The "Heal Your Low Back" Blueprint

You're Ready to Put Low Back Pain Behind You

Give me 6 weeks and I’ll put you on the path to healing your low back and sciatica pain once and for all.

As a busy entrepreneur, you’ve often wondered how in the world “back pain” became a thing you have to deal with.

And, yet you find yourself searching You Tube for “lower back pain relief stretches”, firing up the heating pad night after night, and asking your partner to give you the kids (the furry or human kind) a bath because you just. can’t. do it tonight.

You’ve considered going to the doctor, but you’re secretly hoping that if you can just make it to yoga three times a week or do that 10-minute You Tube.

If only life didn’t seem to get in the way, you could stay on top of it.

Here's What I'm Hearing From Business Owners

You are looking for a step-by-step program tailored to your body, your lifestyle, and your back pain so you can create the results you desire in your business without being distracted by nagging soreness. You are over all the You Tube videos and Cat Cow stretches, been there and tried that with no success.

You have a business plan, now you need a low back​ plan
No more “Googling and praying”. With a tailored plan, you will know exactly what to do. AND what not to do.

You want Your Time Back
Stop You Tubing, Google searching, trying diet after diet, searching for a solution or someone that really gets your problem. All that stops NOW, freeing up your time to focus on your work without distractions.

Even though your motivation to overcome aches and pains of the back is clear, the path to actually doing it is anything but…

Set Time Aside to Take Care of My Back

Awesome! But what if I just don't have the time??

As an entrepreneur you are probably putting out many fires in one day, and juggling multiple balls in the air. You are probably frustrated, overwhelmed and upset because you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING to figure out a successful food plan.

Perhaps you’ve spent HOURS online searching everything there is to be found on low back pain, sciatica, stretches for the back and hips…. You are burnt out and do not wish to spend more time.

Let me ask you. What will it cost you in business revenue if this problem is not solved??

Think about the time you spent being distracted, unfocused or exhausted by sleepless nights and discomfort while sitting. This is time taken away from revenue generating activities. How much time and revenue does this equate to? How about future days? Write down that number. Is it worth giving up that revenue??

Here’s why this is so devastating

For many business owners not solving this problem will cost much more than the cost of the actual program and time invested completing the program. Think about days laid up on the couch, or hours shifting positions trying to find a comfortable one, or having to get up and walk around interrupting your focus. In the end typing out a few emails (for example), takes twice the amount of time, and you feel they are not even as good as they could be!

Here is Where Most People Give Up

Without a clear step by step program, that includes more than just stretching or core work, most people never get to the point where they feel like they are finally healing. Instead they fall victim to
aches and pains that come and go unpredictably, keeping them on the sidelines of their business while their competitors race ahead.

Well lucky for you! Even though you may have already given up all hope, or thought you tried everything, you still have another shot. And, this one has a proven track record and results.

Are you ready to learn more?

Determine if the Heal Your Low Back Blueprint is right For You.

If you feel you can conquer the business world but just wonder why the heck you can’t fix your own body, then I’ve got you.

There are business problems, and then there are health issues. These two are totally separate. And, even if you are the CEO of your business world, and are an expert in your field, you are not expected to know EVERYTHING about every topic.

Let go of the reigns in this area of your life. Allow yourself to be helped by a professional who is an expert in THIS field. Save time by receiving information spoon fed to you in a step by step process. The quicker you start The Heal Your Low Back Blueprint, the quicker you can get you back to being the boss of your empire.

What do you get when you purchase The Heal Your Low Back Blueprint Program??

6 Step by Step Modules you can watch as quickly or as many times as needed.

The Modules & 14-Day Challenge

Module 1: How Healing Works

You may have been given a diagnosis, or wonder if you need to know what exactly is going on to heal. In this module you will learn why all that is not important. Instead you will learn the phases of healing, and how to process pain so you can finally heal fully while understanding the steps.

When this step is skipped self doubt, and lack of trust can take over so often giving up is an easy option. All this leads to continuous unpredictable aches and pains with no end in site.


In this module we will begin to develop your specific healing plan, that will also keep you on the yoga mat by:

  • Teaching you the phases of healing
  • Understand what is required to full heal and learn how to fit it into your life without requiring too much time
  • Learn why your problem happened in the first place and what will be required to fix it

Module 2: Breathwork for Pain Relief

I understand you know how to breath, in-fact I know you probably don’t even think about it day to day. However, in this module I will teach you the most efficient way to breath to aid in full recovery and reduce stress and tension. In fact with this breath work you will sleep better at night and wake up with more energy to take on the day. This is also the tool to use when you feel anxious and/or stressed. Two emotions that will not help you to complete good focused work. In this module you will learn how to use your breath to shift your emotions.

