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Today we’re talking about a very popular topic, signing clients and getting consultations off your emails and social media

Why and How This Blog Will Help You

For this blog, you’ll want to save it and come back to share it with a friend showing up on social media or writing a lot of e-mails and not getting the results that they want, such as signing more clients. This is one of the key issues that I work with a lot of my clients in the Awaken Business Coaching Program that allows them to sign more clients with ease, and it also differentiates them in a saturated marketplace, whether you’re doing in-person brick and mortar, yoga therapy services, and there are a lot of yoga teachers in your area, or you’re trying to fill your Vinyasa class in a yoga studio and there’s a lot of yoga studios, a lot of teachers in your area.

Or if you’re a physical therapist and you want to differentiate your physical therapy work in your local town, or maybe you’re an online health coach where there are a lot of online health coaches, how do you really stand out? How do you differentiate yourself? How do you get someone to find you on Instagram or maybe you stumble across them and you start engaging and interacting with that person, but how do you get them from being a follower on Instagram, for example, Facebook, or your e-mail list to a paying customer

And this blog will help exactly with that. The mistake I see a lot of wellness entrepreneurs making is not necessarily not showing up on social media or not writing e-mails. So kudos to you for all the hard work that you put in this year and the year before if you’ve been in business for some time. Kudos to you for showing up consistently on Instagram and Facebook and consistently writing e-mails, whatever consistency means to you.

Now we’re going to get into why those aren’t converting. And first of all, no judgment or shame because I’ve made this mistake before myself many, many, many times. In fact, even in the present day, I’ll catch myself rereading an e-mail or relooking at a poster reel that I’ve made and I’ll see the same mistake in it currently. So, just know that it’s always a refinement process. No judgment, no shame. We’ve all been there.

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Your Messaging Is Too General

And what I’m talking about is writing general e-mails and general posts. Or if you’re doing a webinar, you’re talking about general results in your program. So, what does this even mean? It means using words like, “I’ll heal the root source of your problem,” or “I’ll reduce your stress,” or “You can feel better in your body. You will thrive in your health and wellness, reduce your pain.”

All of these are very general phrases and they sound nice, right? Who doesn’t want less stress in their life? Who doesn’t want their nagging low back issue to be reduced, or who doesn’t want their bladder leakage problem to be healed, right? They all sound nice, yet it’s not going to differentiate you from anyone else doing similar work, and it’s not compelling enough right now to have a person who is on your e-mail list or is following you on Instagram or Facebook to want to take that next step to work with you right now.

There’s no urgency, and it’s not compelling enough because it’s not specific. So they’re not really able to visualize or feel or tangibly see how healing their bladder issue, for example, will make their life easier. You have to spell it out for them.

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Talk About Specific, Tangible, and Measurable Results In Your Messaging

So, let’s get into some examples and then a framework to help you with this. So in your messaging, whenever you write an e-mail, whenever you write a social media post, you want to talk about a specific, tangible, measurable result that someone will receive when working with you. And then you also want to consider and write out why this result is going to impact someone’s day to day positively.

And again, you have to be specific. I call this in the Awaken Portal in one of my lessons, the “So That.” So for example, you’re taking a message like, “I’m a health and wellness coach. I will help you thrive in your wellness or I will help you reduce stress and feel better in your body. I will get to the root source of your gut issue.” Again, all of these sound nice, but they’re very general.

And when you get specific in describing the “So That” and when you get specific in your tangible result, that is the difference of a client choosing to work with you or saving money to invest specifically with you because they know that with certainty that you are the person to help them. And they’re going to say pass on anyone else who is even doing similar work. And it might even be at a lower price. I’ll say that again. It helps to take pricing out of the equation where someone will save to invest with you because they are certain and confident that you and only you are the person to help them.

So think about your program for a moment here. Think about tangibly what they will achieve working with you. So if it is reducing stress, maybe an example of a tangible, measurable outcome is they’re less arguments with their partner. They’re picking less arguments with their partner. Or if you are killing their bladder issue, maybe tangibly, measurably, they’re having less accidents. Or if you’re a yoga teacher and you want them to feel better in the body, maybe this means getting stronger. Again, that’s a little general. So tangibly, measurably, they’re able to complete all the chaturangas in a 60-minute vinyasa flow class without adjustments. So that means that they’re stronger and their alignment is better. Right? See how that’s very tangible?

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Okay, again, now you’re starting to pique my interest here. But how do we create even more compelling messaging? It’s taking that tangible result and asking yourself, so, okay, coming back to reducing accidents so that they can do more of their HIIT workouts consistently because now they’re not going to be worrying about being embarrassed in the middle of a HIIT class when they are jumping up and down. So they go to more HIIT classes. Okay, sure. Great. I can go to more HIIT classes. Why do they want more HIIT classes? So that they can lose some weight. They can fit into their skinny jeans. Now you’re hitting it. Now, you’re starting to get more specific.

