How Fit2Be Classes by Justine Calderwood Improve Women’s Health

Hey there, wellness entrepreneur. Welcome back!

Today, I’m honoured to have on special guest Justine Calderwood, who is a pelvic floor women’s health specialist physical therapist in Colorado Springs, Colorado. And today, we highlight the benefits of having an online program and how there’s many different variations of an online program out there in the world.

And in today’s blog, you’ll read about how Justine launched an online program, her Fit2Be Fitness Classes for both her brick-and-mortar patients, as well as online clients, and how that’s benefited her brick-and-mortar clinic or her goals for her lifestyle that she wishes to live and her revenue, as well as helping to better serve her brick-and-mortar patients, helping them to get better results, even when she’s not able to personally work with them yet because she has a six to eight-week wait list, and so they’re able to start the process, start the work, getting benefits, getting wins before they even step foot in her clinic working with her one-to-one.

These fitness classes also give her the ability to work with people anywhere in the world and maximize her earning potential because now it takes her out of being a fully one-to-one therapist only. So if you want to follow along in Justine’s journey or learn more about her Fit2Be Classes, especially if you’re a mom wanting to strengthen their core and heal from any pelvic floor or women’s health issues, she is the person to go to.

So you can find her on her website at healingspotpt.com, and the same name on Instagram, @healingspotpt on Instagram as well. So go give her a follow, go check out her Fit2Be classes. They are really a wealth of information to help you keep strong and mobile in your body so you can be the mom that you truly desire, want to be, and stay active as you age and so much more.

And read this blog to know about how she made her Fit2Be Classes a success and blew her goals for both her founding launch and her recent spring special launch totally out of the water.

Alison: Today I’m honored to have on Justine Calderwood and we’re talking about how she used a low-ticket offer like her online fitness classes to both bring more revenue into her business without her physically having to be present in her clinic as well as to complement her in-person services and provide extra value to her waitlist. So Justine, welcome back.

Justine: Hi Alison, thanks for having me it’s a pleasure to be here talking to you again.

Alison: Yeah awesome I love this! So huge congrats first of all on your spring sale that you had for your Fit2Be fitness classes and you just blew it out of water.

Justine: Yes! We definitely exceeded what our goal is and I’m really happy about that.

Alison: Cool! Well, we’ll dive into that.

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Question to Justine: First, why don’t you tell everyone exactly what your Fit2Be classes are and how you work with your clients online.

Justine: Yeah. So I developed Fit2Be classes and they’re a style of kind of a blend of low-pressure fitness which most people don’t know that style of training but something that I learned as a pelvic floor physical therapist as an alternative to traditional core exercises. It targets the deep core including the pelvic floor. I was using it one-on-one with technicians but I really wanted to be able to bring that into kind of a group setting and offer it to not only my current clientele but people beyond that.

So it’s a style of a combination of low-pressure fitness plus traditional what I’d consider like body weight or resistance band exercises. Like if you were going to just do say squats and arm exercises and things like that, with my expertise of healing for pelvic floor and that deep core, so I bring my physical therapy background in that and then we do some myofascial release so we’re working on mobility and really the classes are designed for the people that I’m working with so my clientele is primarily pregnant and postpartum clients and people who have core or pelvic floor issues so they’re dealing with things related to their bowel, bladder, or sexual function and it’s impacting them in that way or they have like back pain so it really was a way for me to be able to serve more people and reach more people beyond just my local community in Colorado Springs.

Alison: Awesome! I love this!

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Question To Justine: And how did the idea to develop these classes and bring the online classes to complement your brick-and-mortar services, how did that come about?

Justine: Oh gosh! A couple of different ways. One, I mean, years ago, people I was offering some in-person classes when I started my business and that was more pain relief like using myofascial release techniques and I was getting people, friends of mine or former co-workers from Iowa who were saying, “Hey can you offer this online?” And this was pre-COVID.

This was back in 2016-2017 asking me to do this online and I just wasn’t ready. I didn’t want to go through the hassle so to speak of trying to figure out all the things so I just didn’t offer that. Then hit 2020, and as though as everybody knows the world kind of shut down and it really impacted my ability to serve my clientele, I really had to pivot and figure out how to offer some things online that I could still bring revenue into my business and so that’s when I took the classes or a version of the classes I had previously taught and decided, “How can I be of service to people right now who are really going through a lot of fear,” maybe have pain in their body and how can I help them to navigate this with the skills that I have without being able to put my hands on people.

