The Secrets to Attaining 6-Figure Success as a Wellness Entrepreneur

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Hey there, wellness entrepreneur. Welcome back! Today, we’re going to go over How to Hit 100K With A Small Audience so you don’t have to run around ragged, teaching a ton of low ticket offers like yoga classes, yoga workshops, or classes in your studio, or teaching a low ticket on-demand course, that’s 297, where you end up selling to a lot of people successfully, so congratulations.

The Truth with Low Ticket Offers and Low Ticket On-Demand Course

But then, you end up looking at it, you’re like, “Yes!” You’re seeing in your stripe, “I’ve got to sell here. I got someone bought here. Someone signed up here. Someone did this. Someone did that.” And you’re like, yeah, yeah, yeah. And then you do it all, right? You deliver on that. At the end of the month, you’re like, “Okay, I’ve done a lot.” And then you go to look at your bank account and you tally up all that work. And you’re like, “This was $697. How do I get past like 1K, 2K, and hit 10K months or 8K months, which is that six-figure year?

I’m going to tell you how in this blog. And first of all, no shame, no judgment, because it’s being taught out there to have an offer suite to launch that low ticket on-demand offer. And you can make tens of thousands in one month by just launching a few times a year. It’s being taught that. 

This was actually one mistake that I made years ago when I had my brick-and-mortar and I was going through a lot of surgeries and wanted to bring in an online component. I didn’t realize this, that I had too many offers on my plate between the brick-and-mortar and my online suite. And then I was also getting a lot of business coaching requests at the time. And I thought launching would solve everything or my on-demand program would solve everything. But I didn’t realize that having too many offers set up this way, having an offer suite, was actually sabotaging all my hard work.

Some Problems When Launching On Demand Program with a Small Audience

There are a couple of problems with the offer suite and trying to launch an on-demand program when you have a small audience. 

Number one, the numbers don’t match up. If you’re trying to launch a course for $297 or $497 and having enough people to pay for that month after month after month, you need a large audience, and that audience needs to be warm, and your messaging needs to be dialed in. They need to know exactly the tangible result that the course will offer. And they have to be familiar with you. They have to be bought in, and you have to do it over and over again.

Most wellness entrepreneurs starting out or several years into the business like me, just we are so on the practitioner side of things, of delivering the services and helping our patients and clients get results, that the messaging is an entirely new skill and emptying our brain in a very concise and compelling way of all that we do and different ways that we help people and the tangible results that our people get when working with us. It can be a very challenging skill, which is why I teach a process in the Awaken Portal, the compelling framework messaging framework, so that my clients have a step-by-step process to walk them through when trying to grow this skill of message and copying writing.

And so sometimes the numbers just don’t line up where the audience is there, and the messaging is not on point enough to even convert the audience into that on-demand program or online course or membership consistently enough to hit those eight-figure months so that you can hit that 100K year

Then, if you have too many offers, let’s examine that. Let’s say you have a low-ticket workshop. You have yoga classes that you’re teaching. You have trainings, which can be a higher ticket offer at two to three thousand dollars, or in that neighborhood seems like it could work. It could work to get you 8K months. But the problem is then you’re racing all around town teaching a class here, a workshop there, a training here, a retreat over there. Literally, you can be traveling around the world doing all that. But you don’t have a clear pipeline or system where a student knows, “Okay, if I take a class or if I take a workshop, then what do I do next? And what do I do next?”

And then you don’t have a back-end high ticket offer that funnels them into that offer, which for most people with a small audience, and when I say small audience, I mean an e-mail list, social media following less than 300 people, because that’s where you’re going to make your money is in that ethical high-ticket wellness offer, which is why I teach my clients this right off the bat. And I also teach them that funnel that’s unique to them and is utilizing currently what’s already working because otherwise, again, you end up running wagon, racing all around, trying to organize all these different things, never knowing what to market when and getting half-filled retreats, half-filled workshops, semi filled classes and no high-ticket offer on the back end.

It’s just a lot of work with little return. And that’s why I see a lot of wellness entrepreneurs, even though they’re preaching and talking and teaching about all things wellness, they’re actually burning themselves out and they’re burning down their own health themselves.

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Importance of Getting A Streamlined System

One way to really practice what you preach and follow through on what you preach is getting a streamlined system. Again, this is what I teach. So you are able to get more control of your schedule, you don’t end up having to teach 10 plus classes or even five plus classes a week. Now, this might sound very controversial or polarizing, but I really strongly feel that you should not be teaching more than four to five classes a week. I really think quality goes down. I can’t tell you the number of classes I’ve been to where I can tell that the teacher is tired, running ragged. This might be their third or even fifth class in one day.