So the copy that once was, “Heal your bladder issue,” now goes to “Reduce the number of accidents you have in a week, so you feel more confident when you go to your HIIT class with less worries. And when you have less worries about having an accident in your HIIT class, now you show up more consistently and you start to see the pounds melt off your body. So you’ve actually lost weight during the holiday season.”

Let’s come back to the yoga teacher wanting to fill her vinyasa classes and private sessions. So the copy was, “Feel better in your body.” Then we talked about completing all the chaturangas in their class with no adjustments from the teacher. 

So the copy went from “Feel better in your body.” to “Now, you can complete all the chaturangas in your class with confidence that you’re doing with alignment that is correct. So you’re not going to put your body at injury and you know it’s correct because you’re not getting any adjustments from the teacher. And now because you are so much stronger in your body from all these chaturangas, you’re able to carry your groceries up the two flight of stairs that you have to get from your car into your condo with less trips and no rest break afterwards so that you’re more productive in your day. You get more of your chores done on a Saturday. So you have all day Sunday to just watch your favorite football games with your friends or go to your favorite yoga workshops.”

See how that copy went from general feel better in your body? What does that even mean? How can they even picture that in their life to now visualizing themselves completing chaturangas with good alignments, no injuries, and they’re visualizing themselves carrying the groceries up from their car into the house without straining, without multiple trips. They can actually see that’s going to take them less time because now they’re doing one trip instead of three. They don’t have to do that rest break, so then they can get on to the next task that maybe have the next chore that they have like doing the laundry and vacuuming, and they finish it all by 4pm on a Saturday so they can go out with their friends and then Sunday, they have all day for fun activities like yoga workshops and a football game, multiple football games even.

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Importance Of Having A Measurable Result That You Can Track

Now, often when I say this, here’s where the mindset work comes in because I’ll get clients that’ll say, “Well, I don’t know what I can actually guarantee. What is the result that I’m promising at the end of my program? And also, if I am being that specific, aren’t I going to turn some people off from my emails? Aren’t I eliminating some of my potential clients?” 

So here’s the truth. If you are offering a service, especially if you’re offering a service that’s a few hundred dollars, a few thousand dollars, someone should receive a tangible result at the end of that program. 

It should be more than or I should say more specific than just feeling better in their body or being well or getting to the root source of a health issue. It should be more specific in that. And why? Because you want someone to feel that when they’ve paid you it was an amazing deal, that it was a successful program, that they achieved the results that they wanted to receive. Essentially, they got their money’s worth. They paid you, and they got their money’s worth. And the only way to be able to track progress for both you and them is if you do have a measurable result that you can track.

So when a client often starts working with me, we figure out all these metrics and parameters for their offer. Is the pricing in alignment with the length of time that it’ll take to complete a specific result? What is the result that they will receive when someone is to work with them? We work out all these variables for a specific offer so that they feel more confident when they show up on consultation calls, they have an easier time describing their offer, and the results of their offer on consultation calls, so that you see how I’m doing it here, they get more conversions on consultations, or they get more yeses on consultations, they sign more clients, they get more revenue. So, you really want to look at your program and make sure that there is a tangible result.

Sign up for a consultation call to work with me to figure out this problem and make sure that the length of the time of your program allows that result to occur for the average person, which is why personally, I have a six-month program. 

So, in my six-month program, I help the wellness entrepreneur get fully booked. If they are fully booked, then I’m going to help them hit six figures or consistent 8K months. It’s a tangible result. And the reason why my program is six months long is to allow for that process to unfold because I have many clients like you who have heard Christina’s story on the podcast, Emily’s story on the podcast, Julie’s story on the podcast, and in just a few months, going from one to two clients to be fully booked or in Julie’s case, going from two to 4K months to a 10K month. It can happen in two to four months. 

But sometimes, for example, in Joe’s case, where he brought some different circumstances to our coaching together, it might take longer. So if I allow for six months, then I’m giving some buffer space for the client and me and life circumstances to unfold to work through that coaching.

And here’s the truth: sometimes, fully booked doesn’t happen in the first round, but I have a lot of clients who choose to renew and continue to work with me after that first round, even if they don’t get fully booked immediately because they’re showing progress. They’re showing progress from having no consultations and one client to now having consistent consultations and maybe two to three clients. That’s progress. And it speeds up from there.

But as long as you have tangible, measurable results, then a client will be more likely to work with you again and again and again because they are tangibly able to see progress. Having thriving wellness or getting to the root sources of the issues, it’s really hard to measure. How do they know that they’ve succeeded? How do they know that their life is changed? You have to help them see these tangible physical results. 

So, for example, I have a long-time patient who used to work with me, and she used to come in, and she’s very educated, a doctor, and she used to come in and say, “We were working on reducing her pain,” again, a general result. And I realized she was coming in and saying, “Oh, my pain’s not changed. My pain has not changed.” And I realized that that result was not specific enough and not tangible enough because I could tell that she was getting frustrated because she wasn’t seeing progress. So, we had to figure out some tangible, measurable markers of progress.

