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Today we’re going to talk about Five Money Making Ideas For 2023 In Your Wellness Business because we’re into February now, and I know you have some big goals and the most important thing is this is done without the hustles.

So first, we’ll start with some of the traditional ways that you are probably thinking of making money, and then we’re going to dive deep. So make sure to read all the way to the end. All right, let’s get started.

Clarify Your Offers

The first step to make money in your wellness business is to clarify your offers. The simplest is offering one-to-one sessions. Now you can do one-off sessions, meaning a person, a client, a student will buy a session at a time and then they schedule it a session at a time. If you are just starting out, this might be the simplest way. 

Creating a wellness program or a health coaching package might just seem too big. It might feel too scary to offer six sessions, having someone buy six sessions at a time, and that’s okay. Meet yourself where you’re at. 

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The most important thing, regardless of your offer or the program, the package, the structure of whatever you’re offering is, is that you’re just getting out there and you’re actually making offers. You’re telling people what you do and how you can help them.

And often, you might feel held back by doing this if there’s fear – fear around them not wanting to pay the price, fear around your worthiness to offer the price, maybe doubt in your practitioner skills. This is where all this stuff will come out. So to start, if it feels simplest, it feels most congruent with your nervous system right now to just offer one-off sessions, do that. And then hire a coach, someone like me, to help you get to the point where you can start to build programs and packages because that’s truthfully where you’ll start to create more consistent and reliable income.

But you do have to start somewhere. So start with one-offs if that seems the most doable right now. And you can have different time offerings. You can have a 30-minute, 60-minute, 75 minutes, 90 minutes, so you’re also meeting your people where they’re at.

However, I wouldn’t put all those offerings on your website or in your acuity or Calendly calendar because it’ll just confuse people and a confused mind never takes steps forward. Most likely they freeze. When you’re talking with someone, tell them, “You know what? I think to start 30 minutes would be best and we’ll do this or this or 60 minutes will be best because we’ll have more time where I can get a better assessment of the body and then also have some time for you to experience some body work.”

These one-to-one sessions can be done online, they can be done in-person, they can be done in an office, they can be done via Zoom. I do sessions on Zoom and in my she-shed. So you do you. Create a version of what works simplest for you. There’s many great co-working spaces these days. For example, I’m part of the community at Hera Hub here in North County San Diego where I can pop into to do my online sessions or even rent a room to offer workshops which I’ve done in the past or rent a private room for private sessions.

So don’t be limited by your house if you feel like you don’t have the space or in fact, instead, notice what thoughts come up and try to problem solve. Use your creative brain instead of allowing those thoughts to stop you. Expand your mind. How could it be true that you could find a solution for those instead? And then take steps towards that. And that’s a skill that will pay off so much as you continue forward in your business. Because truthfully, the path of entrepreneurship is a lot of problem solving. Maybe you’ve been a teacher for some time and you’re used to teaching yoga classes, fitness classes, group sessions of sort. So you want to go more into a membership. Maybe you want to put all your classes in one portal and have them more streamlined so you can offer a membership.

Different Strategies To Offer A Yoga Class Membership

Now there’s many different strategies to offering a yoga class membership. What you want to make sure of is that you’re not just dumping a bunch of classes into a portal where people have to sort through them and try to get results on their own. You want to create it as streamlined and simple for your people as possible. The same is true for an online program. You can use what you’ve taught in the past to create the structure for an on-demand program or they can be a bonus to an on-demand program.

And then you create new videos and these are programs that are typically done online. However, membership can be structured in many ways where you have retreats or workshops or even on in-person events to compliment them so they can be done in-person or online.

And here’s another option as well. Group programs where you get a group of people together for six or eight weeks or my next group program will be for six months, for example, where people come together as a community. It’s very motivating. There’s an exchange of ideas. It’s very inspiring. You’re working together with like-minded thinkers. You see other people getting coached and problem solving through their struggles and that can help open your mind to solutions for your own problems. There are so many benefits.

For me personally, I love working with my clients in one-to-one and I love having my own one-to-one coaches. And I also love being part of a mastermind or the group program that I’m part of for my business coaching. There’s no one right answer here. You can choose any of those to bring in money this year for your business.