So I developed some online classes at that time and I continued to teach those from 2020 until maybe the end of 2021. Meanwhile, in there I took some training for low pressure fitness and I got connected with a community of other fitness professionals that were using low pressure fitness including my two instructors. One is a pelvic floor physical therapist out of New Jersey so I was seeing how she was incorporating that into her own private practice and how she was offering online classes that I was also taking because I wanted more of this information not only to help myself but to turn around and be able to be a certified low pressure fitness trainer and help my patients one-on-one. And then also the other instructor is a personal trainer based out of the UK and I was also seeing what she was doing with that.

Meanwhile about 2022, I just hit a wall of burnout and I really I wasn’t even quite sure being in this industry anymore. I was just so severely burned out I wanted to close my practice. I just wanted to get out of physical therapy and just find something completely unrelated because that’s how burned out I was. So that was at a time then I started working with you Alison, one-on-one coaching, and really helped me to turn my business around and you helped me really to see what do I want in the future.

And around that time, my husband and I were talking about what we want in retirement are. We have two daughters, one just moved out and the other, she has three years of school left and so we’re talking about what do we want to do after that. Do we want to stick around here in Colorado? Do we want to travel because his job affords him some freedom to do that and so I really thought, what I’d love to be able to develop some of these online services, some classes.

I love to teach! I mean I do that one-on-one information and train with different styles of exercise and so it really came about from that just all coming together and us talking on our one-on-one coaching calls and you encouraging me to really dive in and write down what it is that I want, what’s the future look like for Justine, not what people want me to do or what’s expected of me, but what do I truly want and I thought at that time, if I could have just pivoted my business completely online, I would be happy with that.

I don’t know honestly. I don’t have 100% an answer to that but right now, I’m really happy with my in-person. My clinic is doing very well. I have a six to eight week wait list in my clinic. It’s really with the work that I’ve done with you and making some changes and just going back to my roots of what do I want, why did I start this business, really gave me some clarity and I really feel like that’s helped just if you will kind of the energy of business, I’m just renewed!

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The passion that I want to work with and how I want to offer that and what that looks like and I really feel like that’s what’s fueling the success that I’m seeing in my business now. People waiting, I’ve raised my rates just two months ago, and I hadn’t done since 2019, and I didn’t get any pushback even with my current patients. And so now I’m even making more revenue one-on-one but really, these classes are a way for me to you help me to see like, “How can I be of service?” Which is really dear to my heart anyway. How can I help more people and reach those goals later like kind of work my way step by step to the goal that I want to have like some online presence so that I can have the freedom to travel and maybe still have a clinic and maybe not again. I don’t know 100% what that looks like and what the timeline is, but having the freedom to decide that for myself and to see the confidence that I’m building, to see that this is legit, I can do this, I have the skills that I used to feel limited if I couldn’t get my hands on people, I’m writing myself on being a manual therapist, I love getting my hands on people, but being able to help them through teaching and modeling exercise and there and people are giving me really good feedback on how this is helping them.

It makes me feel so good!

Alison: Thanks so much for sharing all that and huge congrats on all that you do! I think you touched upon a few common points that resonate with a lot of entrepreneurs and the first being that they want the freedom and flexibility in their own business and how can they make that happen. If they are manual base or love working with their hands or love working with energetics does it transfer online which 100% it does! You just have to figure out your own way and yes, maybe an additional certification or skill is needed along with learning the skills of just launching an online program, which we’ll get into.

And the other touch point that you brought up was about how you don’t have to abandon your brick-and-mortar services. You can do both and they complement each other and it actually works in a way to better serve your existing in-person clients as well because you offer these Fit2Be Classes to your wait list.

Question to Justine: So you mentioned you have a wait list for six to eight weeks. So part of that time when they’re waiting to come to see you, now they have an opportunity to get help faster and work with you. Is that true?

Justine: Yes absolutely! We just did a spring special in the month of March and what we found was we actually had people that bought an initial evaluation they were like, “Yeah I’m going to wait the six weeks or whatever. I need to start one-on-one.”

But then they bought the Fit2Be to get started we have noticed that with some of our purchases and then also with our patients who maybe had been waiting or chose to wait and they didn’t do the Fit2Be right away like on that same phone call, they buy the eval and they’re set to be. What we found is that they show up for the initial evaluation having waited weeks and because of our policies with scheduling, we schedule the first visit and then we don’t always schedule immediately because it’s afterwards we wait until they show up for that visit so what we were finding too is that people were showing up and they were having to wait another few weeks to actually get started with that consistent care treatment.

