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So for example, module one is the ethical high-ticket wellness offer, but if you already have an offer that works and is converting, we don’t start there. There’s also module two, the 100K marketing and messaging framework, which includes your 100K brand. 

Module three is consultation conversion framework. So all the time that you do spend on consultation calls is worth it because you’re having a higher close rate. You’re getting more people that say yes without feeling slimy.

And module four is the key. It’s sustainable growth in terms of your schedule, leveraging a team if you have one, as well as supporting your nervous system. This is often the key work that’s not done that allows you to show up without those energy leaks that lead to exhausting days where you just feel like you’re spinning the wheels. You will leave with a concrete plan, knowing how to support yourself and somatic practices to work through any nervous system blocks.

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But again, if you’re a specialist in that and you have those tools and protocols already in place for you, then we work on where your weak links are for you specifically.

And here’s the special limited time bonus: If you book your consultation call and decide and commit to work with me by Friday, February, 16th by 9 a.m. because at 9 a.m., I am offering a live sign clients of social media clinic, it’s going to be part of a program called Sign Clients Off of Social Media, which will be a bonus for the 100K Awaken Business Coaching Program.

And I’m starting to record some of these modules live so you can get your own individual questions answered.  You can be part of the process. And in this first module, we’re going to be going over how to optimize your bio,  create stories that sell, how to DM without being slimy, create content that actually converts so the time that you do spend creating your social media content is well worth it because you’re getting people to reach out and inquire about your services.

And this can happen fast. For example, one of my clients, Kelly, we worked on this very process for her how to sell without selling so she could show up to her yoga classes and promote herself, even in situations where she couldn’t promote due to the rules and regulations of a studio. We have a very clear way where you’re not actually promoting your services, but you’re seeding.

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And so we met for one session and then her very next yoga class, she went out there and she did exactly what we talked about. So congratulations, Kelly, for implementing the work. And she got a consult right in that next class.

We also spent a session working on her messaging, getting more specific in her reels and her social media content. And the very next post that she made, she had two people reaching out through the DMs and inquiring about her services. So it can happen very fast and you can be part of this process.

You can be part of the development of this whole Sign Clients Off Social Media Program, starting with this very first live clinic starting February 16th. So if you want to be a part of this, then make sure to book your consult now to find out if you’re a good fit so you can get into that first live clinic.

All right. And now onto the blog!


Hey there, wellness entrepreneur! Welcome back!

If you are in the part of the world that is cold and getting a lot of snow, let me just say I’m thinking of you and I’m sending you some warmth from sunny San Diego last weekend. We got lucky here. The weather was gorgeous, just sunny and 70 degrees. It’s how we like it here in San Diego. It’s why San Diego, I think, is now ranked the number one most expensive place to live in the U.S. So I am so grateful for my business. And I’m so grateful for past me.

A Quick Life Story!

And that’s why I’m talking a little bit about this here, because you might see me on Instagram posting all the pictures of the sun. And for this weekend, for example, Kaylee and I took a long e-bike ride around the neighborhood. We dropped off a friend’s birthday gift. We bought some Girl Scout cookies. We went down to the beach and we spent a lot of time there just listening to the waves on the rocks because it was very dramatic and just talking. And she brought her little stuffy worm and even who actually is a rainbow caterpillar and made him a helmet out of cardboard and just talked. And I just loved every minute of it.

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And you might see all this and say, “Well, must be nice for her. She grew up here.” But I didn’t. I grew up in Rochester, New York.  Actually, I went to University of Delaware, moved to Delaware for college and then moved to San Diego in about to the year 2000. And the reason why I tell you this is because if you’re somewhere in the world where your heart wants to be somewhere else and you want to make your wellness business, help to make this dream possible, then stick with it. 

I love Rochester. It’s a great town, but it snows more often than not, and sometimes even in May. And my body just does not. So I knew I had to go to warmer climate and I had to make that work for myself.

When I first moved to San Diego, I was finishing my B.S. in Health and Exercise Science, and I got an internship at Scripps and Shiley Institute and got an internship in their fitness center and in their healthy heart program. And I was a personal trainer and I really I worked three or four odd jobs at a time. I went to massage school and that’s how my career was back in 2000. I graduated from college in 2001. I actually worked so hard that I graduated from college and massage school in the very same week as I turned 21.

And that was over 20 years ago. And I had to pave my own way out here. And that involved many fails, including driving cross country with my life in the back of my Jeep and that Jeep breaking down in Colorado and lots of drama. But here’s the thing. I kept failing, and at the same time, I kept believing that eventually I could make it work.

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I even moved back to New York for a period of time. And I think that year there was an ice storm in May and we lost power or maybe even snowed in May. And I was having dreams of the oceans. And I just told myself I had to make it back out to Southern California. And I did. I ended up in Long Beach and Huntington Beach for a time until I realized that San Diego was really my true home and made it back down here, met my husband soon after in a bar of all places, and I’ve been making it work ever since. 