Avoid Switching and Changing Your Wellness Business Offers

But here’s the caveat, the mistake that most people make, the first mistake some people make is they switch their offers. They try the ones to one-to-one, and then they burn out from their schedule. If this is you, then reach out to me. I’ve got help from that. I highly recommend sticking with one-to-one and working through that because I promise you, I’ve been there. I got burn out of my one-to-one schedule and it was because I didn’t manage my schedule well. I didn’t manage my boundaries well and I left one-to-one too early and that actually threw off my business for a while. So I highly encourage working through the schedule, working through your one-to-one programs so that way you’re in a place of abundance when you’re bringing on another offer.

So often people switch from one-to-one or maybe because they’re tired and they think, “Oh, group program sounds nice, I’ll do that, or a membership, I have so many classes I’ll do that,” and so they bring in this additional offer or they switch their offer. Switching the offer, as I’ve mentioned this in the past, just confuses your audience.

Now there is always a time to pivot in your wellness business or add another offer in your business. However, you want to be strategic about it. You want to do it from a place of neutrality and most importantly, thinking of the big picture for your business.

So for me, I have a three-year plan, which I’ve learned from my coach. And I’m always doing my three-year plan every six months or so, or sometimes every quarter, depending on what’s needed, where I can project in the future. I evaluate what’s going on now, where I see my business going and where I want it to go so I know exactly when or I’ll have the criteria as to when to bring in another offer. So I’m not just randomly switching my offers kind of willy-nilly. That’s what leads to the confusion. And if you’ve done that, don’t worry, I’ve been there too. You can work yourself out of that hole if you’re dug yourself in them and you’re noticing your audience is a little confused, not to worry, just keep going forward.

So you want to pick one offer. Now here’s the thing, you can be as creative as you want to be. You can have a component of each of these one-to-one, group, or on-demand videos that people can watch at their own pace. You can even have a monthly payment option. So you’re creating your own hybrid option, but it’s just one offer. And I highly recommend this for wellness entrepreneurs with multiple certifications because I wrote a post about this and I sent it out my e-mail and I got a lot of feedback about it, about how sometimes as wellness entrepreneurs, you use the multiple certifications against yourself in which you jump from offer to offer.

So maybe one offers yoga therapy, another offers reiki, another offers sound bath healing in classes. And so people don’t necessarily know exactly what you specialize in. And sometimes, your students and your clients, if they’re really suffering, if they’re really struggling, they might feel overwhelmed with all the decisions and not know what to do. And that ends up having them do nothing.

So they don’t choose any of your offers. But is there a way where you can simply, this is a keyword word, simply and streamlined, create an offer that combines your certifications, that combines your talents, that combines the different structures available to you and the volume of people that you have or how engaged your audience is? Only you know this, where you could fill a group program for example, or you decide to stick with one-to-one, but maybe you add in different components.

Like for me, I do one-to-one, but I have an online on-demand video portal that people can access and go through at their own pace. So it’s like having me on speed dial whenever they need to hear my voice for a little inspiration. Or if they have a specific question, they can go to the portal and get it answered, even if it’s a Sunday at 4:00 PM when they know when I’m with my family.

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Always Think About What You Can Promise Your Clients

Here’s the second part about this, and probably the most important, what’s the result? What will you help your clients, your students, your patients get with this offer? And you might be saying, “Well, I don’t know if I can promise them something because I don’t know if I can guarantee that I can make their sciatica go completely away,” or, “I don’t know if I can completely reduce their anxiety or stress.”

Here’s a question to consider and you can journal and write this down. What can you promise? So like for my people, I can promise they will have the process to hit six figures in the simplest and most streamlined way. And it’s proven. I’ve done it many times over. I’ve had multiple six figure businesses and now I’ve helped clients achieve six figure months.

