Root Chakra Meditation for the Wellness Practitioner

In this week’s episode we are doing implementation tactics for the wellness practitioner to grow their business. This is not doing work implementation, meaning I’m not going to have you directly go out there and market, sell or deliver. This is the behind the scenes work. This is being work implementation. These tactics for the wellness practitioner to grow their business, is the gas that will fuel anything that you are currently doing. 

These tactics will also create inspiration or energy to do things that maybe you’ve had a fear of doing. For example, mainly fear of being judged. Or, fear of what others would say, or fear of failure. There are many reasons as to why your unconscious brain might hold you back in some ways for showing up and doing some very effective things in your wellness business. 

Today you will unravel that.

 If you find yourself saying,

 “Well, I’m holding myself back, I know that there’s some things in some ways, I’m the one that standing in the way of my own success”

But you’re having trouble really nailing down specifically, in what ways you are holding yourself back or in what ways you are the obstacle, then make sure to go through this episode step by step.

This will help to unravel specifically, what are the thoughts the beliefs or actions that you’re currently taking that aren’t effective or aren’t done in an effective way.

This is the work of trusting your intuition from your own internal nudges. Today’s podcast is actually a meditation that I put up on Insight Timer app. If you think that you have to do more to create more results in your business, I urge you to go through this podcast several times.

Listen it first as a meditation, where you’re just closing your eyes,  setting yourself up in a comfortable location, and  just listening it through and its entirety. Then you might want to listen through it again, taking notes on the questions or certain areas that you would like to spend some time journaling and answering. Then maybe while you’re listening to the podcast, answer those questions, or just put a pause on the podcast and go through and journal and answer those questions. Repeat the process several times. 

You might be surprised to find out that when you journal on the same questions several days in a row how it takes it deeper. Yes, sometimes you might get the same answer. But sometimes you might be so pleasantly surprised at what else you uncover.

Repetition not only reinforces new beliefs and new patterns. This also starts your brain thinking in a new way.  This new way of thinking will uncover some creative options and opportunities you might not have recognized yet. 

The thought of having to do more to create more in your wellness business is untrue. This meditation is releasing, unblocking, aligning your root chakra specifically. A few episodes back we highlighted the Root Chakra in terms of marketing. This meditation is more of aligning your root chakra in terms of you as a wellness practitioner and wellness entrepreneur holistically. So take your time and listen a few times. I will work through the chakra system chakra by chakra over the next few months.

Use this meditation to guide you through journaling visualization for the next month. This process will help you to ingrain new habits and patterns so you can support yourself and know the universe will support and guide you along the way as well. You do good work in the world. More people need to know your services exist. And at the same time, you need to continue to replenish and refill your cup. This meditation will help to prevent burnout, reduce stress and increase trust and belief with yourself as a wellness practitioner, and your capabilities as a wellness business owner.

This meditation will help to provide focus, clarity, and more energy so you always know your next best steps to take and when failure and disappointment happens, because life does happen at times. You know, you’ll get through it with grace and ease. It’s time to release and trust. It’s time to ground into the present moment. To complement this meditation, you can use a grounding stone like hematite, or red Jasper, or essential oil like sandalwood or patchouli. Find yourself in a comfortable seated position or even lying supine on your back or in a restorative position that serves you. 

It might serve you to have a journal, a piece of paper, a pen handy. Maybe you listen to this meditation once in its entirety, just soaking it in just listening, just being and then you listen in and again, taking notes on the questions and writing out your answers. You can listen to this multiple times doing books to keep you grounded into the present moment to keep your nervous system calm, smooth, so you can access your creativity, your resourcefulness on any given day. Allow your top eyelid to close to the bottom. start to notice the sensations of this present moment. Maybe your sit bones in the seat or support your skin upon the earth. The sensation of air against your skin. Bring your awareness to your breath without manipulating or forcing. Just observing what happens on the inhale, noticing the quality, the texture of the exhale allow it to be as it is. 

This work for the Root Chakra as a wellness practitioner, as a wellness business owner, is learning how to slow down how to trust, how to develop a sense of safety and sufficiency, day to day, moment to moment embodying this, so you can hold space for the students, the clients that you work with. Learning how to trust yourself, trust the universe. To believe that you have the capabilities to help others to know deep down in your soul that you are worthy. 

Bring your awareness to the root chakra region, low, deep at the bottom of your pelvic bowl. What color is it? Can you detect the frequency of its vibration? Maybe the spin? Are there any blocks, dark colors, negative emotions? Notice the baseline in this present moment right now. 

As you sense this root chakra, also bring your awareness to your wellness business.Where in your business? Does fear show up? And why? For example, it might be when you think about marketing, or going to make a post on social media or show up to a networking event.

