Overcoming Fear and Anxiety As an Entrepreneur

Are you nervous or anxious about leading a group workshop, going LIVE, teaching, or even leading private sessions in your business? You are not alone. We all get nervous before doing activities outside of our comfort zone. Keep reading to learn more about how I move through this feeling. 


Our brains are wired for survival. Your brain is trying to protect you by looking out for danger in the unfamiliar. When doing something new, your brain will interpret that as dangerous. Even though we know speaking in front of an audience is not truly dangerous. This anxious feeling can still get the best of us.

There is no reason to shame yourself for feeling this way, as it is a part of the human experience. I am hoping that the awareness will bring you a sense of relief. Thank your brain for looking out for you. Tell your brain, “I’ve got this”.

There are a few techniques that I use to bolster my nervous system. They improve my capacity to handle new things with greater ease and flow.


The first technique I use is journaling. Get everything out onto paper. If you are doing some sort of practice or yoga sequence, get that planned out on paper (step by step). 

If you are doing a lecture or teaching, be prepared with a list of bullet points. This will keep you on track if you are distracted or things don’t go as planned. 
Next, think through your fears and any worst-case scenarios. Mentally prepare yourself with solutions for these scenarios. 

Some examples of my worst-case scenarios are:

  • What if you have more eyes watching you than anticipated? 
  • What if your attendees are not engaged or confused? 
  • What if your attendees are not giving you any feedback? 

How will you respond to these situations? Having this information written down will empower you to move through anything. When you are speaking authentically through your lived experiences, you will deliver your message with confidence. 


It is normal for your nervous system to feel triggered when you are doing a “big scary thing”. Prepare yourself to be in the stress response and learn to support yourself in the moment. When my nervous system is triggered, I practice break work. You don’t have to be a yoga instructor to use breathwork. Practicing a simple breathwork practice will calm your nervous system. 

Below is the breathwork practice I use: 

  • Take a deep inhale
  • Exhale with an open mouth
  • For extra support: make a “humming sound” after your exhale. I find that this helps prepare my throat for speaking. 

This will support you in recalibrating your nervous system by removing any excess energy. It will bring you a sense of calm. 

Now that your mind and your body are supported. It is time for you to accept the reality of what you are experiencing and do it anyway. Not in a forceful, hustling way, but rather telling yourself, I’ve got this! Don’t let the anxiety of trying something new hold you back. If you wait until you are 100% confident, this is what will happen. Your people will miss out on your unique gifts and talents. You are in your business to serve your people. They need to hear your message.


Alison McLean

"I help the Entrepreneur reduce stress and live a more fulfilled and balanced life."