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Aubrey Jones - Real-Life Success Story in Health Coaching - Wellness Entrepreneur Journey


Hi there, health coach entrepreneurs! Welcome back to my blog. For the next few months going forward, I’m going to be bringing back real-life success stories, back by popular demand. The last few months I’ve been working with a ton of really talented compassionate, passionate wellness entrepreneurs that bring such needed work into the world and I want to highlight their stories. 

So, you can read them for inspiration, for your own wellness business, to see what’s possible, to see all the different ways these wellness entrepreneurs are growing their business successfully. And also, in case you are in need of their services, they are skillful at what they do, they are so dedicated to their client, and their passions, their missions. 

Meet our Guest 

This week, I will highlight Aubrey Jones of the Connected Heart Institute. She has a background in Human Biology and has worked in the health and fitness coaching community. Eventually, that lead her to more intuitive health and energy healing work as well as spiritual mentorship. 

In addition, she’s certified as a functional nutrition councilor and she loves to work on healing from a very holistic lens that includes physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic bodies. She’s married with four children and lives in Phoenix, Arizona. I hope you find her story inspiring of how she started her health coaching business and attracted her first health coaching client. 

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Question to Aubrey: Can You Please Tell Us Your Full Name And What You Do And Where They Can Find You? 

My name is Aubrey Jones. You can find me at @aubreydawnjones on Instagram – it’s where I’m most of the time. You can find me on Facebook as well. I am an intuitive healing coach. I work with people – women – working through blocks, health challenges, anything in that intuitive realm. I like to get it down to the roots of anything going on or the root cause resolution with emotions, and energies, and spiritual stuff and all that kind of meaty stuff at the bottom that we don’t always look at that can be causing blocks in our lives. 

Question to Aubrey: You Work With Mostly Women?

Mostly women, I’ve worked with men as well. But I do work mostly with women. 

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Question to Aubrey: How Do These Blocks Show Up In Their Day-To-Day? What Do They 

Come To Describing Their Problems Typically?

It can be various, lots of various things, actually. It can be health issues, like chronic health issues that you can’t figure out or that has come back over and over. And you may be working with a doctor and that’s fantastic and great but often times, there is emotional or energetic or spiritual things going on that you need to address in order to fully heal the physical body and work through the energy system. So, I work with people on those types of things. 

And other things I’ve worked on, my need blocks. Sometimes like myself, I’ve worked through a lot of that stuff. It can be a lot of things I’ve worked through are generational – with money, beliefs, and other things going on there. I’ve worked on relationships. 

A lot of it comes down to relationship with yourself and who you are and really being able to get into loving yourself and it sounds total cliché but really, that’s what it comes down to it. Like can you tune in to your own hearts? What are you thinking and feeling about yourself? And that really kind of colors or sets the stage for how you interact with the whole world around you. 

So I like to get into that type of space and really show people – though I don’t know if it’s showing people so much as helping them see themselves more clearly and clearing out blocks that may be there – emotional or energetic or anything going on and creating a space that you can choose in to something that you really want to choose into. Like a better money experience, or a better, healthier relationship, or a healthier physical body and more energy. So, I’ve worked on various different things because my energy shows up differently for everybody. 

Question to Aubrey: Someone That Might Be Reading This Might Try To Imagine The Work Or Visualize It Or Think Of The Experience Of Working With You, What Does Clearing An Emotional Or Energy Block, What Does That Mean Or What Does That Entail?

Such a good question. For me, it may look a little different for everybody who does this type of work. For me personally, when I am working on someone, I get myself into a very centered place for myself and start talking to this person’s energy, to their spirit. And I connect with them on that really deep level and I start asking questions. 

So I have this desire and intentions that they are wanting to figure out and so I go with that intention and start asking questions like, “Is this just a physical issue?”, “Is this their emotion involved?”, “Is this spiritual?”, “Is this generational?” and I look at it that way and it’s just kind of untangling a knot. I just want to find the right string to start pulling from. 

So when I’m sitting with someone, and I usually do this over the phone because it helps me, I just close my eyes and I can tune in better than they are right in front of me. It sounds funny but it just helps me that way. And I can tune in to that energy and what’s going on underneath. And after I do that, what is really cool is that I see things in my mind, I can hear things, I can feel things that are going on for this person and what’s in the way of them expressing or experiencing this higher self or this better way that they want to be. 

