How to Know If You Are Ready To Run FB Ads

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Today we’re gonna talk about if you are ready to run FB ads or not, and remembering there is no right
So I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum. I’ve used Facebook ads to grow my brick and mortar
physical therapy clinic, and that worked great. I also brought in people and I’ve also grown my business
coaching side of the business, completely organic, not using Facebook ads at all. So you can succeed
either way.

The purpose of this blog is to give you information to inform you so you can make the best decision for

Don’t Like Facebook? I Have Something Else For You

This blog will not be for those of you who think Facebook is the devil and is out to get you and curses
your day-to-day because of that flipping algorithm. If you hate Facebook or Instagram, this blog is not for
you because most likely, if you’re not currently using Facebook or Instagram or hate them, then you’re
not going to want to take the next step to do ads, and that’s fine.

You can grow your business another way. There are people who have six figure businesses and beyond
that who are not on social media at all. So there’s other techniques. In fact, go get the Get Client’s
Blueprint, a free five-day training, and you can learn other ways.
So don’t beat yourself up, just go get
that training.

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If You Like Facebook, Continue Reading

Now that we got that out of the way, today I want to talk to you, those of you who do utilize Facebook.
Facebook is a for-profit organization so of course it’s going to skew the algorithm to encourage you to
pay because it’s for profit. That being said, the fact that for me personally, I can sign clients from
Instagram or Facebook organically, meaning I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars off of Facebook and
Instagram in my business coaching side of things without investing 1 cent to Instagram and Facebook,
that’s pretty freaking cool and amazing in my book.

So if you do appreciate the organic aspect of utilizing Instagram and Facebook, then you want to read on,
because I will tell you right off the bat, it will be much cheaper and much easier to start Facebook ads if
you already have an organic following on Facebook and Instagram. Meaning, people are already
viewing your reels, people already commenting and engaging and liking your stuff because then your ads
will be retargeting those people. And also Facebook will use its algorithms to create a whole new
audience based off those people.

So if you don’t have that warm engagement already on those channels, then you have to start from
scratch with your ads, and that is a lot more money because Facebook essentially has to create your
first audience for you and figure that out than to even know it’s second audience, the colder audience,
to create that second colder audience.

So this blog is for those of you already on Facebook and Instagram, or you would like to be on Facebook
and Instagram and you want encouragement to keep going, and possibly you wanna do ads now or in the future, I’m talking to you again.
To reiterate, those of you who want to build your business through other means, do it. Go for it, listen to
other episodes and get the Get Client’s blueprint to learn other ways.

Three Ways To Know If You Are Ready For Facebook And Instagram Ads
Okay, let’s get into the information about Facebook and Instagram ads. Here are three ways to know if
you are ready for Facebook and Instagram ads. I will give you the overview and then we will dive into
each of these specifically, what it means, and how to prepare yourself if that’s the direction you want to
Number one, your copy, your messaging, your calls to action need to be on point, otherwise you’re
going to put ads up there and they’re not going to convert. Number two, you must be profitable. We’ll
get into this why this is important. And number three, you have to have the back end in place to
support and nurture those people, those new leads that come in from Facebook.
And you must be
already converting people, otherwise you’re going to get new leads and they’re going to just sit there in
your funnel not converting, and that’s going to be wasted money.
Number four, and this goes with number two, being profitable, you have to be willing. This is more of a
mindset though, where number two is like the logistics of the numbers, your money in the bank or cash
flow coming in. This is more of the mindset piece about this, is that you have to be willing to spend
money and lose it without return in the beginning when you figure things out. So that’s also why you
want to be profitable is because you want to have that extra cash to be able to spend it and use it and
learn from it without freaking out or going into scarcity.

Number 1: The Copy, The Messaging, The Calls To Action
All right, let’s talk about number one specifically, the copy and the messaging and your calls to action.
So these days in Facebook, there is more competition, meaning more people are using Facebook and
Instagram for their ads, and Facebook has just raised the cost since it started and brought on ads in the
first place. So it’s just more expensive and there’s more people vying for the same audience that you
want to show your ad to.
Plus, the people who will be seeing your ad will not be only seeing your ad in
their feed, they will also be seeing your competition’s ad. So your copy needs to stand out

There’s many layers of this. A, you need to know your audience and speak specifically to them in a way
that will attract their attention, suck them in, and give them a piece of value from that ad that will
compel them to want more.
I’ll say that again. Your copy needs to attract their tension, speak to them
specifically give value that will want to compel them to want more.
Your copy also must stand out from your competition. So if you go back to branding yourself, the blog
entitled “How to brand yourself as a wellness entrepreneur,” I talked about how to stand out from the
This branding, meaning your expertise, your experience, your philosophies, your values. You want
to bring this into the copy in your Facebook ad while giving value to that client so they understand how
you are different than the competition. This is very different than putting the competition down or
tearing down the competition.
This is just differentiating yourself in the marketplace. So your ideal client
understands why you are the perfect person to help them. So again, they are compelled to take you up
on your Facebook offer and opt in.

