11 Reasons Why Your Online Program Isn’t Selling (Plus a Bonus Reason!)

Hi there, wellness entrepreneur. Welcome back! 

First of all, at the time of writing this, some of you know I’ve gone through a really difficult time. And I want to thank you, for all the outpouring of love and support I receive from the passing of my brother. It is a very hard time.

And the reason why I’m mentioning this here on the blog is because you, too, will go through challenging times in your personal life while you’re trying to grow a business. And I want you to know that it’s okay, life happens, and your business will always be there for you. Take as much time as you need, support yourself, you only have this one precious life, and your business is a part of that life. 

It’s not your whole entire life, though. And in fact, the more that you really live your life, and you honor what your body needs, you honor what your nervous system needs, you honor what you need in terms of spending time with your family, and just having personal downtime and fun time, the more your business will thrive and succeed. And I know that personally, it’s been proven to me time and time again in my business.

And so, if you want to learn how I ran my business during this difficult time, my daughter even was diagnosed with E-coli during the time of my brother’s passing, what I did to manage my schedule and take as much time off as I needed, and if you missed the Summer Of Having Workshop, the workshop on how to have as much fun in this summer as you want while cultivating a profitable wellness business, then you can check it out here. And you can get registered for the replay of that. I made the replay available a little bit longer via Evergreen, so you can just jump in there and get registered for that. 

In that workshop, I’ll show you the six critical steps on how to manage your schedule in times of challenge, or if you want to just have the best summer of your life and spend time with your family while growing a profitable business.

Now, this does not mean, when I say this, sometimes it gets confusing, and maybe I’ll make a whole other blog on this, I don’t mean that you’re only going to work one hour a week or two hours a week. You do have to put time into your business for it to grow. Now, if you’re working full-time and trying to grow a business, I do have tactics for that. Some of my clients have done just that. And then they were able to reduce down to part-time or actually leave their jobs. So it doesn’t mean that you have to overwork. There is a sweet spot for you on the “ideal number of hours” a week that you will work that will allow your business to grow profitably forward.

However, that being said, it’s not a fixed number, your schedule is not a one-and-done deal. Because stuff will come up, your schedule will shift and flow when you have time, when challenging things come into your life, or if you just want to have more ample downtime and take long, long summer breaks with your family. And this workshop will help you to navigate both of those. So get registered for that.

And then also stay tuned for future blogs where when I’ve processed through this a bit more, I will come on and talk a little bit more about my experience as being an entrepreneur and navigating a difficult time. That is slightly different than when I went through my health challenges, and some of it is similar as well.

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But today, we’re going to talk about something entirely different. We’re going to talk about 11 Reasons Why Your Online Program Is Not Selling.

Bonus #12: You Might Need To Tweak Your Title

Let’s start this blog with a bonus. Your title may be the reason why your online program is not selling. Your title might not be what people need to see, so they are not understanding the value of your program or what they’ll get from your program from your title. So that could be one reason why your online program is not selling. 

And that’s totally not what I meant to say. But the universe apparently wanted to make sure I got that number in. So there you go, bonus number 12.

But it has nothing to do with your value, your content, or your lack of skills as a practitioner, whether you’re a yoga teacher, or a massage therapist, or a physical therapist, a health care provider, a coach, a life coach, a business coach, health coach, a Reiki Master, it has nothing to do with your skills. 

And I know that because the people that I attract into my world, so you reading this blog, those of you that are my clients, those of you that come to my workshops again and again and again, for those of you that have been on my e-mail list and following it for years and opening them, I see you, and I know you have the skills, because I’ve talked to a good number of you personally, and I know you have many certifications, I know you’ve been dedicated to your craft most of you for years. 

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And even if you’re just beginning, you have so much life experience or experience in your previous form of work that you’re bringing to the table when you work with your clients and students. So the reason that your online program is not selling doesn’t have to do with any of that.

And so the 11 other reasons that I’m going to go over as to why your program might not be selling are for you to open your mind. It’s not for you to shame yourself, because you only know what you know, and you’ve done based upon what you thought was the best decision at the time to try to sell your online program.

And now I’m just offering you more ideas, I’m offering you more information, which of course, you can choose to take or not take. But I hope you expand your mind to some of these possibilities. And I know if you just implement one of these ideas, then it can change everything for your program.

I do not recommend that you try to implement all 12 of these ideas at the same time. I would take it one by one by one. So trust yourself, see what seems to be the most applicable or the simplest to implement off the bat, and do that first. So you get an easy win, and then take the next one. 