So I know that it’s reliable and I can for sure promise them that the timeline for person-to-person, now that varies, and at some point I might have a guaranteed timeline, make six figures in this amount of time, but right now I can guarantee the process. I know by the end of our first round of working six months together, they will know the process to hit that. Or I work with a few multi six figure earners. So they are smashing it in their business. They’re making 300, 400, 500 thousand dollars. Some of them are working towards hitting $750,000 in one year revenue, which is amazing. Which means they have staff, they have budgets, they have busy schedules. And so for them, I can guarantee the process to reduce and prevent burnout. I can help improve energy and reduce exhaustion in our six months together. And I’ve done that before with many multiple six-figure earners.

So you see what process can you guarantee, and that is what you talk about in the marketing. You talk about the result, you talk about your process, you talk about what it’s like to work with you, what they will achieve, you talk about your potential client’s struggles and how you are the solution, not necessarily while you’re going to lie down on the mat and you’re going to hear these beautiful sound bowls, which I love by the way, in a restorative post for someone who maybe is anxious, they might not be able to visualize themselves in that space yet. So you want to educate them on why that is important for them in your message by telling them the result of working together with you.

Now, if they were to jump on a consult call or specifically ask, “Okay, what are the modalities we use to achieve these goals?” then you want to be honest with them. You want to tell them your process and some of the tools and techniques that you do use.

For me personally, when someone comes into my office, we’ll talk more about the practitioner side of things and then I’ll describe from the business side of things as well. As, you know, I combine yoga and physical therapy and massage and I have some people who come into my office and they say, “I want all of it. I don’t care what you do in a session, I just want to heal my back pain. And so just tell me what to do and I’ll show up.” And so I do. I use all my modalities and mindset and coaching and breath work and meditation and visualization and core pose and traction and all the things and we just flow through it.

Now I have some people for where they are in their life and based upon learned experiences, they might not be as open to meditation or hanging out on the yoga wall or even just yoga in general. They want the more traditional physical therapy route. And that’s okay. I meet them where they’re at. I have some people come in thinking that they want only massage or body work. So we do that. I start with the fascial work because most people need to calm their nervous system and unwind some fascial restrictions. So I start there and then as time goes on and we build rapport and trust and they get curious about the other things I do, because most people do, just because of seeing the yoga wall and all my fancy tools throughout the shed, they get curious. And I ask them if they want to explore. And so for some people we bring in other modalities over time and that just helps to speed up their success that fast tracks their success. And some people don’t. And that’s okay too. I’m not going to push someone to where they don’t want to go. I want to foster a patient and a student, a client’s ability to trust their own intuition in what they need.

However, it is a balance of being the teacher, the coach, and the guide for your people. And only you know what’s appropriate when you’re in a session or leading a class, and the same is true for business coaching. I have some people who come into working with me and they want to grow their business or heal their burnout and their exhaustion and they know exactly what they want or need. Some people come in knowing that they only want strategy in the beginning. They want to craft their marketing plan, they want to get better on their consultations, or maybe they want to work on the strategy of their schedule or hiring the right team. And that’s perfectly fine. Strategy is needed. That structure helps to pacify and calm the nervous system by working with the root chakra. And see there you said it energetically, we’re already starting the work whether they’re aware of it or not.

And other people come in wanting more of the mindset work or more of the energetic work. So then I get to use the tools of coaching and energy work and chakras and all these other layers that I can build into my coaching program that’s not often done that helps work with your nervous system so the entrepreneur can show up more confidently, so they can show up with a clear head, and be more productive so they feel less so overwhelmed and doubtful.

I can also give the tools that if they feel those, they know how to acknowledge that energy. They know how to get curious as to why they feel that way or why they might be thinking a certain thing. And they have tools to shift the energy.

See, that’s the benefit of being a wellness entrepreneur, is that you have these multiple certifications, use them to meet people where they’re at and build them into your programs so you can address and work with many different people in many different ways. It’s a skill. Be proud of that.

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Adjusting Your Health Coaching Offer Based On Your Client’s Needs

Okay, so you might have your offer already and maybe I got your brain thinking, “Oh, okay, some of that sounds nice. Maybe I’ll add in a second offer.” Well, here’s an idea to consider if you’re going in the new year and you have one offer, but you don’t want to confuse your audience. There might be some people who have reached out, but you want to make some quicker money, here’s an idea. If they reached out to you and you have people who are waiting for a follow-up, reach out to them, see where they’re at. And at this point, if you jump on a consultation call or you may be messaging back and forth, then you can create a special offer for them.

