The Breakthrough Idea to Get More Energy

Let me share a story. It’s not a topic I typically talk about. However, as I do the inner healing work with my coaches, I realize sharing what I’m discovering can help you too.

Ever since I was little I have been called two things by friends and family- Gumby- I’m hypermobile (as you can see from the picture above), and “overly sensitive”.

These two labels might sound different and not related, since one is a physical aspect of my body and one is more an energetic quality of me, or personality. But, I’ve known intuitively for a very long time they are actually related.

Here me out.

Because I’m sensitive (or as it’s called an empath) I feel deeply. I especially feel the discomfort of others.
Unconsciously, I have the desire to not cause another to feel discomfort or pain because I can feel deeply in my body how awful it feels for that person. I never want to make another person feel that way.

So I literally would be come a chameleon. Allowing myself to be pushed and pulled in many ways so they would be happy. Because my body can take many shapes, I can do this fluidly. Yet I’m not respecting my inner boundaries, and what I might need.

However, there is another way. A way to stay strong, and true to what you need. And, still show up, love, and help those you care about.

You can listen to more of this in this week’s podcast.


Alison McLean

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