Part II Choosing Less Pain: pain management

This post is a continuation from last week where we discussed reasons why pain and an injured structure (or healing area) might not match up.

For example, let’s look at low back pain due to a disc bulge. The structure injured is the disc, and possibly nerve root, ligaments and muscles. It will take anywhere from a few weeks or few months depending on the severity of injury, for these to heal. But, why does pain persist following this time span?

Part of the issue can be because of what we talked about last week (click here), or some of it maybe in response to your perception of pain, how much energy you put towards your pain, and belief in your body’s ability to heal.

A disc injury can be a very scary incident if the body locks up and spasms. I’ve been there, it takes some time before you can move normally without wondering if there will be horrific consequences. Ideally we have to heal the area, and then reteach the body how to move again without pain, as well as believe that this can occur. Sometimes however, it is easy to get caught up in the doubt or fear, wondering if you will be able to heal combined with fear of moving. The doubt and fear will then feed into the cycle of more pain because of the guarding and hesitation to move forward in life. To reverse these cycles tools are helpful.

Personally what works for me are spaces of quiet, meditation and essential oils. Carving out the space is tricky, but most important. As a busy mom and business owner I have to put this time in my schedule, even if it’s only 5 minutes. Some days it feels as if everything is trying to block my path to achieve 5 minutes of meditation, but I just keep telling myself how important it is and eventually I can create the time. Even if it’s right before bed. When I finally have the space, I place a drop of oil that will support healing or my mental space into my palm life (for example: gratitude, aromalife, or peppermint) and then I visualize my body/mind being healthy, happy and whole. Which leads to the second point.

Are you always looking for your pain? What you seek you will find. So if you wake up in the morning and are moving and looking for your pain to reappear it will. Same with throughout the day. It’s not that you have to ignore your pain. But, tell your body “ok I’ve recieved the message you are trying to tell me, and I have carved out the space for healing (see above)” then turn down your viligence to the pain signals. Because you are aware and are taking action the signals will eventually lower. However, if you are always looking for the pain signals and doubting if they will be there or your body’s ability to heal, they will be strong.

These techniques can seem abstract because they are not tangible. So it might be hard to believe they work. That’s the thing, you have to believe in yourself and in your body and find the path of healing that works and resonates with you. If you need help unraveling this path that’s what I’m here for. Schedule a free consult to unravel your own personalized path to healing: https://igniteurwellness.com/schedule-and-forms/

You will be so glad you invested your time since I will share with you all that I know to help heal and prevent future injuries.  Hopefully you won’t have to use this email any time soon, but if you do there you go.
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