I don’t do this so much now because I have the portal with all the videos and I have workbooks and I have a process that I take people through where I know that working with me for six months is the minimum. But once in a while where I see that someone really wants to work with me and they just need a little help getting over that edge, I might meet them where they’re at.

So last year I had someone, she started working with me for three months. It’s what she felt comfortable doing for where she was in her business. And I don’t always offer this, but I said, “Okay, let’s start for three months.” And now she’s just committed to working six months with me. So sometimes you can adjust your offers. That’s the benefit of being a CEO. It’s also the benefit of working one-to-one. You can cater your programs to your people and make special offers, especially if could really help someone. And they’re really wanting to work with you and they just need that little nudge for group programs, on-demand programs and memberships.

This is a little bit more difficult though because you have a group of people and you need to keep it streamlined for everyone. So it creates consistency and fairness within the container. And plus then it doesn’t get so sloppy and difficult to keep track of who’s doing what. Have your offer and ideas of people who you can reach out to right now and maybe even give a special offer for them to help them over the edge.

How You Can Fill Your Health Coaching Offer

Now it’s time to think of ideas to fill your offer. And some of these can be money-making ideas. So you can host a workshop or a special yoga class or a challenge or a yoga retreat or something special. Now I do offer these right now.

I do most of the time I would say free workshops. On occasion, I do a paying workshop and in the future I am going to be releasing a lower ticket item from my six month program. But I have a backend offer. This is the caveat, you don’t want to rely on your events, your retreats, and your workshops to pay your bills unless you have the schedule to do that with and the energy to do that with, that’s fine. And you have a very engaged audience.

Now, I would say a large audience, but sometimes the size of the audience doesn’t matter. What really matters is if they’re interacting with you, if they are taking you up on your current offers, if they’re replying back to your e-mails, if they’re engaging to your social media posts, then you might have enough active current warm people to fill a group, a class, workshop, retreat consistently enough to make and pay your bills. Otherwise, you can use these lower ticket items like a class or a workshop or a special event to help lead into your bigger paying offers.

And so that is often the win-win and creates stability, sustainability, and structure for your business. Plus, when you get good at doing this, you can start to plan them out and really have it organized so it’s streamlined and you’re prepared. You’ll then think, “Okay, I’m going to  teach this workshop and at the end of the workshop I’m going to offer them to come into this program next.” So you’re efficient with your time and you’re not just racing around from one thing to the next. Hustling, hustling, hustling, that leads to burnout.

If you’re feeling blocked on gathering ideas to fill these programs, I highly recommend you to download and get access for my Get Health Coaching Client’s Blueprint. It’s a free five-day training I have with a ton of marketing ideas to help you fill your program and get clients now. So go download that here: https://igniteurwellness.com/get-health-coaching-clients/


Also, take note of what comes up when I suggest any of these things – a workshop, maybe a special class or filling a program or focusing on one-to-one – because truthfully, the biggest money making idea is your mindset. It’s the big picture of your business knowing and trusting that you’re working in your business for years to come and not just trying to create money.

Now for the short term, of course you want to pay your bills, pay your expenses, build your savings, that will give you more freedom and choices down the road in your business. At the same time, you don’t want to hustle so much right now that you burn yourself out and you don’t reach that big picture. So as I mentioned a few times on this blog, I’m doing one-to-one now and I do see myself sticking with one-to-one for some time. And at some point I do want to release a couple on-demand programs that I have.

I want to re-release my Radiant Being Wellness Training. I’m very excited about that. It’s going to be How To Be A Teacher And A Coach For Wellness And Healing. Get on the waitlist here: https://igniteurwellness.com/yoga-teacher-training/

 I just love it. Can’t wait for it. Lots of yoga in there, lots of coaching and other modalities.

