Is everything ok over there?

I have received this question and “How are you doing?” frequently over the past year. For good reason. I have gone through a lot, and I post about it publicly on SM and here in the newsletter.My goal in sharing my health story with you is to keep you inspired. Keep you going even when things are not perfect. Even when you have scary diagnosis. Even when it seems there is no light.One thing I’ve come to learn living with Lynch and going through Cancer is that a health diagnosis (whether it be Lymes, an AutoImmune dysfunction, disc herniation) is that you don’t have to wait for the issue to be solved to be happy.

In fact, if you wait to be happy, you might miss out on precious moments of life. I’ve learned things can suck and be hard, AND (keyword) you can be happy too. It’s not an either or.

How you might ask? You have to choose. More on this another day. Today I want to celebrate. Celebrate I’ve graduated from Gynecology Oncology to regular gynecology. That’s right! My preventative hysterectomy is a success. I now only have one oncologist instead of two. And, much much less screening and doctor appointments. The picture above is with my oncologist on graduation day, and my last appointment with this caring man. Because I usually get asked. This is Dr. Eskander at UCSD (who hopefully I will never see again except at the grocery store!). You can hear more about the healing journey from this preventative surgery on this week’s podcast episode.


Alison McLean

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