And how do I know? Because they’re saying things like, “Oh, did I do this pose already?” or “Do we do this pose this week? Or was that last week? Or was that in my earlier class?” or, “Right arm over left. Oh, wait, did we do this side already? Oh, goodness. I’ve taught this pose so many times today. I don’t know where I am and what class I am.”

People are saying that out loud in classes, and I hear it frequently. It needs to stop. If you’re at that place where your mind is so done that you can’t keep track of what pose you’re teaching and what class or what side you’re on in what class, that’s telling you that you’re tired. You’re exhausted. Your brain is done. It’s tapped out. And you’re showing up into a group of people in that way. And again, no shame, no judgment here. I’ve been there. I’ve taught the 15 class weeks. 

But I can also tell you on the other side, when I dialed in in these processes for myself when I had my brick-and-mortar, I got to a point where I was teaching two, maybe three a week. And I had a steady, streamlined, predictable amount of clients and patients coming into my business, allowing me to hit over six figures.

So you can make six figures without having to teach a ton of classes. The problem with this is not only are you tapping out your nervous system, you’re tapping out your energy reserves. You’re going to run yourself at the risk of burning out and running into a health crisis is that you’re not delivering good quality service to the people paying you to come to the class. 

And if they’re getting a feeling the students in your class that you are tired, that you are burnout, if you do have a high ticket offer on the end, like you’re offering private sessions or training or something on the back end of those classes, and you have a streamlined process to know how to convert it, again, I teach that in the portal, that they’re not going to want to take you up on that next step, because they’re going to question, “Oh, if they’re showing up tired and burnout to a class, is that how they’re going to show up when I pay her thousands of dollars? I’m not sure.” I don’t really trust that, like their nervous system is going to, something that’s unsafe to spend money with you because they’ll question, there’ll be uncertainty or ambiguity on whether they can achieve a result with you because will you be able to hold the space for them in your energy depleted state.

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What You Can Do If You Don’t Have That Streamlined System

Okay, let’s talk about if you don’t have that streamlined system to convert people from classes without selling too much or self-promotion. I teach a way how to do this so you can sell and market without actually selling and marketing so you can show up and do the work, teach the class, and lead the training the way that you really envision and desire so that you can get more private sessions and sell that ethical high ticket offer.

And that is not jumping, teaching a random class here, a private session there, a workshop here, or training there where it’s all disorganized because then again, yes, you can make more money having those random private sessions, but if it’s not in a streamlined, systematic way, it’s not reproducible, and you still end up racing all around because now you’re paying a yoga studio. 

For example, if you’re in San Diego, La Jolla $25 to rent their space, and then you’ve got a private client up in Carlsbad, and you’re paying a studio up there $20 to rent their space and then maybe you’re going to a client’s house over there, and you’re getting that a much amount and you just end up again racing all around and it can be very depleting and your schedule, you can feel like you can never have control over your schedule because when do you actually eat lunch? When do you start your day? When do you end your day? What part of the neighborhood are you in?

It can be very confusing and very exhausting truthfully, so you need to think, okay, when someone comes into your world, what is typically the first place you meet people? So, if you are teaching a lot of classes and workshops, it might be that great. Now, what do you want to do on the back end? What is the funnel? Where are you taking people to next? This is also known as the customer journey. If you’re online, you might be leading a free webinar online, for example, that might be how you’re meeting people, or maybe you have an opt-in.

Now, messaging is going to be more crucial here because in the online world, you’re competing with a lot of people. Truthfully, people are reading, people are reading your e-mails, people are reading your posts, so your messaging has to be more critical and okay, if they’re coming into your webinar, if they’re coming into your online classes, if they’re coming into your online workshops or your free opt-in or free training online, where are they going next? What is that process? Do you have it dialed in? Are you always going through it? Are you checking and seeing if people are actually converting from there? Do the numbers match up? Is the cost of your high-ticket wellness offer going to match up with the audience size that you have? So you do not have to enroll hundreds of people or even tens of people a month, especially if your messaging isn’t quite on par yet and you’re learning how to refine it.

Can you enroll the appropriate amount of people a month that seems realistic and doable and work towards? Is it possible to work towards those 8k months? Do the numbers match up? The 100k Blueprint, it’s a free guide I’m offering. You can check it out here: <LINK> That can help you take a look at your numbers. I walk you through the exact steps to be aware of what to look out for, so you can go ahead over and hit that guide up to look at the numbers for yourself.

The E-Squared Profile and How it Will Benefit You The Most

Now, in this process, what I also teach my clients in the Awaken Container is you want to consider differentiating yourself and positioning yourself during this process so you stand out from all the other health coaches online or yoga teachers in person or in your neighborhood doing similar work that you’re doing. This is the 100k brand where you’re really dialing into your expertise and your experiences, your life experiences. So you stand out, and it’s reflective of all the work that you’ve done, all the trainings, all the certifications that you’ve done, utilizing all that knowledge. 

