Navigating the Balance Between Entrepreneurship and Vacation

Hey there, wellness entrepreneur! Welcome back! 

A Quick Life Update!

I’m just getting back myself from a week-long trip to Florida. My husband, my daughter, and I went to Florida to see my parents, my mom’s boyfriend, my dad, my brother’s wife, and his daughter, and my sister was there as well.

So it was a big extended family trip where we spent some time in West Palm, in Jupiter, Florida, in Port St. Lucie, and as well as Orlando for, of course, you got it, Disney World. And it was a fun trip to Disney World. We went to Magic Kingdom. There was a big group of us. We did not get matching T-shirts but are thinking about the next time we might do that. 

Fortunately, the young ones did not get lost. No child got lost. However, we did find a child who was lost and returned her to her mom. And we went on a bunch of rides. If you haven’t gone to Disney World or Magic Kingdom, I should say, that late October is a wonderful time to go. The weather was perfect, not too hot, and it was crowded, but not too crazy. We went on a full day of rides.

We got a lot in, and the next day, all of us were pretty wiped out. So we did a day by the pool. Had some drinks. We stayed at the Wyndham Resort, and it was a lot of fun because they have several different pools located at their different towers. And so we kind of explored the grounds, hopped into the lazy river. My daughter did some waterslides and just some lounging. It was a great success all around.

And then we headed back to West Palm where things got a little bit more sober, a little bit more, I’m not sure the word, lots of emotions as we took a boat to the intercostal waters of Florida. Originally, we planned to go all the way out to sea, but the wind was a bit rough, and the waves, I think, well, let’s just say we wanted to keep our lunches in our stomach. 

And so, we spread my brother’s ashes in a place where he loved to paddleboard and where he loved to swim. And we spent a lot of time together, all of us as a group, as a family, for a few more hours out on the waters of beautiful Florida. 

And then Sean, Kaylee, and I headed back home.

So it was a whirlwind of a trip, a lot of emotions from high, fun, laughs, giggles to all of us grieving together. But the best part of it all was that I was able to carve out space in my own schedule and go with my daughter and my husband and actually plan this trip and do this trip on my daughter’s fall break. It really is a lovely time to travel to Florida and to grieve with my family a bit more regarding my brother since we were all very surprised by his passing earlier this year. And I think we’re still working through this, which is normal.

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What I Want To Talk About Today: Learning How To Schedule A Vacation In Your Business And Learning To Navigate Through The Messy Middle

And that’s what I want to talk about today, is both learning how to schedule a vacation in your business if you’re a solopreneur and if you have a team, as well as just learning how to navigate through what’s known as the messy middle sometimes in your business when life does throw you curveballs

And how do you carve out the time for that and still keep your business moving forward day to day? I really have navigated this in the past when I received my cancer diagnosis, my rectal cancer diagnosis, and my Lynch syndrome genetic mutation diagnosis. And again, this year, especially regarding the sudden passing of my brother, is learning that I can still show up to my business and love my business and love my clients and be happy and feel gratitude and appreciation for my business and still feel grief, too. It can happen at the same time.

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The Human Being Experience

And that’s what I really consider the messy middle, where we sometimes think that our business is going to be completely compartmentalized from our life and our life compartmentalized from our business. And so then the emotions of what we feel in our day-to-day business only have to do with, “business emotions,” which is kind of from a patriarchal corporate mindset when we’re human beings having a human being experience.

And so this, in my mind, brings a bit of my yoga teachings and my yoga love into the business world. Because yes, we can be organized and we can know that it’s not appropriate to ball your client call when you’re the one to be holding space for your client or your patients. 

So yes, in some ways, we do want to show up professionally and hold the space for our clients and patients for them to release their struggles onto us. And that’s not a time where we’re bringing our personal life and our personal struggles into our business.

That being said, when you’re outside of client and patient sessions, it is knowing that certain emotions might come up in your day-to-day if you’re going through any personal life challenges outside of your business. And how do you navigate those so it’s not like a light switch where you’re like, okay, you’re flipping open the sign for your business doors open for the day, and doors are closed for a day for your normal human emotions and experiences that’s it’s not so crystal clear or clean exactly like that because you’re having a human being experience.

And so maybe as you’re going about writing an e-mail and if you have Spotify on in the background like I usually do as I write e-mails and creating content and doing admin tasks, I often have Spotify on, and you just don’t know if a song is going to come on that might trigger a certain emotion in some way and kind of surprise you. 

