Tips to Promote Your Wellness Business on Social Media

Wellness entrepreneur learning to build a sustainable wellness business on social media
Wellness entrepreneur learning to build a sustainable wellness business on social media

Hey there, wellness entrepreneur, welcome back!

After today’s blog, in fact, right this very moment, you have permission to promote your services. Now I know as a wellness entrepreneur, this sometimes feels risky, sometimes feels scary, it definitely feels vulnerable, but you do have permission to promote.

In fact, not promoting your services is a disservice to your clients,  those potential clients that need your help are actively seeking out services and not getting the help that they want, and it’s going to create a sustainable business for the long term that you love to work in, so you don’t have to get stuck at your job that’s not really a job that’s fulfilling your soul or the work that you really want to do or you’re not stuck teaching 20 yoga classes or public fitness classes a week just to pay the bills.

Promoting your services, aka marketing, is what’s going to create more clients in your wellness business because I know that you can help people. You clearly know you can help people. You’re passionate about what you do.  People rave about your services when you actually do get those clients. You have a ton of certifications. You love working with these clients, but you just need more and it’s heartbreaking. I get it because I see in social media groups, Facebook groups, I hear it in yoga teacher trainings and when I get in rooms with masters and gurus and practitioners who’ve been doing this work for a decade, all the negative talk and kind of the negative vibes and energy around promotion of services and marketing.

I know you don’t want to be viewed as like a watered down practitioner, a watered down yoga teacher or not in alignment with your spiritual services or not in alignment with yoga or a physical therapist who is charging these high prices when people are suffering.

Or maybe you heard a guru say, “You’re not a true practitioner or healer if you have to go out and promote and charge high prices for your services.” All of that truthfully, is BS. It’s old ways of thinking from a different time, a different world and it really makes me mad because 100% it does not serve the wellness entrepreneur who’s trying to really go out there and help people the way that they have imagined, plus pay the personal expenses and bills that they need to pay in both their personal life and their business to actually make a living and do it for real.

Because sure, yes, you can teach 15, 20 classes in one week or maybe a couple times a month, but to do this sustainably so you have a good “living” to live off of, it’s just not sustainable. And neither is getting stuck at a job that just sucks the life out of you.

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What Usually Happens When Wellness Entrepreneurs Come And Decide To Work With Me

So let’s fix this for real right now. So most wellness entrepreneurs who come to me and decide to work with me or inquiring about my services, in the very first conversations, they understand that they need some type of marketing plan. They know that they need to, “Okay, I need to show up on social media in some way maybe get an email list, maybe teach some workshops. I need to promote my classes and my services in some way.”

However, in reality, not many wellness entrepreneurs are doing it consistently and spending enough time in their marketing to really hone in on the messaging that’s going to really resonate with the audience so the audience clearly understands the services that you offer and the benefits of signing up to work with you and get those services.

 Promoting Your Service or Marketing Does Take Time

This does take time. It does take energy. It doesn’t have to consume your weeks. In fact, now that I’ve been marketing more and more and more, in fact, the more marketing I do, the better I get and the faster I get at it. So it takes less time.

Right now, I’m out there promoting my services more than I ever have before. And it’s all just me. I only have a VA right now who crafts graphics on occasion. I just created an SOP where they’re now starting to promote some of my old blogs on Pinterest. So I’m starting to layer in additional use of VAs in repurposing my content. But you don’t need that. The more that you spend time in this, the better you’ll get.

Why Entrepreneurs Aren’t Spending Enough Time And Showing Up Frequently

But the reason I find a lot of entrepreneurs aren’t spending time and showing up frequently is because it feels unsafe. And it’s not like you’re going about your day-to-day and you’re like, “Ph, if I show up on social media, it’s unsafe. I shouldn’t do that.” No, what’s happening is you’re saying, “I don’t have time for this.” And you’re prioritizing other things because unconsciously, your nervous system and your brain is deeming it as kind of a risky thing for you to do.

So, for example, back in the cave men and women days, being part of a tribe was a life or death experience because you worked in a community as a collective. That’s how you did stay safe from lions, tigers and bears. It’s how you gathered food. No one person could survive out there on the wilderness on their own. Well, I should say few people were able to survive out there on their own. Living in a community made the process easier and you had a higher chance of surviving. So getting ousted from your community was at many, many decades ago, different lineages. It was a life or death experience.

That’s not the case, obviously now. But that pattern is still imprinted in our nervous system where if you’re going to show up on social media consistently and promote your services or send e-mails and if your e-mail list is mostly your friends and family that you could get criticism,  you could get judgment, your gurus, your own teachers could say, “Oh, wow, you’re really promoting your services a lot,” or “Wow, you’re really showing up on social media a lot.” I get people that say, “Oh, Alison, I always know what you’re up to because I see your posts the most on Facebook,” which is fine.