The other part of this is your call to action has to be very specific, clear and compelling. So they do take
you up on that offer and opt in. Otherwise, it’s wasted money, meaning a whole bunch of people will
see your ad and they won’t engage with it.
They won’t like it, and for sure they won’t take you up on
the offer. Meaning you’ll get a whole bunch of views. You’ll see this, a whole bunch of views on the back
end and no clicks, no people taking you up on the offer. That is because of your copy and or your call to
action. So it could be one or the other or both. So if you want to do Facebook ads and you don’t want to
waste money, showing it to a whole lot of people without people opting in and taking you up on your
offer, practice that organically.

So you can look on my Facebook page, my personal page. You can get in my free group, you can follow
me on Instagram. You see, I do exactly that. I test all kinds of copy messages. I test all kinds of call to
actions. I’m engaging, I’m out there. I’m meeting people, I’m doing the thing. So then when I want to
come back to doing Facebook ads, I know what copy I’ll put up there because I have tested what works
with my audience and what doesn’t.
It’s less risky. I’m still going to have to go through the trial and error
portion of putting money into Facebook to figure out what works through ads, but it’ll be less wasted
If you want to work on your copy, your messaging, your call to action, then continue reading and watch
out for my next blogs. I will have a copy blog coming up in the near future. Again, if you want to do it
right now, just sign up for a free consult. I help many of my clients with this. They will send me an e-mail
to review and edit, and I’ll give them feedback. Sometimes we do it right there on the call. I’ll look at sales
pages, registration pages, posts, e-mails. We do it all together one-to-one. So if you want my eyes on
something, then sign-up for your free consult call to find out if you’re a good fit for the one-to-one
Read more about creating compelling copy here: https://igniteurwellness.com/content-creation/

Number 2: The Money
All right, let’s get into number two – in terms of money. How do you know when you’re ready to bring on
Facebook and Instagram ads? If it’s when you have money to spend and you can still pay the bills and
it’s not going to freak you out.
So some of you might decide that you want to invest in Facebook and
Instagram right off the bat from initially starting your business, but the problem is you don’t have an
audience yet.

You want to gain an audience quickly, you just want to go right to it. You have extra money to spend
maybe from savings, maybe from another job, maybe from another business that you sold, and you want
to utilize that money for Facebook and invest in it in just trial by fire. Do it.

But, if you are freaked out about spending money or paying the expenses is a bit tight, then you want
to think carefully.
Because again, as I said in the beginning, there is a trial and error process where you
may need to spend money, put money into Facebook, Instagram, and then to get that money back. You
can do this by yourself, which I’ve done in the past, or you can hire a specialist or an ad agency to do it
for you.
Obviously if you hire someone, you will get through the process quicker, but again, you’re
spending more money.

There’s no one right way. You just have to figure out your risk tolerance and the numbers because you
don’t want to put so much money into Facebook ads and an ad agency or person to help you with your
ads and not have money to invest in coaching.
For example, it’s easy to say, “Ugh, they just don’t want
to hire me. Something’s wrong with me, something’s wrong with my program.” And then you’re out the
money. And really it was just fine tuning your copy or your call to action. And if you had a coach, they’ll
catch you and help you to keep going and work on your mindset.
And so then you keep investing in ads
and you keep trying and figuring it out. But if you put all your money towards ads, then you won’t have
money for that coach, and you might be more likely to quit or get yourself into a financial hole that’s
a.k.a debt that’s harder to climb out of.
So only you can know your numbers and know how to interpret
your numbers to know when you’re ready to invest in Facebook.
Here’s the thing, when you get it right and you have that ratio, for example, you spend $1 in Facebook to
get $5 back. You already have that ratio, that funnel all dialed in, and it can be very lucrative and a very
quick way to grow your audience utilizing Facebook ads. Instagram ads can also be a great way to
maintain consistent and reliable consultations. But that leads me to number four, which we’ll get to in a
First we’ll go over the mindset of investing is having the back end to support and nurture those people
so you are closing the those consults and working that conversion.
So coming back to investing in
Facebook, you want to make sure you have the right mindset and perspective to support you through
the process.

