The Business of Being Yoga Teacher and Wellness Entrepreneur

Right off the bat, I want to acknowledge all your hard work. Let’s take the time to celebrate and congratulate yourself for all your certifications, all your trainings, all your experiences, and all that you’ve gone through to get to where you are right now.

Take a moment, take a deep breath in, fill up with gratitude, exhale, and sigh it out – feel it and just radiate that vibration of all that you’ve done. Give yourself a pat on the back you very much deserve!

Ok let’s talk about the business of being a yoga teacher and wellness entrepreneur.

I am telling this to you because I am a wellness entrepreneur business resource and I work with so many yoga teachers, wellness entrepreneurs, healthcare providers who own their own clinics, and more who have so many certifications, so much experience, and a wealth of knowledge to share with others. However, I see them continually push themselves to do better and think that what they have now is not enough because they are using some kind of external evidence as a measure of their success. And I know it’s the same thing with you who is now reading my blog. That has got to stop RIGHT NOW.

Acknowledging What You Have Now Is Enough And How You Can Maximize It To Bring In More Revenue

Now, you have to acknowledge that you have enough, and you’ve done enough. There’s still room for growth because you will continue to learn through your continuing education courses and leveling up your certifications, but acknowledging what you’ve reached now is equally important. I myself have my own bucket list of certifications and continuing education courses that I want to go to, as well as continue to learn and refine my business skills, but I know that I can already make a significant revenue RIGHT NOW.

You don’t have to wait for your next certification, you don’t have to wait until you learn another business skill or course, because you can start right now. This begins with acknowledging all that you have done, all that you have gone through. This blog will help you realize that you DON’T have to DO MORE to EARN MORE. Where you are is perfect, and all you need is a subtle shift in mindset and then refining what you’re currently doing so you are really speaking to your people. It’s not about adding more to your to-do list. It’s more about maximizing what you’re currently doing to bring more people in and more revenue as a result.

Without having to do more, then you have more time freedom. You can have evenings to relax to carefree yourselves, weekends to spend with your family, and so much more!

How Others Are Using Their Certifications, Trainings Against Them

To give you a deeper understanding of why I made this blog, I’ve seen too many practitioners beating themselves up and using all their certifications and trainings against themselves. This means that you are not able to streamline your offers and think that you have a super complex business and you have all these offerings that there’s no way all these different certifications, specialties, and skills that you have can be brought together under one umbrella to talk to one person who could truthfully benefit from them all.

On top of this, you think that even if you have all these specializations, skills, and certifications, it’s letting go of the thought that you need one more, right now and urgently. You think this way because you feel like it’s the missing link to find more consistent clients and consistent revenue.

It’s not supposed to be that way because you can continue to learn, but you have to understand that’s not what’s going to bring in more people for your business. I know this too well because I am part of this group with amazing business coaches and practitioners making multiple six figures and some of them have “just one certification” or just one skill that they really excel at. Just a caveat, please do not use this statement against yourself if you have more than one because this blog will help you exactly how to bring them all together. I will discuss more of this below.

What Skills Do You Need As An Entrepreneur

I know I already said this earlier but I am going to repeat it again: continue learning and keep developing the two skill sets that are required as an entrepreneur, an independent contractor, or as a practitioner who does his or her own thing. The two skills that you need are business skills and practitioner skills.

The reason that you are not filling your classes or that your schedule isn’t as full as you would like it to be is not for lack in your practitioner skills. Your practitioner skills will influence your retention, which means that you get clients who are receiving results in your programs no matter what it is. Because they get results, they would want to work with you more and more. Not all would re-up in your classes or whatever services you are offering because it happens to me, too. Sometimes I get a hundred percent re-up, while other times I have some who graduate from my classes. You have to know it’s normal.

But, if you feel like you aren’t retaining your clients as much as you would like, you can work more on your practitioner skills. I am always working on my practitioner skills but it’s never going to be the only thing that I am learning. Look at it this way, if I have some people falling off and I am not bringing in as many new people as I would like, I would look at a few different things. I will check what is my mindset in terms of my belief in getting people results, and what’s my messaging like in my marketing. These are the skills that will help to bring in new people. There are so many skill sets you have to continue developing as an entrepreneur, independent contractor, teacher-practitioner, and whatever else you refer to yourself.

But, you don’t have to be a hundred percent skilled at them just to sign all the clients and students that you want. You can be learning and signing clients at the same time and it doesn’t need to be perfect because no one is grading you. It is dependent upon if you are resonating in terms of what you put out there into the world directed towards your target audience or ideal clients who would want to work with you or would want to work with you more.

This is a skill you need to develop and is exactly what we work a lot on in the six-month one-to-one program.

How To Bring Your Certifications, Trainings, Skills Altogether

You need to bring together your certifications, trainings, and skills altogether to be able to speak to your target audience in your message so that they know you are the one to help them.

I have so many certifications and let me name them: Yoga teacher certification, Yoga therapist certification, Nutrition Certification, Massage Therapy Certification, Holistic Health Practitioner Certification, Master Hypno-Therapist Certification, Master NLP Certification, and a Doctor in Physical Therapy. I can look at these and beat myself up and throw myself in the air because I am a jack of all trades and not really a specialist in any of them, so who am I going to talk to? But that’s not how I look at it because I look at it as if I were embodying what all those certifications could help someone in their life. It’s like I am wearing a carpenter tool belt and each of the certifications are different tools. When I am working with someone to achieve wellness in their lives, I will be talking about how I help them age gracefully without fear or heal and prevent injuries so they continue to be active as they live.

