12-Week Coaching

Entrepreneur, you can improve your health to skyrocket successful results in your business.

Don’t let exhaustion, aches and pains, and/or out of control stress put you on the sidelines of your business while your competitors race by.

Leverage your yoga practice and health to prevent days when you physically can’t work. Give yourself the ability to feel energized and focused, confident in your body, strong, resilient with time to heal if needed, all so you can focus on the work that matters to you without health distractions.

12-Week Health Resiliance Program

You already know the benefits of yoga: better sleep, more energy, lean strong flexible muscles just to start….Despite the known benefits, many yogi’s stop practicing yoga, or even worse practice in a way that sabotages all their health efforts. Although many entrepreneurs step onto the yoga mat to reduce soreness and stress, they actually exacerbate nagging aches and pains and exhaustion. Unconsciously many yogi’s bring unwanted habits onto the mat slowing down progress in their business and their health.

Meet Franklin, who loved his yoga practice for the benefits he experienced in his mind, as well as the improvement in performance he experienced on his surfboard.

However, like many yogis he thought more was better. Harder poses, longer and more strenuous practices with other activities like training for marathons and crossfit. Eventually, his back said “no more” and put him on the sidelines.

Don’t let yoga be your cause of injury or physical burnout and exhaustion. Especially if it’s a practice you love, and brings you joy. Yoga should enhance your life and successful results in your business, not cause you to sit on the sidelines.

It’s not talked about in the yoga community, but often to many yogis disappointment ends their practice and actually reduces work days full of focus and energy.

There are ways to overcome these hurdles and keep you practicing for life. Or even better, learn how to master those fancy poses just for fun. Discover what poses and practice your soul craves to replenish, so you can feel energized throughout your work day.

No matter why you started yoga, or where you are in your practice, you have an opportunity to create a yoga and health program for resiliency. This is the KEY to longevity in your practice, and sustainable focus and creativity in your business. I’ve got you.

Here’s how.

What You Get

Vault Access

You will have access to every workshop, and program I’ve created online and on demand. You can go at your own pace. There will be handouts, videos and more.

Weekly Coaching

Weekly coaching with like minded yogis. Your 12 week group will be small and intimate so you feel supported and connected.

Intensive Day

On a day decided together by the group we will meet online for 4 hours to lay down your health foundation to help you handle anything life throws at you.

Private FB Group

Between calls help will be needed. And you’ve got it. Use social media to support you and your goals. This group will be available only to members of this 12 week program to help motivate, inspire and connect.

Personal Mentoring

Your health and yoga practice is unique and special to you. The reason why you desired to start and continue throughout your life will be different than your friend, family member or anyone else.



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