My Sciatica Story

About 7 years ago I was driving my manual jeep home on the 5 and was stuck in horrendous traffic for close to two hours. I was still a bit from home when my clutch leg grew really tired. Finally it was when I felt like I couldn’t push the clutch anymore when I felt something in my back go. Then I had to pull over because the pain in my back, and down my leg was so intense, my clutch leg was also super weak. I remember calling my husband and telling him, this isn’t good I think I REALLY irritated my disc.

I decided not to get an MRI from my PT background I knew what was going on, and I didn’t want a visualization of my disc destruction. Instead the days following it was all about rest, ice and gentle movement. Eventually, I stand and walk long enough without excruciating pain to get out the door and enter the human world again. From then it was a slow recovery. For those of you who come to my clinic with sciatic pain, you have been given some of the exercises I did during my own recovery, and in fact I’m still doing now. Stay tuned next week I’ll share a video with some of those! I had to relearn how to practice yoga again, how to bend forward again. It took a year and a half for the nerve symptoms to really decrease, so they would only come once and awhile and another six months after that for it to fully go away. TWO YEARS!! That’s why I tell my patients to be PATIENT. Now, I can say I’m pain free 95% of the time. Once in awhile a perfect storm of events will come up and my pain will return slightly- but I know exactly what to do to make it go away. Do you want to know as well??

Well, let’s start the journey. Watch this video to learn what NOT to do if you have sciatic pain. If you don’t have sciatic pain share it with a friend or family member that does. They will be so grateful you did! 


Alison McLean

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