How to Make a Big Decision

When it comes to being an entrepreneur you are faced with many decisions every day. 

What to post on social media.

What to even prioritize in your day. 

How best to serve your people.

When to block off exercising and self care time. 

What to do for exercise and self care. 

It’s endless. 

And easy to get stuck in overwhelm and indecisiveness. But, that will slow you down. It will derail your success. 

Instead you have to start planning ahead of time. 

Deciding what your schedule will be like for the week (and sticking to it! the hardest part).

Deciding how best to serve your people, and not let other people’s opinions cause you to doubt or switch your idea…  Just to start with a couple of examples. 

The first step is to become aware of what’s in your control, and what decisions need to be made. 

The second step is to gather information from your intuition and possibly resources outside of yourself (not too much you can get stuck here as well) to help you make an informed decision. 

The third step is to decide. 

The problem is it’s easy to get stuck in any of those steps, and spin out in confusion and/or overwhelm. 

I have a podcast to help with this. Heather Hammell, The MFR Coach, and I talk about what it’s like to make big decisions AND big investments.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode. Everything from the fear of being seen and visible as an entrepreneur, to making investments with your own coach and the benefits, money mindset, hoarding money and so much more. Enjoy.
 Listen to Episode 112 here: https://igniteurwellness.com/health-podcasts/


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