And so your journey doesn’t have to take as long as my journey with all its twisted turns and detours, which has been part of my path, part of my evolution. But if I look back where I was 20 plus years ago, who I was as a person 20 plus years ago, I can see tremendous growth. And for that, I am so thankful for the younger version of myself for taking those chances, for being courageous, for just going after it, for failing hard and for continuously growing because it’s brought me to where I am now, where I can enjoy a beautiful sunny weekend here in San Diego in the 70s without having deleted teacher training, having ample time to spend with my daughter and just relax and care for myself. And I am so grateful for all that I’ve been through.

And that’s why I continue to share my story here so you can be inspired as well, because I’m not a special snowflake. If I can do it, I know 100% you can too.

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Types Of Social Media Content That Convert

And so let’s talk about today’s blog: types of social media content that convert. I actually spend a lot of time on social media, but not overworking, because A, I like connecting with people there and B, I do get clients from social media.

And so I have some followers that I follow along with or I reach out and I connect with new wellness entrepreneurs on social media. And one thing that I see consistently over and over again,  whether you’re a physical therapist, whether you’re a yoga teacher, whether you’re a health coach, whether you’re a reiki practitioner or a healer of the arts, is that you are taking a lot of time to post content. Congratulations!

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The 1st Type Of Social Media Content

But I’m seeing one type of content primarily put out there in the world with the as a wellness practitioner, and that is educational content.

And what do I mean by that? That means by showing all kinds of yoga flows or yoga postures or physical therapy exercises or stretches or as a massage therapist, different types of modalities used in massage or educating on anatomy or educating on specific diagnoses or different types of symptoms, all kinds and all flavors of educational content. And that’s not bad. 

However, that is one type of social media content that you can create. And if you’re posting educational content all the time and that’s the only type of content that you’re posting, you’re missing out because educational content does not guarantee followers, just highlighting your expertise and your knowledge through education on a specific diagnosis like sciatica or a specific type of yoga flow that can help with sciatica or physical therapy strengthener like single leg standing to strengthen the hip. AB doctors to help with sciatica, for example, does not guarantee clients. It’s like the saying that your degree, your certification, your doctorate, your masters, it doesn’t guarantee clients.

Yes, we want to continue with those continuing education classes and certifications. You always want to further your skills as a wellness practitioner, but don’t sign up for the next certification thinking that’s what’s going to bring in your next client and then use that information on social media thinking that’s what’s going to create your next client.  It can pique the interest, but often it’s not compelling enough unless someone is actively seeking out a solution for in that specific reel or carousel post happens to be put in front of that person that is seeking out that specific help.

Most of the time that content doesn’t convert. How do I know? Because I’m hearing from you that you’re spending a lot of time on social media and your content isn’t converting. You’re not getting clients from it. So then you feel that you’re posting on social media is a waste of time. So maybe you’ll give up. Please don’t do that because it’s not a waste of time. You just need a plan. You just need a strategy or worse, you’re continuing to post on social media a lot, but you’re not changing up your content.

And now you’re starting to get burnout. You’re getting burnout on your business. You’re getting burnout on social media and you’re starting to doubt if being an entrepreneur is worth it for you, whether you have what it takes to make it, whether you have a viable business and having that kind of energy under the radar of posting that social media content, it’s not going to make it any better.

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In fact, that energy can unconsciously leak out in many sneaky ways, can leak out by you rushing through content. It can leak out by you posting and then ghosting, meaning you don’t engage with your audience. You’re quick to hop off social media because you don’t want to waste any more time on social media. It can sneak out in all kinds of ways.

And again, that’s not going to convert clients. And then it’s going to fuel that thought that maybe you’re not cut out to be an entrepreneur. Maybe you don’t have a viable business. And that is just a thought. That is just a story. It’s not true. You do have what it takes. No one is built specifically to be an entrepreneur. Some of us have just learned certain skills that make entrepreneurship work. That’s all it is. 

So this week, we’re talking about the skill of posting on social media so it will convert. So number one is that there’s actually different types of social media content. And I’m going to give a brief highlight overview of this.

So we talked about number one, which is that educational, that value-type content, which will position you as the expert. So you do want to do some of that type of content. You just don’t want to, again, make it all your type of content.

The 2nd Type Of Social Media Content

There’s also personal types of content, which I know some of you have a fear of. And that is telling your own personal journey, your own personal transformation.

Now, this is huge. I’m not saying that you have to share all the details of your life all the time on social media. I for sure am not on social media at all, hardly on the weekends, except an occasional post to tell maybe what workout I went to. Or I even didn’t tell that this weekend, I just gave a quick one picture of the e-bike ride Kaylee and I took just because I was fishing in the sun and I just loved it. I was feeling so great. And I don’t share all the stories of my life. I share what personal stories you can relate to, which will inspire you and also.