And you don’t want to kind of stuff that down and resist or avoid that. Or maybe you get a text from someone that triggers something, or a call. And how do you handle this? How do you want to feel as a business owner? And I listen to a lot of business podcasts, and I’ve been through a lot of business coaching and Masterminds, and I really haven’t heard this being talked about so much. 

The human experience while growing a business and clarifying the boundaries for yourself and professionalism for yourself, how you want to show up as a CEO, how you want to create boundaries so you can have fun and go on vacations, and how you can create boundaries when a life circumstance happens so you can do what you need to do for your personal life and still support your clients and still keep clients coming in so your business stays afloat and continues to progress.

There are different phases of all this. And again, it’s not so black and white like a light switch. It’s more like a dimmer and clarifying your shades of gray and figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t. And that’s what we’re going to go over today.

So we’re going to go over some tactics, such as creating buffer space to handle emotions and buffer space to handle failures, which is also part of the messy middle. 

And creating this buffer space does not mean you have to run out and hire staff. So we’ll get into that because running out and hiring staff when you’re not ready, especially if you haven’t hit six figures yet, is just sometimes throwing money at the problem. 

We’re also going to go over specifically the VAs I have and for what purposes. So you get a clear picture of how I run my business, and I’m able to take time off for both vacationing and emotional processing and downtime as well as the true takeaway of this blog is learning how to be okay with the discomfort of things not being perfect and your business not always being wrapped up in a beautiful box with a beautiful bow and beautiful wrapping paper where things are always getting done on time.

There’s ample time for everything. You’re checking off all the things on your list at the end of every day, at the end of every week, at the end of every quarter, you’re looking at your goals and saying, “Yep, done, done, done, completed, check. Okay, what’s the next goal?” It just doesn’t always work like that.

The true takeaway is really learning how to, yes, navigate and strategize your calendar and your schedule so that you can have ample time for your life, but also knowing that as a CEO, that you’re capable of handling uncomfortable emotions. 

And if you’re carving out a schedule to work in your business, if you’re working a job and maybe putting five to 10 hours a week in your business, or if you’re more full-time in your business like I am and working 20 to 30, I don’t think you need to work 35 more or more hours a week, then we’re getting more into hustle mode. 

And, of course, you can do that for a short period of time, but for the long, big picture of your business, working 40-plus hours a week is just not sustainable. And really, it’s an old-school mindset. 

So if you’re saying, “I’m working 30 hours a week,” and you don’t get everything done in that week because maybe you do have a vacation coming up or a launch isn’t going as well as planned, or life does throw you a curve ball, how are you going to navigate the certain emotions that come up with that? How will you navigate the messy middle of things not getting completed on time and still being able to go on vacation with your family or process emotions that you need to process as a human being? Let’s talk about that.

Knowing The Ideal Hours You Want To Work For A Week

So, to start, let’s clarify how many hours ideally you want to work a week. 

So if you have a job and you’re working more nine to five or nine to six, eight to four, how many hours or hour are you going to dedicate in the evening or during lunchtime for your business or on a weekend temporarily so you can bring in enough revenues so you can create savings and drop down to part-time in your job? 

Or if you’re working full-time in your business and you want to work in the hours when your children are in school or when you are hiring a nanny, and maybe that’s 20 to 30 hours a week, what are your dedicated business hours? 

And be honest with yourself. If you’re saying 20 hours a week, is this truly enough time to get you to the goals that you want to hit for we’re coming into the end of 2023 or planning for 2024. I think this is a great way to start to plan for 2024. And if you’re not hitting your goals and you’re feeling frustrated most of the time, maybe you need to really be honest with yourself. Is it ample time? Maybe, either then, you have a choice to make. You can hire a nanny for more hours and deal with the uncomfortable emotions of maybe guilt or shaming yourself for not being the mom you thought you were going to be. That does not mean that you have to work weekends.

We’re going to get into my schedule and I’ll show you how I work with 15 to 23 clients a week doing all the things and who exactly I have on my, “staff,” because I don’t have any staff. I have contractors, and how I’m able to take my weekends off, which is a two-and-a-half-day weekend every week. And also, what vacations do you want to plan for the year?

