Injections: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Remember how you used to be terrified of needles as a child? How thinking about the glinting needles probably helped you forget you were sick at all? Yes, we all know that feeling and remember it well. So, what changed? As we grew up, became braver, and started listening to our bodies a little less, our distrust of needles seems to have dwindled. Now, we run to the doctor for all manner of injections, and while vitamin B shots and flu jabs are at the lower risk end of the spectrum, many injections pose a very large, very scary risk to our health and wellbeing. Why, then, do we do subject ourselves to the needle-point?

​For many of us the answer is simple: we live with pain and just cannot do it anymore. Injections, on the advice of our doctors, promise a pain-free life with little to no wait. Injections don’t need marketing – they market themselves; if we’re in pain, we’ll do anything. The truth is, though, none of the side effects get discussed much, and all too often the advantages of shots are blown out of proportion. The truth is, not only do injections fail to produce any sort of permanent pain-free lifestyle, they go hand-in-hand with a whole bunch of negative aftereffects, some short term and others, sadly, long-term. If you’re reading this and thinking injections may be your only option, don’t fear – we’re here to spill the beans on shots, their consequences, and what other safe, long-term solutions you have at your disposal instead!

So, let’s talk about what injections really do and what you need to know before getting them. Firstly, injections are designed to allow chemicals to enter your bloodstream rapidly, thereby enabling pain-relief. The problem with this is that the injections themselves just cannot target the root source of the problem – they may be able to mask it for a while, at a push for a few months, perhaps, but they cannot eradicate it. Thus, the pain will always return. 

And not only that. While the injections may serve a short-term purpose, they nevertheless set the tone for more dangerous issues to arise. For example, while you might not feel pain shortly after the injection – and you may be on Cloud 9 at this point– the reality is that you may actually be exacerbating the issue further, thereby ensuring that the discomfort returns tenfold once the effects of the injections wear off. In addition, the chemicals/painkillers being injected severely affect your health in many instances. Not only can they be addictive, but by they may actually affect your metabolism, muscle health, and immune system, consequently inviting numerous other health problems to become part of your life. 

In fact, to illustrate this point clearly, I want you to think of a specific area you may be injected in. This could be your calf or shoulder, for example. Once the needle enters your bloodstream, the physical area in which it was inserted is obviously disrupted and damaged. Yet, what does the actual syringe solution do to the tissues? In some instances, it may break them down, damage muscle function, and even cause blood-related problems. Moreover, if the injection is aimed at your cartilage, it may actually facilitate breakdown of the cartilage itself! Yikes. All-in-all, over time the pain and discomfort you’re dealing with will get a whole lot worse. And if all that’s only in one specific area, imagine what injections are doing to the other parts of your body? 

Is the short-lived pay-off worth that kind of risk? We don’t think so.

If we’re being honest, the attraction of injections lies in the fact that they promise a quick solution to a problem that is consuming your daily joy. Your family time has been disrupted, you’re not able to do the activities you love, and you’re struggling to put on a brave face. Of course an injection sounds like the perfect thing, right? We understand. It’s really, really difficult to live with pain, and it’s equally as hard to stop and think about long-term negative effects when you’re currently dealing with something that’s stealing your happiness. 

What we’re asking you, though, is to stop and think about the ultimate goal. If it is to permanently get rid of the pain and to maintain a pain-free, happy life, then injections simply aren’t the answer. The longer you continue down the syringe-filled path, the harder it will be to get back. 

The good news is, though, there is a way to avoid the needle… physical therapy. In fact, physical therapy is so much more than a simple alternative to injections… it makes the half-empty promises of shots seem paltry compared to it. Why? Because physical therapy gives you the ability to eradicate your pain safely, effectively, and permanently, so that you can access the pain-free life you deserve. 

How? Well, a qualified physical therapist is able to diagnose and treat the root cause of the problem, thereby ensuring that your pain is eradicated rather than just being masked. What makes physical therapy so powerful is that it not only rids you of your pain, but helps you maintain that pain free life! With tailor-made exercises and stretches to accompany your physical therapy sessions, you’ll be equipped with the tools to stave off injury and pain for the long haul! And not only that, but, unlike injections, physical therapy has absolutely no negative side effects: what you’ll get is your joy, family time, social life, and mobility. And no pain!

If you’re currently considering taking injections, or you’ve already started down that path, then we urge you contact us today. We want to help you reach your goals safely, effectively, and with no negative health effects. Living with constant pain is an unbearable burden; we want to give you permanent relief from your afflictions. Forget short-term solutions, veiled promises, and short-lived results: physical therapy will help you live the life you dream of living, permanently. Call us today to chat – we’re looking forward to hearing from you.


Alison McLean

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