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They’re trying to go this direction and they are getting blocked on the way. So let’s look at what those blocks are and start moving. I just look at the energy, and then honestly, I just shift it and the nice thing about energy is that I identify what has to be identified because some things just need to be seen and named, and then I can just release it out. 

And other things, like a few emotions, I always go to the roots of what’s going on and sometimes it’s hard to believe, and sometimes it’s just emotions and a lot of times it’s a mix of stuff. It can be ancestors, or traumas from the ancestors, or things they inherited. I go right to the root but it could take a little time getting to that root through asking some questions to get there. But I go to that root, and I use that term because it feels a little bit like gardening. 

For example, when you’re wanting to change out plants, you go to the root. You don’t just chop off the top of it because it will grow back. You go down to the root and so I lift out the root. 

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Energy is awesome because you can just recycle it. And after we’ve worked on that for a while and clearing out the stuff that doesn’t serve, I invite in and integrate lots of yummy new stuff. So maybe it’s new beliefs, maybe its new emotions or resonances of energies. 

Sometimes I see colors come in. Colors represent and they have different vibrations so it’s really cool. Lots of times, especially this generational stuff, and also ancestors come in and we can work with the ancestors and heal a whole lot of people that have inherited stuff all at once. Or angels will come in and help with that and bring in just really good love. It’s just all this light and love and very individualized for this one person. 

So, to reiterate, I start by connecting with the energy and I clear and heal what is thereand integrate all of the yummy good stuff in the body. And I usually can feel when the energy has settled back down and we’re in this better space of confidence and clarity for the person and then I can move forward. You know, it can take some time to process all of that stuff because it needs to process through the physical body as well and that could take a few days, depending on the person and what we cleared. 

But a lot of times, by the time we’re done, usually, they just feel a lot more peace and rested. That’s where my goal always at the end is to get to this place of resolution and peace and rest so that they can feel good moving forward.

Intuitive Healing Expert Aubrey Jones - Transformative Path to Attracting First Health Coaching Client

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Question to Aubrey: Because You Are Working With The Roots And You’re Working With Beliefs That They Might Not Realize But Could Be Unconsciously Passed Down From Mother To Mother To Mother And Then The Person That’s Showing Up In Front Of You, The Results Can Be Quite Profound And It Can Heal Generations Forward Too, Right? 

Most definitely. I actually really love doing generational healing. Our generation goes forward and backward. So we have us that are here right now, but we’ve had so many people before us. I mean how many people? Like thousands and thousands of people when you start working. Literally it’s a tree that branches out with a lot of people so can it affect change in a lot of ways and then clears stuff? 

For me, personally, there’s been a lot of patterns in my family with addiction and abuse and specially with abused women and unfortunately, I don’t want to bring up a trigger for people but being able to go in and clear that and change that. I have daughters and I know that I can change the experience that they’re going to have because I’ve shifted the experiences where we’ve come from. 

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My Take On Taking Charge And Changing Experience

Alison: You’ve shifted it. You’re kind of like, “The bus stops right here. The pattern starts-stops with me and I’m creating a new experience for my daughters,” who then will be able to create a new experience for their children if they decide to have children. 

That gives me goosebumps because for me, part of the work that I do is with entrepreneurs. I realized that how I show up for something, which seems so simple, but the ability to work with practitioners and make the time to care for myself and my daughter sees me whether I’m working on weekends or not working on weekends, that will influence how she shows up in life. 

So, to me, I want to heal myself so I can help and serve more people as an entrepreneur, but also, will create a different reality for my daughter where she has more conscious awareness around what she’s choosing or unconsciously what she’s seeing me do and learn from my experiences. 

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Aubrey On Offering Easier Starting Point For Her Daughters

I often think of that when I’m doing a lot of my own healing work or working with healing a lot of generational energy and stuff in my own line, I often say, “The bus stops here.” That’s the line I will say, “This is it. This stops here.” 

For myself, I’ve been working on healing a relationship with food and a different addictive patterns and even communication issues within family patterns and I often think of my children because I think I don’t want them to struggle as badly as I have struggled. Of course everyone needs to learn and they have their own learning path in life because that’s just how life goes. 

But if I can at least offer an easier starting point for them then they’ll be able to build healthier relationships with other people but also just starting with themselves that they can know their own worth, they can make their own decisions, have healthy boundaries with people. And then they can start their adult life on a healthier place from where I was, for sure.