So, if you’re not hitting your goals, that might mean that 15 hours a week is just not enough time in your business right now. And you need to hire a nanny or have your kids go to after-school. And what does that feel like for yourself? My daughter goes to after-school and some days I get her early, but some days she stays later, and now she’s an only child. So if she were to be home, if I were to pick her up at school at 2:30, she would be by herself. And yes, I can plan a lot of activities, but she would still be by herself, mostly her and I. So, for me personally, I feel like for my daughter’s experience in life, there are some great benefits for going to after-school because the staff are really nice. She gets to do a lot of fun crafts and games. And most of all, she gets a lot of free time with her friends right there in school and in a safe space. And I don’t have to organize and schedule it all. Just right there.

And because of this, she has a lot of great friends she gets to play with. But it took me creating some mindset thoughts and shifts around this to be okay with my daughter going to after-school most days of the week. So, for you, if you need more time in your business, what mindset shifts do you want to create for you? And if you’re like, “No, I have a hard line with not hiring a nanny or not putting my kids in after-school. That was just a boundary I wanted to create. And it was part of the commitment I made to myself, the contract I made to myself when I started my business, that I was not going to cross that line,” That’s Fine.

So then, maybe you just have to change your goals and be okay with that. Just remember, three years from now, if you hit your goal versus one year from now, will it make or break you? If you hit $100,000 in one year, three years from now instead of next year, because you want to work the hours that you want to work so you can spend more time with your family, will that be worth it to you? 

So, if you’re frustrated about lowering your goal, then that’s where the mindset work really needs to take place. And knowing that if you’re hitting your goals a little bit later than what you thought or what you think you should be hitting your goals, it’s just not the truth. 

I was reading the Tiger Tiger Book by Byron Katie last night with my daughter, and it’s called “Tiger Tiger, Is It True?” And is it true that if you don’t hit your goals by the end of 2023, this year, you are a failure? Is that true?

And I think when it comes to goals, sometimes there is the element of both comparisons and shame happening. And that creates a lot of hustle in your business when it’s just not needed. Because here’s the truth. When planning for a vacation or handling life’s curveballs, when it comes to your schedule, timing, and your business, as long as you are showing up within the hours that you have planned to work, or if life throws you a curveball and you have to reschedule things, as long as you’re consistently showing up in your business day after day, then you will continue to progress. Because it’s not like we’re a robot, right?

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The Employee Mindset Versus Entrepreneur Mindset

This is the difference between an employee mindset and an entrepreneur mindset, where, as an employee, you’re going to go to work nine to five most days. And that’s pretty regimented. And during that time, you’re going to be productive doing certain things, getting certain results and outcomes. 

In an entrepreneurship business, there are more waves. There are more feast and famine cycles, where especially if you’re launching group programs, launching online programs, or even with patients, you know this in your brick-and-mortar, where there are waves of people coming through like fall is a busier time. People trying to get in using the last of their Medicare, for example, for the end of the year. Maybe you’re having a big rush in November and December, and then the beginning of January, it slows down because people have used their Medicare. If you are a Medicare-based facility, for example, or maybe if your facility specializes your wellness online coaching business, specializes in helping people start off the new year with a clean slate, and you have all kinds of programs for that, then you’re going to be busier in January. So, what are the phases and cycles of your own business?

Starting to map that out and knowing that sometimes it doesn’t completely align with, for example, I had a launch plan last June. I was going to open the doors in June, which meant that May was a busier time in June because I was planning all the launch materials for the mastermind. My brother unexpectedly passed away in May, and so I really had to shift my calendar. I had to open up space in my calendar to grieve, to do nothing but grieve, and travel a lot for a lot of family events as we processed and organized my brother’s services. 

That was not in the schedule. It was not planned. So what I did at that time was pivot. I didn’t even plan as to when I would launch the Mastermind again, but I told the people who were interested that I would be launching later in the year. 

As I worked through processing the grief and just doing the bare minimums, which I’m going to get to in a moment, which is a strategy to help plan for vacations and life circumstances such as this to keep your business going, as I processed through that and got back on track in terms of coming back to normal working hours in my business, then I realized, “Okay, I can launch in September.”

So I came back and launched in September. And so, yes, this threw off my goals, but actually, truthfully, as we’re wrapping up the year, I’m right on target to hit my goals. It looks a little bit different as to how I thought it would turn out in the end, but that’s okay. 

Can you set your goals and let go of the how and be able to be nimble and flexible in your business so that you can take care of yourself and continue to show up in your business consistently without being rigid or forced or shaming yourself that you’re not doing it exactly right?

