Strategies and Mindsets for Wellness Entrepreneurs to Achieve Five-Figure Months

Hey there, wellness entrepreneur! Today, we’re talking about a very popular topic, working towards hitting those consistent five-figure months

I believe this is possible for all sorts of wellness entrepreneurs, whether you’re a healthcare provider like a physical therapist and you want to own a cash-based brick-and-physical therapy clinic and maybe you have some specialty certifications or niches like women’s health or yoga therapy or health coaching, whether you are a yoga teacher who loves teaching in yoga studios but also has a health coaching certification and works with clients privately through private sessions and one-to-one sessions, doing either yoga therapy and or health coaching. It could also mean a massage therapist who offers bodywork sessions and also has some additional certifications like Reiki or health coaching and you want to combine them all.

There are all sorts of wellness entrepreneurs, all sorts of certifications, and ways that you can help people with their mind, body, spirit, health, and wellness, and you can also earn profitable five-figure months as well.

And when I say profit, that means you’re hitting 10K plus months, and you’re taking home a good portion of that as well. Yes, you’ll still have business expenses, and if you go backread my previous blogs on money and finances, then you’ll understand that the amount of take home can vary depending on what you choose to prioritize.

So, profit is relative to what you want to prioritize and what you want to take home, and that can be quite significant when you’re making consistent five-figure months. So let’s talk about that. 

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What’s Needed To Achieve Five Figure Months

There are a few refinements, strategies, and mindsets that you need to have in place that will take you from 1K-2K months or 2K-4K months to 10K plus or five-figure months. And here’s really what’s needed.


The Ethical High Ticket Offer

So strategy-wise, you need an ethical high-ticket offer. And I call it ethical because I know as a wellness entrepreneur, you got into the industry to help people.

And I know that a good portion of you reading this blog also have some reservations and hesitations about charging too high of a price or being too expensive and alienating some of your audience, as well as you don’t want to gouge people. You just want to get into this industry, this business, to help people.

So that’s why I call it the ethical high-ticket offer, because it is an offer that will help enable you to get to those five-figure months so you can provide for your family, so you can take vacations, so you are getting paid for your hard work. And it aligns with what you feel is the appropriate price to charge for your audience right now and for each person which will vary.

But one of the first things I do, when I start working with a client, is getting right into that ethical high-ticket offer. So I figure out where their confidence is, what their audience size is, what’s their baseline revenue goals or what’s really needed to make sure the bills in both personal life and business life are going to get paid.

What is the warm audience, people who are interested in working with them, what their marketing plan is like, and the maturity of their business. As we decide on the pricing of this high ticket ethical offer, it’s taken into the ecosystem of their whole entire business, as well as the comfort level of where that practitioner is in their confidence of what they’re charging and the belief in their ability to deliver on a promise, aka make sure that that high-ticket ethical offer is able to have a tangible result that the practitioner feels confident in promising.

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Now, that was kind of a mouthful and kind of a lot, which is why I work one-to-one with people on this and help craft this high-ticket ethical offer, which is also known as your signature program, right? 

The offer has components such as who you’re serving in this offer, who’s going to get the tangible results, the pricing, some details of the program, like the length of the program, how many sessions are in the program, things like that, where the signature program in my mind is a little bit different, where we’re getting into the nuts and bolts of your framework and processes that you teach within the program, some of the values and missions that you withhold within your program that you like to deliver upon your deliverables, your intellectual property, any frameworks that you create is part of your signature program, which is wrapped into that high ticket ethical offer or the ethical high ticket offer


Importance of Getting Clear With the Details of Your Signature Program/Ethical High-Ticket Offer

And you really want to get clear on all of this because what will happen is if you’re not, if you’re confused, or you’re doubting, or you’re not completely sure about the tangible result that you’ll be offering someone, you’re not sure on the pricing, you’re not sure if you can deliver that high, that tangible result, or if someone’s not an appropriate candidate or a good fit for the program, you’re not able to understand that clearly, then you’ll get a lot of no’s on consultations, or you won’t even be making offers for consultations.

So you need the strategy, the nuts and bolts of that ethical high-ticket offer, as well as what’s really included in that signature program, your processes, your framework, your philosophies, the steps, if you have a portal or deliverables, of course, those aren’t needed. But you have to have a general guideline of what steps you’re going to take someone through to help them get those tangible results. You have to believe you can take someone through your process and help them get results. You have to believe that they do want a program like this.

So you need to make sure that your high-ticket ethical offer is something that they will pay for and that they do want. And you have to believe that they want to work with you specifically. 

