How to Plan a Yoga class

How To Plan Your Yoga Class

Sequencing is the process in which yoga poses are placed in a particular order to create an optimal flow and balance. However, sequencing does not only work for yoga instructors. It also works for coaches, healthcare workers, or anyone creating workshops or programs. Sequencing is also helpful when creating a structure for live events, Facebook Lives or recording podcasts, etc. It will create a better flow for all your programs. I want to walk you through my process, which has helped me create amazing programs. 

Where To Start In Planning Your Yoga Class? 

Firstly, you will choose a topic or theme for your training or workshop. Pick a topic that your people want and need to hear. Most importantly, choose a topic that lights you up, something that brings you joy, happiness, and that you are passionate about. I usually use the topic that I am already focused on for the week. It helps when keeping the topic consistent throughout your week.  

What Are You Teaching? 

Once you have your topic, think about books or blogs you’ve read, podcasts you’ve listened to, or training workshops you’ve attended for further inspiration. When using any of these materials be sure to credit the sources you used to create your program. Braindump the message that you want to bring to your people. Bring it all together and document it in a journal or google doc.

Going More In-Depth on Your Teaching

Go a little deeper into the journey that you want to take your students on by answering the following:  

  • What do you want them to take away from your class? 
  • What are they going to get out of your program physically? 
  • How will their bodies feel after taking your program?  
  • What do your people want or NEED to hear? 
  • What are their struggles?  
  • How can I educate them or bring value to them?
  • How can I help them understand the importance of the information?  

The goal here is to make their lives easier and bring more ease and flow to your people. Think about what insights and aha’s you’d like them to have. As you start thinking through these deep questions the order or layers will naturally start coming to you. 

Create The Plan For Your Yoga Class

The same as teaching a yoga class, you will work your people through an order or process. Ask yourself where are you leading them? How will you meet them where they currently are?
You will start slow with breathing and intention and move into simple poses, gently ramping up to the more strenuous poses. Then you will ramp back down ending with the cooldown and finally conclude in a relaxed position.
Teaching a workshop is a very similar process: 

  • Brainstorm your topic or theme.
  • Plan out what you are teaching.
  • Dig deeper for your desired outcome.
  • Outline the process using layers.
  • Put it all together with ease and flow.

Sequencing will prevent you from feeling like you are running in different directions. Sequencing will make your work feel inspiring. It will also make your people walk away feeling balanced and fulfilled. Sequencing is an expression of your creativity. Have fun with it!


Alison McLean

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