Question to Aubrey: How Do You Bring This Work Into Your Own Entrepreneur Journey? On The Entrepreneur Path, Some Things Go Smoothly And Sometimes There Will Be Days Where Certain Beliefs Or Thoughts Popped Up Into Your Head Or If You Have A Plan But Don’t Turn Out Quite As You Hoped Or planned. How Does This Work That You Do For Yourself In Clearing Your Own Emotional Or Energetic Blocks Or Shifting Beliefs And That Sort Of Thing. How Does It Influence The Journey As An Entrepreneur? 

Being an entrepreneur really brings up all of your stuff – because it’s you. I have to rely on me. I’m not doing what someone else tells me to do and I’d definitely think, “Just go get a job and that would be so much easier and I’ll just get  a paycheck” and then I’ll think “no” because I’ve done that in the past and that is kind of soul-killing for me especially if I am not in the right industry. 

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But really, being an wellness entreprenuer brings up for you all of your limiting beliefs, your thoughts, like for me tons of patterning around money, around time, around being a mom, for me personally, how can I be a mom and be successful and can I work part-time and be a full-time mom and still make a living. There’s so much you could dive into entrepreneurship with things that come up. 

Or if you want to get into working with clients and I have an experience, say with a consult, and it does not go the way I want it to go, I could easily go into this mental pattern of, “I’m not good enough,” “What I’m doing isn’t good,” “People don’t want what I do.” It would really be tempting and I think that’s a common thing with entrepreneurs for sure. 

What you can do is say, “Wait a minute, stop, those are just thoughts, those are just bullies.” They are big bullies and I am not diminishing or dismissing that because real feelings come from those. So it’s not dismissing that but you can think, “Oh wait a minute, that’s a bully, that’s a thought, and I can change that, I actually can change that.” Sometimes, if you are trying to change your thought and you are having a difficult time doing that, it’s because there’s something underneath like maybe some core beliefs that you need to really get into or some conscious stuff going on. There can even be generational stuff. 

For myself, as I worked down this entrepreneurial path, I had blocks come up with money and fears and I when I would work on them it literally felt like I was boxed in and I couldn’t move. I had to finally get really curious about that like what was going on and it was a lot of generational patterning around business and money from my ancestors who had deep, deep beliefs and they get ingrained and written into our DNA, our bodies, and we pass them on like this really strong trauma or emotion or belief. So that’s the kind of stuff that I do with these things – I dive into them. 

As an entrepreneur, I think anyone on this entrepreneurial path, you’re going to have all of your stuff come up because it’s just you working to create something and you are bringing out this creative energy. And I have to be honest when I say that I’m still working through these things. 

Question to Aubrey: What Decided To Have You Work With Me Specifically? 

I worked with Aubrey in a six-month one-to-one container so I am asking her this question. 

One of the biggest things that attracted me to you was that we have worked together previously so I knew you a little bit. One of the things you would talk about is working on that balance of doing your work and what you love to do and balancing your time and your energy. 

In the past I struggled with severe adrenal fatigue and burnout and also feeling this inner push to do this work. Loving what I do and knowing that I’m very good at what I do because I can help people in very massive ways, I still try to find the balance of how to do it and not burnout and still be a present mom. I don’t have all the skills to do the balancing act and so I needed help to be able to do the business skills. The way you talked about balancing our health so as not to burnout and push push push just to be successful in your business was what really attracted me towards you. 

I felt that after we talked a couple of times before we had the one-on-one, it’s not about you telling me what to do, it was about helping me figure out what I need to be doing. Whenever I had questions, you asked me to think about it and re-focus and it was more about me figuring out how I work best and having confidence in that.  

Question to Aubrey: What Are The Shifts Or Changes Or Some Results You’ve Seen So Far In This Short Time We’ve Worked Together? 

For myself, it’s really being able to show up consistently in my business. I realized that consistency does not necessarily mean I have these set work hours every single day and I am learning that that’s okay also. That flow of the way I work is okay. 

Also, when we worked together, you gently redirected me. When I come up with an idea I feel like I should do these sorts of things but you tell me to look into certain aspects because that could help me move forward. It’s really all about re-focusing and working on that self-belief. 

I think we all have that roller coaster of emotions when we are working on our own and ask ourselves if these are going to work. I have all that mental chatter that comes up and you helped me navigate all of that, too, through a call or through a tool. 