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And so what we did was I talked to them about the packages that I have, that I incorporated, these last classes into as a value-based bonus for them with the new package so that they were not only bought into completing a plan of care for their one-on-one physical therapy but that then they had this bonus of, “Hey you can start these classes right now.” And they have the opportunity to wait if they want but even for people they decided you know, I’m going to go ahead and buy a package and so people were buying things sooner than I had noticed previously in my business because of how we were leveraging, look, you can go ahead, these are appropriate for you for this reason because I had already done a consultation, I had already done the evaluation, I could really tailor kind my sales part of that to why this was going to benefit them.

So that I found just easier buy-in but also sooner buy-in and I think even the awareness of us selling this stuff, people were seeing that on my website, they were seeing it maybe in social media, so even the people who came in, I feel like more of a presence than authority of, “Hey I’m offering this! I’m not your typical PT who’s not offering this.” Nobody else in my community in the physical therapy world is offering especially the uniqueness of new classes but even the extra care.

Alison: Yeah! Because you add them to your packages as well.

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Question to Justine: So let’s talk about the higher number of sessions per package.

Justine: Yeah so our packages are structured like if they buy eight sessions then they get eight classes. If they buy 14 sessions they get a free session in that package plus 15 classes and then my other one is if they buy 22 treatment sessions they get two free sessions so they get 24 classes.

So it’s really a great value they’re getting more and honestly, one of the reasons I restructured my packages when I raised my rates because my previous package, it was the very first year, it was by seven and you get an eight, so many people were buying that first package over and over and it was actually better value for them. They were getting more free sessions if they bought that versus my second.

So I realized I was actually losing out on that and so I restructured it that the first package they actually they still get some value but they don’t get all my treatment session which I have at a higher price point, so I’m not giving as many free sessions away except for those people who really are bought in, who really need those bigger 14 or 15 sessions or 24. So it feels really good, getting a lot of value.

Alison: Yeah! Because they can take those classes in between sessions, they can get improvements on their own, learn more about their body in between sessions so that helps with better results and it boosts your revenue because now you’re not giving away, and your energy because you’re not giving away all these free sessions.

Justine: Yeah definitely! I feel way more energetic because yeah just not here you go and it’s quite honestly even the sales part of it because I feel like this process has helped me. What’s the evidence list you had me do multiple times of like how can this help somebody even if I can’t get eye holes on them or anything that came up my own little stories that I wanted to say why I wasn’t qualified to do this.

I did those evidence lists and that even gave me the insight and the confidence. Now when I come in to speak with my patients and really again customize it for them how is this going to help them in particular and for some of my patients, I recommend, “Hey you don’t have to get started right now with these classes!” Because they don’t maybe they’re not quite ready for the classes so we start with the one-on-one stuff and then I tell them,
“Okay now I’d go ahead and start,” or I’ve even told some people, “What if you want to wait until after you’re done with your package and then continue on with the classes?” That’s okay, but it really has given me a lot of confidence in being able to serve them in a more personalized way.

Alison: Yeah! I love that.

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Question to Justine: And so you’ve had two official launches. Your first founding members launch which you were shooting for 10 clients and you got 14, and then your most recent Spring Sale Launch, again you were shooting for 10 and got 17! Huge congratulations! So what goes into these launches? How did you make them successful?

Justine: So for the first launching, that the program I really had to do the back work where I had to figure out what was I offering, what was the price point, how was it going to be structured. The programs that I needed you know, I already have some software. How could I use that? I had to learn a lot about how that software could even work and what’s the process. I wanted for sign up where it could be as hands-off on my end as possible and I did set it up that way. It took me a little longer than I had anticipated, with writing the sales page, getting that up and running and writing e-mails. That’s the kind of stuff that it took in order to actually launch it.

I would say the sales page took quite a bit as well as the program I did because low pressure fitness is such a unique way of training and most people don’t know how to do it. What I decided to do was some pre-recorded videos that explained the process, that explained all the basics of it because it was either do a pre-recorded workshop that they could have access to and go on demand at their own pace, or I could offer this workshop live like maybe a two-hour class every four to six weeks which was going to require more of my time and energy each time. So I decided to do the pre-recorded classes so it took me a little bit to record those to get them edited, to set up the portal. Once it was all set up, we had the sales page written to my satisfaction, all that stuff.

Then I wrote six e-mails and we basically sent them off not only in my weekly newsletter but then those six e-mails went over a course of two weeks and I launched it at the end of October so that I could start classes November 10th of 2023 and I got most of the sales from e-mails because I have a list of around 1100 people on my e-mail newsletter list and most of my sales came from that.