Position me as the best person to teach you this information because I’ve been there myself. I’ve experienced a transformation myself. I know my proven systems work because they worked for me. So I can use a lot of my own personal stories from that lens where I’m sharing the learnings, I’m sharing the takeaways, I’m sharing the transformations.

So you don’t have to share everything about your life, but you can sprinkle stories of inspiration and transformation, which your audience will love. And it’s an opportunity for them to get to resonate with you more.

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The 3rd Type Of Social Media Content

Another style of content is entertainment type style content or growth type of content or inspirational type of content.

So this category is a reminder that social media is here for people to be social. Part of the reason why they’re on social media is because they have busy lives. They have a lot of uncomfortable emotions going on in their day to day. They’ve got a lot of stress. They’ve got a lot of challenges. They have a lot of problems going on in their life and they’re looking to, yes, probably numb out or be entertained or connect. There’s a whole lot of reasons why people are on social media. And let’s give them what they want, right?

So have fun with social media. Some of my most popular types of content are the content that I’ve had the most fun creating. And they’re little skits. When I think about you and what I’ve encountered in my day-to-day as a wellness entrepreneur, or what I hear from my clients in their day-to-day as a wellness entrepreneur, or what I see happening for wellness entrepreneurs in their day-to-day, and I create little skits from that either by myself, pretending to be two different people.

Sometimes I have my good friend Katrina, who’s the previous owner of Yoga Dalmar, she’ll come on in and she’ll play sometimes the student or the client in my reels. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, go do that now. It’s @igniteurwellnessbiz. One word. And you can see Katrina and I having fun. We’re laughing in some of the bloopers of the reels. And it’s just sometimes fun to act out the strange occurrences that have happened in my life as a wellness entrepreneur. So you can chuckle along too.

And the other thing about that is I’m not just posting it to go viral or posting it for you to laugh. There’s also educational value sprinkled into those reels and carousels as well. And I love it because I get to be creative.

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Now, it took me a while to get here. Like I used to think I wasn’t that creative. I used to think I wasn’t really that funny. And actually, I’ve had some clients tell me, “Well, your content’s funny,” but I don’t think I’m that funny. If you haven’t gravitated or just developed the skill of allowing your inner funny to come out, because I know you are funny for me now when I’m creating reels, especially that funny type of content, I imagine myself out with a glass of wine with my girlfriends, just laughing about things. I just love being silly.

And when I finally brought that energy to social media, that’s when my content became funny and I realized, “Oh,  actually I can be funny.” It’s just that my nervous system was so clamped down that it was being that funny. Those funny ideas were being shut down. So that might be true for you too. Maybe you have to have a process to shift your energy. I work with that with my clients in the Awaken Business Coaching Program, but also maybe being entertaining in that way just doesn’t resonate for you. And that’s fine. You don’t always have to be funny on Instagram or TikTok or wherever, whatever social media platform you use the most. 

You can also be inspirational. And there’s many ways to do this beyond just sharing someone else’s quotes. I have a client that, she has very acute and inspirational and direct to the point quotes that she quotes herself on carousels and graphics. And so it’s positioning her as the expert, not someone else who’s a quote you’re sharing.  That’s just one example of inspirational type of content.

There’s inspirational types of content where you can paint the vision of what’s possible for your clients. Talk about their dreams, their goals, their aspirations. I know a lot in marketing, it’s always talked about: pain points marketing, talking about their struggles and their problems.

And that’s one type of content that you can post, but also you can talk about the other side, the flip side of that pain, what pain, the vision of what’s possible either through your transformational story or clients transformational stories, or just through what’s possible using the frameworks that you teach. 

The 4th Type Of Social Media Content

And the last type of social media content is a type of content that I see the least of. And that is selling type content. That’s right. Actually just doing a post, highlighting the features and the benefits of your program or talking specifically about your program or talking about a framework of your program or using testimonials in your program, but not just posting a testimonial quote. In fact, in the Awaken Business Coaching Program, I have a whole module on how to use storytelling in testimonials, which is much more captivating to your audience. And they get more engrossed in your social media content.

And when you’re layering your social media content through these four different types of categories, again, you can weave in storytelling and that’s how you develop a loyal audience. One that keeps coming back for more because they want to turn the page. They want to see what happens next.

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So often when I work with my clients on these four different types of categories, we go over it individually for them. So we dive deep into different types of educational content and how to post that and what to write in the captions so that the audience is left wanting more.

They know how to weave in their offers. They know how to weave in their frameworks. And they also know how to use the type of social media content, whether it be a reel, whether it be carousels, whether it be TikTok or Facebook that plays to their strength. And then we dial that all up so that the time spent creating this social media content actually converts through the 100K messaging framework.