Two Ways I See Most Entrepreneurs Go About Their High-Ticket Offer

Now, here’s what I often see people going one of two ways. A, they are really, really not wanting to charge or offer a high-ticket offer, like a six-month program for thousands of dollars, so they’re just offering willy nilly one-off sessions here or there, OR they’re creating a high-ticket offer that is high. 

So maybe two, three, five thousand dollars. But their belief is nowhere near the price that they want to charge, their belief and their ability to get clients results, maybe their belief in what tangible results they might even offer, maybe their lack of belief in their framework and the processes and how they’re different and their programs different than all the other health and wellness programs out there are practitioners doing similar work. They don’t believe that people want to pay for a program like that, or maybe they don’t believe that people actually want to work with them specifically. 

And so what happens is, let’s go to the one-off, the person offering willy nilly one-off sessions, is yes, they’re bringing in some revenue, but people aren’t taking around long enough to really see tangible results or the tangible results aren’t really brought to their attention, and the progress just seems kind of airy-fairy or esoteric or out there. And so someone doesn’t really stick around for a long time. They maybe do one or two sessions and say, “Oh, that was nice,” but they’re not blown away or they don’t see specific progress or results. So they’re not re-choosing to re-up and continue on. And for sure, they’re not telling all their friends and their family because they aren’t really sure how to describe it. Or maybe they even feel embarrassed that they would pay for something like this when they don’t even know the kind of results that they received.

And so what happens for a practitioner in this circumstance where they’re offering willy-nilly one-off sessions here or there is that they’re bringing in money here or there. So it might be $500 here, or maybe you do have a month where you’re hitting 1K, and then you have another month where maybe you’re hitting $200 to $400. And then maybe another month, $1,500 or 2K, and you’re like, “Wow, I’m doing it.”

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But then it doesn’t feel hard, simple, or easy to maintain. It takes a lot of work to even get to that 2K month. And it kind of blows your mind how someone would even hit five-figure months. How is that even possible?

Or the person on the other end of the spectrum where they do have an offer, where they don’t need a lot of clients, it can be very simple to hit a 2K, 3K, or 5K revenue month by just selling one of these programs, yet they’re not selling one of these programs because their confidence isn’t there yet. So maybe they’ll have several months of no consults or several months of consults, but a lot of no’s for that one month where you do get a yes. And it ends up being 2K, 3K or 4K months, or maybe even a 5K month because someone did pay for that high-ticket offer, but it just seems so rare, and like a fluke, you’re like, “Okay, well, how am I ever going to achieve that again?” 

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The Reason Why People Are Not Buying Your Program

So, if you notice, the reason why people aren’t buying, I didn’t say it’s because people are saying it’s too expensive, or they don’t have the money, or they don’t want to commit to a six-month program. Typically, it’s none of those things. The refinement work really comes down to belief in what you’re offering, clarity on what you’re offering, and then specific selling skills on consultations, as well as marketing skills to differentiate you and your program from all the other practitioners out there, so you are getting more consultations.

 The Work I Do With My Clients

Again, this is all the work I do with my clients in the Awaken Business Coaching Container. And what we prioritize is not all of these things all at the same time, because some people come in with an offer that they’re very confident about. We’re not going to break it down and go through it unless it’s really needed. Or some people may not have the offer, but they have a solid marketing plan.

Okay. Let’s just make sure that nothing needs to be tightened up. Or someone may come in with the offer or not an offer. They’re confused about their offer, but they have a solid marketing plan and they have a consultation process. So we just need to get back to the beginning and figure out the nuts and bolts of the offer or what might be lacking in any of the areas that I described in terms of belief in the offer. 

So when I’m working with someone, we just take these step by step, one thing at a time. And when I’m doing this, I find that my most successful clients are those that don’t come in with a marketing plan necessarily, don’t come in with the perfect ethical high-ticket offer necessarily, or amazing consultation skills. My most successful clients are the ones who have a strong belief in their practitioner skills. 

And then we get to work on the business skills, the business skills of crafting that ethical high-ticket offer, the signature program, so getting confident in their frameworks, their processes, their philosophies, their intellectual properties, or we get to work on a marketing plan and getting confident in the marketing plan or getting confident and in the selling process.

Here’s the thing: a lot of the time, when you’re not in a coaching container, and you’re reading blogs like this, you think it has to be black or white. I’m either going to be only offering these one-off sessions, willy nilly here or there without a clear program, or I’m having this high-ticket program for my clients when they have confidence in their practitioner skills, they are able to bring in money still. At the same time, we finesse and refine those other pieces.

So, for example, if someone really wants to have a high-ticket offer, let’s say they have a three-month program, which is about 12 sessions. They’re very clear on the tangible results, or we get them clear on the tangible results that someone will have at the end of 12 sessions, and they’re very confident on a price point of $150. So for this individual, for this wellness practitioner, that would be an ethical high ticket offer of $1,800 or 12 sessions or a three-month program for $1,800. That includes their processes, their frameworks, the step-by-step, the step by the tangible result.