So, really, I think that everyone needs coaching of some sort because you have this outside perspective who can see your potential. I know it’s difficult but it is okay and normal to feel that way. 

Question to Aubrey: You Have A Great Awareness Of What Works For You Or Creating Awareness Of What You Might Need On A Given Day, How Do You Bring That Work As An Entrepreneur And The Work We Do Together? 

With human design, I am a reflector, which is pretty rare. That also means I don’t have the consistent physical work energy. So, being mindful of how I operate is really important so I don’t burn myself out. 

I give myself a whole lot of grace and I am still learning to do that. I have slowed down and sometimes it bothers me that I work at a slower pace or how things move forward might seem slower than someone else who just jumps in, does it, makes it work and go. But I worked on some of my own beliefs regarding this. I’ve also known that when I jumped into work, pushed, and made things happen, that’s when I burnout. I am not designed to work that way and I am more designed to work in that energetic spiritual realm of working on the quality of what I am doing to attract in the people and the vibrational energetic spiritual realm of things. I also just trust that that is bringing in the people who I am here to help. 

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I am definitely not here to help every single person as I am here to help only specific people. That is true for everybody, but I am really learning to just be patient and trust that. I also often remind myself to self-talk and self-coach because where I am today is where I need to be as far as energy and emotional level and all that kind of stuff. 

Question to Aubrey: What Would You Say To The Person Who Are Having These Nudges That They Should Slow Down And Honor Their Needs A Bit More But Are Afraid To Do So Because Of Different Factors? 

I would say honor that nudge and that could be a scary thing and I totally understand and relate to that. But that is that inner wisdom that is going to guide you in the right direction. That’s where I’ve been learning – to focus on myself again and going back to that inner wisdom. 

Culturally, we have all the beliefs about time, work, money, and success. We have this inner guidance and when we start listening to that inner guidance, we can have the success and abundance that we need and have all our needs met. It may look completely different as to hustle and grind, but it’s still successful. 

That’s a little bit of a leap of faith though to have people shift to that. But we have to get into those beliefs, and look at what’s going on underneath that’s causing all of these feelings and doubts, the emotions, and the disconnects where you are not listening to that inner guidance system. I love doing that work. My business is called The Connected Heart Institute and I like to help people connect to their hearts and to their own confidence of who they are because everybody is so fantastically amazing. It really feels like a privilege when I get to work with a client who is on that level because I can see the amazing potential of their highest self, and be able to help them get back and trust that and reset all those feelings and thought patterns because that’s where all of that burnout happens when we’re not listening to that. 

It is a process. Even for myself, it is a process. Even today, I have a lot of doubts going in my mind and I just have to redirect and use the tools to shift those thoughts. I also learn how not to judge that because it just is the path. 

Question to Aubrey: If Anyone Was Curious In Starting This Work, What Would Be Your Advice On This Next Step Or How They Could Start This Journey Of Listening To Their Inner Guidance? 

Journaling is the first thing that comes to mind even if it’s just a bunch of loose-leaf paper because it doesn’t really matter. Just grab some papers and start writing down your thoughts such as what you think and what you feel. It may be a whole bunch of negative self-talk at first because sometimes you have to get these out of the way to get to what you really want to do. 

Let yourself feel what you really want to do. I know for myself that I block that a lot and I am learning to unblock that. What will happen is you will have thoughts like, “That doesn’t work, nobody can do that, nobody will look up to you, that’s not how life works.” But with journaling, you will become aware and let the story pour out. 

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For example, I have thoughts like, “I will never sign a client.” So I write that down and write all the stories that go with that. Ask yourself why you are thinking this and how. It will help process out a lot of the energy that’s in the way. You can then burn it or whatever because that’s a great way to purge and put you back to what you are feeling. And again, learn not to judge the process, it’s just the way it is. 

Parting Words Of Wisdom By Aubrey 

Doing that inner work will be really difficult especially if you are just starting. It can be a little bit uncomfortable because you are diving into some of the deeper stuff that you don’t want to acknowledge. But, when you get to the other side, it’s so beautiful. You get to start really seeing yourself clearly and the awesomeness of yourself. When you start feeling that, it’s really worth doing that inner work because that is how you can truly shift your life. Don’t be afraid even if it will be overwhelming and intimidating because it is worthwhile. 

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