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However, I did use social media as well. So I used my stories, I recorded even some kind of some marketing videos showing what they could expect in class, I showed short videos and I wrote posts for social media, put them in my stories and posted them on my wall and then we had some graphics as well so it was kind of a combination of all of that. We printed some flyers and I created a list really of people that I’d already been talking to because I knew I wanted to launch these. It had been months in them in the making so I was already talking to patients, “Hey I’m going to be launching these classes, I’ll let you know,” or, “Would you like me to let you know when they’re ready?”

So I had a list of people that were very warm leads and I had my front desk people reach out to them first and say, “Hey Justine’s ready! Here’s the sales page! Can I share it with you?” But the majority of people who bought came from the e-mails. 

And I had to educate my team too because this was something that they weren’t familiar with so I had to educate my two front desk people on what am I offering because they’re the first line or the first contact in Canada business and so if people had questions they were going to, in addition to just the mind work stuff, that what I had to do to build myself confidence and I even used some of my older, because I didn’t have any testimonials for this.

I still had this I don’t know, kind of, I don’t know if this is really going to work the way, if I can really deliver the results, but I had to have confidence that I’ve done this before working one-on-one, I’ve done classes before and I really feel like that helped me, but I ended up using old testimonials from other classes I had taught just as placeholders for now, but then when I did the Spring Special, which we can talk about, I actually have testimonials that speak specifically to these classes. I was very intentional about getting those with my founding members of asking them a lot of feedback at first.

Alison: Sure yeah!

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Question to Justine: And how did you fit in this marketing time, because I think that speaks to the brick-and-mortar clinic owner or if someone wants, is starting out a hundred percent online, how do you fit in the time to write the e-mails, the registration pages and planting the seeds which works so well. So you did have a warm audience to market to?

Justine: Yeah! Well I looked at my schedule and this is something you and I worked together so it’s like, “Okay you’re going to need time but I didn’t want to be doing it on my weekends or at the end of the day,” and so I had to really look at my schedule and go what can I realistically do and for me. I don’t see patients on Wednesdays and that’s my kind of my admin time and I do a variety of things but really during that time that I was leading up to this, I took I think I’ve walked out maybe two hours every Wednesday and that I use that time to spend on this and I will say I probably I know I spent some time on the weekends like doing it but for the most part it was during the week I fit it into my schedule of what, so I wasn’t going over going boundaries because as I said, I had burned myself out doing that in the past.

I guess I didn’t say it that way but that was part of my burnout. I was just overstepping boundaries and giving giving and not taking care of myself so I really had to be intentional of that.

The other thing was is you helped to give me some framework on the e-mails specifically you had given me, we had talked on our calls, our one-on-one calls, we maximized the time that I was already setting aside my one-on-one calls and you helped me to go through that sales page for instance and look over and give me feedback and other ways to say things and I took those suggestions and I ran with them. The e-mails were really based on your suggestions and you had given me some written e-mails that you had from like your past e-mails from a webinar. Like that framework, the portal that you have that really helped me to streamline on instead of being like, “Okay I can write about this,” it was no write about to make the six e-mails.

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And you also were like kind of planted that seed of, “Justine, what if it only took three e-mails to sell your ten?” And I was like, “Wow! Maybe even that awareness of it doesn’t have to be hard.” It doesn’t have to be 15 e-mails just because that’s what your mind says or you’re making that story up doesn’t make it true. So that also helped and helping me to get some framework of being like posting on social media.

Well it was like how realistically like, realistically how often can you post Justine? How often can you be in stories? Can you shoot for two or three times a week? Yeah that’s doable! It wasn’t every single day and I still sold it and it was looking at that and going, Okay what’s realistic? What can you actually do? It doesn’t have to be this this you know? I don’t know like, twenty thousand dollar launch! It can be small, just go through the steps and get confidence in that and that really helped to take a lot of the pressure off that I probably otherwise would have put on myself.

Alison: Yeah! And that causes you to freeze which actually slows you down but now you have great foundation and you’re bringing in revenue without you having to add additional one-to-one appointments to your calendar so that’s huge! Not to mention the value you’re providing to help your clients and the patients just get better as well! So huge congrats!

Well thank you so much for your time and sharing all this wisdom and your journey so much! I’m sure so many entrepreneurs can resonate with especially when they’re brick and mortar wanting to move online.

Justine: Yeah thank you! Thanks for having me and letting me share a little bit. Hopefully this helps somebody.

Alison: Yeah! I’m sure it will!

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