Power of the Breath

It’s something we do day in and day out, but normally don’t ever think about. Yet, it’s the one action that keeps us alive and thriving here on earth. 

Our Breath. One of the most powerful, simplest and cheapest things you can do for yourself 

is to learn to breath using your diaphragm efficiently. In the clinic I see a lot of patients who breath using their neck muscles contributing to neck pain, I observe paradox breathing that reduces actual breath capacity and again leads to overall soreness and fatigue. 

If you learn how to breath more efficiently you will feel less sore, have more energy, and you will tax your heart less. Sound good? Want to learn more?

Just watch this intro to Pranayama or Breath Work to get started! 
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Alison McLean

"I help the Entrepreneur reduce stress and live a more fulfilled and balanced life."