How to Start an Online program

If you have a yoga, physical therapy, health, wellness, or coaching business and are looking into launching an online program or service, I am speaking to you!

I would love to share with you a little about my journey through creating online services and programs. I hope to inspire and help you to do the same. I spent countless hours learning from mentors who were achieving the results I wanted. After trial and error, I finally got to a place of success with my online programs. I feel called to share my process with you to help you obtain a faster and more efficient result than me.

How I Took Action Towards Creating Online Services

I quickly sprung into action. After purchasing and renovating a “she-shed”, I was finally able to let go of my brick-and-mortar location. I now had the luxury of not worrying about the expenses of renting after this one-time investment while also still having a physical space to see clients. 
I started thinking about what type of online services I wanted to create for my people. I started thinking through all the benefits of these online services, which I will touch on later in this blog. Just a few benefits are the ability to help more people, convenience of availability, and flexibility of location. They can access my online services while I am sleeping! 

I noticed a commonality in what my people needed in a 1-on-1 session. I wanted to create programs and workshops geared toward specific issues that I could give as a beautiful bonus to these clients. It would save time and energy on my part while providing a better and longer-lasting result for my clients.

My Mistakes with Creating Online Services

No journey is complete without mistakes! So I want to briefly touch on that part of my journey. The number one mistake I made when creating online services is treating the online program as “separate” from my brick-and-mortar business. 

This led me to feel guilt when I was devoting time to my online program. It is as if I was saying “no” to my physical business. This created a constant battle in my mind and put me into a scarcity mindset around time. I felt as if I was not making progress.|

This was the problem.
It was not about one or the other because my physical business and my online program were the same. I was looking at my online program all wrong. That is when I discovered the process to get clear on your online services.


This process is the “inner work” that you need to do to be crystal clear in planning your online services. Please remember with online programs or services you will be putting in the work on the front end before you see any reward. This takes patience in looking forward to the big picture. 


  • Get very clear on the big picture goal and break it down.
    • What is your goal for the next 3 years?
    • What is your goal for the next 5 years?
    • What is your goal for the next 10 years?


  • How does your online program or services fit into your big picture goals under one umbrella?

Disclaimer- There is one reason you would want to keep your business and online services separate and that is if you ever plan to sell your business. That is why it is so important to get clear on the future. 


  • How does your online program or service help your clients with their desired results?
    • Does it help them get results faster?
    • Does it help them get results that stick?


  • How does your online program or service help your clients fill in the gaps of your 1-on-1 services?
    • Does it allow your clients to review the information at their convenience, ultimately getting a better grasp of your teachings?


  • What do my people want from an online program or service? 

Now that you are clear on your big picture and how you can better help your clients. You will create programs and online services that people want to invest in. You will get your clients amazing results! Let’s dive a little deeper into the mutual benefits.


You will be empowered to create online services that have your big-picture goal in mind. This will ultimately allow your nervous system to remain calm and relaxed. You will see where you are headed. You will also hit your goals without burning out.

Your online services will be under one umbrella, so no more guilt in spending time working on your program! There will be no more scarcity mindset around time. |

The quality of your work put into this program will improve along with your efficiency. You will get more work done in less time. You will be excited to create which also creates flow. You will meet your goal of caring for yourself and enjoying your life to the fullest!
I mentioned before, the main reason to create online services is to provide more value to your clients. The main benefit to your clients is that these services will create more ways to work with you. 

Below is a recap of more benefits for your people: 

  • Your clients will achieve faster results. 
  • Your clients will achieve results that stick. 
  • Your clients will feel satisfied with their investments. 
  • Your clients will have location flexibility.
  • Your clients will have access to your magic 24/7.

You will both be achieving your desired goals. Creating online services is a win-win!
I encourage you to get clear before creating your online services or programs. Do this powerful inner work to create more time in your future. I invite you to learn from my mistake and countless hours of experience and research. If I have helped just one person in sharing this process, my cup is full. 
If you have any questions on this process or would like to speak to me about mentorship in this area, please sign up for your free strategy call.


Alison McLean

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