And truthfully, that’s the path of the entrepreneur, most of us don’t get it right off the bat, right? Is that, we need to put something out there in the world. And then we test it, just you’ve heard me say this before, just like a science experiment, you’re going to put your hypotheses out there in the world, you’re going to track the results that you get from that hypotheses, and then you decide, Okay, is that working?” You’re going to carry on doing a similar thing, because it does work. Or if it’s not working, then you’re going to change something, you’re going to change one variable at a time and again, track those results.

And it’s just rinsing and repeating that through slowly over again and again and again. And that will get you the results that you want.

So here are 11 other ideas to refine or tweak to make your online program more successful to help more people and get more clients and students!

Reason #1: You Might Not Have Enough Audience  

So number one, this is a big one. And this is often the hard one to hear. Because I know you want to launch an online program for many reasons, and maybe I’ll make another blog on this too, because I see this so commonly, is that you think that doing one-to-ones is going to hold you back in some way, where you’re not going to make enough money, or it’s too complex, or your schedule is going to be too hard to navigate doing one-to-ones.

You’re going to be too tired, you don’t have the energy or the capacity to do too many one-to-ones, working with people one-to-one. You’re going to get into the time-for-money trade when you’re doing one-to-ones. There’s a whole list of ideas of why you might think that an online program is better for your business. And it might be true. I don’t know your business personally, so it might be true.

All I know is from my experience, and a lot of the people that I work with, whether they’re my clients or I’ve worked with them via workshops or messaging, I’ve worked with hundreds of people now, and often, there is a thought error when it comes to one-to-ones, and it’s an unconscious thought error. It’s more of a nervous system response in terms of feeling that a lot of the practitioners I see, feel that they don’t have the capacity in their schedule or their energy or their bandwidth to do as many one-to-ones, to create the revenue that they want. Or they don’t feel that they can charge the price for the one-to-ones and to create the revenue they want.

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So it becomes like this time and money scarcity, or worthiness thoughts all wrapped up together in a nervous system, causing someone to essentially flee or fly from one-to-ones and latch onto an online program. And the problem with that is, a good percentage of the time, if someone hasn’t built up a one-to-one, following a one-to-one practice where you’re almost booked out, or even have a waitlist or have been doing it for years, then most of the time, your audience is not going to be big enough to fill an online program. And I know that’s really hard to hear.

But the truth of the matter is, you might be spinning your wheels trying to launch this online program, and right now, you just don’t have the audience to fill it. And that’s the truth. Now, for an online program, I’m not saying that you need hundreds of thousands of people, but you do maybe need a couple hundred, 200 to 300 on your e-mail list. 

And the same goes for Instagram, you do need a base of people. And especially if you’re going to do a group program, which is another kind of an online format that’s not one-to-one, this is especially true if you’re going to be launching trying to get a group of people, let’s say five to 10 people to sign-up at the same time, and then three to four months later or six months later, you’re going to try to run another group of people to sign-up, you need depth of a warm audience of people who are ready to buy all at the same time. And so they buy, and then you need another group of people that are ready to buy a few months later. 

And the way to create a depth of warm audience is by the simplest way. Truthfully, it is to get to work with people, get them in your world, get them results, and do that again and again and again, with a number of people.

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And to do that, the simplest way, is one-to-one, where you’re going to gain more mastery in your skills, you’re going to get loyal clients that want to work with you again and again and again. And then they’ll tell their friends and family about you while you’re marketing your one-to-one. And by doing that over and over again, you will build a warm audience. So then, eventually, you can launch that online program.

But if you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, unless you’re crude in the audience, maybe prior to while you’re working your job, or maybe you were a mom with your children, not working, not being an entrepreneur, but you started Instagram, for example, during that time when you had your babies at home, and now they’re in school, and you want to be an entrepreneur, and you have this following, then for sure, you may be ready to launch an online program right off the bat. And only you know the answer to this question.

If your audience size is bigger, and most likely, if you’ve launched it several times, and you’re not getting people inquiring at all, it just might be because you just don’t have the depth of the audience that is really needed to launch again and again and again and again.

And not to despair, I can help you figure out your schedule and your energy, and your pricing with one-to-one so you don’t feel like you’re having to do more one-to-ones than what you feel capable of. And I’ll tell you right now, I do anywhere my weeks of 17 to 22 one-to-ones a week. Prior to my brother’s passing, I was getting prepared to launch my group at the same time, and I still have patients that I work with at the same time, and I am making a good income to well over six figures.