You’re going to bring it also into that ethical high-ticket wellness offer. You’re going to be able to accurately describe this information in your messages, and when you’re leading trainings and workshops and webinars and even in your free opt-ins, you’re going to be utilizing this information because when you’re drawing on your unique certifications, trainings, experiences, expertise that you’ve taken years to and craft, with your life circumstances, with your life experiences. I call this the E-squared profile, no one else can replicate that work that you do and teach it the way that you do.

So that is also how you’re able to charge higher prices because you’re not just going to get price-shopped around where someone’s going to say, “I need yoga. Who’s the cheapest yoga teacher? I need someone to teach me flows.” You’re going to be like, “Yes, I can teach you flows, but why are you wanting these flows in the first place?” And someone might say, “Oh, well, you know, my OBGYN told me that, you know, I had a cesarean, I should get stronger in my core. So I thought yoga would be a great way to do my core.” And in your head, you’re like, you know, going through all the things of how the OBGYN missed all this stuff. And you know, all the processes that need to happen to heal effectively and fully for a cesarean, right? And you can adequately tell them, “Oh, sure, I will teach a flow,” right? You’re going to meet them where they’re at, and educating on them what they’re missing.

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You can tell them something like, “The work that I do actually is very specialized where I can assess your scar tissue, I can also assess the strength of your pelvic floor muscles in a way that most practitioners aren’t able to do, especially if they have a yoga teacher certification without this other additional manual training certification that I have, so that we can fully adequately get you healed. So you can lift your baby out of the crib without worrying about having an accident, so you can do more than just flow.” And then talk to them and ask, “Why else do you want to flow?” and then start getting more into themselves, like, “I want to fit into my skinny jeans, I want to do this, I want to do that.”

And you can cater that, again, your unique experience and expertise to their unique struggles and desires. And in that way, they’re going to be like, “Oh, my gosh, I need to work with her, I’m going to pay 150 or whatever you’re charging per session or $2,000 to work with her for three months, because now I know that no one else has listened to me this way and knows my problem, the way that she does, and is going to be able to solve it that way that she does. Now I don’t want only just a yoga flow, I want someone that can actually heal my pelvic floor and assess my cesarean scar.” You see the difference?

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Now, it’s taken me a long time to get here, because I myself have a wall of certifications and knowledge. And the way that I work with wellness entrepreneurs tends to be a little bit more unique because I’m teaching them these concepts, as well as working with their nervous system and their unconscious mind to overcome blocks and hurdles and doubt and fears. And for a long time, I really got stuck and frozen on my messaging, like, What do I say, how do I adequately describe this? Or what is my positioning that makes me different than all the other business coaches out there?” 

And then the more work I did on this and got coached on it with my own coaches and in the Mastermind and got feedback on my messaging, I began to realize how much I really am different. No one else is teaching how to, you know, sell a high-ticket offer off these lower ticket offers. No one is describing how to get private students off yoga classes so you don’t have to teach more than five classes a week and make a good living from it.

And the reason why is because no one has my exact expertise. All the trainings I went through to teach people this, all the Masterminds I’ve gone through to learn all this and suffer and to be able to come out and create frameworks and systems and processes to teach you how to do that, as well as no one has my experience of developing a business that has been over six figures with reliable clients and patients coming in from my classes and trainings where I wasn’t overworking, and I did overwork at a period of time, and I had to learn how to do it differently. I’ve been able to do all that together now into modules and lessons in a portal that my clients can listen to over and over again and meet with me and get coached on it.

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So when you develop these systems of knowing the customer journey, how they’re going to meet you, where they’re going next, and you get good at the messaging, you develop a system for honing in and refining the messaging because it’s always going to be an evolution here and your emails and people are now booking consultations through various methods off your e-mails, off your posts, from your class, from your workshops, but it all leads to one same path, one same funnel. Now you have a dialed-in system and process that will create momentum in your business. When you’re honing in on that back-end program, and you’re getting better at delivering it, then people are going to get better and better results.

That’s why in my portal, I’m always updating it. I’m streamlining my videos, I’m updating my workbooks so that my clients can get fully booked faster. They can hit six-figure years faster. You, too will have that process so you can start hitting those six-figure years with a smaller audience without running around teaching a kajillion classes everywhere. 