So, for her, it was sleeping better through the night. It was also being able to lift boxes that she had around the house because she had some circumstances in her household where she had to lift boxes. She’s also a single mom. So it was possible for her to fulfill the day-to-day tasks as a single mom in her house. So, being stronger, moving with better body mechanics so that she could do more without flaring herself up.

But listen, I didn’t say any of that, for example, in messaging. I didn’t say better body mechanics reduce pain. I talked about very specific things to her and in my messaging when I was on the practitioner side of my brick-and-mortar.

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The Danger of Trying To Talk and Reach Out To Everyone

And now, I’m going to address the other mindset issue of eliminating people or only talking to one person. And that’s true. For each e-mail, you only want to have one message. So talking to one specific result, one specific “so that” and one person. 

My coach actually says that for most people, if they’re on the way to hitting six figures and into the multiple six figures you actually have three to five client avatars. And that’s true for myself. Let’s take a look at that. 

For example, I have wellness entrepreneurs who have a job, whether it’s full or part-time. And actually, those could be two different avatars right there. And they’re looking to sign their first few clients and start their business. 

I have clients who are full-time in their business, and their partner is providing the livelihood for their family and paying the expenses for the family bills. Or they have savings, and they’re full-time in their business. For example, when their children are at school, and they’re signing their first few clients, I also have wellness entrepreneurs who are full-time in their business and hitting 2K-4K revenue months, and they want to start hitting 8K-10K revenue months working full-time. 

I also have clients who are multiple six-figure earners, and their brick-and-mortar clinic is rolling and pretty self-sufficient. And they want to bring in an online program. 

I have multiple six-figure earners who have a brick and mortar, and they want to focus more on the brick and mortar and scale the brick and mortar and hire more staff and have a schedule that allows them to have more time off and ample time to rest without hitting burnout.

So, in my e-mails, I don’t try to speak to all these different client avatars that I have all at once. That is what leads to a general message that is not compelling, and there is no specific “so that.” And I think that’s what a lot of wellness entrepreneurs try to do in their own e-mails and on social media is that they’re trying to talk to everyone. And you hear that a lot that talking to everyone leads to no one taking action. 

So yes, when you are specific in one e-mail, you are going to be talking to one specific person, which means that some people might not apply to that e-mail. And that’s okay.

The next email that you write, you can talk to the other persons. And when you’re cycling through different specific messages, you’re going to be resonating with different people in your audience and also from slightly different perspectives. 

Framework On What You Can Do To Avoid Talking to Everyone

Okay, so let’s think of a framework for this process so you can leave this blog and then whenever you’re going to write your next e-mail or social media post, you can implement it. So think about when you sit down at your desk to write or the coffee shop to think about that next e-mail or post you’re going to write.

First, think about your program. If you’re not clear on tangible or measurable results for your program, you want to start there. Write out all the results that you offer and get tangible and measurable. 

So, for example, going from one to two clients to being fully booked, increased revenue months from 2K-4K to 8K-10K months. Instead of just saying reduce stress, I can say, sleep better through the night, have less sleepless nights. That’s very measurable. Instead of saying increase confidence, I can say, feel more confident on sales calls so you get more yeses on sales calls. You improve your sales calls or consultation calls conversions. Those are all tangible, measurable results. 

Write those out. Put them in a document in a drive so that when you go to write your e-mail or social post, they’re there, and pick one tangible measurable result for one e-mail for that specific e-mail that you’re writing. Then, ask yourself when you have that tangible result, why would your client want that result? How does it specifically impact their day to day? What’s the “so that,” what’s the why? Pick one specific positive impact.

It could be in their day-to-day like reducing the number of leakage accidents, reducing the number of arguments with a partner, and reducing the amount of time they’re on a couch because their back pain has flared. 

Then you want to write your post or e-mail using the tangible result and the specific positive outcome that will impact their day to day. So you can be specific in your messaging, and there are many ways where you can bring those specific details into your post by highlighting a problem, by highlighting their desires, by talking about your strategies in your business, your processes in your business, your soapbox. I teach all of this when I’m working with clients.

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But for today, the purpose of this blog is for you to become aware of how the tangible results you’re offering are and how to communicate them. And also why your ideal client would want those tangible results by talking about specific positive outcomes of changes in their day to day. 

So you go from saying, “Transform your life, transform your health and wellness,” to specifically showing them what that actually looks like in their day to day. And that will lead to more people booking consultation calls off your emails and social media posts, or if you have a low ticket, I’m actually buying that low ticket item straight off an email or straight off a social media post. I’d love to hear your feedback.

Again, share this with a friend, read this a few times. It really can change everything for you. It can become a rinse-and-repeat process where you continue to get better and better and more refined at it.

All right, I’ll see you next week. Bye for now!  

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