And so it is possible for you too, and I can help you figure that out, and I will be launching the Mastermind again, you can take note, open enrollment will be August 28 of 2023. If you want to get in sooner, if you’re in for it, just schedule your consult call. The sooner you commit and pay, then you’ll get access to the portal and my Six Pillars in the workbooks, and you can get started on that right away. And the first call will be September 7. 

So I teach this to my clients, all these, so you can launch an online program with more ease. And in fact, I’m creating Launch Your Online Program bonus for the portal, the one-to-one, and Awaken Mastermind clients.

So you can get more of these in there. These will help you with deciding if you’re ready to launch an online program, or should you do one-to-ones. But this is the number one to consider, the size of your audience.

Reason #2: Your Audience Just Doesn’t Understand The Value In Your Online On Demand Program Or Group Program

Number two is they, your audience, if you feel that you do have the appropriate size audience, okay, valid, then maybe the audience, your audience, just doesn’t understand the value in your online on-demand program or group program. They just don’t understand what’s in it for them to spend the time and the money. They don’t understand the results that they will get for investing their time and their money.

And so that comes down to knowing really what your ideal client wants, and more on that to come, but it comes down to your messaging and your copy. And that’s also where the title might fit in. So your title might not accurately describe the value that they will get or the result that they will get in a way that they understand. Sometimes we sacrifice clarity of the value of your program in a title for something cute, a cute title. And you just don’t want to do that. Forget about the cute, just make it really clear for your people what they will get in the messaging.

So then, they will be more likely to be compelled to invest their time and money in their program. And that’s what I work a lot on with my clients in the Awaken Program, which is honing in on the messaging. It’s something that’s really underestimated and undervalued, especially in the online world.

So if you’re a brick-and-mortar practitioner, meaning you teach in yoga studios, or you have a brick-and-mortar physical therapy clinic, or you work with clients maybe in an office, it’s really underestimated the importance of copy and messaging in the online world.

I remember when I first was doing more primarily online work, I moved from being a brick-and-mortar practitioner to moving into the online world. And I remember saying to one of my coaches, I never thought I would feel like an author where I literally felt like I was writing all day long, writing messages, tweaking copy, but it is when you’re in the online world, your message matters, your copy matters a lot. 

And you really need to spend time working on this in a way that is simple for your clients to understand and read and see how your work will impact their lives in a positive way, where they can actually picture the results of your program and feel that in their body and their nervous system. So, so much so that then they’re compelled to hit that consult button or hit that buy button. So that is number two.

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Reason #3: They Think Your Program Will Take Too Much Time

Number three is how much time they think your program will take. Now we’re going to get into some nuances of that messaging, that you can really speak to, other words known as common objections that your people might have unconsciously as they’re reading a sales page or as they’re reading a marketing post about your online or group program.

And one of those, so number three, is they think that your program will take too much time. And so, you need to clearly address this and how your program will be able to fit into your lifestyle because, again, they don’t want deliverables, meaning they don’t want worksheets to fill out, they don’t even necessarily want a portal, what they want is the result. 

So when you’re creating your program, a lot of the time, the practitioners I work with because you have so many certifications and so much knowledge and so much experience, you can be creating content for hours a day for years, and your content will still never be finished because you’re still continuing to learn.

And the trade-off I see is people spending so much time in creating all this content for their people, but they’re not focused on, “Okay, what is that result that someone will get, and what is the most streamlined way to that result, and how can I simply articulate that result in my messaging?” There’s no thought process, there’s no time with any of those questions. All the time is just spent on creating the content. 

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And so that might be a really hard shift for you, is to tell yourself to stop creating content and shift to those other questions of what is the result, what is the streamlined process to help someone to get to the result, and how can I articulate that in my messaging. It will make a world of difference.

And I know, because I’ve been there. When you come into my world, you will get access to my portal, which has thousands of hours of content. And don’t worry, you’re not going to get that all at once. Because I point you to the program that’s appropriate for you and the result that you want to achieve. I don’t give all that out, because it would just cause someone to feel overwhelmed and freeze. 

I have some clients who have been working with me for years, and they have a good percentage, if not all, of my portal by now at this point, because I don’t see the purpose of having that content just sitting in my Kajabi Portal, gathering dust with no eyes on it. So I ended up gifting out a lot of that content as appropriate when it comes up in a session or on a call when they have a question for me, I’m like, “Oh, yeah, I have a program on that. I have a workshop on that. I’ll just gift it to you.” And that’s usually how they end up getting all my life’s work over time. 

