Stop! Are you making a decision based off fear?? pain management

I’m reading the book Wonder Over Worry by Amber Rae and it resonates on so many levels. How many times a day do I choose a fear based reaction vs. missing an opportunity to explore potential because I’m busy rushing around and not tuning in?

Amber writes so simply – that it’s not ignoring the fears, but first determining if they are actually realistic (not many are), and then what actions can be taken to prevent or overcome these fears. Sometimes slowing down enough to bring an awareness, and acceptance to what we are afraid of loosens their power and grip. In that moment, the mind will then begin to navigate solutions to prevent worse case scenario because after all we are human and just want to survive. In fact sometimes I imagine a worse case scenario.

For example, what if my back pain remained day after day, never to go away? What’s the worse that would happen? Not too much actually. I would have to modify things in my life yes, but life would carry on. It’s not the ideal situation, but I would still be able to be a caring mom, compassionate physical therapist, and passionate yoga teacher. When I imagine this, I begin to realize well this worse case scenario isn’t so bad after all, so I can accept this possibility. It’s ok, I will still survive and be my best me. And, then amazingly that fear diminishes, I feel more creative and actually think of solutions to prevent this worse case from actually happening, and the muscles gripping around the spine and in the hips soften.

Interestingly enough, around the same time I was listening to a podcast by Brooke Castillo and she mentioned writing down obstacles and resistance that comes up when you think of a goal or vision. She uses this practice of writing down the obstacles that come from your mind to assist with achieving the vision by thinking of solutions to these obstacles. The solutions to the obstacles will then show you the path to completing your goal.

So much insight with both of these ladies and applicable to healing and wellness. Try it right now! Envision what your ideal day looks like and how your body feels. Write it down. Now think about your day to day. Taking the kids to school, going to work, maybe heading to a Yoga class after. Ideally how do you feel throughout the day? We practiced this method at the Ignite Retreat last weekend and the students gave great feedback to the journaling.

What obstacles and/or resistance comes up when you think of feeling your ideal way? What are your fears and worries?

For example some of mine are; I don’t have time to take care of this, I don’t have money, I’m not worthy too invest it myself. Will it heal anyways? Or, a big one I’m not enough, to invest the time, money and energy on myself. Or, who can I trust to help me? Will it really work?

When I take the time to write out solutions or answers to the above questions, then I see a clear path to healing and feeling better. My job is to help you get there. Where do you feel stuck? Email back, let me know! Let’s start to work on a solution.

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