Intentional: pain management, wellness

This can be a word you either love or hate. Regardless, it’s one that can make a dramatic effect in your life. How? By helping you to focus. ​

Personally, I love to dream and integrate ideas that might not seem to fit together at first so focusing can be a challenge. Or, just last week I had a client in the clinic who really wanted to deepen their yoga practice so they could feel stronger, and less fatigued and stressed. However, this client kept getting distracted by other quick fixes, excuses or what seemed to be urgent issues.

It wasn’t until I helped the client focus on a strategy to stay intentional about their goal, that they actually started to see and feel results. How do you incorporate this into your life?

For myself, I use it as a reminder or reset switch. The trick is catching yourself, and being aware. For example, let’s say I have the vision of putting together a new workshop integrating many of the facets of health and wellness that I’m passionate about (true story). If I can catch myself when I start to doubt an idea, or make an excuse of why I shouldn’t take action I tell myself “intentional” and do the action anyways.. Or, if I catch myself start to dream of another type of workshop, or get distracted by a “shiny new plan” I tell myself “intention” which brings me back to home base. You can actually experience this new workshop since it is now live at Prana 1/12. 🙂

The other part of this is knowing where you want to go, and the steps (small and large) that will help you to get there. Meditation and journaling can help with this. Then it’s staying true to your intention, while leaving some flexibility to maneuver around curve balls or other shifts that may be needed along the way.
What’s your intention for 2019? E-mail me alison@ignitewellnesssandiego@gmail.com and let me know!



PS- watch this interview with physical therapist/yoga teacher Britteny Ellers on how to be intentional in relation to the ebbs and flows of life and the natural women’s cycle.


Alison McLean

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