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Going Over Some Details of My Business

Let’s just go over some details of my business so you can get an idea of how this actually works in a real, live working business. I’m pretty much a solopreneur still, and I’m well over six figures. I have contractors only, and none of them are dedicated full or even part-time. 

So that means I work consistently week to week with about 15 to 23 clients slash patients a week, as well as handling all the backend stuff except for the contractors handling these tasks. I have a VA who does my audiograms. However, I give her the copy. I send her the picture. I also tell her the timestamps of the exact segment to pull from the podcast to put in the audiogram. She actually pretty much just makes the Canva audiogram graphic. This VA and her team also handle converting my weekly podcast to a blog, so it’s a transcript. And then I send that transcript over to an SEO editor who will optimize it for SEO so I can then send it to my website design team to put on the website.

So yes, I do have a website design team. I definitely did not have a website design team until over six figures, so it’s not needed till then. And then, this VA and her team also do special projects as needed like designing the workbooks and helping with the table of contents for workbooks or designing free opt-ins. But again, I sent her all the copy. I sent her all the information, and then they just design it. So I am the head and the lead, and the VA just does these tasks, which we keep organized in Asana. 

I also have a VA for podcast edits. I have a Facebook ad specialist. And those are my VA teams that I’m working with right now. I do everything else. So when I’m planning for a vacation or when life throws me a curve ball, I have to take more time off than I had anticipated.

Scheduling Vacations: How I Did Mine, How I Prepared, and How I Kept My Business Going

Let’s talk about vacation first because that’s a little bit different. It’s scheduled, and you can plan for that. 

What I teach my clients in the Awaken Mastermind, as well as one-to-one, is success scheduling which includes time blocking and buffer space. So you know how to handle your schedule on a day-to-day basis and a week-to-week basis. So then when you’re going to plan a vacation, you know what your bare minimums are that you need to do every week that’s going to bring in clients as well as you will know your dedicated working hours. So you’ll know when you’re working in your business and when you’re taking time off.

So, if you want help with these two aspects of your business right now for free, you can head to the website and get the success scheduling. It’s a free training. It’s 20 minutes, which will help to create an audit of your current schedule. 

So if you’re feeling like you don’t have enough time or you’re having a hard time mastering, getting everything done in your business, go do that first. It’s the Time Audit so you can be aware of where exactly you’re spending your time in your business. And then go get signed up for the Summer Of Having Webinar. This webinar will walk you through the steps of figuring out your bare minimums in your business. So you know exactly what you need to do weekly to keep your clients coming in.

So when I’m going on vacation, for example, I know my bare minimums are having a podcast ready to go and scheduled. So it will go live even when I’m out of town. I also have to send over the audiogram information so my VA can make the audiogram when I’m out of town. I have to record ample podcasts so those podcasts are ready to go and I have a podcast ready to go when I’ve returned from vacation. 

And I also schedule e-mails. Right now, I send two e-mails a week. On Sundays, I send out the value-packed e-mail about which podcast is coming up, the information on the podcast, and why my subscriber might want to listen to this week’s podcast, and any PS, special bonuses or freebies I’m giving out to my list. 

And then Thursday is a value-packed e-mail talking about a process or a strategy or a tip that they can implement into their business right now to help sign more clients and help more people.

So when I’m going on vacation, I’m going to write out how many e-mails I actually need to send out and schedule for the length of time that I’m gone, and I’ll write those e-mails ahead of time. Those are my bare minimums. 

So, as long as I get those done, then my business will continue moving forward. Sometimes I’ll post. I’ll make one reel or a post when I’m out of town during vacation. This trip I didn’t because I was grieving for a good portion of the trip because I was with my brother’s wife and his daughter. And there were a lot of memories that came up because we spent a lot of time in Jupiter, Florida with him, and we went to the restaurants he enjoyed, for example, and the areas that he liked to spend time. 

And of course, just seeing his daughter and his face in his daughter’s face. I just didn’t feel like posting and showing up as my usual, upbeat self on Instagram. So I didn’t post, but I did post stories on occasion, which kind of just highlighted some fun moments of our trip when I was in that kind of space to share a quick fun moment like our Disney World adventures or a pool day or et cetera. 

So, I did show up in that way when I felt like it. I just didn’t feel like I had the energy to write a whole post and make a whole reel. So that’s how I decided to show up. And I also posted my audiogram.