Meaning if the first go of an ad, because you need to put it up and you need to figure out split testing
of what’s going to resonate with your audience more and that sort of thing, you have to be willing to
invest money first before you start to see the return. A
nd when the return happens is really individual
business by business. So having a coach to support you during this process is very important, as I
mentioned. So you keep going, you see it through, and you don’t give up right before you see the results.
Again, having a person who specializes in Facebook, Instagram ads, or an agency is also helpful in
securing that you are targeting the right audience, setting up retargeting ads, getting your warm
audience engaged, whether that be from Facebook, Instagram, your e-mail list, your website, that sort of
thing. So you need to have the ability to keep your nervous system down regulated so you’re not
spinning, freezing, freaking out during that whole process.

Because remember, you still have to work with the clients while your ads are running and you want to
be able to support them, make sure they’re still getting their results.
And while in the beginning phases
of your Facebook and Instagram ads, you still want to be getting consults or people to your sales page
organically to have money continuously come in till your Facebook and Instagram ads are dialed in. And
that’s where it gets a little complex. So for the very new business owner or entrepreneur, it might just be
too much right off the bat, which is why organic’s great because it can be very simple.

I realized right now that I didn’t define organic versus paid. So paid is using Facebook ad. Organic means
you’re not investing money through Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads, which is a whole other beast
as well. You’re just doing it through utilizing these platforms without investing money.

But organic marketing can be very simple where you’re getting out there, you’re posting, you’re directly
connecting with one to one people, whether that be in person or online. However, there might be some
limits. I say might because many people have grown to six figures and beyond multiple six figures just
through organic marketing.

However, if you feel like you’ve hit the cap of your audience and reach and limit, or you want to bring in
more leads quicker per month, per week, then Facebook, Instagram might be a great way to go.

Number 3: The Backend
Okay, let’s talk about the back end now. So you’ll have an ad with that copy, with that call to action. And
typically you are going to lead them to a free offer of some kind, whether that’d be a free guide, a free
opt-in, or possibly a free webinar, or sometimes, again, this is usually for the more advanced
entrepreneur, a lower ticket item
, like lower ticket workshop summit event, online or in-person or even
I’ve seen and done well, low-priced consultations, evaluations.

So it can be kind of heady. And I’ve experienced this personally where I’ve done in the past. I’ve put out
ads, I’ve done this myself, no ad agency or ad person, so possibly it could have been done better, but I
made it work and I was somewhat profitable because I did a guide for low back health and also I’ve done
them to free webinars for the low back. And I’ve gotten a lot of opt-ins, hundreds of opt-ins, so lots of
e-mails. I grew my list, which is great, It was heady. But in the beginning I had a difficult time converting
those people, meaning I got hundreds of people to my e-mail list and none of them converted in the
beginning. And that is money that I wouldn’t say was wasted because I did grow my list, but it wasn’t
money utilized efficiently because essentially those people just sat there and didn’t convert.

And the reason why this happened was because the copy, my e-mails, my webinar, so my funnel
essentially was not dialed in enough to convert them. My webinars at the time, I really needed to gain
my confidence in believing that I was teaching valuable information. My sales process at the end
needed a lot of work.
The copy in my follow up e-mails, same thing. The energy behind them could have
been improved, the copy itself could have been improved. The calls to action to the next step for them,
sometimes it was to a consultation. My consultation conversions really needed a lot of work or a
registration page because I have the Heal Your Low Back blueprint that also could have been dialed in
more. And it was stemming from the belief that I didn’t know if that Heal Your Low Back blueprint
program was good enough to sell online, because it was my very first online program and course so, of
course, because of that energy of doubt and confusion and lack of belief in myself and my work, of
course that’s not going to convert.

So the backend was not ready essentially for the Facebook ad. If you’re in a place in your business where
you’re able to put a post out there or a reel, you get engagement, you get traffic, you have a clear call to
action, and then someone comes to the consult call and you have a decent close on your consult call, a
decent percentage close rate on your consult calls or people land to your sales registration page, and
again, you have a decent close rate there, then you might be ready for Facebook and Instagram ads.
Because if you’re doing it organically, meaning free, then for sure you can dial it in, scale it up, ramp it
up, utilizing Facebook ads.

However, if you’re shaky in any of that process, then when you put money in, it’s going to extrapolate or
that shakiness will be magnified through an ad and then that makes paid advertising more expensive.

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So there you have it. There is no right way. You can go and do it and invest the money if you have the
money to spend and learned while investing.
Or you can learn organically by not worrying about the
algorithm and just being grateful for getting clients through not paying. There is no right way. It just
depends on the decision that you want to make that serves you and your business and your people the

And if you want help in preparation to do ads, working on your copy, your message, your profitability,
your mindset, working on that back end, getting the plan for all this working on your consult conversions,
your registration page conversions, then for sure you’re a great fit for the Awaken One-to-One Program.
Just sign up for a consult call to determine if you think I’m a good fit to help you.
I’ll see you next week. Bye for now!
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