This is often the overlooked step, and often why pain and discomfort continues or returns long after it should.

When learned it is the glue to your plan, and the tool that enables what you learn in the first module to actually take place.

  • How to breathe for full healing
  • Relaxing breath to promote decreased stress
  • Step by step videos and PDFS

Module 3: Essential Exercises

Often when you think of exercises for the back you will think of core strengthening and flexibility. While those are important, there is something that is missing. Just like the breath, this is often the missing link in programs for the back. When not completed pain and discomfort continue to flare up because the problem was never addressed. Learn simple, quick, easy to fit into your busy day exercises that give you back time 3x when you feel less discomfort. Super important if you sit and/or drive for work. These exercises will reverse the pressure from gravity on your spine, so you can then work with less distractions from your back!

In this module you will learn very specific space creating techniques to take pressure off discs, nerves, and muscles with:

  • Traction that can be done at home
  • Fascia unsticking techniques for muscles and nerves
  • Yoga postures for relaxation to release tension and tightness

Module 4: Yoga for Strength

You have heard it before – core stability is the key to solving low back issues. This is true, however there is so much more. When overlooked the body is unable to access it’s innate stabilization to help protect and heal the low back. Plus did you know the core is more than your ab muscles?? Learn how to more efficiently engage your core by working more than just your abs.

Stop making the mistake of working your core while you sit on a stability ball while trying to work! Learn other ways that are more focused and targeted so you feel stronger without a distracting ball rolling around while you try to type.

In this module you will learn:

  • Specific exercise for the most important abdominal muscles
  • Common mistakes made while strengthening
  • You will also learn exercises to strengthen your beyond just abdominal muscles
  • Understand how to functionally incorporate this into your day to day to save time.

Module 5: Yoga for Flexibility

Yoga’s benefits have been all over the news and social media over the last few years. However, you might be scared to try because you “are not flexible”, or you did try yoga and ended up making your low back worse.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you. In this module you will learn specific yoga and flexibility exercises that are not only SAFE, but are the keys to helping your back to heal.

Following the completion of this module in combination with the previous you will feel confident, strong and mobile in your body. You will look forward to being active with your family and friends again with more trust in your body. Plus, you will be able to sit longer without distracting and fatiguing discomfort, which = more productive work time!!

In this module you will learn:

  • Common mistakes made in yoga and while stretching
  • Why creating flexibility in the hips is so important and how to it safely and correctly
  • Learn how to create mobility in your whole spine to take pressure off the low back

Module 6: Your Personalized Low Back Healing Blueprint

In this one of a kind course you will learn the magic tool to harnessing the healing capabilities of your nervous system. This also gives you resiliency to handle anything that life throws at you. Whether that might be future issues in your low back, or another health challenge. You will understand what to do to create a healing environment for yourself that allows you to age without worry or fear that “it will all go downhill from here”. Putting all this together you will actually begin to feel BETTER as you age, without the worries and fears that this issue will just get worse.

Also, as an entrepreneur what you will learn in this module can be carried over to other areas of your business. You will create awareness in your daily habits. There are habits that are efficient and help you to run a successful company smoothly, which you will want to hone in on and strengthen. There are also habits that are blocking the results you desire. Learn how to become aware of those unwanted patterns, and shift them to create tangible results you can observe such as shifts in your KPI’s.

In this module you will learn:
  • How to identify patterns of moving and thinking that are contributing to your issue
  • Mindset components needed for complete healing
  • How to create health resiliency
  • Unravel blocks that are limiting results you desire


  • Release tension in Upper Back, Neck & Shoulders Workshop
  • Workshop for Scoliosis

14-Day Challenge

The Heal Your Low Back Blueprint is the most comprehensive, step by step guide for the entrepreneur that feels held back in their business by distracting and exhausting low back soreness that just does not seem to ever go away.

Over the next 14 days you will have access to complete program. So you will have the step by step process on how to create your own unique healing program before you commit fully.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by how the program begins to come together, simply reach out to me at alison@igniteurwellness.com, show me your work and I will refund your investment.

One Payment

1 Account
$ 697
  • Includes 14 day access to all modules.

Three Payments

1 Account
$ 247
  • Includes 14 day access to all modules.