Unconsciously, you might not feel safe. You might be worried or have a fear about being judged or criticized or what someone might say. You might have doubts about your creativity, about what you’re writing about what you’re posting.

When you think of these emotions, these thoughts about your wellness business or an area that you do have fears, worries. Where do you feel this in your body? How does it show up? Do you clench your teeth? Grip through your abdomen or pelvis? Clench your hip muscles, your thigh muscles? Do your shoulders come by your ears? Does the quality of your breath change become quicker, shorter, more shallow? What is it for you? Notice how it presents. 

This awareness is a key step. Because if you can begin to feel this in your body. Number one you can become aware of when this is present in your day to day and where you might avoid certain activities that could benefit you and your business out of fear. And you can learn to be with the discomfort of the negative emotions and process them if they need processing through. 

And, learn how to show up with fear. You will learn how to not allow the fear, doubts and the worries to be the driver. How is this possible? How could it benefit you and your wellness business? To show up despite the fear? And what will you do afterwards? So for example, if you are to teach a new class, lead a workshop on a new topic or your very first workshop, it’s normal to be nervous. It’s normal to feel a little fear to feel your sympathetic nervous system. Kick up a notch. But how can you support yourself afterwards? To reground to reconnect to let those emotions process through? Write down your answers, write down some of your fears, your worries when it comes to your wellness practitioner skills. When it comes to business skills. Write them down, get them out of your head. By keeping them in your head, and allowing it to spin in the background throughout your day to day, this can be a huge energy leak, let’s empty all that out.

Notice if there’s any additional layers of shame, criticism, judgment for yourself. Let that go. It doesn’t serve you. We all have fears. We all have worries. Right now, this is the opportunity to find solutions, the opportunity to release what no longer serves you.

Another question to consider is where in your life and or wellness business might there be an energy leak, but you don’t feel safe to make a change. So, for example, when I was a yoga teacher, and had my own brick and mortar, physical therapy and yoga practice, I was also driving all around town racing, from class to class, patient, to patient, patient to client, leading workshops and trainings and the weekend. I was tired, I was exhausted. But I was scared to make a change in my schedule to let go of the weekend trainings, the yoga teacher trainings, I was scared to let go of the workshops, because I thought my business would collapse. It’s so dramatic. 

It took my daughter telling me one Sunday when I came home from leading an anatomy session, Mommy, I miss you. It took a lot for me to finally get out of my comfort zone for me to move past this growth edge to make the change, of letting go working evenings and weekends. So I could be with my family more, so I could take care of myself more. And you know what happened? My business exploded. It grew faster. I was holding myself back out of fear. What is it for you? What’s that nudge? Your intuition is telling you a change is needed?Write it down? Are you able to make this change now? What would be needed? How could this change actually help your business? Help your health. create more time freedom. Create more connection time with your family. I work with a lot of wellness practitioners, where we really focus on this and the energy behind all that they’re doing day to day.

So they end up doing what they really desire with full belief and trust. They finally are able to let go of the things that they were doing out of fear and shoulds. For you where can you find the strength and sufficiency to do things the way you feel called.

What is it? Write it down? What does this mean to you?

Now we will create some beliefs and evidence to be anchor points, when old fears and worries want to come back in.

What do you know to be true about your wellness practitioner skills? How many people have you helped? How many lives have you changed? Write it all down, write down all the trainings, you’ve taken all the experience you’ve gone through. How are you an amazing practitioner right now? What about your business skills? How are you already a successful entrepreneur? How is it true that when you’ve trusted your intuition, those nudges guidance in the past that it worked out exactly how it should. Write down all the evidence that you have for the benefits of trusting your intuition. What is the message your wellness business wants you to hear right now? Maybe it’s been in the background. But you haven’t had the time to actually pause and write it down or pause and hear it.

How can you create safety and sufficiency right now? For yourself and your business?Where are you already supported? How does the universe have your back? How is this true? In what ways do you have your own back? How can you trust you more? Inhale to fill up. Allow these intentions, this awareness, these awakenings about yourself about your wellness practitioner skills, your wellness business skills to percolate into all your cells. 

Inhale to fill up. Exhale to release. 

Inhale to trust exhale breathing out the fears repeat to yourself. 

I am safe. 

I am grounded. 

I am calm.

I am supported. 

I am trustworthy. 

I am capable. 

I am strong. 

Pick one, the one that resonates with you the most repeated a few times.

Bring your awareness back to that root chakra region. Has the color changed? The vibrational frequency? Can you see its red glow? Feel its strengths, its energy? Know that this work is accessible at any time.

Pick a few grounding phrases to come back to in times of challenge or embarking on new endeavors times when you feel the fear, but know the path is through. Come back to this belief in you, this trust with you and the universe. It’s always here. You are safe. You are supported. Bye for now.


Alison McLean

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