At times, truthfully, that just isn’t convenient for you. If you love teaching on Saturdays because maybe your kids are empty nesters and your husband, maybe he works weekends so Saturdays work for you, then go for it. Saturdays are a very popular time to teach workshops, classes, and training. But if you’re like me and it doesn’t fit because you’ve got kids at home in elementary grade school, they want your attention, they want your love, you’ve got a husband who works the traditional Monday through Friday job, and they want to do date nights and have weekend family adventures with you, those weekend classes and trainings don’t necessarily work and you don’t want to rely on them because then your business and your family life is going to be in conflict with each other and that can lead it through a lot of discord in both your nervous system and how you show up in your business because there’ll be kind of a push-pull like where I want to do more but I’m afraid to do more because now my partner is going to get angry with me or I’m not going to see my kid. That’s going to be an energetic block so you want them to be in a holistic harmony.

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The Concept of Getting Paid To Market

And I’ve got one more concept to share with you that is different. I know a lot of you are complaining out there that when you are teaching classes, you’re not getting paid a lot of money, anywhere from $15 an hour to $35 or $40 an hour. I mean, even if you’re an experienced teacher, I hear of getting paid $60 to $150 an hour per class, which can be a pretty good revenue if you’re teaching 10 to 15 classes a week or 20 classes a week but teaching 20 classes a week and week after week after week, that is difficult to sustain.

So here’s another way to think about it and personally this is how I thought about it when I was teaching my two to three classes a week and I have a doctorate in physical therapy. I have over decade of teaching yoga yet I was getting paid anywhere from $35 to $50 a class which is not that much especially when I was charging $150 a session. I would look at it as getting paid to market. A lot of the time we pay to market, such as Google ads or Facebook ads which can be an expense and can be an expensive expense especially if you haven’t dialed in on that funnel, you haven’t dialed in on the program, you haven’t dialed in on your offer and your messaging, that can literally be money out the door.

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But if you are going out there and someone is actually paying you to get into a class and you’re exposed to your ideal client, a whole audience of your ideal client, and you’re actually getting paid for that, how cool is that. So I would be like, yeah I’m making a few hundred dollars a month getting paid to be in front of my ideal audience, and pretty much every week I wouldn’t say every class, but if I taught three classes a week, I would at least get one client, a new client, new patient a week from those classes and workshops so I was getting paid to show up and my paycheck from those classes was a nice bonus. 

I was not lying on that paycheck for my classes. Again, it was a bonus. I looked at it as an awesome bonus to getting paid to market, which is very different. Who gets paid to market these days? I made a six-figure living off of the high-ticket wellness offer and again, when you’re marketing, you don’t have to do a lot of self-promotion to get those clients. That is what I teach my clients a simple process to do, how to sell, how to promote without actually selling and promoting.

The Concept of Retreats

Lastly is retreats, which again can be part of that funnel, can be part of that repeatable process that leads to an ethical high ticket offer. 

For example, I know retreats are very very popular in the wellness space, but here’s the thing: if you are always going on retreats as your vacation and like, “Oh yeah you know I get paid to vacation,” okay great! If that works for you, wonderful. Also, make sure that you’re taking real vacations when you’re not actually teaching and leading a group of people so you don’t feel torn and leading the group of people and being like, “Oh actually, I’m not getting as much downtime as I would hope or I’m feeling pretty tired.” Make sure you’re taking real vacations with your retreats, and then yes, have fun under your retreats and, you know, serve your audience and fill them up it is a way to make money.

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I do think that you can make more with your own programs as well on the back end but if you have no desire to do retreats right now, like where I am in my phase of life with my family, I don’t have a desire to do retreats because if I want to go on vacation, I want to go on vacation with my family and just relax with my family and be a tourist. I don’t want to be leading, planning, and going through all the details of a retreat plus retreats, and this is also why I’m not teaching trainings right now but I will be bringing them back so stay tuned, but why I’m not leading retreats right now is number one, the details overwhelm me. Number two, I can’t be yanking my daughter out of school consistently for the amount of times that I’d need to lead retreats to make significant revenue. Plus, my husband has a job again, he’s limited by how much vacation time he can take which means that if I’m leading a whole bunch of retreats, a good percentage of those retreats my daughter and my husband are going to be at home and I’m going to be away from my family. I don’t want that. I want to be with my daughter in these growing years plus I don’t want my husband being resentful to me because he’s a lot of the time being the single dad at home caring for my daughter.

So right now retreats aren’t part of my business model, but if you love retreats, love to travel, and know your kids are in a similar place to mine, or maybe you have it dialed in with your partner and nannies and such, then do them but make sure you’re also taking your own vacations and downtime at the same time and make sure that if they aren’t feeling profitable and you’re having to teach a lot of them that you do have something on the back end that will make your business model more profitable.


Okay! A bunch of ideas to help you hit six figures this year again. Of course, if you want my help with this then just reach out and book your own consultation and we’ll get started today. 

All right, have a great one! See you next week. Bye!

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