The Unknown Stress Relieving Hack

Over the last few months I realized the actions I had been taking were from unconscious beliefs that do not serve me anymore. This was causing unnecessary stress and tension that was building. Specifically it is the belief that I have to work hard (think the Emimem song ‘Till I Collapse hard) to earn enough income to barely cover the bills (with maybe a little wiggle room for the family). When I work hard (AKA Till I Collapse) only THEN I am worthy. Ugh, no wonder my Naturopath caught onto my stress patterns a couple of years back.

Despite my inner work on this very belief over the past few years, on New Year’s Eve this came to a head as I sat down to write my intentions for 2021. At that moment I had no desire to set intentions for 2021. A thought came to mind that I should just “wing it this year’. That will be less stressful. You can read more about why I did end up setting intentions here.

In that moment what surprised me was that a belief I had been working on shifting for a couple of years now, (even more intensely over the last 6 months) was still present!

What the heck!! I did all the right things (so I thought). I brought the belief to my attention. I told myself, and the universe it wasn’t needed. I created a new belief. Making money is easy! I can do what I love, make money and still have time with my family. I can relax and have fun, enjoy life.I am worthy. Just in case you needed a belief to borrow for yourself ;) those are my new ones. I did the work, it should be a done deal, right? Wrong.

With the help of my coach I learned two things. First, most goals and new beliefs don’t happen in the timeline we think they should. You can’t force it. Second one way to make the process go faster however, is to keep examining them. Keep bringing them to the surface and into awareness.

Creating new beliefs, habits, patterns are not like a light switch. You don’t just switch them off and then forget about it.

Once there is an awareness of what needs to be changed then the work is to be diligent and consistent. Each time you take action from an old habit, thought or belief, you have to redirect. It’s the work that is tedious and so not fun. However, it is the most rewarding.

Sometimes this process is quick. A belief or habit will seal itself into your new lifestyle seamlessly. Or in my case, when it’s a long standing belief tied in with years of stories and drama, it takes a bit longer. This requires more thought redirecting and patience.

It doesn’t mean anything has gone wrong. Or, that the belief, habit, lifestyle etc. is not for me. It just means there is more work to be done, and I need to stay the course.

I’m telling you my work and stress reduction story, but this concept should be applied to other areas of life as well.

For example, if you are trying to shift a new way of moving to prevent disc irritation, or bring a new exercise or program into your life, not beat yourself up, remember to use breathing techniques when stressed, etc. …. Whatever it is that you are working on, it takes time. Keep at it.

You can hear more about the process with my coach, Tavona Denise, who has been helping me through this process in this week’s podcast: Shifting Perspectives to Achieve Your Goals.Want to really gain momentum so you can start conquering some goals in 2021? Make sure to join us for this New Year Challenge:

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See you on the mat!


Alison McLean

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