So it’s all put together so that you stand out. You’re not just another wellness practitioner doing a yoga flow sequence on social media or talking about a pelvic health specific issue and just describing the symptoms of a diagnosis and what it really is in the anatomy, which is great. People need that. And you can differentiate yourself too. It’s not an or, or a, but it’s an, and so you get to play around with it.

Try different forms of content. Try different styles. Try a post of each of these different categories of social media. And that will help keep things interesting and spicy, both for you and your audience, which for you, you’ll show up more consistently because you get to try social media through a variety of different means and you won’t burn out.

And it’s also realizing that if you’re not converting clients off of social media now, it doesn’t mean anything about the viability of your business or that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur or not. It’s just a skill.  It’s just the skill of writing content, creating content that compels and leaves the audience wanting more. That next step and knowing that you are the one to help solve their problems specifically. 

So that’s what I teach in the 100K branding. Through your contact, you’re developing your own personal brand where someone knows how you’re different as a yoga teacher versus the other yoga teacher that has a membership online platform at a similar price. Why would they choose you versus another one? Or if there’s many physical therapists in your city, like just here in Encinitas alone, there’s a ton of different types of physical therapy. So you get to really stand out in your local community.

And I’ll tell you one thing. It’s a little nerve wracking. That’s for sure. But when you’re going to Trader Joe’s and someone recognizes you because of your content, that is amazing. We’re now positioned as an expert in your local community for what you do. You’re getting known for the ways that you really differentiate and specialize in health and wellness. You’re not just a generalist physical therapist, or you’re not just a health coach teaching about macros and micros. You’re different and your social media content can help to explain why that takes you out of the price shopping market as well, because if someone says, “Oh, she explains things differently this way. I really need her.” They’re going to wait for you if you have a wait list or make sure to schedule with you specifically, even if someone else’s program is cheaper.

And here’s the thing when you’re playing around with these four different types of categories of social media,  these four different styles of posting that you can do, it doesn’t have to take long. For example, I had a call with one of my clients named Kelly, and we were diving into these four different categories and talking about posts that she can create specifically for her through the a 100K messaging, the types of captions that’ll work well.  And right off the call, she got off and she posted a reel, which I saw and I noticed I was like, “Oh, this is good.” And I could see that people were commenting. They were really resonating with the posts and leaving comments. 

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So I sent her a message and I was like, “Hey, that last reel was on fire.” And she’s like, “Yeah, I got two people inquiring about my services.” So just off one post, she got two people inquiring. So it can happen that fast within 24 hours, just by experimenting, just by trying.

And that’s why you don’t need thousands of followers on Instagram. In fact, I was just talking to another client who has a hundred followers on Instagram and she’s looking to sign her next client and I’m like out of a hundred people, especially she told me that a lot of those hundred people are friends and family that she knows. I go, “I guarantee one is going to need your health coaching services.”

So when you’re creating content, you only have to speak to that one. So it can happen quickly. And the thing about trying posts from each of these categories versus just blindly creating educational content after educational content is that it’s going to save you a ton of time, both because educational content can take a lot of time to prepare and create, but also because if you start getting clients quicker, then that’s going to fuel your belief that people actually do want what you have to offer.

And so you actually create content faster and then you’ll sign clients faster. And that becomes the momentum that you want in your business. And when you’re using these four styles of content to post, plus you’re also utilizing your core teaching pillars, which is what I teach my clients in when they’re creating their intellectual property and their frameworks, which they teach their clients, then you have endless amount of content to post where your themes stay the same. So you get consistent posting about similar topics and message. So you get better at explaining them.

But you can always create that content through different lens, like the selling lens versus the inspirational lens versus the pain point lens versus the educational type of lens. So you’re always providing a different perspective from both the client’s point of view and your storytelling point of view. So the amount of content that you can create is really endless.

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So my challenge for you today is to pick one of those three categories of content that you don’t do most frequently. So AKA probably skip over the educational type of content. And so pick the selling type of content, pick an inspirational type of content or entertainment style of content, or share a bit about your own personal story and transformation as it relates to whatever you teach in your business, whether it’s nutrition or physical therapy or, or yoga and how you got into yoga, talk about a personal part of your life and how it relates to that and see how it goes, just try it out, have fun with it and start to mix it up in your social media content, take the time to really look through your caption and make sure that your audience does know their next step and that you offer programs off of social media and make sure that your bio is optimized.

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So when they do realize, “Oh, she can actually help me,” and they head over to your bio, make sure your links are working and that your bio is optimized where everything is consistent. In fact, if you would like a free audit of your Instagram bio, then all you have to do is leave a review here for the podcast, if you love it, and then send me a DM or an email letting me know you left the review and that you’re looking for your free audit and I will send over a personalized audit, Instagram audit or a Facebook audit for you. 

Okay. Have fun, and I’ll see you next week!

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