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Supporting Your Clients While You’re Away

Some other activities I did to help prepare for my trip were in terms of supporting my current clients. So I have a Mastermind group currently going on, as well as a lot of one-to-one clients. 

So, how can I support them when I’m gone? I made sure that each client knew what they were focusing on during the week that I was gone. So they had an implementation week, but each of them knew their individualized focus for the week. And together I have a private community where my one-to-ones and the Awaken Mastermind students are all together. And I reminded them in that group that I would be gone and reminded them of their focus for the week, as well as created some prompts in the group to help keep them inspired and encourage them to support and help the others, help each other.

For example, one client posted she was making business cards, and the rest of the group gave her feedback on the business cards while I was gone. And that was really lovely to see. My one-to-one clients do have access to me via Slack. And they knew that if an emergency came up, they could reach out to me via Slack, but they also knew that there would be days and times when I wasn’t going to be checking Slack if I was spending with family. 

A couple of things did come up and I responded, pretty much I was off Slack the majority of the time of my vacation and would just pop up on Facebook or Instagram on occasion to make sure that I wasn’t receiving any urgent DMS or messages.

So for you, if you’re planning a vacation, make sure that you have a block of time ahead of your trip to figure out how you support your clients when you’re gone, how will they feel taken care of so you can actually put a pause in your business for your own mental space and unhinge yourself from your phone and your MacBook. How will you set boundaries when you’re gone? What will you say if clients are messaging you a lot when you’re gone, even though you’ve told them that you are on vacation? And when will you write the additional emails or posts or essentially do the bare minimum work to plan ahead for the trip?

For me, it took about three hours overall, planning ahead, writing the e-mails and the posts and the audiograms, and supporting my clients while I was gone. Which when you think about it in the big picture, if that’s broken up over two weeks, that’s ample time you can fit in 90, you should be able to fit in 90 minutes in your schedule to do all that work. And you might not even have the same amount of work as me because I’m further along in my own business. 

So really, to plan for a vacation, it doesn’t have to take a large amount of time, maybe an hour or two. Then here’s the thing, you just have to go on vacation and see what happens, see what breaks down, maybe client support breaks down in some ways that you didn’t anticipate. Then think, okay, and evaluate, assess, how will I plan for that in the future so my clients are better supported, so they know what to work on, so they know how and when to get ahold of me if I am on vacation. Also write down what worked, so you know what you’ll do again for future vacations.

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What To Do When You Want To Work While On Vacation

And also, when you’re on vacation, it’s important to prepare what will you tell yourself when your brain wants you to work when you’re on vacation? My brain, several times before we even left on our trip, wanted to tell me that I would write certain e-mails for the waitlist. 

Right now I’m having a pre-launch for the Mastermind, which will be launching at the end of the year where you have an opportunity to get on the waitlist. You can head to this link (LINK) on the waitlist right now, where I’m writing value-packed e-mails and we’ll be having special bonuses for the waitlist and I’m starting to write those e-mails to send out. Clients will be able to implement strategies and sign clients before the Mastermind even begins. 

And my brain wanted to tell me that I was going to be able to block off a few hours and write out some e-mails. I literally started to schedule that into my schedule around Disney World, and I realized, “Oh my gosh, what am I thinking? How am I going to do this with nine or 10 other extended family members around? No, that is just not appropriate at all.”

So what could I do to allow my brain to feel supported and my business to feel supported? I just joined DL Chiron’s Mastermind, and she has a beefy workbook. At first, I wasn’t going to bring it because it’s very thick, but then I thought, one of my favorite things to do when I’m on vacation, I am an early riser, so my tendency and my daughter’s tendency is to get up early and she likes to hop on her iPad for some time in the morning. If you’re a parent and want to shame me for this, it’s okay, I feel okay about it. It’s not an extended amount of time. 

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Anyways, she has her quiet time in the morning by herself doing her things. She actually has some great creative games she plays, and sometimes she just watches Netflix, and that is okay. And I also have my journaling time. I just love that.

On vacations, I don’t feel rushed to get to work in my business or have to rush and get my daughter ready for school. So I love to sip my coffee or tea, whatever I’m drinking, and just really think about what I want for the future of my business, what I want for the future of my life. 

