Say Yes To “Hang Time”

Do you feel as if you are shortening as you age? Like gravity is literally shrinking your spine?

Well, like grey hair will happen for most of us at some point, so can degenerative diseases involving the lack of space, especially in the spine. Diagnosis’s such as osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, degenerative disc disease are so common as we age. Here are two things not often talked about when a doctor throws these labels at you.

  1. It can be reversed.
  2. It is not a life sentence for pain. 

It’s a space issue. As we age certain muscles tighten, others weaken, or bones loose their strength so the spine looses it’s space in between each vertebrae. It’s why I installed the expensive Yoga Wall in the clinic. Most of us sit throughout the day which can exacerbate this space issue since research shows the most pressure exerted on the spine is when sitting. A wonderful way to reverse the effects of aging and gravity is by using the Yoga Wall. In my opinion better than the inversion table since the pelvic sling is at the hip/pelvic region most of the traction goes straight to the spine avoiding the ankle, and knee joints. 

Watch this video to see an example of an inversion on the Yoga Wall: 

Physically literally “hanging out” on the Yoga Wall will help to bring space back to the space. Mentally it will also help to calm down the nervous system and promote healing. Ignite Wellness is THE ONLY physical therapy clinic in North County San Diego to have the Yoga Wall! 

In honor of Mother’s Day and to Welcome Jenny Eddo to Ignite there will be specials on Private and Semi Private Yoga sessions utilizing the Yoga Wall (gift certificates available). Give back to yourself or your loved one this year with a gift that will keep giving for a life time.

If interested just respond back here! Or e-mail Alison@igniteurwellness.com


Alison McLean

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