So just know that you can still create content. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that you want to create it in a streamlined way so your client can get the results with it, and you can also articulate it in your messaging.

Reason #4: They Think That The Result Or Success Your Offering Won’t Be Possible For Them

Okay, another objection is, number four, thinking that the result that you’re offering, or the success that you’re offering, it won’t be possible for them. And so that just might mean that they don’t really understand the result or see how the result seems too big. Right?

Like, if you’re saying transform your life, change your life, have vibrant health, all that is kind of big and esoteric. And they don’t understand what does having vibrant health, what does that mean for me or thriving in your health, what does that mean? Having wellness, what does that mean? They can’t picture what that means in their day-to-day life. Reducing stress, what does that really mean?

You need to break it down for them and tell them, “Okay, you’re going to fit into your skinny jeans, you’re going to be less stressed, so you’re not yelling at your kids so much, you’ll be less stressed and more confident in your body, so you are more intimate and connected with your significant other and your partner.”

You need to think about their day-to-day struggles and problems and speak to those. So you don’t have to change anything about your content. Right? It’s just again, taking your content and looking at it through a new set of eyes and being like, “Oh, okay, I have these yoga classes,” “I have these modules on nutrition or body chemistry or stress reduction techniques,” anything that you might do and looking at it and be like, “Okay, how would this one specific technique impact someone’s life Tuesday at 2pm or first thing in the morning?” Or, “How will they sleep better? How will they feel?” 

Break it down, technique by technique or module by module or lesson by lesson and explain clearly how that one module, for example, will impact their life and just have one post on that one technique or that one module, and how it will impact their life and just go through it module by module and each one is you’re going to have marketing content for months, and your audience will clearly see how your program can fully impact their life.

Now, if you’re having trouble streamlining your content, now that’s another thing I can help with. In the Awaken Portal, I take my clients through a pillar process so they map out their content, so it’s consistent from the marketing message to the selling process. It’s part of their consultations all the way to then when they start working with a client, it’s delivered. It’s the same message, the same pillars, that are being introduced, which is important again, if you have that online program, to create consistency throughout that whole process.

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Reason #5: When You’re Doing Marketing and Selling, You Might Be Unregulated and Stressed Out

Okay, number five. This one also might be a hard one to hear, but, if you take a moment to pause and breathe, and just open your mind to it, this might change your world. When you’re going to market and sell your program, you’re unregulated, you’re stressed out, you’re triggered, you’re flooded, your nervous system is on guard, whatever you might call it, while you’re trying to sell your program.

Now, I’m not saying that stress should completely go away, or that you won’t experience fear or doubt or uncertainty, because maybe you are doing something new, and each launch, each time you launch your program, it’s going to be a little bit different, it’s going to be unpredictable, you don’t know the results.

So yes, there will be some dysregulation while you’re selling and marketing an online program. But are you supporting yourself enough during the process where you can be grounded, where you can be connected, where you can show up as your true authentic self, so your people can lean into you, the true you, where they feel your philosophies, they feel your values, they feel your truth? Because all of that will differentiate you from any other online or group program out there.

Because again, people don’t want an online program, they don’t want a group program, they don’t want just another offer to sit in their portal, which they’re not going to use. They want someone they can trust, they want someone they feel connected to, and having that connection, having that trust, knowing your story, knowing your expertise, will compel them to show up day after day and use and utilize your program.

Reason #6: You’re Using Gimmicky Sales Technique That Takes Away Your Authenticity  

And plus, if you’re feeling triggered, flooded, unregulated, so much so when you’re selling that’s causing you to almost freeze or flee, then you might not, which also leads to number six, you might not spend enough time in marketing, so you might flee or be frozen from showing up and marketing at all. You’re just not putting the word out there enough times.

Or, you feel doubt and overwhelm about your marketing plan. You doubt that it’ll work, or you feel kind of frozen, so you try gimmicky sales techniques that take away your authenticity, such as saying that there are fake urgencies. Saying, for example, that there are only two seats left and it’s an online program, so there’s an infinite amount of seats. Or if you’re doing one-on-ones, for example, saying that you only have two spots left when you only have three clients. Or you’re very pushy or convinced them on consultation calls, or they feel your graspiness, that will slow down your sales and lead to your online program not selling.