Right now, we are finishing up on a bathroom addition to our house. And so, for example, what needs to be ordered, what needs to be finished and finalized, and possibly what are future projects for our home? And I just love to think about all that in the morning while my husband sleeps. This just works out for our family because my daughter, she’ll move from the iPad to playing with her toys pretty briefly after the iPad because, fortunately, she somewhat self-moderates on some days. Sometimes, I have to encourage her. And she gets some quiet creative time where I can see her own brain awakening, and she gets to entertain herself, which I think is very important. And I get time to think and dream and plan for my business. And my husband can sleep in, so he doesn’t feel rushed to have to get up and get out the door. So, that kind of pace on a vacation just works really well for our family.

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And I brought, for example, that workbook on vacation, and I did do a few pages on the workbook, and I tabbed it out, and I felt organized. So when I came back into town, I felt really refreshed. I felt inspired by what I created in the workbook. I knew exactly what I was going to prioritize and focus on my first day back today. 

And most of all, I felt renewed. I knew how things had clicked in my brain because I actually turned off my brain from full-on work mode to just being present mode with my family. I felt like new neural connections were made that were kind of lacking prior to vacation because I was in my routines and patterns of showing up where that space allowed for a little reflection, processing, and integration.

And so when I came back, I was like immediately, first thing in the morning, as I was planning out the week, I was like, oh, oh yes, I can do this better. Oh, I can see how even just organizing my schedule for the week had a slight shift in how I was just organizing and planning out the repetitive bare minimum tasks I do reoccur in my business as well as special projects that I do in my business such as preparing the pre-launch e-mails. 

So, that space allows you to really evolve and grow, and it’s so needed. And every weekend, I also give myself that space and time. So, hopefully, hearing a little bit about my personal journey and what I personally do in my business to allow time for vacation will allow your brain to get the gears going and moving so you can block off the ample boundaries that are needed so you can enjoy your trip, give yourself space, so you can come back feeling refreshed.

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The Process I Used When Certain Life Circumstances Happened

And when a certain life circumstance happens, like my brother passing or a health diagnosis, this is the same process I use. It’s just usually not as clean because more time is needed to take off in a more urgent way, and there’s less planning time available. 

So, in those circumstances, I just do what I can do on a given day, and I trust that if I just show up with the certain time that I’m allowing myself, then my business will continue to grow. 

And that’s what I did during the time of my brother’s passing: showing up as much as I could and then also giving myself ample time to process through emotions and be with family. 

For me, this trip, planning and organization went pretty well. There are some things I’ll change for the future, but overall, it went pretty well. It was almost like a box with a pretty bow and wrapping paper. But I’m several years into my business now. It didn’t look like this always for vacations in the past. There were times where I overworked. There were times where I didn’t completely unplug and I created e-mails and had a lot of work during vacations. So if it’s not working out perfectly for you, if you’re having a lot of uncomfortable emotions and thoughts, this is all normal. The more that you do that, and most importantly, if you’re assessing and evaluating after of what didn’t work and what you would change for the future, then you’ll continue to grow, and it’ll continue to get better.

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Again, this is a benefit of coaching, and this is exactly what I work with my clients on. So they can amply enjoy life, and their business doesn’t fall apart at the seams if a life circumstance happens. 

I can’t tell you the number of coaches that I’ve heard and wellness practitioners I’ve heard that have just been thrown completely off course by a life circumstance. And their business has been going really well, surpassing their goals. And then a life circumstance will happen, and they’ll completely pause their business for several months at a time, and they’re not able to pick it back up. And they get stuck in a funk for a very long time and sometimes they even give up on their business at that point. And it just doesn’t need to be that way. You can continue to grow your business and take ample time off and maybe, at times, not even do your bare minimums if you need to process and grieve.

But you do want to have a system in place so that you can continue to support your current clients and continue to nurture your audience so that when you’re ready to return to your business, you feel that it’s there waiting and ready for you. 

I think sometimes we’re hesitant to take time off for vacations or life circumstances because it’s going to be so hard to get back into it. And yes, sometimes it is difficult, but this time I was really refreshed and really looking forward to getting back into my business today. I felt ready. I knew what exactly I was going to prioritize and work on and it was pretty seamless. I let my contractors know I was back in town. I let my clients know I was back in town with a post in the group. And so everyone knew that they could get ahold of me. 

I have a lot to do today. I have a lot to do this week because Halloween, as time of recording, Halloween is tomorrow, so it’s a shorter day tomorrow as well. But I trust that if I continue taking a step forward each day, show up to the working hours that I carved out for my business, then it’ll get done. And even if my launch at the end of this year doesn’t work out perfectly because I took my vacation now, I’m okay with that because I know I’ll sign the perfect clients who are ready for the launch at that time and I’ll continue to grow, and eventually, even if I don’t hit my launch goals for this round, I’ll eventually hit my goals.