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I can laugh about that these days, but let’s get more serious on actually other experiences you could have other than friends and family just saying, “Oh, I see your posts and e-mails a lot.

In fact, today I got this e-mail. I’m going to share it with you word for word:

“Hello, dear. I’m not sure why I’m getting your e-mails, but I just want you to stop sending me e-mails. I am a student of yoga and also a teacher. But I do not endorse Western yoga teachers who is just into the watered down version of yoga. So please stop sending e-mails, dear.

Okay. Number one, they signed up for my e-mail list at some time because I just don’t randomly add e-mails onto my e-mail list. At some point, they press the opt-in button or registered for a consultation or something like that.

Number two, they can unsubscribe at any moment. There is an unsubscribe button on my list. Same is true with your friends and family. If you have an e-mail list and they don’t want to hear about your services anymore, they can unsubscribe. It doesn’t mean anything personally about you. It just means right now, your services aren’t what they need. Even if you know it’s what they need, right? That’s a whole other conversation for another time, but they can unsubscribe at any time.

Number three, I think what this person wrote here summarizes every wellness practitioner’s fear to be seen less than or a watered-down practitioner because they have to promote themselves.

Promoting themselves means that, let me go back to these exact words that this person wrote, “a watered down Western version of yoga.” How untrue is that? And truthfully, I’m glad this person told me to unsubscribe them. I just went in and unsubscribed and did not even respond to them. It’s not even worth my time. In fact, I deleted it right away until I thought of you. I’m like, “Huh, this is exactly what people are afraid of.”

At this point in my business, I just know that this person’s not in alignment with me and I have no desire to work with them. So it is better that they just unsubscribe or I unsubscribe them if they clearly don’t know how to do that. But this is the whole point. You are not a watered-down teacher. You are not less of a wellness practitioner because you have to promote your services.

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A Whole Other Perspective On Showing Up and Promoting

In fact, here’s a whole other different perspective. I feel that by taking the time to adequately think of my clients and what they want, okay, so if they’re choosing to work with me because they want more clients, so they can bring in more revenue, so they can support themselves and their family, so they don’t have to overwork and hustle. What do they need from my programs? And how can I adequately describe what’s happening in my programs, in my messaging, in my marketing? So by actually taking the time to think of my marketing message, to show up consistently and promote my services on all different kinds of platforms in all different ways, not that you have to do that right now, all you really need is one platform and maybe one in-person way, a workshop or two different platforms.

But by doing this, I think about my potential clients more. I think about my current clients a lot more on what they’re getting by working with me. I’m thinking about their problems and I’m making sure that my program is always helping to solve the problem. And I’m taking note at what they’re getting, what’s their results and how can I streamline the process for them? How can I make it easier for them? How can I help them to get results faster? And that translates into my marketing and then I get better at writing marketing messages.

And then as I’m writing my marketing messages and I’m thinking about potential clients I want to help and their problems, that informs more of my program. So I help my clients better. It’s a very positive feedback circle and loop that helps both the potential clients and my current clients, which then in turns helps my business. So it creates a very sustainable loop that is in service of both your clients and your business. It makes you a better practitioner.

So actually by marketing more, you’re a better practitioner, not less of a practitioner. And if someone has that viewpoint, maybe an old guru or teacher of yours that didn’t have to promote their service decades ago and started easily through word of mouth only, good for them. Sometimes that still happens this day. But regardless, to create a sustainable business that’s not only word of mouth, you do need to market. And word of mouth is just one spoken your holistic marketing business wheel again to create a sustainable business.

You can politely say, “I’m so glad that worked for you. But for these days, I’m going to do this and this.” And truthfully, I’ve had this conversation with a lot of wellness practitioners that have been in gurus and teachers and masters who’ve been in the wellness, the health, the yoga industry for decades. And it’s uncomfortable conversations.

But as soon as I start talking and we get deeper, they realize, I hear it so much, they’re like, “Yes, I know I need to market more.” Or, “If I did market more and it would have made things so much easier if I had the courage to do it or if I actually set aside time to do it, I know I wouldn’t have struggled much.”

The truth comes out because there’s not many spiritual yoga and healers, wellness practitioners, health care providers who have trust funds, angel funds, or a whole lot of money that they can live off of where their business is truly not even a nonprofit. It’s more of a philanthropy where you’re just providing a pro bono service 100% of the time. There’s very, very few practitioners that are able to do this, because here’s the truth: we all have to pay the bills and path to paying the bills is serving your people, getting clients and serving them. And the way to get the clients is to promote your services. So you have permission to promote. 

