way. And you start to create feelings of doubt, and hesitation. You compromise the belief in your abilities as an entrepreneur and in your abilities to grow and have a successful wellness business. 

When you think that thought  “I’m just getting in my own way, I’m slowing myself down”, you think it’s helpful. In reality it’s creating a self fulfilling prophecy where you are slowing yourself down. 

Here’s what you can do instead. Pick one specific area of your business, maybe it’s your marketing, selling, or maybe it’s your delivery.

You can determine which one to pick based upon your numbers. If you know some of the numbers in your business, for example, how many new potential clients you’re bringing into your business, if that number is really low, you might want to work on your marketing, so you’re visible to more new people. You could just be one post away from finding that and connecting with that ideal client, for example. 

You can really just look at your numbers from a helicopter point of view or a bird’s eye point of view. Instead of getting so attached to the drama of what’s going on in your day to day. So pick one of these areas, and then dial it in more. 

Let’s say you pick the marketing.
What exactly is going on in your marketing that’s holding you back?
Are you showing up to market? 
Are you showing up consistently with emails or posts or if you don’t like social media? 
Or are you growing your email list? 
Maybe you just need to talk with more people in person? 
And if you are doing that, then what are you saying? 
When you’re talking to people in person? 
What are you writing? 
Do you have a specific call to action? 

There’s many ways that you can look at your business a bit like a science experiment, where you’re just using the numbers as data to tweak and refine without getting caught up in the drama behind the numbers or making the numbers mean something’s wrong with you, which I did for a period of time. And I’ll tell you, it’s not helpful. It’s just a huge energy leak. 

If the numbers are not where you would like them to be, why?
When you examine the gap, then you reveal your growth edge. 

This is where you dedicate time and focus. 

For example, maybe you are nervous to post on social media because you are afraid of being judged. 

You are passionate about your message, and you know you can help people. You even find writing content enjoyable. You love to serve your people. Yet, you never release it to the world. 

Developing your self confidence, and the ability to have your own back is the healing work you need. How is it true that you can believe in your message, yourself and your unique capabilities despite what anyone says. 

How will you support yourself if someone disagrees with you?

When you work through this work, for example, then you will gain the confidence to release your work into the world. 

For each practitioner, their growth edge will be different. 

What’s yours?
Start there today. 

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