So being triggered, unregulated, not supporting your nervous system enough, not knowing or having awareness of what triggers you, and why can lead you to do gimmicky sales techniques that just aren’t you. And so then people will see your marketing and your selling or, you know, see your marketing experience, you’re selling on a consultation call, for example, and be like, “Something’s off, I’m not connecting here, this isn’t for me,” and they won’t buy.

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Reason #7: You Don’t Spend Enough Time Marketing

Or, it can cause you to, number seven, not spend enough time marketing, where your program’s not selling because literally you just haven’t put out enough marketing posts about it. 

Not enough eyes saw your marketing materials to get the numbers that you want for your online programs. So that’s another area where people underestimate, especially in the online world, how much time in marketing is really required.

Again, I’m not saying that you need to overwork or hustle or exhaust yourself or burn out. But you do need to get your butt in the seat or at your standup desk, or even do marketing, as you can see, as I sometimes do when you’re out on a walk and get your work out there.

Reason #8: Maybe You Have A Huge Audience, But You Don’t Have A Back-end Customer Support

Number eight is the opposite end of the spectrum of number one, where the audience size was too small. Maybe you do have a huge audience that you’ve built through maybe the years, and you just don’t have enough customer support. 

There’s a bottleneck, where you’re doing marketing, and you have the audience size, but people aren’t able to buy your program because maybe they need to get on consultation calls, or maybe there are tech breakdowns where your registration button isn’t working for example, and you don’t have the customer support or the team to release the pressure on that bottleneck to get people into your program.

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So it’s the opposite side of the spectrum where you just might have enough people, you might be making enough offers, but you just don’t have that back-end support to help people actually buy and get into your program easily and seamlessly.

Reason #9: You Might Not Be Making Enough Offers

Number nine, you might not be making enough offers. Maybe your marketing, maybe you’re making a lot of posts, but you’re not actually saying, “Sign up to work with me, sign up for the consultation call, press the button to buy now.” You need to actually say those words. 

And if you look at my posts, I say those words, more often than not, yes, it does affect your algorithm, you will get fewer likes, you will get fewer views, but my thought is if I’m getting those one or two people to buy each time or sign up for the consult call, or to sign up for my workshop each time, then that’s my work, I’m serving those people.

And by doing that again and again and again, I still have grown an audience, my business is still growing, I just don’t have the hundreds and thousands of likes that some people have. And here’s the thing, some of those people with thousands of likes on their posts, they might not be making six figures, they might be really struggling. So an audience does not equate to your revenue. So just be careful of that.

So when you’re marketing, make sure to make clear, direct, and simple offers. So your people know how to take that next step to work with you.

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#10: Your Program Doesn’t Match What Your Audience Wants

Okay, number ten. Now, I find number ten to be more on the rare side, but I will mention it. And that is making sure that the program that you have created is a match for what your audience wants. So that could mean that you do have a following, you do have a warm audience that is ready to work with you, however, for where they are in the stage of the journey of where they are, your offer doesn’t match where they are.

So let me be specific. For example, I work with entrepreneurs, The Awaken Mastermind is coming up, and it’s for the entrepreneur, the wellness entrepreneur that wants to hit their first six figures and learn the simple process to hit those first six figures. Now, if an entrepreneur hasn’t done anything, any steps yet in their business, they haven’t worked a day in their business yet, they haven’t started to think about the logistics of their business, then that program might not be the best next step for them.

In fact, I have a workshop called the Next Steps, where if someone has just graduated, or someone’s working a full-time job, for example, or is a mom at home with the kids and is considering starting their entrepreneur business, then the next step workshop will be the next best step for them versus going right into the mastermind possibly, or soon, I’m going to be having a program called Launch Your Wellness Business in 90 days, which is a little bit more comprehensive than our Next Step workshop.

So, for example, if you have a group of audience that is just beginning, just starting out, but you’re launching a program that’s further and more advanced, then they might not feel that that program is right for them. Or if you have an audience that has a particular struggle, for example, like they really want to lose weight, and you’re talking a lot about pooping consistently in your program, helps to with pelvic floor health, and helps to get more consistent with bowel movements, then maybe that either the messaging is a mismatch for the audience, or the program might be a mismatch for the audience.

And that’s why I see this one more towards the end because, more often than not, it’s not the program that’s a mismatch for the audience. It’s the marketing, the copy, the message that’s a mismatch for the audience. Or as I said before, you just might need to refine and tweak a few things for the program to make it a match for your audience.

