How to Reduce Stress and Find Flow and Ease in Your Wellness Business

A lot of the structure and systems out there for the entrepreneur are masculine in nature. 
Which is fine. They are helpful. And when you find the one that works for you it’s a great way to leverage your time and efficiency.

However, life happens. We are not robots. We are human so it’s normal to ebb and flow. To have powerful days, and off days. TO have days where the system doesn’t fit. Where it feels like you are forcing too much.

Or, trying to fit a square peg into a circular hole.

Personally I’ve found that I feel most joyful, fulfilled with ease and less stress in my business. Grounded and calm without the hustle when I lean into the femine flow of my business. When I tap into my creativity daily.

And this is huge for me because I have had a preventative hysterectomy so physically I don’t have my female reproductive organs. I’m in menopause at an early age, but I can still embody the essence and energy of feminity AND be productive.

Truthfully I think that’s really the gas behind the systems, structure and processes in your wellness business.

So if you feel like your schedule is too rigid.
Or if you are always creating a schedule but never sticking to it.
Or if you hit burnout, exhaustion, illness a brick wall
Or, dread your days.

It’s time to look at your approach.

This is the work of healing and evolving you to grow your wellness business.

Where do you need to tighten up your systems and where do you need to let go and find flow?

It doesn’t have to be black or white, one or the other

A simple place to start might be to examine your goals. Did you set one at the beginning of the year or month?

Are you on track?
Why or why not?

Are the breaks in the or holes in your systems
What has worked for you to get to this point but is no longer working and needs to change?

How do you feel? If you feel you are forcing and pushing? Where can you take your hands off the wheel?

If you are feeling sad, depressed or unfilled, where can you bring in more creativity, more ideas you are passionate about?

Where are you forcing yourself to fit a box or mold?

Like working 40 hours a week

What if it was possible for you to create more money while working less?

How is that true?

For me I had to believe it before I actually created it.
I didn’t even believe it 100%. I wasn’t fully ready. But i started taking action as if it was true

Now I’m not working evenings anymore
I work an occasional weekend (one day vs. both) and I like my reasons. I’m very selective.

I’m more rested, so I’m on to myself when I’m in a negative thought cycle.
I’m more creative, I’m more productive. Because I’m caring for myself better, going slower, doing the behind the scenes thought work my belief is stronger.

So the work I am doing is more impactful.

How can it be true for you?
Where are your energy leaks? How is it true that you could work less and make more revenue?

What do you need to let go of to go forward?

Where might there be blocks?

What is the self concept that you need to let go of to create the results, the goals that you truly desire? Maybe it’s the self concept of believing that you’re a hot mess, maybe it’s a self concept of being busy, busy, busy all the time, and having a crazy chaotic, busy schedule equates to your worthiness? Maybe it’s a self concept of believing that you have to work hard to earn a decent revenue, it’s time to examine that. And what is the new self concept that you want to embody? How would you feel? How do you want to feel when you hit your goals? And where are there some places in life that you can take the hands off the wheel? Maybe one of your self concepts is having to be in control of everything? Where can you let go lean into flow?

Sometimes as entrepreneurs we can feel lonely, isolated. So noticing where you are feeling sad, depressed, or unfulfilled. And where can you bring in more creativity, more ideas that you’re passionate about?

Maybe in your marketing, maybe in your social media, showing up in your posts, your reels, maybe you’re not doing them at all, because you’re afraid to express your true feelings. You’re afraid to honor your authenticity or your voice? Or express your own passionate views? Where can you show up and speak your truth? Speak where you’re passionate about where in your business? Can you bring in more of your creativity, more of your own ideas instead of forcing or “shoulding”?

How can you use social media as a creative outlet?

For me, part of the reason why I am able to show up so much for marketing is because I started to embody that creative aspect of it. How can I be playful? How can I bring more joy to the marketing? How can I bring fulfillment to the marketing?

And so two ways that I do this is through bringing a lot of my creativity, expressing my own truth, my own authenticity, it’s a bit of an art. And it’s showing up in a way to serve others. And both are when I use those two values of being creative and serving, then I show up to market a lot more consistently.

What’s even better is that my engagement is higher. And I feel more fulfilled, instead of just marketing to a market where it just sucks the life out of me really. And it’s not fulfilling. So for yourself, where you are forced to fit a certain box or mold because you feel like it should do another area to look at and examine your schedule, you’re probably desired to be an entrepreneur, a solo practitioner, so you could show up in your business and in your work or in a certain way. That’s why you do the work that you do with your people. When you’re actually in a session, you’re very creative, you’re very fulfilled, it lights you up.

But maybe outside of your sessions, you’re still in that masculine energy, where you’re forcing yourself to work 40 hours a week or work eight to five, because that’s how it was when you’re an employee. But you’re not an employee anymore. You own your own business for a reason. So where can you find flow in your schedule? Where can you let go and create more room for play in your schedule or creativity or downtimes? Or rest?

How is it true for you that you could actually make more money while working less. Right now I know that 100% To be true that when I work less I care for myself and spend more time with my family. I actually make more money. I’m more productive in my business now, then when I work a lot more hours and I’m hustling and rushing and racing all around.
But I had to start believing this before I actually created it. When I was in the hustle mode when I was working evenings and most weekends, to make the change, I had to start believing this thought that if I can create more money, I can be more productive. When I work less, I’ll be more fulfilled when I work less. Back then I didn’t have to believe it. I had to create some disclaimers if there were conditions in there like “it’s possible”. How is it true? I started to believe it step by step, even. And I started to create it as this as a reality. Even before I was fully ready, I had to start taking action as if it were 100% True. I had to do the work.

This truly is the gas behind all the systems in the strategies.. This will make all the work that you are doing a lot more impactful. So how can this be true for you? Where are your energy leaks? How can you work less to make more revenue? Where does your mind want to throw up an argument that is the work?

Because every day you’re embodying your authentic talents, you’re expressing whatever Divine Light sparks, intuition, ideas that are flowing through you, you’re honoring that. And when that happens, you feel more fulfilled. And of course, when you have more time to take care of you and spend time with family and enjoy life, then you’ll know that right now, right, exactly where you are, is perfect. And you can still set goals, but it doesn’t mean that the grass is going to be greener over there. Because you are already appreciating and enjoying life right now. Whatever comes is a bonus, a blessing, right? So then you can feel appreciative and have gratitude for all that you do have right now. And that can light you up and allow you to feel fulfilled right now. And it can help to bring you out of any sadness or loneliness that you might feel as an entrepreneur.

Of course, if you feel stuck here, please reach out to me. I’m happy to help walk you through this. Get you out of any negative thoughts, cycles, process any emotions that need to be processed, feel all the fears so you can go for it because I know that the growth you have might be uncomfortable. However, you also might be so close to hitting those dreams, you might just be a couple of thoughts away, or feeling or expressing a creative idea that leads to a huge growth, a huge explosion of you getting to where you want to go and embodying you the innate creative, you embodying your strengths, what sets you apart from the rest of the world.

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