Thinking Time

Do you carve out “thinking” time? Recently through trainings, mentors and coaches I’ve been hearing about the importance of thinking time. In Yoga the importance of meditation is always reinforced. Whatever, you want to call it. However, you do it. Just start.

What am I talking about? Setting aside time each day, or if it works better for you, each week to just think. Now you can do this for any area of your life, but I will focus on health and wellness. So, block off space in your calendar to just sit. 

You can do a brain dump of your health goals. Notice what resistance and obstacles come up to those goals. This is often the path to lead to those goals- and yes this is the harder path typically because we have to navigate through those barriers. 

Let’s take an example. You have this nagging low back pain that comes and goes. Sometimes you go to yoga and it feels better, sometimes it feels worse. You go to bed just HOPING you will wake up one day and it will be gone for good. 

So that’s one strategy to heal your back issue. Just HOPE it will go away.

I recommend this other strategy. You actually make a plan and take action. The only way to create a plan, know the route that will be best for your back, and trust that the plan will work is if you take the time to THINK about your needs and wants. 

Then you will know if a physical therapist is right for you for that 1:1 attention, or maybe an online membership will work better because you can go at your own pace at home. There are many solutions to the problem, but it is only YOU who can decide the best path.

The students and patients that heal, are the ones who actually carve out the space to think about what they need, what their blocks are and create a path to success. 

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