However, there may be a breakdown right now in their confidence level to confidently sell this ethical high-ticket offer for $1,800. And so what I find for a lot of my practitioners is they’re confident that they can help someone see tangible progress session by session. And they might get someone because their marketing is good enough right now where they’re getting someone on a consultation that understands how they are different from other practitioners out there, or maybe they know them well enough where they trust them. They believe them enough to guide them through their process, or maybe it’s a strong referral. They’re getting people that are interested in them specifically.

However, what’s really lacking is a strong belief in certain areas like the pricing or a super strong marketing plan where someone is a hundred percent compelled and sold that they’re going to pay no matter what, because they need that individual specifically, or they’re lacking certain selling skills on the consultation where they’re not able to educate on the value of their program or the value of the results, or they’re not able to identify on the consultation what the root patterns are that’s really sabotaging or holding an individual back, so they can clearly describe the one, two, three steps in which they will help them on the consultation call, so someone clearly knows the results that they will achieve and how well when they work together with that individual for $1,800, right?

Some of those skills or strategies may be lacking. But if I have a practitioner who is confident in their practitioner skills, what I find ends up happening is that that practitioner is able to make 3K, 4K, 5K, 6K, 7K, even 8K months by just getting on the consultations with these people and offering what that individual is kind of willing to pay for. And when I say that, I don’t mean that the practitioner is going to lower their price beyond $150 a session. What I mean is, if they’re not able to sell an $1,800, 12-session package yet, but they get someone on a consultation call that’s like, “Oh, okay. Yeah. I believe in you. I think you’re my person, but I wasn’t planning on $1,800. I was planning on spending $700 or $600.” Maybe they purchased two or three sessions to start.

I have practitioners who do sell one-off sessions or sessions of two or sessions of three to start not going below a price point that they feel devalued, or they might resent their clients with sticking to their price point. They just haven’t sold the length of the program yet. What happens on the consultation call instead is that the practitioner might say, “Okay, if you’re willing to start for three sessions right now, I will work with you for three sessions, but that does not guarantee that it will give us enough time to achieve these tangible results, which you told me that you really wanted to achieve, but these three sessions will enable us to start the work. And in these three sessions, I can work on this and this and this with you. And then if you’re willing to continue on, then we can work, you can enroll in another package.” 

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Or I have some practitioners who may even make the price of a one-off session higher if it’s not too complicated and they keep their ethical high-ticket offer more enticing by having it be a lower cost per session. I don’t want you to get too caught up in the numbers. 

The point is, is that you need to have an ethical high-ticket offer that you’re going to be working towards selling as you develop certain business strategy skills such as your belief, which is part of the mindset work and marketing strategies and selling strategies. But you also have to have the capability of bringing money in and working with where your thermostat is for selling at that point, which may be one or two sessions at a time. 

And that’s okay because a practitioner is confident in the results that they can deliver. And they’re honest to the client in front of them in terms of what they can accomplish in one session, two sessions versus 12 sessions or working together in three months. And they’re able to hold the space as if they were in a package. They’re able to hold the space that someone does want to work with them for multiple sessions. Someone does want to work with them for more than just a couple sessions. Someone does want to pay them money over time to get the results that they desire.

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See how those thoughts and beliefs are very different than, “Oh, well, this client only wants to purchase one session and I have to give them all the information, all the tools, all the techniques in one or two sessions.” Then they leave overwhelmed, and you’re not tracking specific progress goals because you’re not holding the space as if they were a client who does want to work with them for three months.



So, let’s wrap this up. To move from 1K – 2K months to consistent five-figure months, you need certain business skills like marketing to attract your ideal client

Selling. You need to know how to close those appropriate people on a consultation call. You need to be making offers for your ethical high-ticket offer. 

You need confidence in your signature program and tangible results as well as beliefs that you can deliver on what you’re promising, get clients results, the belief that people are willing to pay for a program on those specific results, and the belief that they do want to work with you.  

And, of course, that’s what I work with my clients in the Awaken Business Coaching Container where we just address these things one thing at a time.

And as you’ve read in the past from my clients, it doesn’t have to be done all at once and it doesn’t all have to be perfect, and all put together and sold in the pre-packaged format to start making money. Now, my clients all have different levels of this going on in their business. And so I am able to work with you where you’re at and help you start signing more clients now, which will help you hit those five-figure months sooner rather than later. 

So, if you want to work with me, your next best step is to book a consult call. In the meantime, work on getting your belief and those business strategies in place so you can start signing more clients today. I’ll see you next week. Bye for now!

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