So before you change up your whole entire program, or scrap a whole entire program, thinking it’s not what your audience wants, try your messaging first and try asking your audience or your current clients working with you. Why did they decide to work with you? What were their key problems? What were their key struggles? What were the key results that they are hoping to achieve with you? And see if the program that you already have covers those struggles and covers those results. And if it does, then you already have a match, and you just have to work on your messaging.

If, however, there is a strong mismatch, meaning they don’t match up with what your current clients say, or if you poll some of your audience, then maybe you do need to rethink the program. And it’s not that you have to abandon the program that you have, you may use it at a different phase in your business. But right now, the audience that you have, it’s not a good fit.

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#11: You Might Have Too Many Different Offers and Programs

Which brings me to number 11. Let’s say you were to keep both programs and just create a brand-new program, which is what a lot of people do. They have multiple offers, because they have essentially a whole buffet table of offers that they’ve abandoned because they feel that their audience doesn’t want those particular offers, but then they keep them on their website or in a consultation call, they list out five or six different programs that they could work with or someone goes to schedule a consult call, and they have five or six different types of consultation calls to schedule with for this or that, and that is very confusing to an audience.

For someone who needs help and is struggling with problems, to have many different offers to choose from, can be very overwhelming and cause them to freeze and not choose anything at all. 

So look at how many offers you have. For the size of the audience that you have. Most clients that I work with, one or two offers is plenty, maybe three if their business is very mature, meaning very profitable, they’ve been in business a number of years, they’re scaling past multiple six figures into seven figures, then maybe bringing on more offers, their business has the maturity to handle those multiple offers in both the audience size and also the back end customer support side of things.

However, if you’re not there, then you really want to focus on one to two key offers till you grow and get good at those. I promise you. This is one of the hardest things to do. Because I know myself, if you look at my website, you can see all my past programs, and I keep them up there. But I don’t sell those, I only sell the Awakened One-to-One program. And I did that for a number of years. And now I’m bringing in the Awakened Mastermind later this summer. But I’ve waited a long time to do that to make sure both my business is mature enough to handle two offers, and that I can adequately support the two offers, so the clients coming into my world are getting the results that they paid me for. And it’s not confusing to my audience, because my marketing is very consistent, where it only talks about my six pillars, and I would just repeat those again and again and again.

So for you, take a look at your offers. And if you need my help, I’ve helped many of my clients to streamline their offers. Often, a lot of the time, you can combine two offers to make one offer and have it be as a specific result client is working for. So I’m not saying that you have to abandon what you do. But there are ways to streamline your offers to make the decision simple for your client to work with you.


So I’ll go over these 11 reasons as to why your online program or your group programs that are not selling plus the bonus 12 one, and you can get to work, pick one, get to work this week, and just refine or take an objective look at the data and your business and see what might need some tweaking.

So number one is that the audience isn’t big enough for a group or online program because you’re just starting out or in the beginning phases of your business, or maybe you’re bringing in a new offer, or you’ve switched your niche or something like that.

Number two, your messaging is not matching what the audience believes they think they need or want, so they don’t understand the value of your program and your messaging, and your copy needs a little bit more refinement.

Number three, more specific on the message. Your clients feel it will take too much of their time, and they don’t have enough time to go through your program.

Number four, they don’t think that success will be possible for them. Maybe the success is too big, too broad, too vague, so they don’t really see how it fits into their life, or your copy, your message, doesn’t clearly describe the results that are possible when working with you.

Number five, your nervous system is triggered or flooded or unreal, unregulated, while you’re marketing and selling. And so you’re not showing up as your true authentic self.

This can lead to number six, you use gimmicky sales techniques like fake urgency, pushy, convincing, or maybe you’re showing up on sales calls, being too grasping.

Number seven, you’re not spending enough time marketing, you’re not getting enough eyes on your offer.

Number eight, you don’t have enough back-end customer support. So there’s a bottleneck of trying to get people to pay into your program.

Number nine, you’re not making enough offers. Maybe you’re marketing, but you’re not clearly saying the next step to sign up, book a consultation call, or sign up for the program.

Number 10, maybe what you created isn’t a match for what your audience wants. So maybe you need to tweak your messaging to make sure that the audience understands, and that could have to do with number 12, which is the bonus that maybe you need to tweak your title. Remember, make it clear and simple, so they understand the value of the program and the result or the result that they will get when working with you. Scrap the cute, make it clear. That’s bonus number 12.

And then, number 11, you might have too many offers for the size of the audience that you currently have, and you might need to streamline your offers.

So there you have it. I will see you next week. Get to work!

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