For example, if someone comes in and they want to heal from their back injury and at the same time they want to refine their Yoga practice, I will put out the certifications that will help them with their goals session by session. The big umbrella, really, is their goal. My certifications are just tools that I can use depending on where they are at. The focus is shifting from me and all these certifications, which can be confusing and overwhelming because I don’t know where to start, to my ideal person. I have to understand what they want to hear, what they need to hear, and how can I utilize my tools to help them achieve their goals.

Grab A Piece Of Pen And Paper And Let’s Get To Work RIGHT NOW

Please do not skip doing this because it will make your time so much more impactful after reading this article. First off, write out all your certifications, trainings, continuing education classes, knowledge base, and the like. Next, write out all your experiences that help make you an expert at what you do.

For example, for me, my goal is to really help wellness practitioners bring in more revenue while they enjoy their lives and care for their homes because I have the experience of doing very well in my business and making it very profitable but I was close to burnout, my house was not at the greatest point, I wasn’t spending enough time with my family, and I did not have enough down time to adequately care for myself. So, I had to change all that and essentially rebuild my business from the ground floor up and now I am even more profitable than I was prior plus I have a lot more time for my family and myself. It is a much different place so I feel a lot less scarcity and hustle. I also see the big picture of my business and how it is sustainable that is why I am not in a rush to get there. I am perfectly happy where I am and I know that there’s so much more room to grow. I am aware that my business has so much potential and I have the possibility to help a lot more people. So, I feel very sufficient, appreciative, and grateful for exactly where I am. So, I can use this experience to get to this place and help other practitioners who are in the same situation as I was three to four years ago. So, for this exercise, what experiences or transformation have you gone through personally to help make you the perfect expert as in no one else can do what you do, exactly how you do it, because of your trainings and experiences? That’s what’s going to make you stand out no matter how saturated your market is.

Another perspective to look at it based on my experience was when I had my PT-Yoga wellness clinic, I used my experiences of healing from sciatica, healing from multiple surgeries, and the combination of the mindset work, of the yoga, and of the traditional physical therapy tactics to set myself apart from all the other Physical Therapists in my area. I spoke of that and how we need to use all these different layers of healing to get long-lasting permanent healing and the ability to self-evolve. So, what is it for you?

The next thing you need to write down is an evidence list of all the students, clients, patients, who you helped with their results. If you’ve been in practice for ten plus years, you might have a lot of people to think about. To make it easier, think about your ideal client who was such a joy to work with, received results seamlessly and pretty quickly, and who achieved new goals and kept going. Add here the tools that you used to help them get the results they wanted and needed.

Write down, too, the results that people did receive while working with you. Be specific like how you helped them with their low back pain, or helped them with their weight loss journey, or helped them get over the fear of getting on the ground so they can play with their kids because they know they are already strong and mobile enough to get back up. Take the time to do this because this is what you are going to talk about in your marketing.

Once you are done, put your pen down and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, by inhaling through the nose, opening your mouth and releasing what doesn’t serve you. Breathe it out and inhale again all the way up to the collar bones and with broad chests. Exhale and release again. Now, imagine those people who you helped to get their results through all your different certifications, trainings, and experiences that you’ve gone through.
Think bigger afterwards. For example, if you are a Yoga teacher and you have a nutrition certification, and many more certifications, what is the broad category for all of that? Maybe the name of my podcast already names it for you. I do wellness that’s why I named my business the way I named it. I want to help people to feel well, to be well. And when you find the big category, open your eyes and write it down. Let it go and trust yourself here.

In your marketing, you will talk to a specific person and in a specific way. You won’t be using the general term wellness because for your ideal client or your ideal student, they might not understand how being well is and how wellness will impact their lives. You need to have specificity when talking to your people. If you feel stuck with this, I do have a lot of workshops on this and I have one-to-one sessions to help you with you refine your copy and marketing messages. Just reach out to me because there are many ways that I can work with you to help keep this broad category of wellness but individualize it per person. It is keeping the overarching umbrella as the container of how your business helps people and dialing it in for your specific classes, sessions, and programs while using your tools such as certifications, trainings, skills, and experiences.

Your brain can be a little stirred up from everything that I’ve just written but don’t worry about that because it is a skill you can develop. For now, seal in that broad category as the way that your business is helping people. Right now, it’s time to let it go and allow the universe to support you on this path. Allow yourself to grow a strong belief here so then when you are showing up, you will by knowing that you can help this people. To help seal this in, go for a walk, play with your kids, do something creative with your business, go to sleep and come back tomorrow, and more.

After taking some time to take these all in, does it still resonate? Are their small tweaks you need to make? Are you getting more clarity on your message and your ideal client? Write that down again and continue this practice for a few more days until it’s really sealed in and you feel that you are confident, that you have a strong evidence list of all the people that you helped and all the ways that you can help them, and that you know you can bring this belief into your body before you do any marketing, selling, or delivering.

Again, if you are feeling stuck, you can reach out to me. Also, to reiterate before I end this blog, please do not use your certifications against yourself because you’ve done a lot and you’ve already gone through a lot. Be grateful and appreciative for all that you do. Use all these work because you can totally help a ton of people RIGHT NOW. Do not be confused, do not be overwhelmed, and keep it simple! 


Alison McLean

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