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If this year has shown me anything, it’s that if you keep working towards your goals, even if you have a couple off years because a few years ago, I did have two off years back-to-back in a row, and now my business is continuing to grow. This is one of my best years yet and it’s not even over yet. So, anything else I accomplished this year is just a bonus. 

And I know that 2024 has the potential to be even better. And all of this can be possible for you by just taking consistent steps forward, organizing, and planning, yes, but knowing that there for sure will be messy middles, and that’s okay. There’ll be days when you don’t get everything done. Maybe you only check one thing or nothing off on the list that you have. And also, there’ll be amazing days where you do get it all done. You do hit your goals. You do surpass your goals. You do even surprise yourself. And most importantly, you’ve created a business that supports you, your family, the lifestyle you want to live and your clients. You’re helping a lot of people and truthfully, that’s what matters the most.

So if you’re doing that and growing, no matter the speed, you’re doing it exactly right and perfectly because it’s exactly right for you, your clients, and your business. Okay, some food to chew on for this week. I’ll see you next week. Bye for now! 

Alrighty, wellness entrepreneur, before you go, I’ve got two incredible Black Friday specials for you. Because you are a loyal reader to this blog, you’re getting early access. Now, these are first come, first serve, and they’re only available if you commit to working with me one-to-one in the Awaken Business Coaching Program before the end of the year. So let me explain what they are and why you want to start prior to the end of the year, okay?

The first is you’re going to gain live access to the Dream to Reality Three-Hour Workshop. This exclusive workshop is reserved only for my paying clients. And we’re going to do it right after the new year. So you can evaluate 2023, we’ll reflect on 2023, so you can gather the crucial learnings and insights that will accelerate your success for 2024. And then we are going to envision your dream for the year 2024 and develop the concrete steps to make this dream a reality. So by the end of 2024, you are accomplishing that dream.

And the benefit of attending this workshop live is that you get to ask me your personal questions. You can ask me if your goals are appropriate. Do they fit where you are in your revenue? Are they realistic? We’ll troubleshoot 2023 if it didn’t go as well as you would have hoped, we can troubleshoot it together so that way you’re not making the same mistakes into 2024. There are so many benefits to attending live. You get access to this for free as a Black Friday special. And again, it’s only for my paying clients.

And also the second special bonus for Black Friday is that when you work with me in the six months, we meet about three to four times a month. So it ends up being 20 calls approximately a month. You also receive an additional 90-minute onboarding call with me and in that call, which we’re going to do prior to the end of the year. We’re going to get you squared away in your pricing, your offer, the length of your program, who’s the ideal client, where to find them, what to say to attract that ideal client in, your marketing, your selling, all the details, the nuts and bolts of your program so that it’s all ready to go.

And also we’ll spend the remaining sessions of the year preparing you to finish the year strong so you accomplish as many goals as you can at the remaining time of the year without overworking. 

Also if spending time with family over the holidays without guilt is a big priority for you, working together with me through the end of the year, we’ll give you the time and space because we’ll strategize your calendar and time management, you’ll know what to prioritize, so you can take ample time off with your family.

You will also achieve specific goals by the end of the year. Also you can start 2024 with momentum, with success, with confidence, it’ll go right into that Dream To Reality Workshop and then you’ll be signing clients before February hits versus if you miss out on this Black Friday special, and you’ll say, “Oh, okay, I’ll just work with her after the new year, that means that we’re starting sometime in January.” Hopefully if you can get in the schedule, maybe February, that means you already missed a month. So now you’re working with 11 months to achieve that goal in 2024 instead of the full year. 

Plus, if you are someone who feels the time crunch for the holidays, you’re not having a coach to help support you during the holidays, so you can have ample time off, so you can enjoy time with family without worrying about your business, without that guilt.

So, so many reasons to take advantage of this Black Friday special. Again, I only have limited spots for my one-to-one program. This is first come, first serve, it will sell out. This will not be available after the new year. 

So, if you want to take advantage of these bonuses, if you want be part of the Dream To Reality workshop, your next best step is to book a consult call, save your spot, get into the program, and let’s create your most successful year yet in 2024. Okay, I’ll see you on a call. Bye for now!

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