 Also, I want to bring in a lower ticket item called Launch Your Wellness Business. And I haven’t decided quite yet. I’m still working on the outline in either 30 or 90 days. And that will determine more of the price. And I’m going to bring in a group mastermind at some point as well.

So you see, this is a lot of different programs and I feel passionate about all of them. And some of them are already created pretty much like the Radiant Being. I want to add in a few more modules for that, but I’m definitely not going to launch them all at the same time. It’s going to be staggered through the next two to five years of my business. So I can hold that vision for my business, that big picture vision of where I want to go.

And I know when it’s time to bring in a program based upon certain criteria that I’ll hit both financially in my business, the audience size of my business, and eventually of course staff. I’m going to have to hire staff to help me manage and make sure that all of my loyal paying clients are getting the extraordinary customer service and getting the results that they pay me for. I want it to be an extraordinary experience for all of them, no matter the program that they’re in. And I’ve learned this from my coach, Stacy, and she really excels at that. So I want to follow that model.

Creating Tons Of Different Health Coaching Offers May Not Bring You Stability in Your Business in the Long Run

So it’s catching yourself noticing when you just want to hustle or when you want to leave the offer that you’re doing now, like for example, one one-to-one and jump onto something else that seems better, like a group program or an on-demand program. It can be done. You just want to plan for it and think big picture so that you can always provide the best delivery of that program.

Otherwise, your clients and your students and your patients will be feeling that rush. And it might, you know, just be throwing offers out or switching your offers and jumping from one thing to the next or throwing up spontaneous offers that might bring you money right now, but will it serve your business for the long haul? Will that choice, that option, help you to make money down the road?

So sometimes it’s letting go of a hundred dollars here or $200 there, which I’m not saying is nothing right? It is money. But trusting yourself and knowing that it’ll help to bring in thousands later because you’ve created that space to plan and deliver it well. So you are prepared and your audience is prepared.

Why Mindset Is Important for Your Wellness Business

The last point to bring in money for 2023 is belief. And I’ve said this before in an e-mail, so if you’re not on my list, make sure you get subscribed because I definitely got a lot of responses from this e-mail. In the e-mail I said, belief will be the fuel to any strategy that you’re applying in your business. Meaning if you’re choosing to do one-to-one, group membership, your own hybrid option, it doesn’t matter. You have to have belief in both your practitioners skills, belief in the program that you created, belief in your clients that they will get the results. Stacey calls this the belief triad, and I just love it. I bring it into my business all the time. I’m checking in on my own business, my own belief all the time.

And here’s the thing about the belief, and this is the statement that got a lot of responses from my e-mail. You don’t need to be in a hundred percent belief the time to create money, to serve your clients, to show up and be that CEO. You do want to be onto yourself when you’re in a funk, when you’re in negativity, when you’re not believing at all. And have a process to shift that energy, to shift that mindset and to shift that belief.

And that’s what I work on one-to-one with people. We work on the nervous system, we work on why the funk is happening in the first place. And sometimes it’s just a funk. Sometimes if you’re female and going through your cycles, it’s normal to have lower energy and even different mindsets during that time. But how can you support yourself? How can you still show up and serve? How can you deliver on the results even if you might be feeling this way and moving from that into a place of higher belief as simply and streamlined as possible so you don’t get stuck in a negative place or a funk as I call it?

That definitely will guarantee more success in 2023 and more money. Because your clients, they want that for their own lives. They want to be inspired, they want to keep going. You are a wellness entrepreneur. They want more wellness too. But that doesn’t mean you always have to be a hundred percent. Well, and if you know anything about me and my answer story and my Lynch syndrome, you know that to be true wellness does not mean perfection. And everyone’s definition of wellness is different.

So what’s yours and how can you support you and be human and live your imperfect human life and know that it’s stellar and know that it’s enough? And know that people love that because they want permission to be themselves too. They want permission to mess it up at times and know that it’s okay and they’re going to get back on track. So you can be that example for them and that will attract clients to you.


So there you have it. Some money-making ideas for 2023, some more traditional and some a little deeper. And of course, if you want to work with me in 2023, I’m here for you. Your next best step is to just get signed up for a consult.

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