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Tactics Needed In Promoting

Let’s get into the little tactics of what’s really required. So you need an aligned marketing plan. I teach my clients the 100K marketing and messaging framework where they know exactly what to say to those potential clients, where to find them and how to show up frequently, so it’s both a systemized marketing plan plus a mindset and energetic marketing plan.

It’s not one that they feel forced to do or one size fits all marketing strategy. I meet with each person individually and figure out what their strengths are, what their dislikes are, where their people are located, their feelings about different types of marketing. We go through all of that.

We also go over protocols and mindsets to support the nervous system, because here’s the truth: You are a human being. It’s going to feel vulnerable showing up. You might get criticism and judgment, but it doesn’t mean anything is personally wrong with you. It could be that your messaging just might be talking to the wrong people or the messaging itself may need some more refinement. So people are very clear on your services and what you offer.

Or it could be the frequency of how much you’re showing up. Maybe you’re just showing up on social media on a whim here or there and just randomly posting your classes or you’re sending that random e-mail once every few weeks with no consistent pattern. And you need a tactical plan to grow your audience on both social media and your e-mail list.

If that’s where you’re choosing to market, you have more than just your friends and your family on your e-mail list. Now you’re actually having people who are seeking out services just like you. And they’re interested in your services.

In fact, you can head to podcast episode 108. It’s Ten Ways To Grow Your E-mail List. And there you have it. Ten ways to start growing your e-mail list right now. And when your e-mail list and your social medium following grows, then you’re going to start getting more people reaching out and inquiring about your services. You’re going to start getting more consultations. You’re going to get more consistent clients, no matter the type of offer that you’re offering. If it’s one to one or an on-demand program or a yoga membership of sorts. It doesn’t matter for all these offers. This work is required for each of them.

And if you’re feeling like you don’t have the time to show up consistently and market on social media or your e-mails or teach workshops consistently, I know this is going to sound hard to hear, but it’s because you’re not prioritizing the time and no judgment, because the reason you’re not prioritizing the time is because unconsciously your nervous system in your brain is considering it risky and unsafe.

And so you need a process to support yourself so you can show up courageously because it will take courage. And when you do show up courageously, you need to process all that emotion and nervous system triggers, I guess you could say through, so your nervous system is downregulated or else you stay triggered in that nervous system response and that becomes a huge energy leak, which then becomes exhausting. And of course, you’re not going to want to market and promote when it’s exhausting. Not alone here. There’s so many people that feel exactly how you do. 

When my client, Joe, he’s a spiritual coach and Reiki practitioner, first started working with me, we worked on two key mindset and strategy areas because, number one, he really wanted to promote packages in his consultations. He only wanted to sell one-off sessions. And this was based upon his own experiences, what he’s learned and what he’s heard other masters and other gurus say. And he wanted to be of service for his people. 

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So it took some mindset shifts because currently he was only having a couple or back then he was only having a couple of clients who are scheduling one-off sessions sporadically. It’s really hard to break through 1K and 2K revenue months with sporadic marketing and sporadic one-off sessions.

So we worked through those mindset blocks in both marketing and how packages could actually be in service to his clients, not only his business, but his clients. And when we worked through that and had a process to support his nervous system, then he showed up and he started marketing more.

And what really brought both his marketing and his revenue to the next level was when we created his well, high-ticket wellness offer. So he stopped selling those one-off sessions and started selling packages. He also was growing his e-mail and his social media following at the time. And the result of all this was for the month of January, he sold three packages of 13 sessions. Now, that’s a big revenue bump.

And now he’s helping people more effectively because they’re coming to see him week after week after week instead of a session here, a session there where he has to get an update on where they are, put out any major fires in their health and wellness or their thinking before they can actually get to the meat of the work that he wants to do with them. Best part is now he has a success process to repeat over and over again to a 100K.

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So to sum all this up, you’re not a watered down practitioner. You’re not less of a yoga teacher because you’re showing up on social media. You’re not less of a physical therapist because you charge for your services. You are no less spiritual. You care about your people, your friends, your family. They want to see you succeed. Many of them are silently applauding you.

You are inspiring those that are stuck at their job and not courageously going out there and promoting your services just like you are. You are an inspiration to them. So you have a hundred percent permission to go out there and promote the heck out of what you do. 

It’s a service to your people and it’s going to create a business you love to work in for many years to come without having to rely on a job that sucks your time, your energy isn’t lighting your soul or going out and teaching an insane amount of yoga classes a week just to pay the bills. It’s just not needed. 

So you 100% have permission and I’ll see you next week. Bye for now!

And of course, if you want my help creating that aligned marketing plan, your 100K marketing and message framework as well as the protocol to support your own nervous system and process through these uncomfortable motions, then just book your free consult with me and we’ll figure out your next best step.

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